Tuesday, March 23

The Manila Bulletin Jobfair Experience

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Just got home today from Glorietta after attending a job fair there courtesy of the Manila Bulletin. But before that, I attended another job fair in Trinoma courtesy of another leading broadsheet (The Philippine Star). Since there were free complementary newspaper for the day, I didn't pass-up the opportunity to get one copy for today before heading to Glorietta for the job fair.

As a background, I've been attending to job fairs since 2001 (I got my first job there =D) and even when I used to be active at work before, I never let these kind of opportunity slip away.

Moving forward, I was surprised to see a very long line in front of me. The line was so long I thing it almost reached the entrance in Glorietta 4. Since I don't want to join the long line, I decided to take my lunch first at the food court (courtesy of World Chicken). After eating, I joined the queue but this time, it was much shorter than what I saw a while ago. It didn't take me that long before I familiarize myself with the area before deciding to which company should I apply to.

But my real purpose there was to attend to their free seminars that would help me not just to land my dream job but to stay long in my chosen career as well. The first topic was about resume pitfalls and how to avoid them by Ms Jhoanna Gan-So. Her talk has something to do with resume and it was so interesting, I decided to make a new resume and this time, I will include her advice on how to improve it so I could increase my chance of getting hired. The next topic was how to manage your finances while job hunting. This was facilitated this time by Mr. Mark So. This really helped me on how to stretch my budget though I am still guilty of buying my collection of men's magazine every month. After attending the seminar, its back to job hunting and I'm interested to join in any of the 4 companies I've talked to.

Even if my legs got cramps due to standing long hours, it was all worth it knowing that I have learned something from this experience. And as I got home, I received a call from the company I've been interviewed last Monday and they are pleased with our conversation. Though Its not 100% guaranteed I'm in, I hope for the best whatever the results may be.

For now, I have to rest and get ready for tomorrow since I will be back at Glorietta to attend the other seminar topics that I'm interested in ^_^.

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