Monday, March 1

My Targets for 2010

Most people would think why only now I would lay out my plans for 2010. Some usually lay out their plans even before the year started. Some would do it a few days after New Year. Mine came more than 2 months late. Why late? Actually, I needed some time to re-assess myself in all aspects particularly my career and my married life. And somehow, I am almost 100% ready to focus on what needs to be done in my life for this year. The last time I remember laying out my plans was last 2008. Here's my targets last 2008 plus the updates.

1. Minimize going online (except for multiply and cisco purposes). i might be on a low-profile for the meantime to make sure that im productive at other things.--> Since I go online at home, I don need to minimize it since I wont be spending money anymore (except for paying the bill XD ).

2. Focus on cisco 3. my future career depends on it. for that time being, i will try to avoid going online during my cisco class in order for me to concentrate.--> Did well with this

3. I need and take note, really need to loose this what they called "LOVE HANDLE" so pano nga ba? unless makuha ko ulit yung 9am-6pm na sked, i have to.  must. hehehe --> I've failed miserably here =(

4. this financial woes that occured this january, i have to make it up for lost money. every cent counts. lemme see where to start...--> Since I'm jobless as of the moment, where I could find money to save? 

Well that's half of what I've accomplish on that year. Now lets move on to the things I have to do for this year. 

1.Do an intensive job search online but I'll make sure to review the company thoroughly. I will also make sure this would be the last time I will have gaps in-between jobs.

2. Maximize Internet Usage. I'll do more surfing on work-related and career-related websites. This will be my opportunity to learn more on Photography, Post-Processing and other Technical Stuff. I'll do my best to minimize non-work related surfing with some exceptions. 

3. Allocate money for future savings. I'll minimize unnecessary expenditures like eating out. 

4. Collect my Men's Magazine sparingly without compromising budget.

5. Catch-up on Photography since I haven't took pictures for a while now since I've sent my unit to Canon for repairs.

6. Limit going-out with friends to weekends only except for special holidays. 

7. Support my wife with her new hobby (QM). I'll make sure to transfer my QA skills to her so I could take on more challenges. 

8. Watch my weight. A lot of people noticed how much I've gained weight since I got married. 

9. Avoid delays in post-processing pictures. I've been piled-up again because of laziness. XD

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