Monday, September 23

Swabeng News: One of the Worst in Photography History

Imagine someone apologizes for stealing photos for an online contest and blames his youth and inexperience for it???

While browsing through my Facebook wall, I saw several netizens giving out harsh comments to this fellow. Upon reading the news from Rappler, I was shocked to witness this kind of action. Imagine stealing someones work and making it your own, then reaping the fruits that should have been given to its rightful owner. I never imagined stealing pictures to this level. Its really humiliating and a disgrace to the entire community with the actions he did.

If this had happen only once, he may have gotten away with it with a public apology. But he has done it since 2011 and got away with most of it, I don't think he can live at peace for the rest of his days especially netizens already knew what he is capable of. All photographers (including me) didn't like his actions (and never will).

If you look at the latest picture that he stole, it depicts a boy from Zamboanga with seaweeds on his head. But taking a closer look, he doesn't look like a local from Zamboanga but he's a native Brazilian. 

Does he look like a Zamboangueno to you?

While I feel very mad to this thief ("Kapangalan ko pa naman XC ), I'm sure his actions will haunt him for as along as he lives. He may have apologized to the organizers and most importantly to the rightful owner of the photograph, the memory, the embarrassment and the humiliation he brought not only to the UP community but to the entire Filipino Photographer Community who strives to capture the emotion with their own vision. 

I'd rather lose every competition I join rather than get the top prize using an image that is not a product of my creativity, dedication and hard work. 

I won't post his picture here, rather, you could search it on Google while its hot. XD

Monday, September 16

Soleslam Automax 2: The Stormy VIP Event

Despite strong rains and forceful winds, I was able to reach One Esplanade at 2:00pm to attend my first Soleslam Automax event. I went there all by myself but I saw some of my friends there so we just tagged together eventually. 

When I registered on the VIP, I need to shell-out 600 pesos for a ticket. Supposedly, it should only costs 500 pesos or less and at the same time, those who bought tickets on the day were handed out hand-written VIP Ticket on a yellow paper. Geez, for a 600-peso ticket, should one get a piece of paper as a ticket. AFAIK, VIP's should be able to get a lootbag (first 500) but I didn't get any as they ran out of supply (my VIP ticket says 134, so technically, I should be getting atleast a lootbag).

When I got in, there wasn't much people yet as its still for VIPs from 12:00-3:00pm (Beyond 3:00pm, its for General Admission). The only advantage of getting a VIP Ticket is that aside from the lootbag, you get to be the first to shop for your kicks (pair of sneakers). If you just went there to "window shop", its better to wait instead. 

I started taking some pictures of shoes that were new to my eyes. I noticed that most of the kicks displayed were either Nike's Jordan's or other kicks that were unique or hard-to-find. The price tag, some were a bit on the high side but if you really collect them, this  event is for you. 

After taking pictures of the kicks, its time to take pictures of some hot chicks (ladies) on the event. I got a few pictures of some models that I saw at the event. I saw a few more but they have been flocked by photographers and some fans. 

A friend of mine had his Vixenation book signed but we were not allowed to take pictures of the model (this is the first time we were not allowed to take pictures) as one of the bouncers said that only official photographers are allowed to take pictures. That pissed-us off and just went on. If you ask me, I wanted to report this to the organizers about this incident. Its like that this certain bouncer has some power-tripping issues and this needs to be reported.

We went near the stage so we could have a better view of the stage (and the people). We got to take pictures of other models on stage as well. And when Fil-Am Hot-Import Model Christine Mendoza went up on stage, the crowd upfront went wild. Most took pictures and some waited for some giveaways that were thrown away (literally) by the host and the organizers. I got a cap for myself c/o my friend's model friend. 

When we got the chance, we went to the right side of the stage to have our picture taken with Christine. The last time I had my picture taken was probably years ago =P. I guess, I need to loosen-up and release my inhibitions for me to be able to be sociable again =P

We didn't finish the event as all of us went there just to see Christine (and some shoes for me XD). Since its raining so hard, the carshow has been canceled. I wonder if there would be a refund for it? If you ask me, The organizers need more planning and there should always be a plan b.

Anyway, pictures to follow soon. XD

Saturday, September 7

Marien 365: Week 52 (Day 358 - 364)

Day 358: I tried another perspective. Needs more practice though. XD

Day 358

Day 359: I'll try to look for my old picture with a facial expression like that. XD

Day 359

Day 360: No headband

Day 360

Day 360: With headband

Day 360

Day 361: Before we went out to have dinner somewhere. This would be probably the closest look she has as a girl. XD

Day 361

Day 362: She just posed like that. XD

Day 362

Day 363: I present you my Day 1. XD

Day 363

Day 364: One more day...

Day 364

Wait, where is Day 365? Is it really the end of Marien 365? 

Friday, September 6

Sweet September Covers

Well, the -ber months are here again. And before we know it, were counting down the days before Christmas once more XD.

Do you have any idea to give to yourself this season? Why not start with these.

1. FHM Philippines (Rufa Mae Quinto/Luis Manzano): FHM declares September a back-to-back issue with Sexy Comedienne Rufa Mae Quinto and Actor Luis Manzano. While this would be Luis' first time, for Rufa Mae, this would be her 4th (the most among all covergirls) appearance on the magazine. What to expect? We'll find out

2. Esquire Philippines (Jessy Mendiola): I've been waiting for Jessy to appear in a men's magazine for a long time now. She looked really sexy at her other cover. How would she looked inside the pages?

3. Rogue (Charlene Gonzales, Judy Ann Santos, Anne Curtis, Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera): Covergirls Overloaded? With an all-star cast, I'm sure every fan would grab a copy.

4. Playboy Philippines (Gwen Garci, Gloc-9 and Yael Yuzon): This issue is indeed a Music Guide. With Rock the Rabbit around the corner, I'm sure music lovers would love to see this. You could also choose which cover to buy with Playboy's 2-cover scheme. XD

5. Red (Red Dela Cruz): Its Vixen Red Dela Cruz's turn for Red Magazine's spotlight. I have almost no idea who she is but looking on the cover of this mag, I'm gonna buy it. XD

I'm still waiting for UNO's release as of writing. And with my paycheck up next week, I'll make sure to buy these for my collection. XD

Monday, September 2

Marien 365: Week 51 (Day 351 - 357)

Day 351: She posed.

Day 351

Day 351: She's laughing but I don't know what it is.

Day 351

Day 351: Lunch time in her uncle's room.

Day 351

Day 352: She just got up after her morning nap

Day 352

Day 352: Playing with tita's gadget

Day 352

Day 352: Playtime with tita.

Day 352

Day 353: Her aunt guide her walking

Day 353

Day 353: My baby knew I was holding the camera so she smiled.

Day 353

Day 353: Spending time with her uncle. 

Day 353

Day 354: She set's her footprints in the sand and its her first time hitting the beach.

Day 354

Day 355: While taking a bath in the province. The water is cold yet she was able to handle it.

Day 355

Day 356: Tinkering with my lens' cap. XD

Day 356

Day 357: Playtime again. XD

Day 357

The finale for my Marien 365 is finally next. XD


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