Monday, March 29

After Work (My First Day Experience)

Current Mood: Exhausted

I just arrived from work two hours ago and I still feel the rust within my body and in my head. This would be the first time I went to work for the first day all by myself. I felt lonely for a certain point in time but I know I will get along with my team mates as well with the people from other departments.

I got up as early as 6:00am to prepare for work. I made sure I ate my breakfast before I left home. I also anticipated the traffic since its Monday today. But I arrived in the office way too early. I took a quick snack at Jollibee before heading to the office.

I first went to Grow and look for the recruiter who hired me. Then we went to the 6th floor to introduce me to my Boss Bill as well as my new office mates from our team as well as from the other teams as well. I was given a brief description by Bill on my responsibilities as a Helpdesk. Then I read some articles and policies regarding helpdesk support.

It was really a tiring first day at work but I know I'll get used to and be able to adjust and adapt to a new environment.

Sunday, March 28

The Earth Hour

Taken from The Manila Bulletin's website.

For the second consecutive year, the Philippines broke the Earth Hour world record in terms of participation, with 1,076 towns and cities joining the 60-minute light off to save Mother Earth Saturday night.

The country was literally engulfed in darkness from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Saturday to send a signal around the globe that the Philippines is in harmony to save Mother Earth from the effects of climate change. Last year, the Philippines also placed first in terms of town and city participation in the world, with over 10 million Filipinos participating in the activity in 647 towns and cities nationwide.

Event organizer Earth Hour Philippines, composed of the World Wide for Nature-Philippines, Department of Energy, Switch Movement, and Green Army Network, exceeded its goal of 1,000 towns and cities for the Earth Hour 2010.

The country also initiated the Earth Hour FlashMob Dance, with over a hundred individuals who danced under the heat and occasional light rains.

Seriously speaking, we can do this every month, every week or even everyday if we only have enough initiative to do it. Also, we can do other things to help our planet heal faster like minimizing carbon footprint and the like. Actually, I felt sleepy that night so I dozed-off until morning. XD

The week that was (March 21-27)

Another fast-paced week. XD

Sunday: Thank God it rained in the afternoon after having a hot Saturday. I was able to edit one album in the morning while my wife was asleep

Monday: Got up early despite having only few hours of sleep. Had to prepare quick for my interview at Makati again for another firm. Took my breakfast at Manang's again in Intramuros before heading to Makati. Traffic was horrible I got late by 15 minutes.My interview with the foreigner went ok before I head to Trinoma to attend a jobfair there.

Tuesday: Got up early but not as early as last Monday. Went to Trinoma first to get a free copy ,of The Philippine Star from their event (job fair) before heading to Glorietta to attend another job fair courtesy this time of the Manila Bulletin. Listened to 2 seminar topics and learned a lot from it. Then I got a call from the company I went to last Monday and the recruiter said the Technical Interviewer was pleased with how I handled the interview.

Wednesday: Got up early again and went online before attending the jobfair at Glorietta for the second day. Listened to 4 seminar topics before calling it a day.I really felt tired that day I almost got sick.

Thursday: Got up in the middle of the night with a bad cough probably from being to eager to all activities I've attended to. Meet my mom by lunch and bought a USB extension for my wife. Then I did my laundry and missed 4 calls. Tried to call one and I was able to hear good news in a long time.

Friday: This would be the earliest I got up at 5:50am. Took the chance to go online in the morning for a longer period of time. Then went to Makati in the afternoon for a job offer. Though there were some provisions in the contract that I didn't like, I still took it to gain that much needed experience and so that I won't be unemployed for more than 8 months. Then I went online again for a while before going home and share the good news to my wife.

Saturday: Got up early to go online and edit some photos. Registered also on oDesk and tried some of its exams. Went to Robinson's Place, Manila to have my photo taken for my requirements as well as look into the 3rd Philippine Cosplay Convention. Too bad I don't have my DSLR until now =(. I went online before I got home to join the earth hour.

Beginning next week, I will be back in the workforce. XD

Back in the Groove

Current Mood: Excited

Starting Monday, I will be back in the workforce as an IT Consultant. I have to thank Grow Inc for giving me the opportunity to start anew and get back in the groove. My task will be as a Helpdesk Support Engineer for Greif Inc. I know this would be new to me since I don't have the experience yet as a Helpdesk person. However, I will use my experience as a Tech Support as well as my Quality Assurance skills to help me level-up in this field. 

I checked both websites (Grow and Greif) and they are promising to me when I was looking for work (or should I say a channel to put my energy to use).  Even if its a 6-month contract, I still took it since I need the experience on how to work not just as a Helpdesk person, but in the field of IT as well. I have almost all the pre-employment requirements with me and by Monday at 8:30am, I should be at the office. ^_^

Now so much for bumming around I guess. XD

Friday, March 26

My Photoworld Asia 2010 Experience

This would be my 2nd (or 3rd) visit at this kind of event. I should have done (posted) this few weeks back but due to some extra-curricular activities, it was moved several times.

Anyway, I remember vividly the time I went to Photoworld Asia 2009 last year with my good friend Alex to scout the area as well as visit the Canon Booth to take a look on their new DSLRs as well as their model. Though it was just a short stay, I made sure to take lots of pictures for me to check how much I have learned from that experience.

But this time was different, I was able to check out their gallery filled with cameras as well as took pictures of the models from canon and tamron (why pips from nikon doesn't have any models? =P). I even had my camera cleaned and initially diagnosed (the technician mentioned that the AF Flex of my lens got busted). Good thing the cost of repair won't be that expensive.

And after I had my unit cleaned, I took shots at the models who were willing to pose for us.

Here are some the pictures I took (Pictures uploaded on April 12, 2010) despite my camera's status that time.

Also, I took some pictures of the models from Canon (Gwen and Micah)

I Hope I could outdo myself in next year's Photoworld Asia 2011. XD

My thoughts on the Earth Hour 2010

Taken from Google

Will you join us in switching off all non-essential lights at precisely 8:30PM on March 27, 2010?

On this day and time, the whole world will again turn off lights for one hour – Earth Hour – sending a powerful global message that it’s time to take action against global warming.

For the past three years Earth Hour has inspired over a billion people in 1000 cities and towns worldwide. Just last year, over 15 million Filipinos in 647 towns and cities joined the global switch-off to prove that the country can unite for a common cause.

Globally, the Philippines ranked number one in terms of participation. Earth Hour 2010 will be even more significant for it aims to empower individuals to rise up to the challenge of finding sustainable solutions to mounting climate challenges.

This March 27, we invite you to be the difference. It isn't about the world leaders - it's about what each person can do. This year's Earth Hour will be a celebration - a street party - not a rally. Take a stand, for a living planet.

My Thoughts on this: This shouldn't be only done on a yearly basis. Why? others would think its just for-show or should I say "pakitang tao lang."  Though it really raises awareness, on a personal level this should be done more often like on a monthly basis for starters. Then we could do it weekly until we could have a law that we should turn our lights off from 8:30pm-9:30pm everyday Don't you think?.

Thursday, March 25

Left Overs

Current Mood: Pissed

This afternoon, I went to Harrison Plaza to see my mom and get some things that I need. I arrived there at past twelve noon and I am running late then. We took our lunch at the newly renovated Max's Restaurant since other fast food restaurants were filled with people (lunch). As we were seated by their crew, I noticed some tables that they were filled with different kinds of food yet they don't look like they're hungry. And after a while, some people have already left the table and I noticed lots of left overs just wasted. I mean these left overs are still presentable if they would be able to re-pack it properly. If you'd ask me, if they would give it to me, I'll eat it since the food is still edible. My mom really felt bad about it but she told me to finish my plate. And so I did. Well every time I eat, I make sure my plate is clean except if I am really sick. But anyway, I hope these people would either, have their left overs repacked and give it to others or just finish it. ^_^

Wednesday, March 24

The Manila Bulletin Jobfair Experience Revisited

Current Mood: Exhausted

Just got home from today's job fair at Glorietta. This would be their 2nd and last day of recruiting job applicants to fill-out that much needed gaps in their work force.

I got up early despite slepping late last night. I had to go online early in the morning thinking my wife would take the laptop to her office.

As I reached Glorietta, I had a quick brunch at Jollibee and got my free newspaper (Star). That gave me that much needed energy boost for me to last the day. Then I went straight to the job fair to attend some seminars there and listen to the speakers on how they will inspire us to do better.

The first speaker was from Stream Global Services (Ms Segovia). She talked about how their call center works and their achievements that they got over the past 15 years. I won't talk much about this because I felt half-hearted about this company.Initially, I am hoping to join this company before it bought E-Telecare back then. But now after the merge, It was completely different and I won't be telling it here. =P

The second speaker, Mr. Ricky Garcia was really able to get us glued to our seats with his interesting topic on "The World of School and The World of Work". He was able to stress out how being at work is almost the same as being at school. His topic was really inspiring that it made me even push harder to achieve my life-long goals in my career.

The third speaker, Mr Benedict Hernandez talks about The Global Talent Marketplace and the impact of BPO in our country and how we could be globally competitive. He also mentioned how this industry has helped the economy and how it helped the jobmarket. Though his speech was enlightening, I can't help it but feel half-hearted again because of some issues which some people I know from the industry may feel also.

With the fourth speaker, Mr Ruben Anlacan on his topic on Winning Interview Tactics, I was expecting that the topic would make me awake and interested. Instead, I almost fell asleep from where I am seating at. Moreover, he was either wasn't that prepared or he is not the actual speaker for the topic. Finally, I stand up and left to submit my resume to the companies I'm looking forward to work with.

After attending this jobfair for 2 straight days, I really felt tired and exhausted that I have to eat again before going home. The question is when will I get a phone call from the companies I've applied to. That I have to find out soon.

Tuesday, March 23

The Manila Bulletin Jobfair Experience

Current Mood: Fulfilled

Just got home today from Glorietta after attending a job fair there courtesy of the Manila Bulletin. But before that, I attended another job fair in Trinoma courtesy of another leading broadsheet (The Philippine Star). Since there were free complementary newspaper for the day, I didn't pass-up the opportunity to get one copy for today before heading to Glorietta for the job fair.

As a background, I've been attending to job fairs since 2001 (I got my first job there =D) and even when I used to be active at work before, I never let these kind of opportunity slip away.

Moving forward, I was surprised to see a very long line in front of me. The line was so long I thing it almost reached the entrance in Glorietta 4. Since I don't want to join the long line, I decided to take my lunch first at the food court (courtesy of World Chicken). After eating, I joined the queue but this time, it was much shorter than what I saw a while ago. It didn't take me that long before I familiarize myself with the area before deciding to which company should I apply to.

But my real purpose there was to attend to their free seminars that would help me not just to land my dream job but to stay long in my chosen career as well. The first topic was about resume pitfalls and how to avoid them by Ms Jhoanna Gan-So. Her talk has something to do with resume and it was so interesting, I decided to make a new resume and this time, I will include her advice on how to improve it so I could increase my chance of getting hired. The next topic was how to manage your finances while job hunting. This was facilitated this time by Mr. Mark So. This really helped me on how to stretch my budget though I am still guilty of buying my collection of men's magazine every month. After attending the seminar, its back to job hunting and I'm interested to join in any of the 4 companies I've talked to.

Even if my legs got cramps due to standing long hours, it was all worth it knowing that I have learned something from this experience. And as I got home, I received a call from the company I've been interviewed last Monday and they are pleased with our conversation. Though Its not 100% guaranteed I'm in, I hope for the best whatever the results may be.

For now, I have to rest and get ready for tomorrow since I will be back at Glorietta to attend the other seminar topics that I'm interested in ^_^.

Monday, March 22

My FHM Xperience (FHM's 10th Anniversary Party)

After getting my tickets to the FHM's 10th Anniversary Party last Tuesday,  I immediately think of someone whom I could take with me to the event. I asked my wife if she wanted to but she refused. Anyway, come Thursday, I made sure I finished all what needs to be done before going to the event.

I was the second to arrive and we ate dinner at KFC so that we would have enough energy for the night. We have to walk for at least 10 minutes since we didn't saw any available taxi passing through McKinley Road. Once we got there, we have to join the queue as others came before us. There were even those who didn't have any tickets but still show up and waited outside. This would be my first major event without my camera since its still under repair =(

As we got inside, we were treated with free food (courtesy of Hooters and another Caterer), free drinks (courtesy of Coors Light) and free entertainment courtesy of FHM. If we only knew earlier that there would be free food, we should have decided to skip dinner at KFC and help ourselves there but still I have enough room for more. XD. The last time we got a VIP treatment in this kind of event was during 2007 (FHM's call to arms) with the venue held where it happened more than 2 years ago.

Together with my good friends as well as with my fellow FHM Bullboarders, we partied the night away and had a good time. While others were watching the program proper, my friends and I went to the front lobby to have our pictures taken with the FHM Babes who were in the 25 Hottest FHM Babes of the Decade. Here are some proof why these kinds of party really rocks courtesy of my friends Richard, Alex, Jase and Vince. XD

That's me with FHM Babe Janna Domingez XD

This time with 2004 GND and fellow Bullboarder Sofie Garrucho

With FHM Vixen Jahziel Manabat aka Jessie Medina (Sa wakas, nakapagpapicture na rin ako sa kanya XD)

FHM Class of 2010. XD

The event ended early but we stayed there until 12mn since we had to catch-up on each other on how we were doing. I got home with a smile. XD

Again, Congratulations to FHM and its Editorial Team for a job well done and being the first in the business to reach ten years. ^_^

Sunday, March 21

The week that was (March 14-20)

Well another fast-paced and more productive week I may say...

Sunday: Stayed home in San Pedro the whole morning while fixing some of my things. Then watched the fight between Manny Paquiao and Joshua Clottey. Indeed, Clottey's defense was unquestionable but Paquiao's speed did it. Went back home to Manila after watching the bout.

Monday: Did a lot of catching-up online after being unable to go online the previous nigh. Then, I went back to Makati for my second interview but it did not push through since the interviewer was heavily swamped with meetings. With that, I went straight to Glorietta food court to help myself at Savory Chicken before going home with no accomplishment for the day. 

Tuesday: I left home early for my re-scheduled interview in Makati. I passed by Intramuros to take my brunch there before going to Ayala. Since I got there early, I went to Starbucks to perk myself up. My 2nd and 3rd interview that day was good and I'll have to wait for the result next week.

Wednesday: After lunch, I did my laundry (mostly face towel). Later this afternoon, I got a call from another company and I will be scheduled for an interview this Friday

Thursday: Got up early for an exam and interview at office in Manila. I passed by Intramuros to took my breakfast there before gearing up for the day ahead. The results were ok though I have to wait for further announcement. Went to Harrison Plaza to meet with my mom. On my way home, someone approached me and ask if "Im Game?" I had a terrible headache then and went straight home.

Friday: Got up early again for my interview at a search firm in Makati. My stay there was short yet fruitful. Went to Glorietta for lunch before going home. I saw my old college friend and his mom and we chatted until they left from LRT2 station. I did my laundry (socks and undies) before I got a call saying I will be interviewed on Monday at 8:45am.

Saturday: Got up a little bit late and instead of going online, I decided to edit some of the pictures I took since January. Its been a while since I did that and I have to edit the rest within the next few weeks. Went to Intramuros to have my breakfast there before going back to print some documents as well as went online in the afternoon.

I'm looking forward for another fast-paced week with some activities lined-up. XD

Friday, March 19

Almost Dead-Tired

Current Mood: Recovering

I should have jot down here yesterday. But since I wasn't feeling well, I just took some naps to recharge my body. Yesterday, I got up early and went to Manila's Port for my interview with an Executive Search Firm. I am not familiar with the place so I left early. Way early that I had time to visit Intramuros to have my breakfast there at Manang's. As I arrived within the area (my mom told me how to get there), I was hesitant to continue. Why? Because the place is quite old in a way that its near the Manila Port itself. I asked some locals there for directions and I was able to reach the place. As I went inside, I noticed the place was old though there were signage all over. I waited for a while before had my exam and my interview. My stay there didn't last that long and  I pondered what if my office would be near the port. Afternoon came and I really feel so tired that my head hurts so much I decided to take a 2-hour nap just to recharge. My wife even told me I felt hot and thinks I have a fever.

This morning, I got up early again but this time, my destination was in Makati. It took me at least an hour and a half to get there. The office I went to was a bit better than the previous one. Again, its an Executive Search Firm but I didn't mind because I wanted to sharpen my interview skills as well as explore other options. After my interview, I went straight home to rest. But on my way home, I saw my college friend together with his mom and we chatted until we parted ways aboard the LRT Line 2. And 2 hours ago, I got a call from the company I've been to earlier and I will be scheduled for another interview on Monday at 8:45am.

This coming weekend, I have to recharge and take a full rest for next week. ^_^

Wednesday, March 17

My Stand on Credit Cards

Taken from Google

For the longest time, I was contemplating before whether or not to get a credit card. I used to have one (an extension) way back in the late 90's. Its quite fun to have one especially if someone pays for your expenses. But that was a long time ago.

Late in 2008, I've tried applying to several credit card companies to get my own credit card. My reason was to get my ex-gf (who is now my wife) an engagement ring and to make her happy. Unfortunately, my application was denied with all credit card companies I've applied to. Though they have the right not to disclose why my application was denied, I think I still deserve to know so that I could do something and have a successful credit card application.

Right now, I'm happy with the outcome that I still don't have a credit card. At least I'm debt-free and I still prefer to pay in cash.. But if opportunity arises, I might re-consider once more. XD

Adjusting to the Manileño Lifestyle

Taken from Google

The last time I lived in Manila was almost 10 years ago when I was reviewing for our ECE Board Exam back then. Even though it was a short stay (7-9 weeks), I made sure to make it as memorable as possible. After that short stay, I moved back to Laguna where I would stay for another couple of years. Traveling to and from my home was quite good though I'm craving for something more. Though the place I used to live was very peaceful, I wanted something more. Like living in a fast-paced, challenging environment

Then, I got married to a Manileña since birth which made me leave my comfort zone in San Pedro to take on the challenges in the city as a family man. Honestly, its hard for me to adjust within the first few weeks here in Manila but the experience was all worth it. For me, Its like living a fast-paced dream of being here. The place where I live now (Sampaloc) is very accessible to almost everything like churches, schools, markets, malls, parks. Name it, I think I've been there with just one ride or by just walking along. Now all I have to do is to complete the other pieces of the puzzle to have the life that I want.

The MRT Experience

Current Mood: Sandwiched

Though I've been a constant commuter of the MRT for the past couple of months, I can't help it but feel so tired as I travel from Makati back here via the MRT-LRT2 route. It was past 5pm yesterday when I took the MRT and hoping that the stored value ticket priced at 100 pesos was not. Moving forward, I joined hundreds of passengers waiting for the next train to arrive. I was able to go onboard the 2nd train but it was jam-packed as I step in. Everyone was looking for a comfortable position. It was really hot inside the train even if the aircon was in full-blast. Anyway, I got home safe and sound though I feel tired after my 2nd and 3rd interview that day.

I almost forgot, this would be my 100th blogpost and I'm looking forward to reach 100,000 in 5 years time. XD

Tuesday, March 16

100 Days of Married Life

Today marks my 100th day as a married man. A status most bachelors fear to tread since they don't want to settle-down yet. For me, my time is right and I was able to enjoy the goods being given to me as a single man.

Its been 100 days since I totally gave-up my bachelorhood in favor of settling-down. Since then, I embarked on another journey but this time I have someone with me as my guide, my companion and my better-half. I would say that my first 100 days were more of adjusting to the life I wanted to be. But that first 100 days wasn't easy since challenges do come along the way. It really took me a lot of patience and understanding to somehow adjust to this lifestyle and realize that being married is a lifelong adjustment full of surprises.

At first, I'm not perfectly adjusted getting-up in the morning with someone beside me. But now, I have to help my wife get up early since she's not used to getting up early in the morning. More over, I easily get awake when someone moves my bed or someone sleeps beside me. After 100 days, I'm getting used to and one plus factor is that there is someone I can talk to especially during wee hours of the morning.

With my gimmicks, I'm quite limited now to FHM signings, carshows, cosplays and some whenever I am free to go. Especially with my financial status, I am limited for the moment to the point of missing some. Since my camera is still under repair, I missed almost 10 events. Sundays are exclusively for the two of us for the meantime. Though I could still collect my magazines and she reads it with me or she reads it first.

Though we argue a little, we make sure that everything is ok before we go to sleep.

Practically, there are still a lot of adjustments for the both of us. But at the end of the day, its us that matters.

Monday, March 15


Current mood: Tired

Just arrived after that supposed to be interview at a company I was applying in Makati. I arrived there at exactly 1:30pm for my second interview. However the interviewer's schedule was tight and I was unable to have my interview with her. While waiting for my supposed to be turn, I had a small talk with a fellow applicant just to let time pass by. But after waiting for three hours, we were advised to come back tomorrow same time. I hope my interview tomorrow will push through whatever the outcome may be.

The week that was (March 7-13)

What I did in the past week which I would describe it as fast-paced week.

Sunday: Went online for three hours to check on websites I'm active at and at the same time, chat with some of my friends. I cooked pancit canton for my wife while she's online.

Monday: Went online to check some company profile for the job I'm applying for. I am happy I won 2 tickets to FHM's 10th Anniversary Party at NBC Tent. And with my excitement I made sure I have the email message printed. Someone called me in the morning for a business proposition. A project-based job that requires me to work for 6 hours a week. I will be meeting this person on Wednesday for further details. I tried to edit this other jobsite that I have and after a few hours of editing and revisions, its updated. A few minutes after, someone called me. Its from the company that considers me as a candidate. I am scheduled for an interview on Friday at 1:00pm. I am chatting with my wife at this moment for advice. Then that night, I felt a terrible headache that made me take a long nap during the night.

Tuesday: Got up a bit late before going online via battery. Then went straight to Robinson's Pioneer in Mandaluyong to meet Robin and Vince. Vince and I went to Summit's office to claim our free invites to FHM's 10th Anniversary Party. We stayed there for a while as we read some magazines that Summit Media publishes. For a while I missed reading the Philippine version of Men's Health since I've stopped collecting the magazine since December 2008. Then I went back home to change and cool a little bit before I met my Mom at her office. Though I was a bit confused why the HR from the company I am applying to called me again regarding my interview schedule while I informed her about the schedule last Monday.

Wednesday: Went online again and made sure that I would make the most out of it. Went to Ortigas for this meeting only to realize I have wasted 2 hours on the same Networking-Type of marketing.

Thursday: Went online for a while before preparing my things for FHM's X party. Washed my undies today since I have only one left. I was supposed to get some sleep in the afternoon for that much needed energy, my wife called me with her files and poof, my momentum was gone. But anyway, I left at around 5:00pm via LRT2-MRT route to meet my friends at the MRT Ayala Station. The event was really a success (I will create a separate blog for this one). I got home at around 1am.

Friday: Got up a bit late since we slept at around 2am. Prepared my things for my interview in Makati. It rained for a while but my attire got wet and I have to decide if I have to push through or not. Luckily, I decided to puch through and have my interview in almost 2 months. 

Saturday: Stayed home the entire morning since my wife was the one using the laptop. Watched WWE on tv at home before we pack our things and went home to San Pedro.

So there... XD

Friday, March 12

FHM X (A review)

It was like forever (a week actually) before this Magazine was available to the public. I begin searching for this special issue as early as Tuesday but it wasn't released until late Friday afternoon. After I bought my own copy, I went straight home to see what's inside. With much excitement, I opened it while traveling on jeep and by bus. As soon as I reach home, I went straight up to the room and browse through the pages of this magazine one by one.

I like the way they feature their feats and accomplishments dating from 2000 up to 2009 (FHM Decade in Review). Though I would suggest that they should at least allot more pages for each year since I believe FHM has done a lot year after year after year.

As for the 25 Sexiest FHM Babe of the Decade, I couldn't agree more. They could have pulled off a 100 sexiest women of the decade but I think it would be next to impossible to rank them in a short span of time. I forgot my own list of 25 Sexiest FHM Babe of the decade (I joined an online contest courtesy of so I don't know if all of my bets were included.

For the girls who were featured the first time (or second time) the pages given to them was like they are the cover girl themselves. In a way they probably feel that they are the cover girl but I think soon, they will. XD

With Iwa Moto and Bangs Garcia as cover girls, it was really worth it. Though a lot of people were expecting Angel Locsin as the cover girl (should have been her 4th FHM appearance), I think FHM really did well on having both Kapamilya and Kapuso hot ladies on cover. Iwa's shoot was done on a flyover at night time probably to avoid a lot of people watching particularly stalkers XD. And Bangs did it in an Airport Hangar that made people stop what they're doing. XD

All in all, the magazine was really a STEAL considering it costs 195Php  compared with other men's magazine for this month that usually costs 180 and up.


Current mood: Dried-up

Just came home from my interview in Makati. It was quite ok and the questions asked to me was a mix of personal and work experience. It was a miracle that it rained this morning despite that were in a dry spell called El Niño. I thought the rain was kinda mild. But it turned out to be a heavy shower that quenched not only dry soil but my skin as I got soaked even if I had an umbrella with me. Good thing the sun came out as I reach Makati for my interview. I just hope that more rain will come to help our farmers and dams with their supply. I just wish that rain will fall while I'm asleep. XD

Thursday, March 11


Current Mood: Puzzled

I wonder why 2010 fly so fast? Yesterday was just like January then all of a sudden, we're in the middle of March. There are a lot of things that I have to do but I feel like there so little time left. Even with my current state, I feel I need more time.

Can time move a little bit slower?

Wednesday, March 10

Time Wasted

Just arrived from Ortigas area after listening to a 2-hour boring talk on how to make money and retire early. Attending to this kind of seminars are not new to me but when someone called me for a meeting about a part-time job on a per-project basis, I gave it some thought. My wife reminded me to be very careful as it may be another pyramid scheme or MLM that I may be attending.

Based on my conversation with the person I spoke with, I will be training (or educating) people with the help of their latest technology called Bio-Photonic Laser Technology. I checked on how it works and it gave me  little Idea on what its all about. He even reminded me twice about our meeting this afternoon and I responded to show professionalism.

I went to Robinson's Galeria in Ortigas to hang-out first and kill some time. When he gave me directions on how to go to their office, I should have hangout at SM Megamall since their office is just at the back of SMC office beside Linden Suites. As i reached the place, a lot of people are coming out of the building. I had a thought that it might be a call center that I'm going to. Then when I reached the 15th floor, I was totally DISAPPOINTED. First, I saw this Nu Skin brand which reminds me of the previous one I attended. Second, Though they would teach me how to transfer the technology, I don't like the product at all. And finally, if we want to join their team, we have to pay them 12,600 Php for their product though we are not forced to join.

Though I still listened to the same old story, I am convinced that this is not for me. I mean, I want to get rich but I believe that it takes hard work and perseverance for one to succeed. And besides, who would believe that someone can earn as much as 2,000,000 in a month?

Sunday, March 7

The Week That Was

What I did in the past week (March 1-6)

Monday: Go online the whole day. Started visiting Pinoy Exchange Forums more often.

Tuesday: Go online the whole day. Backread some classified ads.

Wednesday: Go online the whole day

Thursday: Had my first haircut in 2010. Sorted some papers at home (mostly my personal and work stuff). Got my application for Sevice Desk Analyst rejected/declined by their manager (I was hoping for another interview back then).

Friday: Applied to 2 unknown companies through Went to Quiapo to hear mass then to Robinson's Place Manila to wait for the release of FHM's 10th Anniversary Issue. Chilled at Chowking's Halo-halo before buying my FHM's 10th Anniversary Issue plus UNO's Jan-Feb 2010 issue (released way late). I enjoyed reading both magazines but *** is way more interesting and packed than ***.

Saturday: Went online at one internet cafe here since my wife is using the laptop. My eyes felt heavy resulting to headache (but I'm better now).

I didn't include Sunday since its rest day and I can do whatever I want.But then since Sunday is the first day of the week, I'll include Sunday starting next week. XD

Life is boring isn't it? XD

Friday, March 5

Moving On

Current Mood: Hyped-up

After I heard the news yesterday and feel bad and sorry for myself for a few hours, I have decided to move-on and move forward. There's no way for me to undo the things that have happened. The experience was a wake-up call for me to step-up and be more serious on my goals.

The next step is to look for alternatives and concentrate more on what I want.

Stay Tuned! ^_^

Thursday, March 4

One Sad Day

Current Mood: Sad

I got a message (thru chat) from a friend (college friend) of mine regarding my application at their company and he's sad to inform me that I'm not hired as one of their Service Desk Analyst. I know my skills and know-how are totally way off, in a way that I've never been an IT-Helpdesk nor worked with any position in IT. I felt sad not for myself but for my wife who was hoping I could make it.I felt I let her down.

My friend referred me to their company back in November 2009. Though I was a bit hesitant to submit my resume since I am in the middle of our wedding preparations last December 2009, I still submit my resume after doing a research about the company hoping get another career. I was supposed to be interviewed last November but I got sick that time. The interview was re-scheduled last January after I re-submit my resume again to my friend. Though the interview last January 11, 2010 was difficult, I was able to answer some of their question and my friend told me that I have a chance. A chance that is still uncertain yet I'm full of hope.

I went there at least thrice (on a weekly basis) and the last time (January 27, 2010) I was invited to sit-in at their office to let me feel how they work. The atmosphere was cozy, the people were nice also but the question that time was am I hired or not. It wasn't answered until now. After 5 weeks of waiting, now I know my status there. Thanks to my friend for the effort of helping me join their company.

And moving forward, I have to work harder to get my goal and to help my wife build our future. I have to exert more effort on how to work as an IT-Helpdesk despite the limitations that I have with my previous work. I have to be stronger. I have to be better. I have to... And I will be.

Wednesday, March 3

Shouting against the storm

I got this from a forum. Good Luck to the 2010 Graduates.

If you are an applicant who brings 5-10 resumes to be given away to recruiters that dismisses you because you do not master the master race language.

If you are an applicant that has begun to realize that the money you bring is running low because you have started collecting and using discount coupons from fast food stores.

If you are an applicant who rides the bus, the jeep, the tricycle, the legwork and sweats under the unforgiving sun and powdery air.

If you are an applicant that’s been scolded by people who promised to love you and now makes you feel worthless and to their eyes – nothing because until now you are still an applicant.

If your are an applicant who have experienced the nerve racking thrill rides offered by ordinary buses that you know with one misstep chances are you may not come home the same.

If you are an applicant who’s losing hope because the determining spirit that you had when you started your search has reached its lowest point.

If you are an applicant that sees nothing worthwhile in the challenges thrown at you by companies because the four years of college never prepared you for the work being offered to you.

If you are an applicant, alone, lonely, lost, misplaced, misguided, abandoned, dismissed, uncared, unloved, struggling, crying, in pain.

Remember. Someone shares your feelings. Live your life.

Ang INIT!!!!

It really shows that summer is here despite our fan is at #3 and all windows are open. And I can't wait to go to the beach whenever there would be an opportunity. I'd like to go to a beach like this.

Monday, March 1

Personality Disorder Test (Just for Fun)

This test, sponsored by, is meant to help determine whether or not you have a personality disorder. It is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool, but rather as a tool to give you insight into a potential disorder that may be having a negative impact on your life. If you believe you may be suffering from a personality disorder or any other disorder, you should ask your family doctor to recommend a therapist in your area to meet with.

In addition to this personality test we have psychology forums to discuss issues with other visitors.

First, what is a personality disorder?

A personality disorder is basically a set of traits that combine to negatively affect your life. They have a wide range of causes and some are easier to treat than others. This test is set up to look for the ten recongized personality disorders which are Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal, Antisocial, Borderline, Histrionic, Narcissistic, Avoidant, Dependent, and Obsessive-Compulsive.

Once again, this test is not meant to be used as a diagnostic tool. Only a trained professional can properly diagnose a personality disorder.

Finally, be honest! This test is completely anonymous, so please be honest otherwise you will not get the proper results.

Here is my Result:

Paranoid Disorder:Moderate
Schizoid Disorder:Moderate
Schizotypal Disorder:Moderate
Antisocial Disorder:Moderate
Borderline Disorder:Low
Histrionic Disorder:High
Narcissistic Disorder:High
Avoidant Disorder:Low
Dependent Disorder:Moderate
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder:Moderate

Why don't you try it? XD

My Targets for 2010

Most people would think why only now I would lay out my plans for 2010. Some usually lay out their plans even before the year started. Some would do it a few days after New Year. Mine came more than 2 months late. Why late? Actually, I needed some time to re-assess myself in all aspects particularly my career and my married life. And somehow, I am almost 100% ready to focus on what needs to be done in my life for this year. The last time I remember laying out my plans was last 2008. Here's my targets last 2008 plus the updates.

1. Minimize going online (except for multiply and cisco purposes). i might be on a low-profile for the meantime to make sure that im productive at other things.--> Since I go online at home, I don need to minimize it since I wont be spending money anymore (except for paying the bill XD ).

2. Focus on cisco 3. my future career depends on it. for that time being, i will try to avoid going online during my cisco class in order for me to concentrate.--> Did well with this

3. I need and take note, really need to loose this what they called "LOVE HANDLE" so pano nga ba? unless makuha ko ulit yung 9am-6pm na sked, i have to.  must. hehehe --> I've failed miserably here =(

4. this financial woes that occured this january, i have to make it up for lost money. every cent counts. lemme see where to start...--> Since I'm jobless as of the moment, where I could find money to save? 

Well that's half of what I've accomplish on that year. Now lets move on to the things I have to do for this year. 

1.Do an intensive job search online but I'll make sure to review the company thoroughly. I will also make sure this would be the last time I will have gaps in-between jobs.

2. Maximize Internet Usage. I'll do more surfing on work-related and career-related websites. This will be my opportunity to learn more on Photography, Post-Processing and other Technical Stuff. I'll do my best to minimize non-work related surfing with some exceptions. 

3. Allocate money for future savings. I'll minimize unnecessary expenditures like eating out. 

4. Collect my Men's Magazine sparingly without compromising budget.

5. Catch-up on Photography since I haven't took pictures for a while now since I've sent my unit to Canon for repairs.

6. Limit going-out with friends to weekends only except for special holidays. 

7. Support my wife with her new hobby (QM). I'll make sure to transfer my QA skills to her so I could take on more challenges. 

8. Watch my weight. A lot of people noticed how much I've gained weight since I got married. 

9. Avoid delays in post-processing pictures. I've been piled-up again because of laziness. XD

The 30 Most Satisfying Simple Pleasures Life Has to Offer

salamat Kap. IDOL talaga kita XD.

They say the best things in life are free.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the list below proves that statement to be true.  Life is filled with simple pleasures, the little satisfying effects you never really anticipate, but always take great pleasure in.  They are the gifts of life that we each subconsciously celebrate in our own unique way. Here are 30 of the most satisfying simple pleasures life has to offer:

  1. Sleeping In on a Rainy Day – As the rain beats lightly against the window, you nestle your head deeper into your pillow.  The sound is soothing and your bed feels like a sanctuary.  There is no place you would rather be. 
  2. Finding Money You Didn’t Know You Had – You reach into your pocket and find a $20 bill from the last time you wore these jeans.  You aren’t rich, but you are richer than you were a second earlier.
  3. Making Brief Eye Contact with Someone of the Opposite Sex – You pass her on the street or in the subway.  She glances up at you momentarily, making direct eye contact in a way that seems to communicate a subtle curiosity.  For a split second it makes you think… and then it’s gone.
  4. Skinny Dipping – There is something mysteriously liberating about being naked in a body of water.  You are naked, but it feels natural, a sense of unrefined freedom.
  5. Receiving a Real Letter or Package via Snail Mail – E-mail has become the primary source of written communication.  Most snail mail these days is junk mail.  When you check the mail and find a real letter or package from someone you know, excitement overtakes you as you tear into this rare gift.
  6. Making the Yellow Light - It’s one of the most common simple pleasures, the act of beating the pack.  As you blaze through the yellow light you glance in your rearview to see all the cars behind you stopping at the red light.  Yes!  You made it!
  7. Telling a Funny or Interesting, True Story - One of the most enticing roles you lead in life is that of the storyteller.  You love to share stories, especially those that will captivate your audience with deep curiosity and humor.  There are few things more satisfying than telling a true story that others enjoy listening to.
  8. Seeing a Friend Stumble Over Himself – As you walk across the street with your friend, he fails to accurately address the curb on the other side.  He trips and stumbles around momentarily before regaining his footing, then swiftly attempts to play it off like nothing happened.  This can be a hilarious sight if the moment is right.
  9. Hearing the Right Song at the Right Moment - It doesn’t matter what the setting is, hearing the right song for that moment is one of those simple pleasures in life that instantly lifts your spirits. You could be driving home from work, hanging out at a bar with friends, or jogging. When the right song rattles your ear drums the entire meaning of life seems crystal clear.
  10. The First Sip of a Beverage When You’re Thirsty – You just finished mowing the lawn or taking a long jog.  The only thing on your mind is an ice-cold glass of water.  When you are really, really thirsty, that first sip of any liquid beverage is sheer bliss.
  11. Catching a Glimpse of Bare Skin on the Opposite Sex – For guys, it’s when the waitress bends over a little too far.  For girls it’s seeing that buff guy in a Speedo.  Either way, when you see a bit more skin than you were expecting on the opposite sex, you can’t help but to smirk on the inside.
  12. Saying the Same Thing Simultaneously – There is a moment of silence.  Then all of the sudden you and your friend blurt out the same exact set of words simultaneously.  This rare occurrence is something to smile about.
  13. The Pull-Through Parking Spot – You pull into a parking spot and are delighted to see the availability of the parking spot immediately in front of you.  You pull through to the spot in front so that when you return to the car you can drive forward out of the parking spot.  Why?  Because driving backwards is a pain in the butt.
  14. Realizing You Have More Time to Sleep – Something abruptly awakens you and you think it’s time to get up.  Then you squint over at your alarm clock and realize you still have 2 more hours to sleep.  A warm euphoric feeling shoots though your body as you glide gracefully back to your dreams.
  15. People Watching – Sitting there on your bench you can see people in every direction.  Tall people, small people, thin and plump.  Blond, brunette, and redhead alike.  Each of them has a different stride and a unique expression.  As you drift from body to body you are mesmerized by what you see.
  16. Putting On Clothes Straight from the Dryer – As soon as the dryer buzzes, you pull out your clothes and put them on.  They feel soothingly warm on your skin and emit a fresh-scented aroma into the air.  A sentiment of ease comes over you as you head out to conquer the day.
  17. A Familiar Smell – You just pulled into your parent’s driveway and opened the car door.  You haven’t been home in a long while.  You smell familiarity in the air, the scent of a large pine tree in the neighbor’s yard.  As you head through the front door, more familiar smells consume your senses.  Gosh, it feels good to be home…
  18. The Feeling You Get When Your Idea Works – You have been struggling to resolve a complex problem all day and you just can’t seem to get it right.  Filled with frustration, you decide to exercise one last idea before calling it a night.  You’ve had many ideas before that failed miserably… but this time it works.
  19. Fresh, Clean Bed Sheets – You yank at the corner of the bedspread to create just enough space to slide your body under the freshly cleaned sheets.  The sheets feel cool to the touch.  Everything seems so clean, like nobody has ever slept in this bed before.
  20. A Beautiful View – As the car veers around the side of the mountain you gaze out the passenger window.  It’s a clear, sunny day and you can see the entire valley below filled with wild flowers and bright green vegetation.  The scenery reminds you of something you once saw in National Geographic.  But here it is live, right before your eyes.
  21. Reminiscing About Old Times with Your Closest Friends – Pink Floyd once said “the memories of a man in his old age are the deeds of a man in his prime”.  There is no simple pleasure more satisfying than recounting the greatest moments of your life with your closest friends who lived these moments alongside you.
  22. Receiving an Unexpected Compliment – It’s been an average day.  Nothing really great has happened, but nothing terrible occurred either.  This monotonous day has put you in a dreary mood.  Unexpectedly, an older, attractive lady taps you on the shoulder, calls you “handsome” and says she loves your shirt.  The day just got a whole lot better.
  23. Having a Good Laugh – Laughter is the greatest cure of all.  Life is extraordinary in the moments when you are laughing so hard you can barely breathe.  These moments of deep laughter are divine in the sense that they cleanse your mood and set your mind on a positive track.
  24. The Feeling After a Healthy Workout - It’s a giddy feeling of self accomplishment; the one true activity that actually makes you feel better and look better simultaneously. When you walk out the front door of the gym you are on top of the world.
  25. The Celebration in the Instant Something Makes Sense – Even now that it has explained to you for the third time, you just don’t understand how it works.  Everyone else seems to understand but you.  Then out of the blue the dots connect in your mind.  You finally get it, and it feels great!
  26. Relaxing Outdoors on a Sunny Day – As you relax sprawled out in a lawn chair, the sun warms your skin and a light breeze keeps the temperature comfortable.  Birds are chirping merrily in the trees behind you.  You are at complete peace with the environment.
  27. Holding Hands with Someone You Love – Every time she grabs your hand you are overcome with an awareness of how much she means to you.  Holding hands is sensual and physically intimate, yet subtle.  There are few people you allow to hold your hand, so when it happens you can be sure that the moment is special.
  28. Playing in the Water – Water marvels people of all ages.  From jumping in puddles as a child, to doing cannon balls in the pool as an adolescent, to enjoying a cocktail in the Jacuzzi as an adult… water is enjoyable.
  29. Making Someone Smile – You notice that your colleague has been under a great deal of stress with meeting a deadline, so you take it upon yourself to complete one of her indirect responsibilities for her.   As soon as she realizes what you did, she comes into your office with a big smile on her face.  “Thank you”, she says.  You just hit two birds with one stone, because making her smile just made your day. 
  30. Finishing What You Started – You just finished up a big project you’ve been working on for the last few months, or maybe you just finished your first marathon… Either way, you finalized what you set out to accomplish.  The feeling of self accomplishment you get when you finish what you started is by far one of the most rewarding simple pleasures life has to offer. 
    A comprehensive list of life’s simple pleasures would be quite extensive.  My list represents those which are most satisfying to a sample of people in and around my life.  With a few sporadic exceptions, I believe these simple pleasures hold universal appeal.

    Common Traits of Stalkers -- Don't be the next target

    Taken from:

    Salamat Jovz. IDOL talaga kita. I just added some comments here. XD

    Stalkers will not take no for an answer.

    They refuse to believe that a victim is not interested in them or will not rekindle their relationship and often believe that the victim really does love them, but just doesn't know it and needs to be pushed into realizing it. As long as they continue pursuing their victim, the stalker can convince themselves they haven't been completely rejected yet.

    Stalkers display an obsessive personality.

    They are not just interested in, but totally obsessed with the person they are pursuing. Their every waking thought centers on the victim, and every plan the stalker has for the future involves the victim. Ask yourself this. Is the person totally involved in and completely overwhelmed with pursuing someone who has no and never will have any interest in him or her?

    Along with obsessive thinking, they also display other psychological or personality problems and disorders. They may suffer from erotomania, paranoia, schizophrenia, and delusional thinking. According to Professor R. Meloy, "these stalkers have rigid personalities and maladaptive styles. These disorders in themselves are very stable and not treatable." There are drugs to treat certain specific mental disorders, but stalkers, when given the choice, seldom continue with their medication or treatment.

    Stalkers are above average in intelligence and are usually smarter than the run of the mill person with mental problems.

    They will go to great lengths to obtain information about their victims or to find victims who have secretly moved. They have been known to hack into computers, tap telephone lines, take jobs at public utilities that allow them access to the victims or information about the victims, and even to travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to gain information about or find their victims. Stalkers many times use their intelligence to throw others off their trail.

    Most stalkers don't have any relationship outside the one they are trying to re-establish or the one they have imagined exists between them and their victim.

    Because they are usually loners, stalkers become desperate to obtain this relationship.

    Stalkers don't display the discomfort or anxiety that people should naturally feel in certain situations.

    Normal individuals would be extremely embarrassed to be caught following other people, going through their trash looking for information about them, leaving obscene notes, and other inappropriate behavior displayed by stalkers. Stalkers, however, don't see this as inappropriate behavior, but only as a means to gain the person's love.

    Stalkers often suffer from low self-esteem, and feel they must have a relationship with the victim in order to have any self worth.

    Preoccupations with other people almost always involve someone with weak social skills and low self-esteem.

    Few stalkers can see how their actions are hurting others.

    They display other sociopathic thinking in that they cannot learn from experience, and they don't believe society's rules apply to them. Most stalkers don't think they're really threatening, intimidating, or even stalking someone else. They think they're simply trying to show the victims that they're the right one for them. To the victims of stalking it is like a prolonged rape.

    Stalkers, like rapists, want absolute control over their victims. They don't regard what they're doing as a crime, or even wrong. To them it is true love, with the exception that the victim doesn't recognize it yet. With enough persistence, stalkers believe they will eventually convince the victims of their love.

    Stalkers many times have a mean streak and will become violent when frustrated. How violent? Often deadly.

    The above traits remind us that much of stalking involves harassment and annoyance, but never forget that stalkers can also be extraordinarily dangerous. Believing that their victims love and care for them, stalkers can become violent when frustrated in their quest for this love.

    Although the majority of cases do not end in murder or grave bodily injury, enough do every year that victims should never brush aside the possibility. Victims of stalking should never take the crime lightly, no matter who the stalkers are or how close they have been emotionally.

    Look carefully again at the traits below and be wary if someone seems to fit these.

    1. Won't take no for an answer
    2. Has an obsessive personality
    3. Above average intelligence --> I have to disagree on this since I know one who doesn't have any intelligence in his head
    4. No or few personal relationships
    5. Lack of embarrassment or discomfort at actions
    6. Low self esteem
    7. Sociopathic thinking
    8. Has a mean streak


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