Sunday, October 28

The week that was (October 21 - 27)

Sunday: Got up a little bit late at almost 7:00am hence I wasn't able to take some shots at The Manila Hotel in the morning. I wake my wife and baby for breakfast at Cafe Ilang-Ilang (I'll write a blogpost about it). When we got there, we simply enjoy the food as well as take some family portraits and probably, we stayed there for two hours before we walked along the poolside. By 10:00am, we were getting ready to check-out of the hotel when Migmig fell asleep as she was suppose to have her bath at a big bath tub. Anyway, I took a bath on the tub before getting dressed. We took a cab going home and got there before 12:00pm. I took a long nap as I get started to feel tired and dizzy. I got up at 2:30pm as my wife and baby's turn to get a nap. I went online to kill boredom and try to update myself for around an hour or two before going back home. When Migmig was up again, I took her out to nanay and let her spend the rest of the afternoon before having snacks at Chowking. Though I don't feel well, I still took a bath since taking baths at hotels don't make me comfortable before going to sleep.

Monday: Got up early so I could go online and try to finish some of my entries. My daughter got up a few minutes past 8:00am so I took her out for some fun in the sun. The morning rush again as we head off to The Medica City for my baby's check-up. We took an LRT2 ride to Cubao before getting a cab straight to the hospital. We were in luck as we didn't have to stay in the hospital as we had our lunch at SM Megamall. We picked Inasal Chicken Bacolod as our pitstop as we were really hungry at that time. Then my wife had to do some errands on her sister's tablet so I took Migmig somewhere to get her pre-occupied. Then we spend the rest of the afternoon at Starbucks with my wife having a hot drink while I had juice from Mondo Juice. Migmig fell asleep for almost 2 hours before she got up as we decide to go home and enjoy the rest of the evening there.

Tuesday: Got up at almost 6:00am as I have a scheduled interview with Perimeter along Makati Avenue. Once I got dressed-up, I had breakfast at Jollibee first before taking the LRT2-1 connection. LRT-2 ride was fine but I had to get myself cramped at LRT-1. When I got to Buendia, I took a jeep and to my dismay, I forgot my resume at home (Toinks!) XD. Good thing there was an internet cafe nearby so I just had it re-printed and went to Perimeter's office. Just in time, I was able to get in to their office. The lady at the frontdesk hand me over the application form and I fill it up and submit it back to her along with my resume. She was the one who initiated the interview as well. The interview went fine with some lapses on my part when I was asked if I had questions. I finished at 10:30am so I went to  my old office in Makati to get my clearance form and have it signed. It didn't took me that long as all people that I need to find were there. After handing my stuff to Greif and my Clearance to Grow, I head off to Greenbelt to have lunch at Cafe Havana (again!). I remember the text message I received that my laptop is ready for pick-up. I got home at around 3:00pm and wasted no time in getting my other stuff ready so I could go to NEO Service Center along Shaw Blvd. When I got there, I was the last customer on queue so they had to put the hard drive back  and have it tested before the final paperwork has been made. Then I went to the nearest Starbucks to have coffee and kill time as well as think and strategize for the week ahead. I felt sleepy with the caffeine in my system so I decided to go home and enjoy the rest of the night. ^_^

Wednesday: Got up at past 5:30am to start my day. I was able to finish some of my blogposts as well as read Sunday's paper on a Wednesday morning. XD Migmig got up at past 9:00am so I didn't put her to sleep at this time. All of a sudden, I had this urge to download all my files from my multiply site straight to my PC. Its around 16,000 files but most of them were pretty small so I think I could handle (I think XD). I cool our room so Migmig would be able to sleep in the afternoon. I was able to put her to sleep at past 1:00pm and she got up at almost 4:00pm. We spent some more time upstairs as her aunt and uncle were pretty busy. By 6:00pm, I went out to have some snacks before going to SM Centerpoint to buy some wet wipes for my baby before coming back home. I went online for a couple minutes more before we got to bed at past 11:00pm. 

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am, and I'm late for today's activity. I got myself and my gear ready as I head off to Intramuros first for breakfast. Unfortunately, Stall #9, aka Manang's is closed so I had to go somewhere else. I went online for almost an hour before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I had to buy an umbrella as I forgot to bring one with me plus the rain is getting stronger and stronger. Another unfortunate thing happened is that my big toe on my left foot begins to swell which makes walking difficult. When I got to The National Museum, it was already past 10:00pm (I'll write a blog about this). After spending time there for almost 5 hours, I head off to SM Manila to have my late lunch there at Bonchon. Still nursing my left foot, I had to walk slowly and carefully until I hopped on the next bus to Greenhills. Not sure whether the Non-Print Day lecture series would push through or not, I went online to check for any cancellations but there is none. Then I walk my way to Sir Jo's studio as heavy rain still keep on pouring and my feet were already drenched in rain water. By the time I got to the Studio, I saw only a handful of people. After dinner, the lecture started at exactly 8:00pm with Ms Sofia Genato as the speaker (I'll write a blog about this). I stayed at the studio for an hour after the talk before I took a cab going home. I didn't sleep first as I need to go online and probably, I dozed-off at 1:30am.

Friday: Got up late at 9:00am though my eyes have been open since 8:30am. I forgot to get up at 6:00am to go online and catch-up. I took Migmig out to buy some pandesal but we weren't able to buy any so we got back home instead and had breakfast with what we have at home. The morning was pretty steady as I got online outside for an hour before putting Migmig to sleep at past 1:00pm. She got up at around 3:00pm or so before we went down as I took a bath when my wife just got back from  her trip to Quiapo. She decided to go to SM Manila to do some purchases for her new tablet. I agreed as I haven't had lunch yet and I'm craving for Bonchon again. We got to SM Manila by 6:00pm and head straight to Bonchon for dinner. Then my wife bought a screen protector for her tablet as well as a 32GB micro SD before heading home. I went online right away but my wife put Migmig to bed by 10:00pm so I went out to go online until almost midnight before I went to bed.

Saturday: Got up early this time at 7:00am and I started to go online. Migmig got up at 8:30am so I took her down and out to Nanay for some fun in the sun. We got back home at 9:30am so my baby could have more breakfast. My wife was still sleeping by 10:30am so I let my baby wake her up. By 11:30am, I went upsairs to get a nap until 1:00pm. I was able to put Migmig to sleep at 1:30pm as I was able to go online and use NEO (the other laptop) in our room. She got up at almost 4:00pm as we went down and I had my late lunch and my late bath as I went out again to go online and let my wife babysit our baby. When I got back, Migmig and I went to Llanas to buy something before enjoying the rest of the night.

Friday, October 26

Non-Print Day Lecture Series: Sofia Genato

It was a stormy day when I got to Sir Jo's Studio last night. I my pants and shoes were soaking wet that I had to dry up first before getting inside his studio. Even there was enough time before the lecture series, I missed most of the "Hunger Games" movie that we were suppose to watch while waiting. 

Little did I know that Ms Sofia Genato was already in the studio even before the lecture has started. 

Sofia Genato by Jo Avila

Ms. Sofia Genato started out as a hobbyist in photograhy. As a self-taught photographer, she started with Maternity Photography before moving to Child, Family and eventually, Newborn Photography. One thing I remember that she said was "Take a lot of pictures, quantity leads to quality". 

She showed to us some of her works that got me really amazed. When I saw some of them, I look back at my project 365 thinking why I didn't think of that? I guess I need to do more practice and my wife needs to give birth so Migmig would have a playmate and I would have a new subject. XD

Here are some thoughts she shared with us during her talk (I'll share some).

1. Get it right in camera.
2. Find the light, know the light. 
3. Look for different angles. 
4. Turn off the flash. 
5. Check the Background
6. Engage with kids. 
7. There is beauty in details. 
8. Know when to say when.
9. Have a vision in mind. 
10. Don't give up. 

Through her talk, probably most of us would pursue to be professional photographers one way or the other. I hope I could turn pro someday. ^_^

Looking forward to attend the next non-print day lecture series ^_^.

Swabeng Trip: A Historical and Educational Tour at The National Museum (Teaser)

For thirty-three years, I've never been to The National Museum until early today. I'm living in Manila for almost three years and yet, I keep on passing by this building whenever I go to work to to the mall.

Taken from their Facebook Page

Good thing I was able to take advantage of their "Free Entrance" to the museum in celebration of the Museums and Galleries Month as well as policy on taking pictures using DSLR was lifted so I made sure to make one day free so I could make the most out of it.

Since the National Museum has two buildings (Museum of the Filipino People and National Arts Gallery), I had to make the most out of my time (and my CF Card's space) and head of to one building after the other.

Anyways, I'll let you enjoy some of the photos I took there (straight from the camera, unedited as I have to do research if its ok to put watermarks on them). also, credit goes to The National Museum and its artists though I am the one who photographed them. I'll classify it into two groups. 

A. Museum of the Filipino People

B. National Arts Gallery

Believe me, every ManileƱo Filipino should visit The National Museum once in their lives (or more). I plan to go back there as most galleries were under renovation. 

Oh, I forgot to let you know that this is just a teaser XD. A detailed posts is still in the works. 

Wednesday, October 24

The week that was (October 14 - 20)

Sunday: Got up a bit late and took Migmig down by past 8:00am. We just went out for a walk before we got back home. After putting her to sleep, I was able to go online and get ready as the three of us took a cab to Makati to have some fondue at The Old Swiss Inn (I'll write a blog about it). After eating, we went to Ayala Triangle Garden to let my daughter play to her heart's content. I took some pictures of her as well before taking the three-bus route going home. By 8:00pm, all three of us got tired but still enjoyed the rest of the night before going to bed but not without buying milk for my baby first as she ran out of supply already.

Monday: Got up as early as 6:45am as I have a scheduled interview at 10:00am. I had breakfast first and got dressed for the interview before leaving home at 8:00am. I took the bus going to Ortigas then took another to Pasay Road. I had to walk for about 5-10 minutes before reaching the place I had to go to for my interview. When I got there,I had to wait for a few minutes before my technical exam. And my technical exam was pretty bloody as I can't recall most of the questions there I used to know. after the exam, the recruiter told me to be back at 1:00pm and its only 11:00am at my phone. I went to Greenbelt 3 to buy a magazine before having lunch at Cafe Havana (my second time). I got really full after eating as I walk back to the building for my interview. It was a short one and lasted for about 15 minutes before they inform me to wait for a call. After my interview, I'm off to A
labang to pick-up my UNO Collector's Issue only to get disappointed when I got my copy. There were no difference in the first UNO I bought a few weeks back. With plenty of time to spare, I visited SM Southmall which I haven't been to in almost a decade. There were a lot of changes since I got there but what I like most about it is the row of restaurants at the back. Some of them I think can only be found there as I promised myself to take my family there when time permits. I left SM at 5:00pm and got home almost 3 hours later. The day was really tiring but I'm looking forward to do it again when time permits. XD

Tuesday: Got up at almost 7:00am as I went online to do some stuff. My wife and daughter got up a bit late at 8:30am. I took Migmig out and went to the bank to do some transactions (paying a voucher) before going back home. After Migmig's bath, I put her to bed only to get up after less than an hour. I had no choice but to keep up with her pace and went down so my daughter can have lunch. I had some snacks outside before I took her up again and put her to sleep. I was surprised she slept again and I did too. When I got up, I went online for a couple of minutes before going out to visit Nanay. Practically it was a boring day that is not.

Wednesday: Got up at 7:00am even if I still feel a little bit groggy from last night. Good thing my daughter is still sleeping soundly despite battling colds that hinders her breathing through the nose. I went online for an hour before she got up. In the afternoon, Then I let her aunt took care of her so I could go out and go online there as our game cannot be accessed on our PC. I had some snacks first as my tummy is rumbling already. When I went back home, she's fast asleep so I went up and took care of her until she gets up. Another boring day but its not as I fix some of my things upstairs before going to sleep.

Thursday: I went out as early as 7:00am to go online for a couple of minutes as our game was still inaccessible before going back to see my daughter already up and awake. I was also able to buy some stuff at Llanas before putting my daughter to sleep after her bath. She got up an hour and a hlaf later while I'm in the middle of doing something online. We both went down before I went out to go online for a few hours more and got home at almost 6:00pm. Migmig was asleep when I got back so I went online for a few minutes before she got up. When we went down, her aunt had visitors so we stayed in the kitchen not to bother them so much with my baby's antics. The night was pretty much the same until we went to bed and get some rest.

Got up early for me to go online outside and check on our Cafe Land. When I got home, Migmig was already awake so we went out to buy some pandesal so my baby could enjoy the rest of the morning. After her bath, she went to sleep which gave me time to go online. Then by the time she got up again, I took her down to get dressed and for me to get ready as we will meet her mom at SM Megamall. We left at almost 3:00pm as we took an FX going there. When we got there, we had lunch at Secret Recipe while waiting for my wife. Migmig wanted more so I gave her some of my lunch as well. She arrived at almost 5:00pm just in time I'm finished eating. We looked for the tablet my wife has been eyeing for days and she was able to buy it. Then we had its firmware downloaded before we went down to use my GCs from The Sandwich Guy to have our late dinner (I'm thinking of writing a blog about it). Good thing we were able to get a ride home quick as my daughter fell asleep at around 9:00pm on our way home. I went out to go online to complete our Cafe Land games before going back at almost midnight and get some sleep.

Saturday: Got up early for me to go online outside and check on our Cafe Land. When I got home, Migmig was already awake so we went out for a walk. I took her to Jollibee for breakfast and I was able to feed her until she got full. When we got back, her mom was busy preparing our things to bring at the Manila Hotel later.I went online at home and got surprised when our Cafe Land is now working after having problems accessing it on our own PC. By past 12:00pm we left home and got to The Manila Hotel at past 1:00pm (I'll write a blog about it). The afternoon was pretty much okay as I got to take photos of the hotel before we had dinner at Shakey's. After dinner, we made ourselves comfortable before going to sleep on the hotel's king-sized bed. XD

Tuesday, October 16

The Philippines turning Karaoke Republic

Almost all Filipinos love to sing, don't you agree? Be it in the shower or in front of a crowd they don't seem to want to get their hands off that microphone. There are outlets who are willing to let the singer in you release all of your talents but usually, the good ones (Karaoke Bars) are found in Timog.

After a hearty dinner at Comida Ilocandia and a soothing massage at Spaoay, we head off to Karaoke Republik to sing the night away. I recall going to bars like these a few years back but I only knew they can have a certain theme. Looking at their walls, the brainchild behind Karaoke Republic is really a Genius for having a different concept.

Their Facade Outside

What's best about this joint is that you don't need to worry about anything. From your list of songs to your barchow, to your rice meals, Karaoke Republic got you covered. 


From what Mr. Jay Lazaro (Marketing Head) showed us, its like traveling around the world without breaking your wallet. Most of the rooms have their unique names like Sing-a-Pore, Yeah-Men to name a few. Some of the rooms were even named after the branches of government like the one we stayed at for the night (Songpreme Court).

If I wasn't full from all the food I ate earlier, I could have finished all the food served to us. I got to sing a song just as when most people are about to leave at almost midnight. :D 

I'd recommend this place to my wife's boss the next time they wanted to do videoke with my wife and her office mates.

Note: Photos are from Ms Dems as my laptop is still under repair.

The week that was (October 7 - 13)

Sunday: All of us got up at 6:00am as Migmig was already wide awake. We had breakfast first before I went out to buy Sunday's paper and other things Migmig needs. When I got back, I went online for a couple of minutes while taking care of my daughter. We practically spent the entire morning before putting Migmig to sleep at 11:00am. Then I got online again before having lunch. By past 2:00pm, we packed our bags and head home to Sampaloc. I'm sure my daughter will will all of the live animals she saw at home. We stopped by SM Manila to pass time by. All of a sudden, my daughter wanted to buy this stuff toy so I bought her one since its not that expensive. We took a cab going home and got home in no time. I got to go online again and spent the rest of the night again before going to bed.

Monday: Got up early so I could go online. Then I took my daughter our for a walk before having breakfast somewhere. By lunch time, I left for SM Megamall to take our Neo laptop with me and have it repaired. Since I went out hungry, I decided to have lunch at Yabu and try out their katsu curry. It was good as the level of spiciness was pretty hot enough. Then I went straight to Neo Service Center located in Cyberzone to have my laptop check. I was informed to take my unit at their Shaw branch besides Babyland. I went straight to their branch to have my laptop checked. I made specific instructions to take the hard drive out since its not defective as well as upgrade RAM to 4GB. Then I took the next FX home and went online for a few hours. I was able to put Migmig to sleep before dozing-off.

Tuesday: I turn on the aircon as it was pretty humid by the time we went to bed. Fortunately, rain started to pour which made the night much cooler. I turn off the aircon and the laptop at past 2:00am and went to bed. I just hope I could get up early the next day. I was able to get up at 7:30am and went online for a few minutes before taking Migmig down. We had breakfast at Mc Donald's before we went back home to enjoy the rest of the morning. By the time she fell asleep, I went to Gateway to buy some magazines and some baby wipes my daughter needs. I had lunch at Taco Bell for the 2nd time this month. I spent some more time at Starbucks reading the magazines I've bought especially UNO. I was kinda disappointed with its contents as I was expecting more. When I got home, I went online outside for a few more hours before taking care of my baby and spend the rest of the night.

Wednesday: Got up at almost 7:30am and went online really quick before my daughter got up. We had breakfast at Jollibee as she enjoys the sight of buses going to and from their destination. The morning hasn't changed much as I got online after she slept. When she got up, I decided to take my daughter out again as I feel she get bored if we just stay home in the afternoon. We took an LRT ride to Santolan and tried SM Marikina. When we got to the last stop. I looked on our path going there and I couldn't believe that it was pretty long. I walked non-stop for almost 15 minutes going there. The humid weather and carrying my baby was pretty challenging but when we got inside, it was pretty rewarding as I got to feel the cool breeze of the mall. SM Marikina is not as big as I was expecting to but so far, but its just one ride away from home. We had milk tea at Chatime before having my late lunch at Inasal Chicken Bacolod. We took a cab going to LRT Katipunan before taking a train ride home. I let her aunt take care of her while I got online to finish some stuff.

Thursday: Got up as early as 6:00am to go online and complete my com-ex task on some blogs before waking my daughter up at almost 8:30am. I just bought some native snacks for my daughter to enjoy as we spend the rest of the mornings home. Then I bought some groceries to Llanas before putting my daughter to sleep after her bath. I was able to go online for 2 hours before she got up again and played with her daddy. I had my lunch and took a bath before going online outside for me to catch-up with some of my several blogposts. I got back at past 7:00pm and enjoyed the rest of the day.

Friday: Got up early again for me to be able to go online and do some catching-up. I was able to take my daughter out for a walk before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I let her use a spoon and fork and her hand-eye coordination has greatly improved. She can eat her food on her own yet I make sure she eats more by assisting her. By the time I was able to put her to sleep, I got online for an hour before leaving for SM Megamall. I was thinking if I would attend a Barter Tour by Mr Carlos Celdran or not but I decided to go next time. By the time I got to SM Megamall, I went straight to Yabu again to have lunch and take some pictures of my food. Then I pass some more time before going to Makati to attend the soft opening of Bo's Coffee along Jupiter Street (I'll write a blogpost for this). After the event, it took me around 2 hours to get home no thanks to Friday traffic. I was able to go online for a couple of minutes before getting some sleep at past midnight. I hope I would get enough energy for the next day's event.

Saturday: Got up at 6:00am to get ready for Scott Kelby's 5th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk (I'll write a blog post about it). I wasn't able to enjoy taking a bath since there is water shortage in our neighborhood. Even I have to went somewhere else to dump some XD. I had breakfast at Intramuros on the good old stall #9 before getting a cab to The Manila Hotel. After our last stop at Paco Park, we parted ways as I went to The Old Swiss Inn to confirm my reservation. Unfortunately, the Paco Branch is closed during Sunday so they made a call at their Makati Branch for my reservation. Good thing their Makati Branch is open 24/7 so I got a breather from there. I took another ride to Robinson's Place Manila to grab an ice cold mocha before taking a cab home. I was supposed to get some sleep but my wife wanted to go out and check on the latest i-pod touch so we took an LRT ride to Cubao in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, the one that my wife is looking for is not available here in the country. Then we had dinner at Pancake House before my wife bought some stuff and took the LRT home. It was really a tiring day for me as I look forward to another week ahead. XD

Sunday, October 14

Bo's Coffee opens along Jupiter Street in Makati

This is a Swabeng PR from Bo's Coffee. Mine will be added soon. ^_^

Craving for a homegrown caffeine fix in Barangay Bel-Air? 

There’s a new coffee shop in town you’ll definitely want to check out. Drop by at Bo’s Coffee along Jupiter Street and treat yourself to a well-deserved cup of homegrown brew. 

Did you also know that they only serve freshly roasted beans from the Philippines? This means that not a single bean in the store is ground and brewed has lasted a month at most, ensuring the best coffee experience every time.

Aside from great coffee, Bo’s Coffee gives plenty of reasons for you to drop by the new store. World-class beverages are up for you to discover and love: from Espresso Beverages, Green Tea Matcha Freeze, sweet Ice Blended Cookies and Cream, fruity Mixed Berry Freeze, and even tropical freshly-brewed Dalandan Iced Tea!

For quick snacks, healthy bites, and filling meals, Bo’s Coffee also has an array of food products and pastries for you to try. You can choose from Breakfast options such as hearty Bacon, specialty Sausage, and fluffy Omelette Sets. In the mood for pasta? Choose from meaty Bolognese, tasty Carrittiere, or traditional Aglio e Olio.

Grab a bite of these sandwiches: Bo’s Coffee Turkey Club, Grilled Chicken BLT, Grilled Italian Veggie, and Tuna Salad. For dessert, why not have delectable cakes such as indulgent Blueberry Cheesecake and Supermoist Chocolate Cake? For a delightful bite, have a frosty Carrot Bar, zesty Lemon Square, or sweet and nutty Food for the Gods. 

There are surely a lot of selections for you to try at the new Bo’s Coffee Jupiter branch. It’s just not your usual coffee shop. Its wall interiors are even inspired by homegrown craftsmanship, accented by earthy and organic coffee sacks. The coffee lovers’ cozy nook gives homage to Philippine-origin coffee, which is prepared by our baristas who view coffee preparation as an art. So come over and visit the newest Bo’s Coffee store along Jupiter Street! They will be officially open tomorrow. 

With 60 stores and counting all over the Philippines, Bo’s Coffee guarantees that homegrown, freshly-roasted coffee taste that Filipinos surely love. For more details, visit

Thursday, October 11

Reasons Why Women Cheat

While there are a few men (excluding me =P) who take this as a thrill in their lives, they may not know that it can hit them hard as women can also cheat just like us men. 

As I read this from yahoo, I do believe that most are true as I am also a victim of cheating women in the past. Whenever we feel cheated, our egos get really bruised, battered and there are times that we think how women enjoy the company of other men while in a relationship. 

The question is why women cheat? 

1. She seeks the thrill. Some women cheat for the thrill of it. The excitement of doing things behind a partner’s back, the risk, the adrenaline rush, the desire are all very potent reasons for a woman to cheat. The cheating bit isn’t always emotional, it is in fact an out and out physical act that is engaged in for the thrill of it. The problem with this one is if she gets addicted to the thrill, expect your girl to break-up with you sometime soon. 

2. She wants more. The most obvious reason for a woman to cheat is that she isn't getting enough sex or that she isn't happy with what you have to offer. It is this happiness that results in her getting involved in an adulterous relationship. It is left to the man in the relationship to pull his socks up and fight for his woman. If you love her and want her, you have to go the extra mile and satisfy her. Uhm, so guys, give your girl what she wants, period XD. 

3. She wants to get back at you. If you have cheated on her in the past, she could cheat on you just to get back at you. Yes, women can be rather revengeful if they so wish! This would be the most basic reason why women cheat. They want men to feel how they have been cheated. 

4. She is bored. Less or no experimentation in the bedroom can be one of the reasons a woman chooses to cheat. Women seek as much variation in the bedroom as men do and if her man cannot provide her the same, she is bound to look for it outside. With the technology today, I guess we got to keep up with the ladies' pace so she don't have to look for others to play with. XD

Well, if you want your women to stay loyal to you, you should do the same and make her feel special every single day. XD

Swabeng Thoughts: The Significance of 10-11-12

Today is the 11th of October 2012 or 10-11-12. But what is significant about this date? 

Taken from Google

If you ask me, there is NONE. Even if it happens once every 100 years, people's lives would improve for the better or for worse depending on how we live it day by day. 

But there are couples who will be getting married on this day or babies are born on this day (probably the same sentiments with 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3, 1-2-3, 5-6-7, etc). 

I hope you enjoy the rest of the day. XD

Wednesday, October 10

ManilArt 2012: Blogger's Tour

Taken from their facebook page

At the last minute, I was able to register for this walk and I am anticipating that I would be in for a visual treat. When I got to SMX and registered, I kinda felt lost with so many artworks displayed. 

Itinerary of the tour

Being the country's only art fair, I expect nothing less here at ManilArt and well, two hours of the tour won't be enough. The exhibit was from October 2-6 so I hope you were able to visit and appreciate just like I did. 

Mr Robert Santos (Curator of the Fatima University Gallery) facilitated the tour designed for students and enthusiasts alike. There are more than 40 exhibits to visit but for the tour, we will be going to only 15. The route of the tour would be different from the other as each route would feature a different set of galleries. Not a bad idea especially for people who love works of art. 

Here are some of my unedited shots during the blogger's tour. 

Big and Small Gallery's Crack in the Hull by Ronald Ventura


Gallery Big's Mariveles by Joya

Ever wonder how much this Amorsolo painting is?

Gallerie Stephanie's Introduction to Evolution by Villaseran

Gallerie Francesca's Unli in the Philippines by Obemio

Republikha's End of the Black Inhearitance by Elopre. This artwork took 18 months to complete as its mostly composed of feathers. And the picture you see is not the entire art piece. =P

Our tour facilitator informing us with bits and pieces of each artwork

JIV Manila Art's Installation of lightboxes by VJ Villafranca

More works of art

And more work's of Art XD

Juan Archival's Major Major bu Culaba

Explaining the artwork at Galleria Dumelia

Gallery Nine's Siete de Agosto by Romulo Galicano

But wait! There's more!!! XD. I'll keep updating this until I'm done. XD

I almost forgot, I went back last Friday for a 4-hour tour by myself with almost a thousand photographs taken. Just stay tuned. XD

Tuesday, October 9

Swabeng News: Supreme Court issues TRO Against Cyber Crime Law

For now, our freedom to express our opinion without fear is back, for now after the Supreme Court issue a Temporary Restraining Order against Cybercrime Law. After 15 petitions have been filed, we have our freedom back, for now. 

Taken from Google

The respondents to the petitions - President Benigno Aquino III, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr., the Departments of Justice, Interior and Local Government, and Science and Technology, the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation – were given 10 days to submit their comments on 15 petitions assailing the law, which critics deem unconstitutional (Which is after the Libel-clause has been inserted). Oral arguments has been set to January 15, 2013. 

Here's how Cybercrime Law was created until stopped by the Supreme Court (Photo courtesy of Rappler)

Voting was unanimous which means the Judiciary are still for the people (?). But still, we have to be vigilant and be more cautious as they may find a way to put it back using all possible means. 

For more update on the Good News, you may check the following links here, here, here and here

It's good to know that our voice over cyberspace is still safe and sound (for now). 


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