Friday, March 26

My Photoworld Asia 2010 Experience

This would be my 2nd (or 3rd) visit at this kind of event. I should have done (posted) this few weeks back but due to some extra-curricular activities, it was moved several times.

Anyway, I remember vividly the time I went to Photoworld Asia 2009 last year with my good friend Alex to scout the area as well as visit the Canon Booth to take a look on their new DSLRs as well as their model. Though it was just a short stay, I made sure to take lots of pictures for me to check how much I have learned from that experience.

But this time was different, I was able to check out their gallery filled with cameras as well as took pictures of the models from canon and tamron (why pips from nikon doesn't have any models? =P). I even had my camera cleaned and initially diagnosed (the technician mentioned that the AF Flex of my lens got busted). Good thing the cost of repair won't be that expensive.

And after I had my unit cleaned, I took shots at the models who were willing to pose for us.

Here are some the pictures I took (Pictures uploaded on April 12, 2010) despite my camera's status that time.

Also, I took some pictures of the models from Canon (Gwen and Micah)

I Hope I could outdo myself in next year's Photoworld Asia 2011. XD

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