Sunday, March 28

The week that was (March 21-27)

Another fast-paced week. XD

Sunday: Thank God it rained in the afternoon after having a hot Saturday. I was able to edit one album in the morning while my wife was asleep

Monday: Got up early despite having only few hours of sleep. Had to prepare quick for my interview at Makati again for another firm. Took my breakfast at Manang's again in Intramuros before heading to Makati. Traffic was horrible I got late by 15 minutes.My interview with the foreigner went ok before I head to Trinoma to attend a jobfair there.

Tuesday: Got up early but not as early as last Monday. Went to Trinoma first to get a free copy ,of The Philippine Star from their event (job fair) before heading to Glorietta to attend another job fair courtesy this time of the Manila Bulletin. Listened to 2 seminar topics and learned a lot from it. Then I got a call from the company I went to last Monday and the recruiter said the Technical Interviewer was pleased with how I handled the interview.

Wednesday: Got up early again and went online before attending the jobfair at Glorietta for the second day. Listened to 4 seminar topics before calling it a day.I really felt tired that day I almost got sick.

Thursday: Got up in the middle of the night with a bad cough probably from being to eager to all activities I've attended to. Meet my mom by lunch and bought a USB extension for my wife. Then I did my laundry and missed 4 calls. Tried to call one and I was able to hear good news in a long time.

Friday: This would be the earliest I got up at 5:50am. Took the chance to go online in the morning for a longer period of time. Then went to Makati in the afternoon for a job offer. Though there were some provisions in the contract that I didn't like, I still took it to gain that much needed experience and so that I won't be unemployed for more than 8 months. Then I went online again for a while before going home and share the good news to my wife.

Saturday: Got up early to go online and edit some photos. Registered also on oDesk and tried some of its exams. Went to Robinson's Place, Manila to have my photo taken for my requirements as well as look into the 3rd Philippine Cosplay Convention. Too bad I don't have my DSLR until now =(. I went online before I got home to join the earth hour.

Beginning next week, I will be back in the workforce. XD

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