Thursday, September 30

My September to-do list (Last Update)

As of September 30, here is the update of my to do list

1. Renew my passport. unable to do because of lack of time and budget =( 
2. Accompany my wife in her next check-up with her OB.(Went there last Saturday to remove her cyst)
3. Attend FHM Autograph Signing of Bianca Manalo. (Done)
4. Attend my Sister's wedding on the 25th.(Done)
5. Attend either Dutdutan X or Rock the Rabbit. (Go for Dutdutan X).
6. Purchase additional medicine for my wife. (Done)
7. Complete my Sept 2010 magazines. (Thinking twice)
8. Try to purchase Battery Grip (Phottix) and External Flash (Nissin Di622). (Done for Both)
9. Attend UNO's Event (Will skip this). 

Looking forward to October's to-do list. XD

Canon 5D Mark II vs Canon 7D Field Test Hands-on Review

Here is the video of the two DSLRs from Canon that I've been eyeing for (I got this from youtube). XD

Enjoy. XD


Current mood: Upset

My colleague at work told me what happened. Yesterday, I was in a call troubleshooting a certain issue. I asked for help since I'm not that familiar with the problem. When I was about to tell the caller to proceed with the next step, he told me that he has to go since he was still in the office since 5:30am (EDT) and prefers to continue the next day. Since I'm not very familiar with the process, I asked for advise on how to escalate this and I was able to escalate it and inform the person knowledgeable about the problem. Then my colleague sent an email to our helpdesk manager and bcc me in the email. I was surprised with my callers email on what transpired. It was totally different from what actually happened. I was pissed-off and at the same time, sad. It's really hard to please everybody.

Anyways, back to your regular troubleshooting. XD

Wednesday, September 29

My First Day in the office (Contract Extension)

Tonight will be the start of my one-year contract extension with Grow/Greif. Another chapter in my IT career will unfold in the next 12 months as I will be looking forward to learn more about how an IT Helpdesk works. I know there is much work to be done and much more to learn. But at the end of it the only question is if I would go for another year or move to greater pastures. Only time will tell what will my answer be. 

My Sister's Wedding


Last Saturday, I was again witness to another wedding event. But this time, not as a groom but as a groomsman to my sister's wedding. I had to skip work the previous night so I could attend to this event.

Though I'm not the official photographer of this event, this would be a test for me since I haven't tried wedding photography yet. I could have exercised fully on this if it wasn't for my mom delegating me to be one of my sister's groomsman. And there goes my full take XD.

Anyway, I got up at around 6:30am and started practicing my sister's wedding paraphernalia before their main photographer arrives. I was able to take some shots of my sister's wedding accessories as well as her wedding rings and her wedding shoes. I also took shots of the hotel and its interiors. I can't compare it to Orchid Garden Suites because I wasn't able to took pictures of it during our wedding way back.

Then the photographers came in to do their work. I shoot from the sides and made sure not to block their way. I was able to get some good shots with the help of their lighting equipment as it was really hard to take some shots with low light.

At around 12:30pm, we were already at the Malate Church and I was able to take some more shots as lighting was much better XD.

When the ceremony was about to begin, my photographer-self ceased as I had to join the entourage. My wife couldn't hold the camera because she was having a very delicate pregnancy that time.

At the reception, I was able to get hold of my camera and took more pictures. The party was lively despite being unable to eat as much as I could. 

After the reception, we went back to the hotel room and bid each other goodbye as we went back home for me to get ready for work.

To Jun and Maine, Congratulations and Best Wishes! ^_^

My Dutdutan Xperience

Photos courtesy of

Last Friday, I had to skip work so that I would be able to attend this event (the other, being my sister's wedding the next day). I made sure I get more than enough sleep to be able to attend to this event. This would be the third time I'll be attending The Dutdutan Tattoo Convention. It was recently held at the World Trace Center which is much fine with me because its proximity to our location. This would also be the first time that I'll be attending on the first day (the previous two being on the second day).

Dutdutan X

I got there at around 4:00pm and was able to get inside without much hassle. I recall that there were always free beer in every ticket but unfortunately, I didn't get a free drink. Also they ran out of XL shirt that I was hoping to buy one to be add to my Dutdutan Shirt collection. This would also be my first time to use an external flash for this event. I don't know what will be the outcome of the pictures I took or it would be just the same with using pop-up flash.

Some of the Cars from Dutdutan X

The Stage.

Another Car from Dutdutan X

Slowly, I was able to see the benefits of using an external flash though in my first attempt, the output was almost the same as if I'm using my pop-up flash. Well maybe I need to get used to the settings plus I have to learn more on flash photography. I got to take pictures on some of my favorite subjects (models XD) as well as some tattoos that were on stage. I wasn't able to watch the URCC event (as well as the Bikini Competition the next day) since I have some prior events to attend. Here are some of the Tattoo Shots I made with the help of my newly acquired external flash.



 Anyways, here are some more snaps I got from Dutdutan X.

I hope I could outdo myself next year. XD

The week that was (Sept 19-25)

Sunday: I wasn't able to get some good sleep in the office for whatever reason so I just entertained myself by web surfing. Then I went home right away to get some much needed sleep again.Probably, I've slept for at least 4 hours before getting myself ready to attend "The Best of Anime" at SMX Convention Center. Then after the event, I went to a Japanese restaurant to have my dinner there since I was craving for their sushi buffet and I was able to have my hands and mouthful of them. Then I had to meet the online seller I've been communicating to for the past few days to get my battery grip. Then, after that, I went home but I probably slept at around 2 or 3 in the morning. 

Monday: Got up a bit early to watch WWE's Night of Champions. Then I went to Quiapo, particularly in Hidalgo to purchase the external flash I've been eyeing for. After buying it, I went to SM Manila to buy the rest of my magazine collection for this month as well as do some groceries. Then I came back home to test the flash that I bought. I probably need to study flash photography more often. 

Tuesday: I forced myself to sleep until 12:00pm since I had to take my wife to the hospital (The Medical City again). We got there at around 3:00pm and my wife was able to have her consultation without waiting for so long. After her consultation, we had our late lunch at North Park. We simply enjoyed our long lunch before we decided to go home. But going home wasn't that easy. Probably it took us 2 hours (usual travel time is 45-60 minutes) before we got home due to horrible traffic. Then I took an hour rest before heading to the office for my shift.

Wednesday: I got at least 2 calls that night since our US counterparts are the ones who handle most of the calls until 5:00am. As I left the office, I went to the nearest drugstore to buy some ointment plus I got interested in trying wheatgrass. As I got home, I slept right away to regain my strength for the next day. I tried the wheatgrass I've bought and I'm not sure if its effective since I got only 2 packs.

Thursday: After my shift, I went straight home to get some much needed rest. By 1 or 2pm, I was up already and I'm having little problems going back to sleep. By night time, I left home at around 6:00pm to go to Greenhills to meet some of my HGT friends and to pay my initial down payment (but one of the organizers told me its ok to pay on the event itself). We meet up at Filtrep before having our dinner at Bistro Miyake. I really enjoyed my time with my friends XD and I didn't notice that it was already 10:00pm. I took a cab from Greenhills to Makati and good thing traffic was quite ok. I got in the office at around 10:30pm.

Friday: Work was quite ok as we were able to have some tickets processed. I had my lunch at the nearest Jollibee since I didn't have any lunch with me. I went home early (via taxi cab) so I could get some much needed sleep for me to attend Dutdutan X. I got up at around 2:00pm, feeling still restless, I moved slowly as I prepare myself for the day. Then I went to WTC at around 4:00pm to see what Dutdutan X is in store for me. After the event, I went to Bayview Park Hotel to visit my mom and my sister who is going to get married by the following day. I was impressed with the hotel and they asked me to stay with them and pick-up my wife from home to be with me. I agreed and called my wife to tell her to get ready since I'll be picking her up from home. Once I got there, we traveled back to the hotel to make ourselves comfortable. It took a while before we were able to fall asleep.

Saturday: I got up early at around 6:00am to prepare for the day ahead. Even if I got really tired for the day, I still enjoyed most of it since I was able to play with my camera's newest addition. After the wedding, we rested for a while at the hotel before we went back home in Sampaloc. As we got there, I took another hour of rest before reporting to work. I got late by more than 30 minutes but its ok since I'll be just snoozing the entire shift. But I was wrong. I got my only call at around 11:20pm and several follow-ups came. XD

Tuesday, September 28

My Last Day in the office

Today would be the end of my 6-month contract at Grow/Greif. I didn't notice how time really flies so fast. I still remember my first day here. I was totally clueless back then on what my duties and responsibilities be. Day by day, I was able to learn things slowly but I know I do still have a long long way to go.

Anyway, I'll just enjoy my last day today because tomorrow would be my... XD

Monday, September 27

Remembering Ondoy

A year ago yesterday, our country was hit by one of the most devastating typhoons for the past 40 years. We were fortunate enough to be in the highlands when the devastating typhoon came. More than 400 lives were taken as well as more than 11 billion pesos worth of infrastructure and properties were destroyed and thousands of families were displaced. Let's hope that there won't be any Ondoys to come here in our country and if there is, please just wash away those dirty souls who do nothing but corrupt the government.

Thursday, September 23

The week that was (Sept 12-18)

This week was really tiring for me physically and emotionally (not to mention financially at some point XD). 

Sunday: Got up several times during the night to check on my wife if she needs something though I know I feel very very sleepy. Her immediate family went to the hospital to visit her. Then her doctor checked on her as well as talked to me on what happened after the operation (a separate blog will be created for this). I felt really sad and humiliated with its outcome but I decided not to tell my wife so that she won't get worried. The doctor also told me not to allow visitors for my wife as she needs all the rest she can get. Come night time, her boss came to visit her. I was surprised that they bought 2 cakes for her even though she's not yet allowed to eat. Good thing I was able to sleep early that night (earlier than my wife since she was still watching TV XD).

Monday: We were still in the hospital without knowing until when we will have to stay. I was able to have my breakfast as well as get some money to settle our hospital bills. Once my sister-in-law arrived at the hospital, I went home right away to get some much needed rest as well as to get some important document. As I got home, I went online for a while since I wasn't able to do so the previous day. I was able to get only 3 hours of sleep but I had to settle for that for the time being. Then I went back to the hospital together with all the documents that I need. Then I was given an update of our hospital bills so I had to get some money from our joint account in anticipation of our total hospital bill. Though I wasn't able to accompany her to the ultrasound but the baby is still safe and sound. I did some husband duties to my wife while she's still recovering from her operation. 

Tuesday: My wife was feeling much better now. Though she's having a hard time standing up, she was able to have a soft diet already. I am thinking of going home again to get some rest but the doctor told us that she can go home now. So I had to get some more money for us to be able to settle all of our bills at the hospital plus I need to have my wife's documents processed. At around 6:30pm, we were able to board on a cab on our way home. My wife really missed home as well as our two dogs. Good thing we were able to sleep early as well as both of us needed that good sleep that we've been missing for the past few days.

Wednesday: I got up a bit late since I really need all the sleep I could get. I went to Intramuros first to have my breakfast before heading to Binondo to get some money from HSBC courtesy of my wife's other account before heading to the nearest BDO branch to deposit the money. Then I went to SM Manila to do some simple shopping for my wife and for myself. Then by lunch time, I went back home to San Pedro to get some clothes that I'll be needing for the next few weeks. Going back there was always nostalgic to me as I spent most of my years there. I got there in 2 hours and I was able to talk to my mom and dad before going back to Manila. Before I board the bus, I bought an 800ml of ice cream just to ease my cravings. As I got home, I feel so tired from what happened these past few days. 

Thursday: Got up a bit late since I need to recharge for my shift that night. I bought some medicine for my wife as she needs to recover and make sure both of them are safe. I tried to get some sleep in the afternoon and I was able to get some sleep. I had to report to work that night to avoid further loss of income and for me to continue learning. I traveled via LRT2-MRT link. Then I stop by at Subway in Glorietta to get something to eat while at work. I got in the office a little bit late but I was able to hold my own here. 

Friday: Had 3 calls before going home. Then I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there to hand-over my Barong as well as get my wife's documents from her. From there, I took a cab home since I'm very very sleepy. I was able to sleep for 4 hours before my wife craved for fruits. I had to buy her some before I go back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. Right now,  I'm all by myself here in the office for today's shit. Good thing our US counterparts are more than welcome to support me here.

Saturday: After my shift, I had to wait until 8:00am before my team mate arrived for the morning shift. Though I was able to sleep, still its not 6-7 hours straight and sometimes, I get irritated by the weather these past few days. I left home at around 9:00pm and got in the office at around 10:03pm (not yet considered late since we do have a 5-minute grace period). I was just by my lonesome at work. Though there were calls, none of them were not that important. XD

Monday, September 20

Flash in a flash

Yesterday, I took a brave decision to buy the battery grip despite being financially handicapped after paying a whopping one hundred thousand pesos to cover my wife's hospital bill at The Medical City. Anyways, we just need to tighten our belts for the next few months to get back the money that we spent.

Actually, I was supposed to buy an external flash by the end of September once I got my paycheck. But somehow, I was influenced by some friends as well as fellow forumers to get one. My concern that time was what kind of external flash should I get as getting the original Canon external flash is out of the question. 

This afternoon, I took another bold step by purchasing an external flash which will help me to improve my shots one way or another. I went to Mang Ramon of Mayer's Photo to purchasethe Nissin Di622 (Equivalent to Canon Speed Light 430 EXII). Before I got the unit, I made sure to test it to see if it really works on my camera. I was convinced that I had made the right decision on getting this flash even if there is no remote trigger compatible to this flash (as other people may say).

When I got home, I tried the unit and it never failed me while testing it at home. I am really satisfied with this unit. Now, I can take more beautiful pictures plus I need to learn more on flash photography.

Got that grip

Early this evening, I was able to get a Battery Grip for my camera courtesy from an online seller named koolkalangdude from a forum in the internet. I was supposed to buy the battery grip last July but since I didn't anticipate the high cost in purchasing an original Canon Battery. It took me a while before I decided to get the battery grip as soon as possible. Getting the original (Canon) was out of my options as its way expensive for me (for the time being that is XD) so I settled for the best third-party battery grip.

During those times, I was an active member of two known forums when it comes to photography. While most of them told me to get the original, some told me to be more practical since the main purpose of the battery grip is for the vertical shutter and holding two batteries at the same time. I was actually convinced of getting the Phottix BG for my camera and I was supposed to buy them from another seller, I was surprised to see some discrepancies in its cost. Hence, I had to look for alternatives. I've heard some reviews on Phottix Battery Grip for Canon. Most were good since it matches that of the original BG from Canon. I never regretted my decision to get the Phottix since aside from its more economical, the feel of it is like that of Canon's.

Friday, September 17

Our long stay at The Medical City

As soon as I got home from my Friday shift, I took my wife to the hospital to have her checked. I never saw my wife in a very uncomfortable position before as she is really in pain. While on our way there via cab, I witnessed my wife how she changed her sitting position several times just to ease the pain. When we got to the hospital, we were sent to the emergency room for initial check-up.

During that moment, I was totally clueless on what to do next. I even forgot my wallet at home so I called my sister-in-law to get the wallet for me but I wasn't able to call them since all of their lines are out of reach. Then, I decided to call one of my wife's officemate to go to our home in Sampaloc. Good thing he was able to respond even if my wife told me not to disturb them.

Then, we were taken to the Delivery Suite on the 5th floor of the hospital. She went inside the pre-delivery room while I waited outside. I waited for an hour probably before one of the staff asked me to come in and told me the bad news. She mentioned that my wife is in critical condition. The ovarian cyst inside her must be removed or something may happen to her. Though the doctor told me the operation will be successful, she also mentioned the baby in her (my wife) womb has only less than 5% chance of survival after the procedure. We were given less than 5 minutes to decide. Both of us were crying as I look into my wife's eye. She didn't wanted it but she would be compromised if we didn't proceed with the operation. I hold her hand, kissed her and told her "Whatever happens, we can try again. We may lose our baby, but at least we will have an angel to guide us throughout our lifetime". We told the doctor to proceed with the operation in order for my wife to survive.

I went outside the pre-labor room to wait. I couldn't control myself and I snapped-out. Probably due to stress at work was also a factor why it happened. I went to the comfort room to cry there since its kinda awkward to do that in front of a lot of people there. There, tears flow down through my eyes as I wanted to ask God why this was happening to us. Why my wife? At that time, I was angry at God for putting my wife in that kind of uncomfortable situation. It took me a while though to compose myself and re-collect my thoughts. I don't want to think of negative thoughts while my wife was still in the delivery room fighting her battle.

I was able to calm myself and think positively despite what happened. My sister-in-law just came and brought my wallet for me. Just in time, I was able to get enough money to deposit and pay to the cashier so that I would be able to secure a room for my wife after her operation. After an hour and a half or so, someone from the operating room approached me and asked me to go inside to the meeting room. She said that the operation was successful as they were able to remove the cyst off my wife. At the same time, I got another good news from her as she mentioned that our baby was saved from a possible loss that my wife would hear once she recovers. When she showed me how big my wife's cyst was, I got really shoked because its really big. Bigger than my head that is. I told her not to show this to anyone else especially to my wife. One thing I fear though is the possible effect of the anesthesia on our baby after the operation but the doctor reassured that she's going to be alright.

I told my sister's-in-law who were with me that their sister is ok now and she was recovering. We had our lunch at Pancake house located on the ground floor. After securing the room, we all rested for a while. My mom came in after a few minutes and told me something. Its about what I said to the doctor when she informed me about the result. I don't recall much what happened since I've been awake since the previous day but I recalled it a few minutes after. I was quite surprised why they think of it that way but she told me to talk to her and apologize. As far as I know, I shouldn't but I did the following day. And boy, I got a mouthful. I did listen to her reason and apologized to her. What I didn't like is how she shouted at me as if I'm not concerned with my wife's well being. She could have cursed me but she didn't.

I really felt insulted and humiliated. At that point, I wanted to explode. As a human being, I didn't deserve to be shouted and insulted at. But I was able to calm down and assess the entire situation. She did save my wife and my baby which for me matters the most.

We did spend a few more days for my wife to recover her strength and get her back to the groove. Our hospital bill costs almost 150 thousand pesos but the fact that both of them are safe and ok is whats important to me as of the moment. Now we have 7 more months to save for her delivery.

The week that was (September 5-11)

Sunday: I went home after my shift but my body felt quite heavy. As I got home, I immediately went to bed to get some much needed rest. Then all of a sudden, I felt something. Its like someone was crawling on top of me. It was like someone was seducing me even if I'm not yet asleep. Good thing I was able to fight it and had a few hours of sleep. Then my wife woke me up to have lunch together and hear mass at 4:00pm. After attending mass, I went to SM Megamall to attend the Philippine Travel Mart 2010

Monday: Got up early to go online after being offline for 25 hours straight. After which, I watched Ip Man 2 on DVD. Then by lunchtime, I sorted some brochures I got during the Philippine Travel Mart that I have attended. Then I went to SM Manila to look for a bag that my wife wanted. Good thing, I was able to find one. Then my wife sent me a text message that she wanted to go out on a date (for our 9th Wedding Monthsary).

Tuesday: I got up at around 7am and tried to make myself sleepy as possible. I watched SALT on DVD and I was able to enjoy it. I went to sleep at around 1pm and got up at 5:30pm. Then I went to the drugstore to buy some medicines for my wife.

Wednesday: Work was quite slow since we haven't received much calls. I got mine at around 6:30am. I left the office at around 7:30am due to an outage I have to declare. I got home at around 9:00am since I went to Intramuros again for my breakfast. I got here in the office quite early. I received 2 reminders for the week from our Helpdesk Manager regarding some steps that I have missed while doing my work.

Thursday: I got at least 4 calls during lunch time (US hours). After that, everything is back to normal. Though I have to admit, I'm still having a hard time staying awake during the wee hours of the morning. Then after work, I went home right away to get my much needed sleep.Time flies so fast and I have to go back to the office.

Friday: We had a few calls and did some tasks (installing some software on the PCs). Then as I travel on my way home, I passed by subway to have a 12" sub for my dinner (I mean breakfast). I made sure I have enjoyed eating it while walking to the MRT and to the LRT. As I got home, I noticed my wife is not that comfortable with herself lately especially with her tummy. After 3 hours of sleep, my wife told me that the pain is still there so I called her doctor to ask what pain killer she could use. Even though I was hesitant in reporting to the office for my shift, my wife told me not to worry too much. Work was quite ok until Saturday

Saturday: We got lots of calls for the night. Probably, I got 8 or more but I logged only 5 since I wasn't able to get complete details of the others. Then at around 5:00am, my wife sent me a text message telling me to go home because her abdominal pain was getting worse and worse. I rushed her to the hospital as soon as I got home (I'll put that in another entry).

Wednesday, September 15

My September to-do list (First Update)

As of September 15, here is the update of my to do list

1. Renew my passport.
2. Accompany my wife in her next check-up with her OB.(Went there last Saturday to remove her cyst)
3. Attend FHM Autograph Signing of Bianca Manalo. (Done)
4. Attend my Sister's wedding on the 25th.
5. Attend either Dutdutan X or Rock the Rabbit.
6. Purchase additional medicine for my wife. (Done)
7. Complete my Sept 2010 magazines. (Thinking twice)
8. Try to purchase Battery Grip (Phottix) and External Flash (Nissin Di622).
9. Attend UNO's Event (Will skip this)

I'll update this again on the 30th of September.

Friday, September 10

Eid ul-Fitr

Today marks the end of Ramadan for our Muslim brothers or what we know it as Eid ul-Fitr. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and sexual relations from dawn until sunset. Fasting is intended to teach Muslims about patience, humility, and spirituality. It is a time for Muslims to fast for the sake of God (Arabic: Allah) and to offer more prayer than usual. During Ramadan, Muslims ask forgiveness for past sins, pray for guidance and help in refraining from everyday evils, and try to purify themselves through self-restraint and good deeds. As compared to the solar calendar, the dates of Ramadan vary, moving backwards about eleven days each year depending on the moon. Muslims believe Ramadan to be an auspicious month for the revelations of God to humankind, being the month in which the first verses of the Qur'an were revealed to the Islamic prophet, Muhammad.

Wednesday, September 8

Oktoberfest 2010

I haven't been to an Oktoberfest in my entire life. Most beer and non-beer drinkers are looking forward to this event every October. I had the opportunity to attend an Oktoberfest but was unable to do so because of work conflicts. Probably even this month, I might have a hard time inserting this to my schedule and join this festive event. Anyway, I hope I could attend in this event one way or another. XD

Tuesday, September 7

The week that was (August 29 - September 4)

Sunday: Got up a bit early to go online. I was supposed to do some photo-editing but I guess my willpower is weak for the time being.

Monday: I wasn't able to get up early to edit pictures because I didn't have enough sleep the previous night. I left home early and had my breakfast at Jollibee. After my breakfast, traveling to the office was quick and I got there within an hour. Work was quite steady as I was able to process some tickets and emails. I bought my lunch at Landmark as I was looking for the latest issue of FHM Philippines (September 2010 issue) but they said its not yet available. It was raining heavily at around 7:00pm that prompted me to stay in the office for a while. I took the Ortigas-Legarda route since there were no PVP bus travelling on a holiday. It also took me almost two hours to get home. My wife was quite tired after the results we got from the hospital last Saturday.

Tuesday: Got up early even if I slept for less than my required 7 hours straight. I was able to edit some snaps I took during the I Heart Makati photo contest and uploaded them. I left home at around 8:05am but I got to the office at around 10:20am due to terrible traffic. I was able to work on some tickets and have them fixed. I went out to look for a good lunch since it would be my last day today in the day shift.As I got back to the office after taking out some food, I didn't notice that there were free food already courtesy of my office mate who will be migrating to Australia within the next few weeks. After my shift I went home right away.

Wednesday: I wasn't able to get up early to edit some pictures even if we went to bed early with my wife. Instead, I'm using the desktop here at home to connect to the internet as well as trying to make myself feel sleepy later in the afternoon for my shift tonight. I'm thinking how to update my daily happenings here starting tonight. I had a hard time falling asleep since I had more than 6 (or 7) hours of sleep the previous night. By 6:00pm, I got up and just killed some time before preparing for work. It was raining hard as I travel to the office. I got here by 9:35pm and started to buckle-up at work. I'm still getting used to working night-shifts though.

Thursday: I got 2 calls before leaving the office. As I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom, heavy rain poured. Unfortunately, I left my umbrella at the office. After I meet my mom, I went home right away because I really missed sleeping. But it took me a while to reach home as the city hall in Manila was flooded. Instead of waiting for a bus to Legarda, I took the LRT (Central-Doroteo Jose-Recto-Legarda) to get home. Good thing my wife was still there before I went to sleep. Good thing, I was able to doze-off from 9am-2pm. After a quick lunch, I went online as well as edit some old pictures from the previous autograph signings I had attended. At 4:00pm, I went back to bed to get some more sleep and got up at 7:30am. I don't know if I was able to doze-off this afternoon. I left home at around 8:45pm but my wife was not home yet. I bumped into my wife who was on her way home and kissed her goodbye for work. At the office, I got a call and it was for an outage that needs to be escalated. 

Friday: Had another call but an easier one.And to close my shift, I got 6 of 13 calls for the night. The most in a long time probably. I left at around 7:30am and my mom texted me saying that we have to attend my sister's pamamanhikan. Before I got home, I bought some medicines for my wife since she already consumed all of her supply. I got home at around 8:45am and slept from 9:00am-5:30pm. But my sleep however were disrupted several times since I'm still in the process of adjusting my body clock. Then I reported for my night-shift again and was able to accomplish some tasks

Saturday: Early morning was really quite boring especially if there are no calls for quite a while. I amused myself by watching some video on the internet (mostly NSFW). Then I immediately left the office after my shift but went to Intramuros to have my breakfast there. After that, I went home right away and took a 3-hour nap before heading to Macapagal ave to attend my sister's pamamanhikan (together with my wife). Then we went back home after an hour for me to get a few more hours of sleep. Then I'm off to Robinson's Galeria to attend the Autograph Signing of Bianca Manalo. Then I had dinner with my friends to bond and share stories with about what's going on with our lives. By 8:30pm, I left the building heading for the office on a Saturday shift all by myself.


My experience at Philippine Travel Mart

Last Sunday, I was able to visit the Philippine Travel Mart held at SM Megamall. The event showcased a lot of destination tours that most of us haven't been to as well as beautiful hotels/resorts where we can stay while we're there. I was supposed go go there between Friday and Saturday but due to work conflicts, I was only able to go there last Sunday since that is the only day I could come on a weekend.

The cost to get in was at 50 Php which I didn't mind paying. As I go inside the venue. This was organized by Organized by the Philippine Tour Operators Association (PHILTOA) as it showcased several tourist destinations that was really enticing to the eyes. There were also booths for hotels, resorts and tour operators for them to show their products and services to tourists and backpackers. If do have more than enough money, we could tour the entire country with a lot of interesting destinations.

I don't know if I was late or not because I wasn't able to get the maps/brochures of the places I wanted to visit within the next few years. But even with that, my bag got full with all the brochures they gave me whenever I visit their booth. and it got really heavy with those papers and fliers. I got really tired going around the area as I checked each booth and watched some sidelines there.

The experience was nice for me and I'm looking forward to the next Phillipine Travel Mart 2011 perhaps.

Saturday, September 4

FHM Autograph Signing September 2010: Bianca Manalo

Earlier this evening, I went to Robinson's Galeria to attend the FHM Autograph Signing of Ms Bianca Manalo. Even with lack of good sleep, I still went there to meet my friends as well as have my FHM signed by no other than Ms Bianca Manalo. I got there ahead of time so I was able to have a good chat with some of my friends. The event was quite quick but we were able to have our magazine signed twice. After the event, we had dinner before leaving for the office.

I'll post the pictures once I have edited some of them. XD

Two Pamamanhikans in less than a year

This afternoon, my wife and I attended the pamamanhikan of my sister for her upcoming wedding on September 25. To be honest, I wanted to skip this since I'll be coming home from the office. My mom was very persistent in wanting us to come. I had to talk to my wife about it and told her that we will be there between 12:30-1:00pm.

After my shift, I went home right away to get some sleep to attend my sister's pamamanhikan. I got up at 12:00pm with a headache but that didn't stop me from going there. I had to accompany my wife first to send money to the province before going there. It took a while before we got a cab and another 15-20 minutes to get there. Once were there, I felt hungry all of a sudden and ate after my mom introduced us to our future brother-in-law together with his family.

I still remember my own pamamanhikan with my wife last year (technically, 11 months ago). That was also fun but the food we had this afternoon was not as plenty as we had last year. Well probably its their (my brother-in-law's family) call what food they want to eat.

Our stay there was short since they were there since 12:00pm (we got there at 1:30pm). We went back home and got there 30 minutes later before taking an hour nap for another event. XD

Thursday, September 2

How's my first night in the office

I almost fell asleep during my shift due to lack of enough rest as well as I am still in the process of adjusting my body to this kind of scenario. Probably in a week or two, I'll get used to it. But for now, I'll enjoy adjusting my body clock again. XD

My September to-do list

For this month, despite my schedule, I have to complete these tasks.

1. Renew my passport.
2. Accompany my wife in her next check-up with her OB.
3. Attend FHM Autograph Signing of Bianca Manalo.
4. Attend my Sister's wedding on the 25th.
5. Attend either Dutdutan X or Rock the Rabbit.
6. Purchase additional medicine for my wife.
7. Complete my Sept 2010 magazines.
8. Try to purchase Battery Grip (Phottix) and External Flash (Nissin Di622).
9. May Attend UNO's Event

I'll update this on the 15th and on the 30th of September.

Wednesday, September 1

The beginning of the night

Tonight will be the start of another chapter of my stay here in the office. Tonight will be my first official night-shift schedule. I'm not sure until when will I have to work at night but one thing I know is if I have to work night shift for 13 months, I'll make the most of it. And besides, most of the action is here. I'll just make sure to stay awake and do necessary adjustments. After all, its just for 13 months. ;-)

My Targets for 2010 (Third Update)

As of September 1, here's what I've accomplished. I'll be adding some more here and update it from time to time. ^_^

1.Do an intensive job search online but I'll make sure to review the company thoroughly. I will also make sure this would be the last time I will have gaps in-between jobs. (I'll do this sparingly or probably during my Saturday night-shifts since I was able to extend my contract with them for another year).

2. Maximize Internet Usage. I'll do more surfing on work-related and career-related websites. This will be my opportunity to learn more on Photography, Post-Processing and other Technical Stuff. I'll do my best to minimize non-work related surfing with some exceptions. (Honestly, this is SO HARD to achieve especially if we have our so boring days).

3. Allocate money for future savings. I'll minimize unnecessary expenditures like eating out. (Somewhat, I'm successful at this since I am spending 67 php for my lunch for the past few weeks).

4. Collect my Men's Magazine sparingly without compromising budget. (Budget won't be and issue for the next 6 months. But with the inclusion of Digital Photographer Philippines, I need to tighten my belt).

5. Catch-up on Photography since I haven't took pictures for a while now since I've sent my unit to Canon for repairs. (Probably, I'll do this whenever I have free time).

6. Limit going-out with friends to weekends only except for special holidays. (I'm fine with this as long as its Photography-related).

7. Support my wife with her new hobby (QM). I'll make sure to transfer my QA skills to her so I could take on more challenges. (Done. She can managed on her own).

8. Watch my weight. A lot of people noticed how much I've gained weight since I got married. (Now this would be one thing I have to work-on very hard).

9. Avoid delays in post-processing pictures. I've been piled-up again because of laziness. XD (The laziness in me is back and I'm having a hard time since the color of our laptop needs color management).

10. Have my eye checked-up for a possible glass upgrade (I'd probably do this between Oct-Dec 2010).

11. Have my teeth checked for possible filling and/or extraction (I was able to save one tooth though one is doomed for extraction XD).

12. Buy a Battery Grip, External Flash, Wireless Remote Trigger, Filters (CPL, ND8 etc), Batteries (Done), and Lens' Hood to make my camera perform better.

13. Save enough money for our planned First Anniversary in Baguio. (We might skip this for next year).

14. Update my resume. XD

Again, I'll keep this updated for progress. XD

My 6th month in the office

Actually, it would be tonight that I'll be on my 6th month at Grow/Greif. Time really flies so fast as I just recently signed for another year with them. Tonight will be a new beginning for me since I will be handling new issues but with the help of my friends. There would probably be challenges and obstacles along the way but I know I would be able to resolve each of these issues.

I am looking forward to the next 13 months (could it be my last 13 months?) of my stay at Grow/Greif.. But for now, I have to keep myself busy until I fall asleep in the afternoon. XD

The -ber months are here

Today marks the start of colder months, most people would say it as the -ber months. People will be getting busy preparing for the holidays as Christmas is fast approaching and most of us will be having our Christmas bonuses (except for consultants like us =( ).

Anyways, we only have 115 days before Christmas. XD


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