Wednesday, February 27

Swabeng Review: Bo's 2013 Coffee Book

This was one of the last 2013 Planners I've been eyeing at before 2012 has ended. Eventhough I told myself to limit my planners to as few as possible, this Planner, or should I say Coffee Book is one item that one should have. When I saw this planner one-time, I was really sold that I must find a way how to get one even when I was still jobless that time.

Fourteen stickers, 200-peso purchase for every sticker is all I need to get one and within the next few weeks, I was able to get a copy myself. Anyway, I always have a knack of writing down anything I fancy. Be it an eight-liner poem, some thoughts or future plans, having a planner is really something that I need.

Its a hard-bound book that also acts as a journal for you to write on and even if I keep notes on my cellphone, I still write them as back-up and archive. Unlike some of my planners that are leather-bound, this may be one for the books (one of my favorites). Also, the pages are a bit thicker than most planners and it has grids (almost similar to math notebooks). 

What I like about this Coffee Book is that it contains a couple of facts about coffee. When I say facts, these are very interesting facts. It was like the first time I've got to know some facts about coffee like its scientific name, where it usually grows, climate where it thrives among others. 

The history of this drink is from way back 800AD when an Ethiopian goat herder found out that his goat became more energetic after eating coffee cherries. Here in our country, its history traces back to the 18th century during the time of the Spaniards. 

Out of around a hundred species of coffee, only four are grown commercially which we are also one of the few countries that provide all four (Arabica, Robusta, Excelsa and Liberica). Each can be grown in a specific area though I still have yet to perfect on how to differentiate the four (there is a proper way to taste coffee). 

I wasn't surprised to know that there are several steps in harvesting coffee beans and make them for consumption. Also there are a few ways in preparing coffee aside from mixing 3-in-1 coffee and I hope I could at least master one of the ways of preparing coffee as well as mastering ratios of mixing ingredients as well. 

I hope you were able to get this Coffee Book and enjoy its pages too. This is where I would write down all my plans in the future and all my aspirations and I hope I'd be able to fulfill all of them. 

Pictures to follow soon. 

Tuesday, February 26

Swabeng Review: Starbucks' 2013 Planner

You'd wonder why in the world I'm only writing a review about a planner where it suppose to be written between December of last year and last month. The answer, I'm TOO BUSY with a lot of things that's why =P. 

Anyway, I had this Starbucks Planner for 2013 as early as December of last year and I kinda liked some of its looks. First, I made sure to choose a dark colored (black) to match my personality as well as to make it look manly :D. 

Another new feature of the planner is the magnetic bookmark that looks like your favorite hot drink. 

If you look at the design, there are patterns of starts that are engraved both at the front and back and when you open the planner,  the pattern of stars are on the inside cover as well. 

A new addition to this planner is that they used magnetic locks to keep it closed. Something, I find it nice. 

Well, you can also find the usual coupons at the back for you to enjoy the entire year. ^_^

What I like about this planner is that in a way you help their support their selected charity that helps remote barangays receive early childhood care and education and at the same time, you enjoy coffee.

Anyway, pictures to follow soon for my Starbucks' 7th Planner. XD

Sunday, February 24

The Week That Was (February 17 - 23)

Sunday: Got up early as I went online and backed-up some of my files from my CF Card and my USBs. I noticed that my lower back was a bit hurting as I tried to stand-up straight  My mom arrived early as Migmig was still sleeping and we went down as my baby was already wide awake. I was able to go out and go online for a couple of minutes before going back home to get ready and had lunch. By 1:30pm, were off to Edsa Shrine to attend the 3:00pm mass. After mass, we had our early dinner at Burgoo as I used my calendar coupon for the month of February. All of us got really full from our dinner and we decided to head home. As my back really hurts, I had to get some sleep early together with Migmig. 

Monday: Got up at 6:15am though my lower back still hurts. I tried fighting the pain but its sharper than  the previous day. I took a four-ride going to work and good thing I still got to work on time. I was able to read and learn some command lines on Linux and tried a few of them. Pretty fun! Before I got home, I was able to go online for a few minutes. After that, I had my time with my daughter as she's pretty much active that night. 

Tuesday: Got up at 6:15am with my back hurting and my left foot on the verge of pain again. Good thing I was able to walk still. I left home at almost 7:30am and got in the office just in the nick of time. Again, I read some knowledge-based articles from our site and tried saving them on my personal folder for quicker pick-up. The day was pretty much steady as I try to learn and absorb as much as I could in the shortest time possible. By the time my shift ended, I took a cab going to SM Sta Mesa to buy some stuff for Migmig. When I got there, I bought some wipes and the latest DPP Magazine to add in my collection. I had some halo-halo and bought some medicine for my maintenance before finally going home.

Wednesday: Got up early as I'm ready for work (training). I arrived in the office at 8:15am with plenty of time to spare. I was able to meet our IT Manager in person before having breakfast. I was really hungry and I anticipate that it will be a busy day. Our manager oriented us on some processes which I may attend another training session in the near future. I did some usual readings and downloaded some materials that I would find useful in the near future. Had my lunch and dinner in the office as the rest of the team were doing other things. I was lucky to hop-on a PVP bus on my way home but I went online for close to an hour before buying my baby's milk and ice cream.

Thursday: My daughter was having a hard time sleeping because of running nose (colds) as both my wife and I got up almost every hour. I even had leg cramps that was so unbearable I screamed in pain. Eventually, I had to get up at 6:15am and get ready for work. By the time I got to the office, I was asked to create an escalation ticket and answer a call on my 6th day (overall) of work. I'm not complaining but rather its an experience for me to be up on my toes and make sure I'm always updated and not left behind. Good thing I was able to watch the video that my colleague shared to me about Linux-Ubuntu and I'm still trying to grasp its foundation. I set my learning curve to a sharp one so I could pressure myself a little bit to step-up. When I got home, I was able to spend some time with my daughter before finally going to bed.

Friday: Got up at 6:15 as the weather was not that cooperative. On my way to work, I had to change my route as I couldn't hop on the bus because of the weather and the crowd. By the time I got into the office, my my feet got soaked so I had to take my socks off and have it dried. Breakfast was in the office before we started observing on how a user is set-up. It wasn't as easy as it looks since it entails some command lines on Linux that I have still yet to fully understand. Also, I've never set-up a user's stuff physically like setting-up the phone as well as putting some additional applications to their respective PCs. Well, for me, I welcome that aspect as I wanted to do all of that on my own within a few months time XD. I got to watch some video tutorials on Linux before completing my 5-day shift. I had dinner in the office before leaving at almost 7:00pm. Traffic was really heavy that I went to MRT hoping traffic would be smooth. I was wrong. I couldn't see the path where I was going to so I had some tea at Starbucks in Glorietta 5 before hailing a cab home. I was really tired for the day as I went to bed and get some sleep. 

Saturday: Got up late at around 8:30am as my body still yearns for more rest. Had breakfast with rice after going no-rice for the past couple of days. I took care of Migmig in the morning and in the afternoon as her mom went  to Divisoria for some shopping. I went online as soon as my daughter fell asleep. I was able to chat with a former colleague about my clearance/coe and he mentioned that I can still get one. Then I editied close to a hundred photos before Migmig got up again. The rest of the day was pretty boring as I was able to get out at 10:00pm to have dinner at Jollibee and went online for a short while before going to bed. But Migmig wasn't sleeping yet so she keep on talking to me with some baby stuff until both of us fall asleep. XD

Marien 365: Week 13 (Day 85 - 91)

Day 85: My baby holding her diaper. Time to change hers.

Day 85

Day 86: She just got up from her morning nap at past 1:00pm. She looks like she's ready to play.

Day 86

Day 87: Even if got home late that night, I was able to get up with her and spent time. Look, she's overwhelmed with joy.

Day 87

Day 87: Another of her make-face.

Day 87

Day 88: Just finished taking a bath.

Day 88

Day 89: One of her unique traits is that she can smile unconsciously while sleeping.

Day 89

Day 90: Good Morning!

Day 90

Day 91: All smiles while taking a bath.

Day 91

Week 14 in the next few days. XD

Tuesday, February 19

Marien 365: Week 12 (Day 78 - 84)

Day 78: This is the picture her mom told me she looked like a boy. XD

Day 78

Day 79: Already up at 7:37am which I would consider a bit late XD.

Day 79

Day 80: Its Mommy's turn to take baby out for some fun in the sun.

Day 80

Day 80: Got tanned? XD

Day 80

Day 81: She doesn't look surprised as she just finished her bath.

Day 81

Day 82: At past 9:00am, she still wants to go to sleep as she holds her blanket.

Day 82

Day 83: Feeding time makes her stop from crying XD.

Day 83

Day 84: Just got home from work and I can tell that she ain't sleeping. XD

Day 84

Week 13 coming up. XD

Sunday, February 17

The Week That Was (February 10 - 16)

Sunday: By 5:15am, I'm already up and awake as I head off to Binondo to attend my first Chinese New Year photowalk (I'll write a blog about this). By 6:30am, I was there at the Binondo Church while waiting for the others to arrive. The walk lasted a whole day as I felt so tired when I got home and slept at close to 10:00pm. 

Monday: Got up early so I could do some stretching. I was able to have my BP checked to my surprise that it was pretty high (140/90), Good thing it went down to 130/90 before leading for Makati for my follow-up check-up with the Cardiologist. I went online for an hour as a side trip as I'll be waiting at Grepa Medical Center for a while. I got there at around 12:00pm and waited for almost 2 hours. Thank God the cardiologist gave me the go signal to work though he had some findings that made me worry. Then I went to company #2 to submit some additional requirements that I need to submit. Then, I went home right away to spend some time with Migmig and for Nanay to do other things. Then, Company #2 called to inform me that I was unable to submit my CBC results which I was able to do so as early as last week. With that, my start date may be moved on a later date which I really wanted to work already. I was able to go online that night before going to bed. 

Tuesday: Got up at 6:30am as I need to go to Makati again to dispute my CBC results which was not forwarded by the medical center. However, I had to wait for my mom which will be paying us a visit. I took a bath and got dressed until she arrived. I didn't stay long as I need to be there before 11:00am Once I got there, I submitted the result which was with me all along before going up to inform them that I have submitted all my requirements. They informed me that I may start by Wednesday which gave me a sigh of relief. I had my lunch at Sbarro at SM Manila before finally going home. My bp for the day was pretty steady and normal as I got to go online while Migmig was fast asleep. By the time she got up, we went down to enjoy the rest of the day. I was able to go online that night before going to bed. 

Wednesday: Got up at around 6:30am, anxiously waiting if I'll be working today or not. Company #2 texted me regarding some documents that I have yet to submit. They gave me until 1:00pm to send it to them through email. I had to go out by 11:00am to email them the final document that they need before I can officially start working. By 12:30pm, I'm done as I head back home to spend the rest of the afternoon with my daughter. I went online while she's sleeping. And then we went downstairs to wait until night time. Then we went out to have some exercise while she feels the could air before going back home to wait her mom arrive. I was able to go online as I got a text message from Company #2 saying I'll be starting tomorrow. Now that's what I'm looking forward for the past few months, working again. XD

Thursday: Got up at around 6:15am as I get ready for my first day at work. I made sure I had breakfast to save some money and for me to sustain the entire day as its been almost 5 months since I left Greif. I left home at 7:00am and got to Makati a bit early. I had some juice at Starbucks while reading Thursday's paper. By 8:45am, I went up to the office (Company #2) for my first day. I was oriented by the HR for a couple of minutes before I was endorsed to the IT Department. To be honest, I felt that this may be the company I long working with and hopefully retire there. Imagine, unlimited coffee, tea, bottled water and juice as well as free food for everyone. But there's more, they had a spa for employees which they can avail (provided you have your voucher with you). When I sat down at an empty workstation, I was delighted to work with a dual monitor set-up and with a lot of new things to learn, I got myself more than a handful XD. I started browsing through Linux online and even tried installing myself. It was pretty easy yet I feel that I need a lot of practice for me to master it. I left the office at 6:00pm only to find out that there are a lot of people outside waiting for a ride home. I just meet-up some old friends for a good conversation over a Chinese restaurant before taking the MRT-LRT2 ride home. By 9:00pm, I got home as Migmig was waiting for me. She got a little bit playful as probably she missed me the whole day. By 11:30pm, I went to bed and look forward for the next day. 

Friday: Got up at close to 6:30am as I still feel sleepy. I left home at close to 7:30am and got to the office at around 8:45am. For the day, I was able to watch some tutorials on Linux-Ubuntu which made my learning experience much better and faster. Lunch was different this time but never the less its still free. Though I'm getting the hang of Linux-Ubuntu, it may take me a month to a couple of months for me to be familiarized with it. It also took me close to 2 hours before getting home but luckily I got home earlier than the previous day. I spent some time with my daughter before going online and finally going to bed.

Saturday: Got up early at 6:30am but I don't have work today. I went to Intramuros to have breakfast at Manang's. Then I went online for an hour before going to SMX to attend the Travel Tour Expo (I might write a blog about this). By 12:00pm, I had lunch at Masuki before taking a cab home. When I got home, Migmig was about to go to sleep but since the weather was humid, I turn on the aircon and she was able to go to sleep. My wife left for Divisoria for her shopping while I went online again. But since the internet was slow, I decided to edit some pictures. I was able to edit close to a hundred pictures (3 sets) before my daughter wake up. She had her late lunch while I got to watch some TV. We also went outside so she could have some exercise before going back home. I browsed some of the magazines I got from the fair this morning. Dinner was at Jollibee before calling it a day. XD

Thursday, February 14

Swabeng Photowalk: Chinese New Year 2013 (Preview)

Last Sunday, I got to experience how to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is one of my bucket lists as everytime I plan to go to Binondo to shoot, it always gets cancelled. I had to skip Nanay's birthday at Manila Ocean Park just to make sure I can fully experience CNY. Anyway, I can make it up to them next year XD. 

As Lawrence Chan started his tour, we were informed about some of Binondo's streets and its history. He also showed us some of the old buildings and told us its rich history. I made sure to take pictures and took a mental note to back it up twice. 

We also got to visit some of Binondo's old restaurants and bakeshops. All that we visited are much older than me, and even older than Lawrence Himself. XD

We could have covered a lot more in the afternoon but we had to wait for some late comers in the afternoon plus our late lunch was  about close to 2 hours so I think we could do it again next year. 

If you ask me, I'm looking forward to celebrating Chinese New Year again at Binondo next year if my schedule permits. ^_^

Pictures to follow soon XD. 

Marien 365: Week 11 (Day 71 - 77)

Day 71: She's having her milk in a bottle as I got home from the office.

Day 71

Day 72: At almost 11:00am, she's still sleeping. XD

Day 72

Day 73: She just got up at 7:30am XD.

Day 73

Day 74: I just got home at past 2:30am and she's still up waiting for me.

Day 74

Day 74: It happens to be she wanted to make-face before we sleep XD.

Day 74

Day 75: I made sure I spend my transition off wisely and take a good picture of her.

Day 75

Day 76: Mommy playing with her angel.

Day 76

Day 77: Again, its almost noon and she's still sleeping.

Day 77

Week 12, up next. XD

Your Valentines Date this February (Covergirls)

You got no date his Valentines I assume? =P

Anyway, just grab some of these magazine with these ladies as the covergirls. I would assure you that you'd have the feeling of having a gorgeous date as you browse through the pages. XD

1. FHM Philippines (LJ Reyes): Its her second time already and I'm sure most of her fans would be delighted  to see her grace the cover once more. And she does not have one cover but two so take your pick. XD

FHM February 2013 

FHM February 2013 

2. Esquire Philippines (Solenn Heusaff): Declared as the Sexiest Woman Alive in 2013 by Esquire Phils., She can be seen almost everywhere. From tv ads to print and from tv shows to movies. I'm sure she has no way to go but up. 

Esquire Philippines 2013

3. Rogue (Sarah Meier): Another issue to collect! Also known as the Music Issue, I'm sure this mag would be loaded with some of the best known talent in the music industry plus Sarah Meier included. XD

Rogue January/February 2013

4. UNO (Fourplay + A Surprise Covergirl): I guess they're here to stay. Though I hope they feature on a monthly basis, this would do for me (for now). With 4+1 covergirls, who would say no right plus Melyssa Grace is also in the magazine. 

UNO January/February 2013

5. Playboy Philippines (Several foreigners): Uhm, they have not one, not two, not even three but eleven covergirls for Playboy plus our very own PMOY Sky Aisuru. I'm sure  you got more than enough ladies to keep your imagination going. You could take your pick between two covers as well. XD

Playboy Philippines January-February 2013

Playboy Philippines January-February 2013

Well there you go. Get your copy now before its gone. Now I'm off to my first day of work. XD

Wednesday, February 13

Swabeng Random Thoughts Part 7

1. Its been more than 2 months since the last time I've posted my swabeng random thoughts here. 

2. After close to 5 months, I'll be back working again as an IT Service Desk for an online gaming company. I was suppose to start today but I had to complete some of my requirements first which may take me a few more days. 

3. As of today, I have close to 60 pending posts to edit, not counting 40+ more that I drafted in my planner. With work coming my way, it may take some time to push my backlogs to zero. 

4. As only a few know, I've lost 300+GB of pictures when my laptop crashed. It was unexpected as my daughter played with some few keys as I couldn't recover them anymore. I don't blame my daughter as she was only curious on most of our stuff here. Rather, I should have backed-up the day before when I was writing my post for Marian Rivera.

5. After being diagnosed with hypertension, my diet was never the same again. I mean, I don't eat as much as I used to except on special occasions but I have to burn them right away. Another culprit was my sedentary lifestyle that I just sit down almost the entire day. The only exercise I had is when I take my daughter out for a walk of if I have errands to do. 

6. For the past 4 and a half months, I got to baby-sit my daughter almost full-time. She had brought the best and worst of me that made me realize how difficult and fun fatherhood can be. XD

7. As mentioned in #4, I had installed both Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 4. But I need to get familiarized with the latter as I got to create some actions on the former which can make my post-processing much easier. 

8. As of today, I don't have any backlogs (blogs) for 2011. But for photos, there is a lot of work to be done. XD

9. The longer I don't shoot (take photos), the more I feel stressed. That was proven after I went out last Sunday to take pictures for the CNY in Binondo. Now I feel less stressed and I hope I could shoot more often again. 

Tuesday, February 12

An FBW Dinner at Napa

A few weeks back (Thursday), I was invited for dinner by Sumi at Napa Restaurant located within the Tomas Morato area. It was a post Christmas gathering for the FBW Volunteers which we had our first successful GEB last December. I recall having vouchers for this place but I wasn't able to use them (money wasted).

Unfortunately, I left my CF Card back home when I had all my gear with me (I had a very bad week as I need to get over it and start over). So the photos that you may see here would be courtesy of Sumi. 

Napa Restaurant and Bar has this combination of American and Italian feel that when you get inside, it feels like home. There are no high-chairs as of the moment so I may take my daughter there when she gets a little bit older. 

I was one of the early comers in the group, hence I was able to sample Napa's dishes from the appetizer down to their dessert. 

First off, we had Veggie Crisps (165 pesos) for starters. The chips are thinly sliced you'd always hear a crunch in every bite. Compared with other chips, this would be a healthy alternative to your usual potato chips as its made from sweet potato. 

Veggie Crisps

Next on the table was their, Cheesy Chicken and Spinach (270 pesos). Made from 4 different types of cheese (cheddar, blue cheese, emental, and mozzarella) together with bits of chicken and spinach served on a toast (focaccia). Usually, this is served as a dip but since were in a group, they decided to put the dip on top of the bread. If only we were few that night, I could have finished half of the tray. XD

Cheesy Chicken and Spinach

Then, we had Buffalo Wings (235 pesos) served on the table. I'm not new to buffalo wings as I've been craving for one for the longest time. Good thing they had celery sticks that complemented the wings and sour cream, though I prefer blue cheese as my dip. 

Buffalo Wings

Since I anticipate for a night long feast, I have to save some space for my tummy to try every dish possible. Now comes the main event. XD

The Pork Chop Grande (450 pesos) served to us was quire enormous. I think its good for sharing but for a hungry dude, a plate may not be enough. What I like about this is its tender and not hard to chew. Honestly, I can prepare porkchops myself but with this one, I'll give an exception. XD

Pork Chop Grande

Next served was their Sicilian Chicken (420 pesos). This dish was an instant hit for me as the chicken was marinated in selected blends and spices that proved to be flavorful. Served with salsa, buttered vegetables and mashed potatoes, you can't go wrong with this dish. If only I had my CF Card with me, I could took a lot of pictures of this dish.

Sicilian Chicken

Then, its carbo overload. The group shared some pizza and pasta as the night continues. 

Pasta Gamberi (360 pesos) was our pasta for the night. A pomodoro-based sauce topped with shrimps and sauteed garlic, chili and olive oil. It tasted just fine for me as I was hoping for a different king of pasta (a penne perhaps). 

Pasta Gamberi

As a pizza lover, I looked forward to their Cinco Formaggio (420 pesos). Its a brick-oven baked pizza with 5 different kinds of cheese (cheddar, swiss cheese, blue cheese, mozzarella and kesong puti). As long as the pizza is a thin-crust, I really don't mind digging-in. And its the first time I've heard a five-cheese pizza. XD

Cinco Formaggio

Another pizza served was their Vegetarian Panizza (395 pesos). Served with arugula and alfalfa sprouts, this pizza has the classic combination of the pomodoro pizza sauce, sun-dried tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and more alfalfa sprouts. I accidentally drenched mine in their chili oil but I liked how spicy my panizza was. 

Vegetarian Panizza

Thank God, I still have some space for dessert. Their Mango Torte (165 pesos) was served on the table. On the outside, it looks like your regular torte but don't let that deceive you. The moment you had a bite, you would enjoy how crispy and chewy the layers are.

Mango Torte

Well last but not the least, Napa's version of the Lava Cake (190 pesos). I recall having one a few years back and this version is really decadent. Who would say no to a moist and rich chocolate cake oozing with hot chocolate syrup with vanilla ice cream as companion. Seriously, don't care about your diet if this would be your finale. XD

Lava Cake

I can't say no to a photo-op. Besides, its only very rare that I have myself photographed together with good friends and the best bloggers in town.

By Thursday, you may want to make early reservations for their valentine promo. Or you may want to sneak out for lunch with their promo. ^_^

Definitely, I'll be coming back together with my wife and daughter soon to try their other dishes myself. And next time, I'll make sure to check my gear with me. XD

Monday, February 11

The Week That Was (February 3 - 9)

Sunday: Got up early as I went online for an hour before going down together with Migmig. The morning was pretty much the same before we left for The Frazzled Cook to have our lunch there (I'll write a blog about this). After close to two hours, we got a cab to Edsa Shrine to attend the 3:00pm mass. After mass, we went to SM Megamall to spend the rest of the afternoon there strolling around the mass as our tummies are still full from the lunch we had earlier. We got back home at almost 8:00pm as I went out again to go online before heading back home to get some sleep early.

Monday: Got up at close to 6:00am as I need to leave early to get my NBI Clearance. At 7:15am I was inside the compound but there are close to a thousand people who got inside before me so I joined the line and made sure I signed the documents properly. Having a book helped me get preoccupied while waiting for my turn. The process was pretty much better than it was a couple of years back but I guess it needs more improvement. After I had my bio-metrics, I was asked to come back on the 14th to claim my clearance so at 10:00am, I already left for Makati. While I'm on my way. comapny #2 called me saying that I had some problems with my medical exam and I had to be at their office as soon as I can. I had a quick lunch at faburrito before going to the office. The HR said that I need to get a clearance from the Cardiologist as well as do again some of the blood tests as the Cardio would be there by 2:00pm. I stopped by at Ooh Opctical (at RCBC) to have my eyes checked for a possible eyeglasses upgrade. I was pleased with my choice of frame and my new lens, thay said it was ready for pick-up in the next few days. With plenty of time to rest and relax, I had tea at Starbucks in RCBC which was quiet when I got there. Close to an hour later, people flocked in making the coffee joint like a wet market with the most noise done by the yuppies. I went to Grepa Medical Center at almost 2:00pm and waited until the cardiologist arrived. He was not pleased with my results as I got a 150/100 bp so he instructed me to take some more blood tests to determine what causes my elevated hypertension. Though I felt a little bit dizzy, I'm sure that I'm still okay. After that, I had to walk my way to BIR in Makati to have my RDO updated. Unfortunately, the officer said that my name was not registered in Makati but in Las Piñas. Well to console myself, I had my snack at Banapple thinking of my next steps regarding my pre-employment requirements. I took the bus home and got home at almost 5:00pm. By 10:00am, I started my fasting and hopefully, I could get better results for the next few days.

Tuesday: Got up at past 6:00am feeling a little bit famished as I need to have my blood sample taken again at RCBC Plaza. I left home at close to 7:15am and got there at 8:30am. I had to pay 3250 pesos since it was not covered by the company I am hoping I would be connected with. After giving some of my blood samples, I looked for the best foodie spot within the tower since I'm really hungry and a little bit dizzy as well (Could have something to do with my current glasses). Then I head-off to Las Piñas to go to BIR as my name was registered there. By 11:30am, I got there and had to wait patiently before I had my RDO updated. Thank God it was pretty quick when it was my turn so after that I head off to SM Southmall to chill-out for the next 2 hours as I went to Black Canyon Coffee to try their frappe. While filling-out some of the forms I have, I got a bit hungry so I ordered their Tom Yum Soup which was by the way, really spicy. After lunch, I had some of my documents photocopied before going home. When I got home, I spend my time with my daughter knowing that my longer time with her may be already numbered as I'm almost close to getting the job.

Wednesday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I need to sort out things. My mom paid us a visit as I'm getting ready to leave for Makati to submit some documents for my pre-employment. When I hand-over some of my pre-employment documents, the HR told me that I need to get a clearance of fit-to-work from the doctor before I could start. Since I don't have the clearance yet (I need to go back to the doctor for a follow-up check-up), they told me I can't start on Monday. Probably the next day or next few days as long as I am cleared and ready to work. I won't think that I would have anymore problems with my medical as what my wife was thinking about through text (it may happen that I may not get that job because I failed the medical exam). And most importantly, I have to stay positive through thick and thin no matter how hard life is. For me, my wife and most importantly my baby, I have to be strong and keep up that positive attitude with me. After submitting some of the documents, I was asked to be back on Monday to submit the rest of the documents that I haven't submitted. I didn't left there with a heavy heart but it was a good wake-up call for me to start taking care of myself seriously especially my physical health. I had lunch at World Chicken before buying a magazine at Gateway then off to Sampaloc. I saw a small table offering Blood Pressure for a minimal fee. I had my bp checked (130/100) before heading home. Migmig was fast asleep when I got home so I went online until she got up. The rest of the day was pretty much the same as I went to bed early.

Thursday: Got up at 6:00am and Migmig was wide awake as well because of her coughs =(. But I had to get up at 7:00am so I could have my BP checked as well as do other things. I got to do some exercise as well as do some documents as my wife and baby got down at almost 10:00am. That was my que to take full attention of my daughter and after she took a bath. I went to take a bath as well. She went to sleep at around 1:00pm as I went online for an hour before I went out to have my bp checked. Again, it was pretty fine (120/70) and when I got back, Migmig was already awake, I tried putting her to sleep by getting some sleep but instead, she played around keeping me awake. When we got down, we went to SM Sta Mesa to buy my baby some diapers. We had to take a cab as my load was too heavy to carry. The rest of the night was pretty much the same.

Friday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I head off to Makati to get my glasses, my blood test results and to take some pictures at the Philippine Art Fair. Traffic got horrible when I reached Gil Puyat. Then my wife texted me saying that we should take our daughter to the hospital as her coughs and colds worsen. I just made sure to get my new glasses first as well as my blood results before going back home. Fortunately, I was able to get a cab and got back home at 10:30am. They were just in time as they're almost done getting ready. We left home again at 11:00am and got to the hospital a few minutes past noon. Good thing we didn't have to wait that long before my daughter's turn. It didn't took us long to have her checked before we went to SM Megamall to have our lunch there. We ate at Teriyaki Boy before spending the rest of the afternoon at Mondo Juice as my daughter fell asleep on my shoulders. She slept for 2 hours as I just browsed through health magazine after the other. We got home late at night and I went out again to go online.

Saturday: I got up at 8:00am though my eyes were already open as early as 6:00am but I felt that my right foot was a bit in pain (uh-oh). I had my bp checked as I took Migmig out for a walk before going back home for breakfast. Then I helped my wife in cleaning the windows before I went out to go online and have my bp checked. For the past 2 days, my bp was pretty much good and now I need to know what makes it go high so I could counteract it. As far as diet is concerned, I'm doing my best not to pig-out. I went online for 30 minutes before going back home to get that much needed sleep. Then late in the afternoon, we went out to SM Sta Mesa to buy some tickets for the Manila Ocean Park which my wife and her family will be using. I was pretty disappointed as they don't know where they sell those tickets. Then, we head off to SM Manila to see if I can buy those. It happened to be I'm asking the wrong seller as what my wife had told me. Eventually I got to buy those tickets at the movie world where most of the tickets were sold. We got back at close to 8:00pm and I went online as they were enjoying the videoke. I got back at 9:30pm and I put Migmig to sleep before I fell asleep as well. Tomorrow would be a challenging but fun day for me.

Saturday, February 9

Marien 365: Week 10 (Day 64 - 70)

Day 64: Before she had her morning nap, she looked at me first.

Day 64

Day 65: She's playing with her mom early in the day.

Day 65

Day 66: She looked at me and I felt she wanted something

Day 66

Day 66: I tried taking a picture of her other than her face.

Day 66

Day 67: Another bottle-feeding session. XD

Day 67

Day 68: I recalled that she needs her diaper changed.

Day 68

Day 69: She just got up from her afternoon nap.

Day 69

Day 70: She's at it again. Having tantrums even after taking her bath.

Day 70

Next: Week 11. XD


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