Wednesday, December 25

Swabeng Thoughts: On working holidays, double pay and being away from home

This is not the first time I've been away from my family because of holiday work. The first time (2010) I remember was when my wife was still pregnant with Marien while I'm at the office (former) all by myself. At first, it was kinda lonely since I'm all alone and not even going online on facebook kept me company. Eventually, after my shift, I went home right away to be with my family.

Then the following year (2011) was my rest day and it falls on both Christmas and New Year's Eve (and the day itself) so I was able to spend more time with them. Sans the holiday pay, it doesn't matter as that was the first time I've spent holidays at home as a dad. I got to take them out and bough a gift for my only daughter.

Then last year (2012), as I'm out of a job, I got to spend the entire Christmas season (plus a few more weeks) at home which gave me more time to spend with my family. The only problem was I'm not the one providing for my family during that time (although my wife was able to cover for it). It was a bit frustrating on my end but I was able to learn a lesson from it.

Well yesterday was a holiday shift for me as I was able to work and spend Christmas at home after work. Thank God I was bale to provide for them the things that they need (and more) especially during the yuletide season. To be honest that was a different feeling as I thought I wasn't able to make it home last night but eventually, I did. 

Again, Merry Christmas everyone! 

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Wednesday, December 11

December Covers: Do you still have some 13th month pay left?

I hope you were able to save some of your 13th month pay and used some to buy gifts for yourself. With that, I'm sure you saved a little bit more to buy some December issues. Don't know what to pick, let me help. ;-)

1. FHM Philippines (Alice Dixon): Never in my wildest dreams she'd do a cover for FHM. I remember when she was my crush back in high school because of her fresh look and how she carries herself in Dyesebel.

FHM Philippines

2. Esquire Philippines (Tribute to the Typhoon Yolanda Victims): Esquire Philippines never fails to amaze me as they pay tribute to the people who have lost their lives due to this super typhoon. I'm looking forward for the photo essay about the typhoon and its impact to the people upclose.

3. Rogue (Andi Eigenmann): At first I thought it was Anne Curtis again until I stared on the cover longer =P . anyway, this would be another interesting issue to have for Christmas.

4. UNO (Mocha Girls): This could be an issue for keeps as UNO would feature Mocha Girls and ONLY Mocha Girls. I'm anticipating for this issue to be released sometime next week. And it also has a 2014 calendar insert together with the magazine. Unlike other magazines, all you need to do is flip the cover page to get a different cover. XD

UNO Cover A

UNO Cover B

5: Playboy Philippines (Lian Paz): Another former EB Babe is now the cover for Playboy Philippines. Despite her failed marriage, I'm sure her fans would be able to cheer her up as she gets back-up and resurrect her career. And by the way, she also has two covers which you could choose. XD

Playboy Philippines Cover A

 Playboy Philippines Cover B

Well I still have some 13th month pay left with me so I'd grab some good reads. Get yours too before it runs out.

Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 9

Swabeng Thoughts: 2013's Hits and Misses

As the year is almost done, I felt that there are a few more things that needs to be done before the year turns to 2014.

This year is really a good year for me to grow as a person (in whole) and learned a lot within the last 12 months. Everything was taken with a grain of salt and an open mind as I'm now plotting my 2014 to-do's (to be written on a separate post).

Anyway, here are the things I am grateful of regardless of whether its a hit or miss.

1. A new job in a new company (Hit!): I've been praying to get a new job right after I left my old job. I didn't slack off on this one as I looked for one and got it after 4 months. The good thing is that the one I got is probably the one I consider a dream come true. My job here is not just answering phones but doing other stuff as well while I try to learn as much as I can. Pay is higher than most BPOs give and more and I was able to save too for my daughter's future.

2. Saving for the rainy day (Hit!): Thanks to my job, my take home pay is more than enough that I can put 40% into my daughter's account (my account). I was able to hit a good target for the year though my wife was hoping a much bigger savings. I could have hit that target if it wasn't for a few stumbling blocks along the way. Nevertheless, I was also able to buy a few things for myself without compromising my daughter's savings and I'll make sure to continue to save more. 

3. Attending Events (Hit!): Well, I've missed this years' FHM 100 Sexiest Event and Bumper to Bumper for the nth time. But I was still able to attend a few more events though its kinda sad that some of my friends have their own shooting gigs already. As long as my rest days still fall on a weekend, I'd continue to attend to keep me busy and de-stress myself. 

4. Achieving Zero Backlog (Miss!): Honestly, I'd blame it on poor time management on my part as I couldn't seem to either get up early or stay up very late to either edit photos or update my blog posts. I was able to have a good start and eventually, faded by the 4th quarter of the year. Hopefully by next year I would be able to sustain my campaign to achieve zero backlog for my blog posts and my photos to edit.  

5. Keeping myself in top shape (Miss!): The only downside in working in this type of environment is that you spend close to 8 hours sitting staring at the monitor. I'm not complaining here though I could have done something to improve my overall health from regaining my 20/20 vision to my improving heart condition to to losing weight and keeping it off, to my dental dilemma which I need to have those useless tooth extracted once and for all. Hopefully next year, I'd be able to improve in all of them.

That's only a few things I was able to accomplish this year. Now I'm trying to draft the things I need to do this coming 2014. ^_^


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