Thursday, January 28

How to deal with ONLINE JERKS

Madami talaga dito nyan especially sa Multiply. Thanks to Trisha for sharing this ^_^

The great thing about the Internet is that it allows you to meet new people and interact with potential customers and art buyers. But at the same time the Internet gives buyers, customers, and even outright strangers the ability to bad mouth you, your work, and to act like outright jerks. What do you do when someone decides to use your blog or your Multiply/Facebook account to spread nasty and untrue stories about you?

1. Don't hide. The best protection is to be active online
• People will talk about you whether you're online or not
• Being active online will allow you to monitor what's being said about you
• Google your name and your business. Use Google Alerts to monitor your name

2. Build your reputation online before someone builds it for you
• Join social networks and participate. Interact with online friends
• Start a blog. Encourage comments and join in on the discussion
• Be helpful, treat people well
• Answer direct questions and offer solutions

3. Set some rules
• Your blog and your profiles are your "home" on the Internet, set some boundaries
• Write a comments policy for your blog and enforce it
• Get familiar with your moderation and privacy settings

4. Handling complaints and negative comments
• Resist the urge to erase or retaliate
• Listen...the complaint may be legitimate
• Offer sympathy and solutions
• Don't be afraid to let others see the complaints and your solutions to them

5. Dealing with an out of control jerk
• Intervene in the case or outright lies, abusive or offensive language or harassment 
• Don't engage directly with the jerk 
• Tell your side of the story to the rest of your community  
• Remove the jerk if necessary

Monday, January 25

Philippine holidays and long-weekend schedule for 2010

Here is the schedule of Philippine holidays and long-weekends for 2010 based on RA 9492 and Proclamation 1841: I got this from: Manila Bulletin. Pero ako kasi, everyday, Holiday so it doesn't matter to me. =P
  • January 1 (Fri) - New Year's Day (five-day long weekend from December 30 to January 3)
  • February 22 (Mon) - EDSA Revolution Anniversary
  • April 1 (Thu) - Holy Thursday
  • April 2 (Fri) - Good Friday (four-day long weekend from April 1 to 4)
  • April 9 (Fri) - Araw ng Kagitingan (three-day long weekend from April 9 to 11)
  • May 1 (Sat) - Labor Day
  • June 14 (Mon) - Independence Day (three-day long weekend from June 12 to 14)
  • August 23 (Mon) - Ninoy Aquino Day (three-day long weekend from August 21 to 23)
  • August 30 (Mon) - National Heroes Day (three-day long weekend from August 28 to 30)
  • September - Eid'l Fitr (to be announced, calculated September 10, possible three-day long weekend from September 10 to 12)
  • November 1 (Mon) - All Saints Day (three-day long weekend from October 30 to November 1)
  • November - Eid 'l Adha (to be announced, calculated November 16)
  • November 29 (Mon) - Bonifacio Day (three-day long weekend from November 27 to 29)
  • December 24 (Fri) - Non-Working Holiday
  • December 25 (Sat) - Christmas
  • December 27 (Mon) - Rizal Day (four-day long weekend from December 24 to 27)
  • December 31 (Fri) - Non-Working Holiday
  • January 1 - (Sat) New Year's Day (three-day long weekend from December 31 to January 2)

Friday, January 22

What I did yesterday

Yesterday was my 31st birthday. 30 years have gone by and somehow I've learned a lot from the experience. I know I still have a long way to go before I could say I'm finally settled with everything. God is indeed good that He gave me blessings despite what happened to me in these past few months.

I was able to take pictures at the Manila Cathedral yesterday despite rumors that taking pictures inside is not allowed. I scouted the area first before politely asking the person in-charge if its ok to take pictures inside while there was no Mass going-on. After he said yes, I took some pictures of my supposedly dream church.

It was a year ago when I remembered that my then fiancee (my wife now) that I wanted to get married at this church (Manila Cathedral) but alas, we didn't because our wedding date coincides with the Marian Procession. Probably we can renew our vows here 10, 15 or 25 years from now =D.

As I proceed with my final touches in the shoot. Someone approached me and asked if I could take a picture of the church using her DSLR (probably because I was taking pictures of the entire church lying on the pavement). I agreed and gave some little pointers on her settings.

I left the area at around 6:30pm happy since one of my birthday wish was fulfilled. =)

Thursday, January 21

Baclaran Church Revisited

Yesterday, I went to Baclaran Church not just to seek help and guidance from our Mother of Perpetual Help but also to take pictures as well. Hoping I would include this in my goal to take pictures of 100 churches. 

After Visiting my Mom in her office, I went straight to Baclaran Church. Its been a very long time since I've set my foot into that Church. It kinda made me reminisce the old times when I visited the Church together with my mom. I think it was more than 20 years ago. And everytime I pass by Baclaran whenever I go to Las PiƱas or travelling via coastal road, I always do see this church from a distance but I never got a chance to set foot inside until yesterday. It took me another 5 minute walk to reach the church since jeepneys cannot pass through the back of the church.

As I went inside, the church was really filled with people from all walks of life. Rich or poor, everyone came to pray and seek guidance from our Mother and there was a mass going-on. After the mass, I tried to get closer into the altar.


The altar was simple yet my eyes were really captivated by its simplicity. I really wanted to take a picture of it right now but since there were a lot (I mean too many) of people praying, I decided not to pay respect first. I checked the vicinity of the church and checked its schedule. I forgot that every Wednesday, this church is jam-packed with people so I decided to visit again soon not just to pray but to take pictures as well.

And since I wasn't able to take pictures of the church, I downloaded some pictures from the internet to make this entry a little bit more interesting. .

Tuesday, January 19

35 Pending Topics

Dang! Ive been contemplating a lot now how to put all 35 ideas here. It seems it could take me a while though before I could post them here. I'm almost done editing 10,000 pictures and after that, another set is coming up which is mostly from my 2010 selection.

So far, 37 sets are ready to go and a few more left. Then I'll try to squeeze in some of the topics I've made through my head.

Sunday, January 10

30 Photographic Goals for 2010

 Thanks to Sir Tristan for sharing this one ^_^

1. Don’t leave your camera

You never know what opportunities will present themselves to you if your camera is always at your side. It may be a bit of extra hassle, but you will develop a greater sense of observation by being aware of your camera constantly.

2. Shoot a Photo a Day

No greater photographic progress can be seen than by a personal photo a day challenge. Watch your development over a period of 1-3 months and be amazed at how far you’ve come.

3. Smile: Photos in your daily life

Most New Years resolutions include spending more time with friends and family. Take a photographer’s spin on this one, and make it a priority to take casual photos of your friends and family on a day-to-day basis. Capturing memories for others is commendable, but capturing memories for yourself is priceless.

4. Prioritize your goals

Do you want to develop your business practices? Learn a new technique? Save for a lens? Allow your tasks and plans to filter through your long-term goals.

5. Read a photography book a month

Many professional photographers have tremendous resources for up and coming photographers.

6. Join or Start a photo or a camera club

Camaraderie between photo buddies and colleagues is a treasure worth investing time in. Gain invaluable advice, and accountability by joining a local photo club. And if you don’t have a photo/ camera club in your – start one!

7. Subscribe to new industry leader blogs

David Jay. Jasmine Star. Mike Cologne. Dane Sanders. Scott Roberts. Becker. Ron Dawson. The list of industry leaders who enjoy giving back to others is endless. Glean from their wisdom and experience as often as you can!

8. Compete!

Submitting your photos to competitions is one of the greatest ways to get your photos off your hard drive and into the sights of important judges and industry leaders. Remember, it’s not about who you know, but who knows you!

9. Plan a formal shoot a week

If you want to learn more about portraiture, schedule a months’ worth of weekly sessions with models, couples, or seniors. Take a few hours to set up a shoot with as many details as possible, and build your techniques and portfolio.

10. Share online

Facebook, Flikr, multiply and other photo sharing sites are obvious ways to share your photos online, but don’t stop there. Set up private albums for friends and family on picasa albums, or other services that will enable ordering and downloads to the people you love.

11. Learn a new slide show program

Windows Movie Maker and iMovie may be convenient, but they may not offer you all the tools you need to display your photos with wow! Take some time to learn another program for your slide shows to create the most professional look.

12. Create a photo book a month

What do you do with the photos you take every month? Instead of simply storing them on a hard drive, put them into a simple photo book. Use Blurb, MyPublisher, or Snapfish for easy and professional looks. You will be ecstatic when, at the end of 2010, you have 12 books featuring your work!

13. Build your website

Whether it’s a free template or a friend’s design, take the time to present your work on your own piece of the web. It adds to your credibility, and enables you to easily share your work with others.

14. Challenge yourself with flash lighting

Flash is bad – NOT! Flash may be a bit scary and intimidating, but a little bit of discipline and hard work, and you can become a flash pro.

15. Get a photography or business mentor

Sometimes it takes a little bit of assistance to get where you need to be in creative or business endeavors.

16. Inquire at a newspaper

Look for connections in unexpected places. Even if you don’t want to go into photojournalism full time, getting some work at a newspaper will give you some good connections, and provide opportunities you may not have had otherwise.

17. Display your work

Many local cafes and coffee shops are interested in supporting local artists. Make some appointments to sit down and inquire if the owner is willing to display your work on the venue’s walls. You may not be able to display them for sales, but you will generate additional interest and possible clientele.

18. Get published

These days, being published does not simply mean by paper medium. There are hundreds of blogs relevant to the kind of photography you want to create. Do some investigating. Make a list of a dozen blogs and submit your work. Then – be persistent!  Be cordial, but follow through.

19. Take monthly photo walks

Do you take photo’s to relax? Sometimes amid the tension of photographing for business, or photographing for development, it’s easy to forget the enjoyment of photography. Return to the joy by scheduling an afternoon or an hour to walk through a new town, trail, or area and find inspiration. Your eyes will be opened in a new way, and you will remember the euphoria of creative discovery.

20. Plan a monthly calendar for next year

What one theme do you love more than anything else? Florals? Landscapes? Smiles? Eyes? Shoes? Find your favorite theme, and plan to shoot one photo a month in that theme, and put them together in a calendar for next year. Friends and family will love the calendar, and it gives you an excuse to display your work on the walls of homes!

21. Follow a regular photo blog-posting schedule

Photo-blogging weekly will develop your skills rapidly. Your readers will force you to be accountable to shooting consistently, and you will be able to see your development by leaps and bounds.

22. Teach a class

You are always one step ahead of someone else. Challenge yourself to host a photography class for a group in your area of influence. A church youth group class on composition. A low income after school program on creativity. A free reach out to professional amateurs on best business practices. You have something to offer, and sharing with others will also help you know your stuff as best you can.

23. Promote your work in an online Gallery

Can’t afford to print and frame dozens of pieces in a photo collection? Don’t have to. Using a hosting provider such as Zenfolio, Shutterfly, or Pictage, you can bring your work into the homes of others with the click of a mouse. Force yourself to use your photos instead of allowing them to sit on a hard drive, never to be used.

24. Give away monthly desktop calendars

There’s no better way to stay in the thoughts and mind of future clients than offering monthly calendar wallpaper for free download. Design something with a photo, and perhaps a special quote or verse. Post on your blog, and forward it on to friends and family. If it’s really cool, they’ll forward it on to others also. Suddenly, strangers will know who you are, and you will be competition on a different level.

25. Reach a hand

Get involved with HelpPortrait, or offer your services to a Boys and Girls club, or other nonprofit. These organizations are infamous for having low budgets for multimedia, and if you can offer your skills for their cause, it will bring your name out, and give you value and worth that you don’t otherwise have.

26. Develop a post processing work flow

Systematizing your work is the best way to a quick development for future work. Even if you are not in the business of photography, deciding on a good work flow for every single shoot will help you save time and energy in post processing.

27. Create a business plan

Want to start a business? Or already have? The best way to get a quick start on competition is to develop a business plan answering questions such as, “where do I want to go?” “What do I want my business to become?” and “who is my ideal client?” Even if you are not sure about starting a photography business, setting a few goals for jobs will help you pay for that new lens.

28. Experiment with new presets

Develop your own editing style by playing with presets. Start here for a good list of presets, and then adapt them to your own style. Your photos will become more cohesive and specific – causing you to have a brand with your images no one else can mimic.

29. Make personal postcards to send friends

Print mail is a rarity these days. Imagine how you would stand out if you sent out monthly postcards to select friends and family? No one can afford an entire Christmas List every month, but you can rotate the list of recipients by month. Your work will get out, you will bless others with your images, and once again, you won’t have images sitting on a hard drive, idle and wasted.

30. Take a workshop

There is no shortage of professional photographers wanting to give back through workshops. You can find workshops of all kinds, levels, and price points. Want to get away for a weekend? Or study at your own pace? You can find a workshop on location or online and continue the transformational journey of your photography in an unforgettable and rewarding way.

Friday, January 8

The Second 25 things most people would know about me but probably not

 Taken from Google

If you still remember my first 25 things posted here, you would have known me 20% by now. And all you need is 80% more. XD
Here are the Second 25 things most people would know about me but probably not. This would be my first personal post for 2010. 

1. I haven't played basketball since 2004 after being so active in this sport when I was 10.

2.  I'm quite addicted in watching documentary shows that's why I usually stay up late.

3. I could work efficiently as long as I would have at least 6-8 hours of sleep. Any less than that would make me feel groggy and sluggish

4. I just started blogging thru blogspot and wordpress and its really fun although I've been blogging for a while thru multiply and friendster.

5. I prefer buying new stuff rather than used or even slightly used except if the item is very rare.

6. I have a strong sense of direction especially with a map in my hand.

7. I love trying new dishes from various restaurants.

8. Cooking breakfast is my specialty.

9. I have mannerisms that people would find very annoying and you don't want to know.

10. Most of the time I feel denied of my dreams that's why I contemplate a lot.

11. As much as possible, I don't post-process my pictures (except for cropping and adding watermark) for personal reasons. But I may try to learn Photoshop this year.

12. I am a member of more than 50 forums but I'm only active to at least 5-8 as of the moment.

13. I haven’t had sex for almost five and a half years until I got married. XD

14. I started wearing eyeglasses since 1999.

15. I've been bankrupt for several times now. And this time, I was able to save something.

16. I have a collection of articles about job hunting and work since 2003.

17. I got addicted to chat (mirc) as well as joining trivia contests from 2000-2003

18. I learned to use the internet at a late age of 21.

19. Pizza and Pasta are my favorite food but my comfort food is Sopas.

20. I am the only one in the family who haven't traveled via airplane (domestic or international) or thru ferry boat not until Dec 11, 2009 for our honeymoon.

21. The first time I got my heart broken was in 1996. Ten years later (2006), I found the one that I'll be spending the rest of my life with.

22. One thing I hate at work is office politics.

23. I get attracted to older women (at least 1-5 years older) rather than younger women for some strange reason.

24. I'm really fascinated with billiards though I never got a chance to master the sport.

25. I don't really like Filipino time and I never will.

So there you go. My first 25 things most people would know about me but probably not. Till the next 25.  ^_^

62 Ways to make 2010 your best year yet

Thanks to Ms Teresa Hererra for sharing this one. ^_^

62 Ways to make 2010 your best year yet

1. Remember that leadership isn't about your position. It's about your influence.

2. Get fit like a pro athlete.

3. Lift people up versus tearing people down.

4. Protect your good name. An impeccable reputation takes a lifetime to build. And 60 seconds to lose.

5. Surround yourself with positive, ethical people who are committed to excellence.

6. Remember that even a 1% daily innovation rate amounts to at least a 100% rate of innovation in 100 days.

7. Believe in your dreams (even when others laugh at them).

8. Measure your success, not by your net worth but by your self worth (and how happy you feel).

9. Take an intelligent risk every 24 hours. No try-No Win.

10. Read "Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist".

11. Watch "Man on Wire".

12. Regardless of your title at work, be a team builder.

13. Remember that business is all about relationships and human connections.

14. Say "please" more.

15. Say "thank you" more.

16. Know your Big 5: the five things that need to happen by the end of this year for you to feel its been your best year yet.

17. Read your Big 5 every morning while the rest of the world is asleep.

18. Read "As You Think". At least twice this year. 

19. Be willing to fail. It's the price of greatness.

20. Focus less on making money and more on creating value.

21. Spend less, save more.

22. Leave everything you touch better than you found it.

23. Be the most positive person in every room you're in.

24. Run your own race.

24. Stay true to your deepest values and best ideals.

25. Write a handwritten thank you note to a customer/friend/loved one every day.

26. When you travel, send love letters to your kids on hotel stationary. In time, they'll have a rich collection to remember your travels by.

27. Read "Atlas Shrugged".

28. Be a problem solver versus a trouble maker.

29. Rather than doing many things at mediocrity do just a few things-but at mastery.

30. Honor your parents.

31. Commit to doing great work-whether anyone notices it or not. It's one of life's best sources of happiness.

32. Give more than you receive (another of the truths of happiness).

33. Have your 1/3/5/10/25 years goals recorded on paper and review them weekly.

34. Be patient. Slow and steady wins the race. The only reason businesses that went from zero to a billion in a year or two get featured in magazines is because 99% of businesses require a lot more time to win.

34. Underpromise and then overdeliver.

35. See part of your job as "a developer of people" (whether you work in the boardroom or the mailroom).

36. Wear your heart on your sleeve. When people see you're real, they'll fall in love with you.

37. Be authentic versus plastic.

38. Read "The Alchemist".

39. Remember that life wants you to win. So get out of your own way.

40. Consider that behind every fear lives your next level of growth (and power).

41. Eat less food.

42. Drink more water.

43. Rest when you need to.

44. Read "SUCCESS" magazine. 

45. Write your eulogy and then live your life backwards.

46. Demand the best from yourself.

47. Remember that the more you go to your limits, the more your limits will expand.

48. See everything that happens to you as an opportunity to grow (and therefore, as a precious gift).

49. Be obsessed with learning and self-development.

50. Become comfortable alone (you are the only person you get to be with your whole life).

51. Smile. It's a stunningly effective way to win in business and life.

52. Reflect on the shortness of life.

53. Be bold when it comes to your dreams but gentle with those you love.

54. Remember that success is dangerous because it can kill drive/innovation/passion and going the extra mile. Be successful yet stay hungry.

55. Read "The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin".

56. Be of deep value to this world.

57. Own beautiful things but don't let them own you.

58. Use excellent words.

59. Laugh more.

60. Don't complain, gossip or be negative.

61. Plan as if you'll live forever but live as if you'll die tomorrow.

62. Feel free to pass these lessons on to those you want to help.

Written by Robin Sharma, January 3, 2010. For more information visit Robin's new book "The Leader Who Had No Title: A Modern Fable On Real Success in Business and Life" will be published by Simon and Schuster in March. Many of the ideas above come from it.

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Win a Free Boracay Vacation Package by WOW Philippines Travel Agency

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Tuesday, January 5

10 Technologies That Will Rock 2010

Mark (me): Taken from this website. I must say this one is a good read especially for all the geeks and techies like me out there. I'll try my best to get to know these technologies whenever I have time and energy ^_^

Looking back at 2009, we can say that it was the most interesting times for the web technology despite the harsh economy. The year 2009 boosted the potential of mobile gadgets and exhibited the value of mobile devices in today’s networked society. We can call it the rise of social awareness towards the value of connecting and communicating.

So when we look ahead in 2010, we can see that the innovation have just begun. So here is the list of technologies, which I think, will make its breakthrough in the industry in the year 2010. Most of these technologies are related to online media and the Internet.

1. Apple’s Tablet
The noise and speculation are too loud to ignore the presence of Apple’s Tablet. If all the rumors are authentic and, if by all means Apple launches the iSlate on 25th January, then it’s going to be the thing to talk about in 2010.

We all must admit that a tablet is a concept that has been around us for a very long time. But it still hasn’t entered the main line consumer devices. But after the increase in sales and demand of Amazon Kindle and Nook, the market is pretty sure that a tablet is soon to be the device to have. So at this time, if Apple can bring the device with the interface that people are looking for then that’s it – We have our new iPOD.
The reason I say this is because, Online Reading is something that every Internet users do and Tablet provides the best way to consume the Internet content. Though we might still be working on a Laptop, Tablet will be the way to consume the digital content.

2. NetPhone

We are already seeing the usefulness of Google Voice, which many Americans have enjoyed. We already have software like Skype which allows you to communicate through the data line.
This shows that people are still comfortable with voice communication and it is not something that will die. We would still want to call our friends and family and communicate. Hence, we might see more advancement over VOIP and its strength.

Though mobile network provider would have to play a hard battle with the VOIP services, the conflict between these two models will end once we have more and more VOIP services running in our mobile devices.

3. Net Neutrality
The rise of Smartphone have suddenly put lot of pressure on the mobile network providers. The online content consumption and communication have stressed out the network providers. One of the prominent example is the failure of At&T to meet the iPhone’s demand. This have forced the content provider and distributors into two opposite poles.

Content providers like Google (YouTube for video content) consumes lot of bandwidth and this is not good for the network providers because they have to face the burden of handling the requests. On the other hand, content providers doesn’t have to pay anything to the distributor. As a result, Network providers would have to charge the users for more. Now this brings a great conflict between the consumer, provider and distributor. Net neutrality is all about giving full access to the Internet without any restriction. But we still need to make some breakthroughs in the communication between the provider and the distributor. Hence, we might be able to see some breakthroughs on Net Neutrality in 2010 and this should solve the current problem.

4. Social Profile Management(Advanced Analytics)
Online Social Networking have blasted the news channel on each opportunity in 2009 and it will continue to do so in 2010. More and more real time content would be distributed online and consumed by people. Online networking will see more than just sharing information.

2009 had an overwhelming reaction towards social media which created a lot of junk in the Internet. Currently, so many in formations and contents goes to waste and doesn’t make its way towards the targeted audience.

2010 will see a revolution towards social profile management with advanced analytics. This will be applying spam control over your network and strengthening the efficiency of your network connections. Profile search will also be a big thing, as sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook gets employed in professional hiring. Social network provides a best way to reach out to potential business and hence search (not for content) but for people should be big. Hence, social profile management with advance analytics will be the next big thing for social networks

5. Virtualization
Client desktop computing is surely the new way towards connecting people to offices. Virtual desktop
or Virtual machines will soon be employed in many offices providing better flexibility to hardware and software selection. This will reduce all the hardware cost of servers and desktops CPU maintenance in office. This will also reduce the cost of software as most will be deployed in the virtual machine. This is a key to cutting costs, lowering complexity, as well as increasing agility as needs shift.

6. Online TV
YouTube and other online video sharing sites have almost killed the TV. The new generation prefer Internet over TV channels. As with the music industry, TV channels have understood and going online is the only way towards future and they have to jump into this bandwagon before it’s too late. There are already many commercial channels shifting their attention from TV to Youtube or other sites like Hulu. Further, Google have already announced its paid content over Youtube and the new video advertising technology.
Along with TV, advertising also has to make its way to the eco-system and we already know of many rumors over Apple and Google coming with ways to prevent viewers from skipping the ads. This makes TV programs the best way to enter into Internet. Hence 2010 will certainly see the hand and hand cooperation of the Internet providers and the Online TV channels.

7. Cloud Computing
Cloud computing will be the new way of doing business over the internet. It will be more of virtual resources management, where company can optimize his/her resources according to needs and dynamic adaption to changes. This will allow companies to greatly enhance their products and services. Cloud computing will also leverage the potential of web application in the Internet and we might be seeing some great online applications for users and also enterprise solutions.

8. Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality is going to blow people’s mind in 2010. With the help of mobile computing, GPS technology, mobile camera and Google maps, mobile application is going to have much more power to bring the experience to the user.

Further, the core of the technology will be the mobile camera and the placement of processed information on top of live streaming content from the camera.

We are already seeing some of it with mobile GPS applications, but 2010 will be clearly put these applications on the top shelf of mobile apps. This will allows users to get every information by integrating physical reality and virtual world.

9. Online Microsoft Office
Microsoft did face a lot of failures in 2009 starting with its slow rise of Bing and failure of Windows Mobile 6.5. So 2009 was not the year for Microsoft, but we could expect more from Microsoft in 2010. It’s Windows 7 have received good reviews, hence in 2010 we may get to read more about it. Windows Mobile 7 is also on its way, it might help Microsoft gain over their Smartphone market share.

But above all, we might get to read about Microsoft’s online OS. Yes, the Word and Excel. With the strength of today’s computing power over internet, the time is right for the Online Office. We have already seen the success of the Google Docs, so the speculation is high for Online Office. Hopefully this will reduce their cost and avoid nagging updates. The new competition is obviously on the Internet.

10. Mobile Transaction (Mobile Banking)
We all surely need to get rid of credit cards and debit cards. Once the mobile becomes more than just a communication platform but your financial manager, we will see a huge potential of mobile transactions and mobile banking.

Mobile application builders have already started making applications for enterprise solution by making it enterprise friendly. For mobile banking and transaction to be successful we need an enterprise solution over the mobile network similar to RIM’s Blackberry which will confirm security over the mobile transaction.

The year 2010 will certainly see the glimpse of future’s monetary transaction.

Petition to allow photography in all public places - A re-post

Thanks to Ma'am Trisha for this. ^_^. This is a petition to allow us photographers to shoot in public places without being embarrassed. Full details on the link.

Link: here

Let your voices be heard...

Monday, January 4

10 New Years Resolutions Every Photographer Should Make (Re-Post)

Thanks to the one who started it all ( as well as to those who shared it to others. ^_^

All Photographers must consider this...

I am clutching my 5DMKII and literally buzzing inside, thinking about the photographic potential of the new year. The possibilities are endless.

Now, I just have to commit the time and passion required to become a great photographer. In that spirit, I think we should all try to keep these 10 New Years Resolutions. Now, everyone say after me:

1. I will learn how to use my camera.
This seems like an obvious point, but we are all guilty of skipping our camera manual and just fiddling with settings. Ah, this one works right? Spot-metering? Why not. Hey, what does that button do? Seems to make things darker. Hmm. I'm going to admit something to you that I ask you to keep hush-hush. I haven't actually read my 5DMKII manual. I know. Horrible! I'm guilty of arbitrary button pushing and royally messing up shots because I don't really know how to use my camera. Let's all become technical experts of our cameras this year. Deal?

2. I will not use the Auto setting on my camera.
Instead of relying on your camera's dubious Auto settings, force yourself to learn how to use manual settings. Upgrade to Aperture priority mode (AV) first. Once you understand Depth of Field, jump into Manual mode. You will make mistakes and feel frustrated when you completely blow-out a shot, but this is the way we learn. Don't get discouraged by your mistakes. Learn from them and push on!

3. I will not use on-camera flash
The only photos you should take with an on-camera flash are ones that end up on your Facebook wall of shame. Tape down that pop-up flash if you have to. Instead rely on your skills as a photographer to capture shots in low-light.

Shoot with a wide-open aperture, as low as your lens will go. Decrease your shutter speed & increase your ISO. Steady your camera on a tripod, gorilla pod or table top. Invest in a good lens. I suggest the 50mm f/1.4 or the f/1.8 if you are on a budget.

Rainbow Lorikeet
Canon Rebel Xti (400D) + 50mm f/1.4

4. I will not be hindered by the gear I do not have.
You can take great shots with any camera. From an iPhone to a $20 Holga to cheap point and shoot to a 1DMKIII. Don't let your lack of gear limit you, but rather let it open up new possibilities to be creative. Until 6 months ago when I upgraded to a 5DMKII, I was shooting on a Canon Rebel Xti (400D). I shot weddings, actor's head shots, fashion, landscapes, you name it. You don't need a 5DMKII to work as a photographer. Get creative. Be resourceful. Rent lenses. Make reflectors with $2 poster boards. There is always a way to do things cheaply, you just need to hunt around a bit.

5. I will shoot in RAW
Everyone, go find your camera right now. I'll wait for you. Got it? Ok. Set your picture quality to RAW. Done? Good! Take some snaps in RAW right now. Feel the power. Now you can start shooting for real.

Beauty & the Bokeh
5DMKII, 85mm f/1.8, 1/200 at f/2.0, ISO 100.

6. I will learn how to process my shots
No shot comes straight out of the camera perfect. Every shot needs a little bit of processing TLC to take it to the next level. Learning how to process photos can feel overwhelming at times especially if you are technically challenged. It really isn't that scary, just time consuming. I recommend starting with Lightroom. You can download a free trial and take it for a spin. If you are completely confused, sign up for a account. It's the best video tutorial site on the web.

7. I will share my photos with others on the web
I know so many photographers that take thousands of photos, upload them on their computer, and never share them. Some lack the confidence, some are worried about copyright infringement, and some just don't find the time in their busy schedules to share their photos. What a waste! If you are not currently sharing your photos, go right now and join Flickr, Tumblr or Facebook and post three of your best shots. Done? Great. Hi-five!

8. I will accept critiques of my work.
Receiving criticisms about your photos is difficult and sometimes hurtful, but it is the only way we can progress as photographers. Yesterday I asked Joseph Linaschke to look at my portfolio and tell me honestly which shots should go. He told me to ditch 4 pictures out of 16. Pictures that I had spend hours shooting and retouching. I didn't want to get rid of them and it physically hurt me to remove them, but after I did, my portfolio was much stronger.

Kylee Epp Promo Shot
Canon Xti, 85mm f/1.8.

9. I will set goals and be proactive about my photography career
I have personally been in a photographic rut for the past couple of months. The weather has been rainy and miserable. I've had been taking on other work to pay the bills and I've lost focus with what I want to do with my photography.

So right now, you and I are going to sit down and set some goals, both small stepping-stone goals and big lofty life-changing goals. These are some of mine:
*I will learn one photography-related skill every day
*I will continue to improve my Photoshop skills on a daily basis
*I will book at least one creative fashion shoot every week.
*I will build a network of creative producers, stylists, make-up artists, and models

Lofty goal: *I will get my photography published in a major publication this year!
Your turn! Write them down and post them on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. Get them out there in black and white type where you can't dismiss them.

10. I will connect with other photographers
There is a vibrant and passionate photography community sharing their knowledge and experiences everyday. If you aren't currently visiting the vast array of photography blogs and resource sites, you are missing out on a wealth of knowledge that won't cost you a cent. Right now, join Twitter and follow these photographers.

Let's make 2010 a productive and inspirational year! What New Years resolutions are you are making?

Happy New Year!


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