Sunday, October 31

My October to do list (Final Update)

As of October 31, here are the things I have done so far

1. Get all mens magazine collection for October: (Got FHM only. Probably, I'll get the rest within November)
2. Accompany my wife on her follow-up check-up this October 6. (Done. Next check-up would be on the 3rd of November)
3. Attend Pipho's 5th Anniversary Event (Done)
4. Attend Conmania X on October 3. (Done)
5. Transfer e-books on Photography/Photoshop from my office PC to my USB. (Done)
6. Edit some sets of pictures (5-10 sets). (Wasn't able to do this =( )
7. Attend Eurofest 2010. (Unable to attend due to heavy rains).
8. Attend FHM Pool Party / Carshow on the 23rd at Manila Ocean Park (Done)

Friday, October 29

What my IQ score is

A website says its...

IQ Test - IQ Test

You could try it and check your IQ. XD

Wednesday, October 27

10 Things to do during sembreak

Well not for me though but for those college dudes and dudettes who just finished semester in their respective schools.

I got it here.

Semestral break – a couple of weeks of no classes, a much-needed break from recitations and quizzes. No idea yet on how to spend the sem break away from annoying classmates and haughty professors? Here are 10 ways to make the most of your weeks off.

1. ROAD TRIP. Sometimes road trips are really just about getting some good friends or your family together. Pool your resources, hit the road and see where it takes you. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures and update your Twitter or Facebook every time.

2. READ. Forget textbooks, read something for enjoyment. With a good book you can essentially travel to anywhere in the world – for free.

3. DVD/MOVIE MARATHON. A cheap way to bond with family or friends is to watch an entire season of your favorite TV show or movies on DVD. Two days should be enough to get through a season of a sitcom or three for an hour-long drama.

4. VOLUNTEER WORK. Feel like doing a good deed? Volunteer for a cause-oriented group like Gawad Kalinga or Habitat for Humanity. Not only are you helping a family in need, this is also an opportunity to travel and be with your friends.

5. EXERCISE. Get with the program. Make a work-out playlist on your iPod and hit the gym. If the gym is not for you, gather your friends for a run or biking.

6. GET A MAKEOVER. Do not be afraid to try new things. Shop for a new outfit, make up, or accessories. Head to the spa for a mani/pedi, facial, and massage (or all three!). Get a new haircut. Show off a new you for the next semester.

7. DECLUTTER. Get rid of clutter that you no longer need. Pull out your storage containers and trash bags for some sem break cleaning. Go through clothes in your drawers and closets and separate items you want to give to charity, or sell even for extra cash.

8. GET A JOB. The school year tends to fly by and before you know it, you’re in a scramble to get an internship. Start preparing now by updating your resume. Research for on the job training or internships, particularly the ones in your field of interest. Some companies actually start accepting applications for OJT this early. So scope out what you need to have and start applying. At the end of the semester, you can just focus on acing your exams rather than scrambling for a good internship.

9. THESIS/HOMEWORK. It’s not actually that appealing but when else will you have an uninterrupted time for it. This is one of those options that will pay off later. Look ahead at readings and assignments. An hour or two a day is all it takes to make a big difference.

10. SLEEP. This one is no-brainer. You probably already had this last option booked into your schedule.

If you have more or less than 2 weeks to do this, then I'll congratulate you for your achievement. XD

The week that was (Oct 17 - 23)

Sunday: I was not the only one in the office during my shift.Out Local IT Manager, as well as our Global Helpdesk Manager were here. With then are 2 Lotus Notes Administrators (1 from US, 1 from EMEA). I was able to finally meet them in person. We didn't have the time to talk much since they were on their way back to the hotel after a 5pm-2am shift for the migration of our Lotus Notes. But cut that technical stuff. I got two calls before my shift ended. I left the office at 7:05am and went home right away. I was able to do some laundry to keep me awake but I fall asleep as soon as I finished my laundry. Then I got up at around 2:00pm since I need to pay our internet bill. I went to Robinson's Galeria to pay the bill but I have another thing in mind. To help myself with another sushi buffet. After paying the bill, I went to SM City North Edsa to check out the other branch of Sakae Sushi. I was able to get there and tried their sushi buffet. I got disappointed at first since there were only a few selections from the moving crate. After 30-45 minutes, their crate is filled with red plates which I've been waiting in a long while. Usually, when I eat there, I get their red-plated sushi and green-plated sushi since they're more expensive than The blue-plated or yellow-plated ones. After having 9 red plates and 2 green plates, I decided to call it a day and head home. I was able to pass by an exhibit featuring Macau. I got some flyers for reference. Then I took the MRT-LRT2 route on my way home. We were supposed to attend the 7:00pm mass but heavy rain fell which made me extremely wet when I got home. I tried to stay awake until 11:00pm for me to be able to get a good night sleep.

Monday: Good thing I was able to get some good sleep last night as I got up at around 7:30am to go online. Then I had to wake my wife up before 11:00am for her online duties. I left home to go to Ariel Javelosa Studio in Mandaluyong to get the Draft of our final video for viewing. It only took me at least 2 hours for the entire trip. We were able to watch the video when we got home (For me, that would be the 2nd time). Then, during the afternoon, I just stayed in our room to fix some of my things. Then I kinda doze-off for a while before regaining my senses back.

Tuesday: I got up a bit early to go online and make myself feel sleepy. I was able to get some rest for 5-6 hours before getting to work. I left early so I wont get late. I was all by my lonesome during my entire shift but I was surprised why they didn't transfer the phones to nightmode (during US Lunch hours). Probably they knew I was not feeling well that time.

Wednesday: Good thing they didn't transfer the phone until 5:00am this morning. Even if I got 2 calls, that's fine by me. After my shift, I was looking for a quick fix for breakfast. I passed by Mc Donalds but they don't have the one they are looking for so I took the Ortigas-Quiapo route. I was able to grab a big cup of taho for only 20 pesos. Then I hop on a bus going to Legarda with stopping by a Pares Restaurant at San Juan in my mind. Unfortunately, I can't seem to remember where is it exactly located. I just had my breakfast within our area and went home. Good thing I was able to get some sleep within the day. I got up at around 6:30p and tried my luck at the 6/55 Grand Lotto hoping I would win the 200+ million peso jackpot. Then I left for office and got there just in the nick of time.

Thursday: Got a little bit busy whenever the phones are transferred to us by our US counterparts. But that's fine by me since, I learn something from every call or email I answer. After my shift, I had to get some money from the ATM since I feel hungry. I had my breakfast at KFC in MRT-Ayala Station when my wife texted me saying she wanted eggpie. It took me a while, probably more than 30 minutes before being able to buy some eggpie for my wife.

Friday: Work was quite slow since both me and my team mate were able to do some idle time. I was able to re-open my Cisco Learning Network. It took me a while to recall my user credentials but I was able to sign-in before my shift ends. After my shift, I went home via the Ortigas-Legarda route. I was able to get my 20-peso taho craving as soon as I got to Ortigas. I was hoping then if I would be able to locate the Pares restaurant. Good thing I was able to find the exact location as I missed it last time and made sure to remember where it is. I was able to satisfy my craving for beef pares though I'm not satisfied with the taste of the pares. Then I got home at around 8:30am and was quite surprised that my wife was awake while reading my books on how to improve your English. We were able to have our quality time despite my work schedules and I do like seeing my wife smile a lot. I know it helps the baby to be healthier. XD.I was able to get a good sleep during the day before heading to the office for work.

Saturday: Again, I'm all by my lonesome tonight but its ok since I'll be on leave Saturday night. Work was quite steady as I was able to to some installation and configuration on some of the user's PC. I was able to hold my own very well during my shift and made sure all is done and accounted for. After my shift, I left the office but went to Intramuros first to have my chicken meal for breakfast. It took me a while before reaching there but it was all worth it. I was hesitant to go all the way since it was already semester break already (except for my alma mater, Mapua). After my hearty breakfast, I went home to rest for a couple of hours before going to Manila Ocean Park to attend the Run Ride Rave car show and pool party (a separate blog will be created for this).

Monday, October 25

I'm in the photo marathon.

Current mood: Very Excited.

After patiently waiting for the past few weeks, I was able able to register to Canon's Photo Marathon Event an hour ago.

See you on the 6th of November. I can't hide my excitement for this event. XD

A Car Show/Rainy Pool Party

Last October 23, my friends and I attended The Run, Ride and Rave car show at Manila Ocean Park. It was the first time that Manila Ocean Park had a car show plus it was my first time to attend a carshow based in Manila. Usually, car shows are being held at either, SMX, WTC or SM Megamall but probably, they wanted to promote Manila Ocean Park more hence, they have the event there.

Good thing I was able to get some good sleep before heading towards the venue. Though I got there early, some of my friends were earlier than me and way too early than I expected XD. The weather that time was sunny but I sense rain is coming. We went inside Manila Ocean Park to check-out how the place looks like. 

The place (Manila Ocean Park) Looks ok as well as their hotel (Hotel H2O) but the hotel rates are too steep. We moved further into the place and I feel that I'll be back there sometime soon together with my wife. 

Once the weather was more ok, we went back outside to take pictures of the carshow models since the cars were so common to me. Meaning, I've took photos of these cars from previous carhows. As we got hungry, looking for a good place to eat was challenging. We had to go to several spots before we chose to have dinner outside MOP (Manila Ocean Park).

After dinner, we met our other photography friends and we head to the Acquatica Manila (One of MOPs attractions), because the Rave Party will be happening there at the Liquid Bar and Lounge (I heard its their soft opening). 

First, we were treated with light and sounds show at Acquatica. They ave us plastic raincoats to proetect ourselves from the rain as well as some water splashes. We felt like we were kids once the show started. We were laughing and we were shouting "WHOA!!!" whenever we're at awe with what we saw. After probably 30 minutes or so, the show ended prompting for us to wait for the event we've been waiting for since late afternoon, The Bikini Pool Party. 

At first we were excited as the EB Babes performed their dance number in front of us. We had a good position but our camera lenses were not enough.I wish I could have an upgraded lens with me.

After the EB Babes, the Premiere Vixens contestants showed their stuff by ramping through the walkway with their bikinis. I was able to take some quick shots of them but wished I could have those 70-200mm lens to give me a better picture XD.

Then the party got boring. Why, probably the production didn't know what to do next. For the next few minutes, they were still setting-up the stage for the bands where it should have been there. Anyways, my friends and I tried the Liquid Lounge and Bar. This was also their soft opening, hence the event that day XD.

The place was different from the bars we've been to in the past few years. It has two indoor pools and its interiors were quite different as well.

Since the event on the other side was boring, we decided just to hang-out at Liquid and enjoy the scene there (as my friends enjoy swimming together with their new found friends XD). I was able to take more pictures of my friends together with some new found friends and we really enjoyed partying there XD. I was able to spot some celebrities there and have a photo-op with some of them including Ms Wendy Valdez.

We left the place probably at 2:00am as we were the ones who closed the gate. The event wasn't that exciting but staying there with friends was really worth it.

Pictures are to follow (Again! XD).

Friday, October 22

Re-Learning Cisco

Current Mood: Awaken

While I'm waiting for my shift to end, I am currently listening to some topics about Cisco on Cisco Learning Network from my PC to refresh myself. Then, I recall doing this while I'm looking for a job for quite some time until I got one. But I almost completely forgot it. I mean, I haven't been in touch with my goal in landing a Cisco-related work since I got a job as an IT-Helpdesk. I know having a job helps my career and my family but I need to fulfill my goal of going to a Cisco professional.

Probably one of my resolutions for 2011 should start now. I have to do a knowledge-check if I am still capable of learning Cisco since there were changes made within the past few months and I need to step-up to keep-up with the latest trends. Competition will be tougher but I know I can still be at par with the rest of the world when it comes to Cisco experience.

I have a lot more to learn. Again! XD

What would I buy if I won more than a Hundred Million Pesos

There would be another mega-million draw from Lotto's 6/49 on Sunday as well as 6/55 on Saturday. Though my chance of winning the jackpot would be one in a million, its not bad to wish I would win tonight. But as people hope they would win, they would probably think of what to do with that huge amount of money. If I win, here's what I will buy aside from donating to charity.

1. A mansion where me, my wife and my family (both sides) can stay for the rest of our days. Since its a mansion, it would be very spacious and homey as well. Also, I'll make sure to get the best home appliance to make sure my family is well taken care of.  I would even let MTV Cribs feature it. Then I'll invest in a 20-Unit Town House for those who want to live decently

2. A set of Canon DSLRs and Lens so I could still continue my hobby in photography. Photography really change the way I perceive life and its beauty. I'll collect the L-Lens since a lot of people say they're really good

 3. I could also get a set of Nikon Camera's and Lens since I have lots of money to spend with. Probably, if I didn't discover Canon first, I could have end a Nikon user. 

4. Since I used to play Magic the Gathering back in college, I could collect this once more to build my future decks as well as collect other decks used in World Tournaments.

5. Since I surf the internet and play games online, Its best to use an iMac or a Macbook for me and for my family. I will make sure to use licensed software to help software makers fight piracy. Probably, we could set-up an internet cafe of iMacs though rates per hour won't be 15Php/hr (20-30Php/hr perhaps).


6. Before touring the world, I'll make sure to visit Philippine's best tourist spots. I would allot a year or two to travel around the Philippines to discover their culture and probably take lots of pictures as well. Or probably, two to three years of local traveling will do since taking pictures as well as enjoying the scene takes time.

7. For me to go to places, I got to have these hot rides. I'm not very much particular with the brand, What matters most is the performance and the ability to store lots of pasalubongs for my folks. As of this writing, I wanted this one...

A Black Hummer for myself. XD

8. For recreation, I wanted to have a huge game room with 2 billiard tables, 2 dart sets, a table for ping-pong, at least 30-50 board games and at least 30 top arcade games to make sure everyone is having fun.

9. I have to take good care of my health particularly my eyesight. I've heard about Lasik here in the Philippines and I wanted to take the opportunity to have them restore my 20/20 vision once again.

10 A home-gym similar to that of Gold's Gym is what I will also be investing for.This will not only help me get into shape but my family and friends as well. 

10. Being a musically-inclined person, I need to have a studio where I could jam with my friends and probably record our first album here. I'll make sure to get the best Guitars, Bass and Drum set for our Jamming session.


11. After traveling the entire country, I'll make sure to visit other sites from other countries

12. Since life is already fast-paced, I have to load up on Supplements (vitamins and more) so I could maintain my health to at its best as well as my family.

That's all that I can think of right now. Dreaming isn't that bad once in a while right? XD

Thursday, October 21

Best Reasons for Resigning

I got this funny letter from the internet. I need a good laugh once in a while. 

Dear Mr. Boss:

I'm thrilled to inform you that I'm resigning.

I have been waiting for what seems like forever to inform you that I’m resigning. I’ve hated worked for the company since the day I was hired. I don’t like the work, I don’t like my fellow employees, and I don’t like you.

I am tendering my resignation effective immediately and I’m heading for the open road. I bought a Harley and a leather jacket and my girlfriend, is coming along. It was a little tough to find a jacket to fit her, but we managed.

I know you would like me to help you with a transition, but I won’t. Have fun figuring out the files on my computer. I can’t even figure them out most of the time.

Oh, speaking of computers, you’ll need to figure out the passwords to all our online resources. I forgot to keep a list of them, so have fun with that.

I’m sure you’d like to have a going away party for me. However, I’m not interested in the stale cookies and nasty punch that constitutes saying goodbye at this company.

Don’t worry about writing me a reference, even though I’m sure you’d be glad to recommend my work. I don’t need or want one. I don’t need references where I’m heading. So, consider our bridges burnt.

See ya,

Happy To Be Gone


Two years in Photography.

It has been two years since I started DSLR Photography. Actually, 2 years and 8 days to be exact. I still remember the feeling I got my DSLR camera the first time courtesy of my ex-gf (who is now my wife btw XD). It was like there's no tomorrow then for me taking pictures.

I know its not easy losing my camera the first time as I had to sent it for repairs. We were separated for two months. That would mean being unable to create lasting memories back then. Since I got it back last April 2010, we were almost inseparable every weekend. I take it with me wherever I go taking more beautiful photos. Up to now, whenever I have the time, I make sure to go out and take pictures as much as I can.

Also, I supplemented my photography skills with basic photo-editing to bring out the best in my pictures. I used to hate Photoshop because for me, it makes the picture unreal even if it enhances it. But as time goes by, I learn to appreciate Photoshop and how to use it to make lovely pictures lovelier.

But this time, I need to learn more and keep on shooting to get that perfect picture every time. Now why am I still here? I should be out there shooting. XD

Wednesday, October 20

Swabeng Thoughts: 60 Ways why It's Funny Living In The Philippines

I got this from fellow blogger and good friend Doc Albert. I will be including my insights here so as to give it a different interpretation. Also, I'll add some of my own here to make it more extensive. ^_^

Disclaimer: These are both our opinions and it has nothing to do with you (anonymous readers). ^_^

1. Ninety percent of the shows of our local TV channels comprises of soap operas.
--> Not necessarily true unless every time you open your TV, you look for it or probably you watch TV from 2:30pm-5:30pm and 8:00pm-10:30pm.

2. Ordinary people like a SM saleslady or a high school student carry two cellphones at the same time.

-->Even tricycle drivers carry two cellphones at a time with its basic unit amounting to around 1000 pesos and up.

3. Adults have an odd fascination to be cute by including unnecessary words such as "po" and "kaya" in what they are saying.

-->I'm guilty of it sometimes. Just trying to be polite even to people younger than me. ^_^

4. Celebrities who cannot sing can become best selling recording artists just by the stature of their fame.

-->I can't think of a good example. Willie Revillame perhaps.

5. Tsinelas is a fashion statement as long as it is Havaianas.

-->I cante help it but feel sorry for my Spartan brothers and sisters.

6. Taxi drivers have the right to refuse passengers with outrageous reasons such as "trapik," "kakain pa" and my favorite "di doon ang daan ko."

-->I hope LTFRB/LTO would strictly enforce laws regarding taxi drivers who refuse to take in passengers and give silly alibis.

7. A tv show that was suspended can continue with its airing with the same cast and format as long as it bears a new temporary show title.

-->All I can remember is Showtime.

8. The long forgotten career of Air Supply is very much alive in every home and karaoke joints.

--> I agree on this one. XD

9. People fulfill their overwhelming desire to be white by seeking the pharmaceutical aid of gluthatione.

-->If they have the money to spend, I don't think that's a problem.

10. FM radio stations are contaminated by loud, unfunny and jolog-speaking disc jockeys who obligatorily laugh at their own jokes.

--> That's why I listen to Hardcore stations like NU 107.5 and RJ 105.9

11. A pambahay is synonymous to a swimwear as evident by the t-shirt and shorts wearing females and basketball shorts clad men who frolic in public swimming pools and beaches.

--> No budget for Speedos definitely. hehe. XD

12. Local tv channels nowadays are like a peryahan with the mushrooming talent shows blatantly copied from Britain's Got Talent.

-->They may have copied it but it goes to show that Filipinos got not just talent but world class talent. I've been watching this show since its first airing and the semi-finals is really good. One thing about it though, its airtime is the same as "Talentadong Pinoy" which I also like watching. ^_^

13. Customers go to Starbucks not for the beverage but more for the purpose of human pollution.

-->Not to mention chick hunting XD. Sometimes, I'm guilty of this especially if I have to wait for a friend while sipping their hot, expensive drink. But the reason I go there more often especially during November and December is their Planner. I have 4 already dating back from 2007.

14. Students and most especially workers enjoy an insane number of breaks from holidays. This, considering we're a third world nation who needs to generate more money.

--> Some people need a break.

15. Despite being just an obvious marketing ploy by TV networks and film outfits, people still have a strong conviction that showbiz love teams are real.

--> No Comment. XD

16. A mother or yaya believes that a stranger who finds her baby cute should wipe his laway to the poor toddler to counteract the power of usog. Never mind if the laway is filthy and possibly infectious.

--> I just simply don't get the logic of this.

17. The poorer the family is, the greater number of members it has. Sex, therefore, is a national past time among those in the poverty line.

-->Blame it on lack of electricity on each home.

18. Action stars and comedians usually have in their films young leading ladies that could pass as their daughters in real life.

--> That's why they're my Idols. XD

19. Birit is regarded as the greatest form of musical talent.

--> I disagree on this. Not all biriteros are great singers.

20. A local woman who you see dating a white man in a mall most probably looks like a chimay.

-->Its very evident in Harrison Plaza. Chimay wont be the term but rather exotic. 

21. Noontime variety shows are polluted by noisy and shallow hosts, orchestrated clapping, moronic novelty theme songs, choreographed audience merrymaking, badly lipsynched song numbers, premeditated crying and retardate acting contestants.

-->Not all noontime variety shows are like that.

22. The best way to gain fame and fortune in showbiz and politics is by publicly declaring that you are "laki sa hirap" or "para sa mahirap." 

--> Not true. Some are just plain lucky. XD

23. Young people are into music whose lyrics they don't even understand. Music that superficially dwells on fancy clothes, flashy choreography and artists who spend most of their time trying to be cute on camera. 

-->K-Pop, J-Pop and the like really influenced kids of today.

24. An artista is not afraid of overexposure. Thereby, he or she can star in two to three shows in one day, aside from having a movie currently showing.

-->I think that's how they work really hard to pay their house, cars etc.

25. Local award shows for movies are polluted with inanities such as production numbers by the hottest teen stars that have nothing to do with the roster of film nominees and special awards like "Snacku Star Of The Night."

-->That makes the show longer.

26.  A person can become president solely by virtue of his parents' legacy.

-->He already did won. The only missing is his proclamation by either the Supreme Chief Justice or by any Baranggay Captain.

27. Only one type of local movies sells in the box office--- mediocre formulaic romantic flicks by Star Cinema.

--> True. That's why I'd rather watch Cable TV =P

28. A record or album can reach multi-platinum status despite containing mostly recycled materials.

--> I'd say not all. Some multi-platinun albums are really good. ^_^

29. The remnants of an overthrown dictatorship hold government positions. A once incarcerated former president has a chance to be reelected. A current leader who holds the highest position in the land is allowed to conspicuously run for a lower position.

-->Politics "Only in the Philippines"

30. A TV station is like a religion. People coined themselves as either a Kapuso or Kapamilya and wage war against each other for the sake of their beloved TV networks.

--> Only in the Philippines. XD

31. Every street corner can be transformed into an instant restroom. 
-->Applicable to all guys but not to the ladies unless the need is critical. 

32. A local singer who has appeared on Oprah is already regarded as an international music superstar with the caliber of a Britney Spears or Beyonce.
--> Probably yes unless they just want to be seen on TV. XD

33. A female celebrity who had a history of STD still shamelessly endorses a vaginal antiseptic/feminine wash.
--> I know who she is?!? XD

34. People have a strange fascination to make senseless world records such as "pinakamalaking buko pie" or "pinakamahabang ihawan."
--> They just wanted to be in the Guiness I guess. Nothing wrong with that. XD

35. Newly installed garbage bins, manhole covers, cables and street lamps disappear suddenly without a trace.
--> Just look at your nearest junk shop and you'll know the answers. XD

36. A new movie or TV show is being pitched by stars who basically have nothing to do with the said project.
--> Probably it would be for his/her onscreen partner. XD

37. Callers of radio stations greet people who ironically are just beside them.
--> Oops! Were kinda guilty but at least we were greeted on-air =P

38. Walking out from a TV show or an interview is a ploy to be controversial.
--> For me its just how to get attention. =P

39. An elected government official is only deemed to have lost from the previous election only when another poll is just around the corner.
--> I have no Idea. XD

40. Filipino entries included in contests via international online voting almost always win.
-->Not all Filipino entries win but one thing I know is that they have unity plus internet usage here is cheap. 

41. Girls who are not into rock music become fans of a rock band for the main reason that the lead vocalist is pogi.
-->There are bands that the drummer, guitarist or bassist are more good-looking than the vocalist. 

42. Salesladies in department stores wear terrible make up.
--> Unfortunately true. But there are Salesladies out there who are extremely hot XD

43. After years of staying in our country, Fil-Am and other foreign bred celebrities still cannot understand or speak Filipino.
-->Totally Disagree. My boss can speak and understand Tagalog though we still communicate with him in English.

44. Ladies who wear short skirts and shorts in public would cover up whenever they are sitting or riding the escalator.
-->They should wear long skirts instead. Those who wear shirts with plunging neckline should wear turtle -necks instead. 

45. Reality shows are havens for discovering flash in the pan disposable celebrities.
--> Seems this is the latest trend now a days.

46. Bands who perform at noontime variety shows are obliged to jam with the hosts.
--> A must probably? 

47. A career change for an actress is to pose for a men's magazine.
-->Its more of a stepping stone perhaps. 

48. A person with one mobile phone is a subscriber to two or three networks. (I always find it funny whenever I see people changing sim in his mobile phone whenever he wants to use or check out his other network.) 
-->I used to be guilty at this until I decided to keep only one sim (Globe).

49.  People get killed for the reason of "masama kung tumingin."
--> I almost get killed as well because of this. XD

50. Students review at Starbucks despite the obvious many distractions.
-->They don't review. They just go on chick hunting and oogling women with big breasts and nice butts. hehe. XD

51. It is natural for other people to spit in public.
-->Spit somewhere else (like Singapore) and you'll get fined. 

52. People are entertained by watching their favorite artista sing and dance to other people's songs during a Sunday noon.
--> Can't help it. Its Sunday anyway. XD

53. The more baduy an artista is, the more money he or she makes.
-->Not all. There are those who just vanished from the spotlight.

54. Nothing beats the sumptuousness of suka or sawsawan of street foods. (Maybe it's all those microorganisms that make them tasty.)
--> Isaw, kwek2 FTW XD

55. Items from hotels, airlines and restaurants are taken home for souvenirs by its patrons.
-->Of course. They want to get their money's worth. XD

56. People love crying, making a person cry and seeing other people cry on national TV. (Most of the time, the scene is equipped with a sad and melancholic background music.) 
--> This really sucks especially if celebrities do it. 

57. A reality show contestant will most likely win if he or she is poor.
--> Almost but not quite. XD

58. Bikers think they are also pedestrians by the manner they outmaneuver their motorcycles on the road.
--> Some are true to some extent. 

59. People over react to a satire or parody without considering we are also a nation of racists and pintasero.
--> I cant help it but to agree.

60. We are a country who loves vacation. Where else can you see a Monday being made into a holiday if the said holiday originally falls on a weekend?
-->Only in the Philippines an ex-President can change the day of the holiday.

The week that was (Oct 10 - 16)

Sunday: Good thing I didn't have to answer any calls for my shift since there ain't any XD. I just did some stuff while I'm on shift that getting sleepy didn't bother me much at all. I left the office at around 7:05am and took a cab straight home. I was able to get some sleep before 8:00am and got up at 2:00pm with a splitting headache. But still, I pushed through with my plans of going out today. First I went to BHS to attend the Germany Expo there to check on what Germany has to offer. I stayed there for a short while before going to SM Megamall to attend the Otaku Expo Reloaded. I didn't have enough strength to take much pictures as my head aches like its killing me. I took my early dinner at the food court to counter my headache. I got home at around 8:00pm and went upstairs to get some rest. I didn't notice that it was already 11:00pm when I got up again. I did some laundry again before going back to bed. 

Monday: I went to bed at around 1:00am hoping to get some more sleep. But unfortunately, I was up all night long. I tried every position possible to make myself fall asleep but to no avail. My wife even had a hard time sleeping as well as she was burping for an hour and a half before she fell asleep. I gave-up trying to get some sleep and went outside at around 4:30am to grab something to eat. I had to keep myself awake so I would be able to sleep later that night.I went back home at 6:30am hoping to get some sleep but I can't. I decided to pack some dirty clothes and went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. Going there took me a while but I got there early. I went inside Shopwise to look for some groceries before meeting my mom. Then I went to Glorietta to buy an eye mask that I could use to sleep during the day. Going to Glorietta took me an hour and a half which I don't mind since I need to rest my eyes that time. I got there at around 9:45am so I went to Rustan's Supermarket first to kill some time. Getting my eye mask took me only 20 minutes before heading to MRT going to Boni.I got back home at almost 2:00pm as I got to fix some things before calling it a day.

Tuesday: I got up at around 9:45am. I could have got up much early but my body demanded more sleep so I gave in. Then I just lulled the rest of the morning before getting back to be in the afternoon. Good thing my wife is slowly recovering from her operation and can go online but only for a short time. I left for office at 8:45pm and was able to get there on time.

Wednesday: The night was pretty boring except for one call I got at around 12:20am. I just browsed some websites. Then by 7:00am, I left the office on my way home. I went to the drugstore to buy some medicines for my wife when all of a sudden, I felt hungry and craving for a Burrito. I went to Army and Navy to get my Burritos there. It took me a while to get home because of the horrible morning traffic. I got home at around 9:00am and went to bed to get that sleep I need. I got up at around 4:30pm which was not bad though I wanted to sleep more. My wife asked me to buy some food for her which I obliged.

Thursday: Work was quite steady as they hand over the phone back to us. I was able to answer 3 out of 4 calls. Then after my shift, I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there before riding a cab home. I felt hungry again so I took a quick bite at Chowking. Their service was quite slow though but I'm hungry anyway. Was able to sleep from 8:30am-5:30pm. But when I got up, I kinda felt grumpy for a while. Since there isn't much food home, I just ate out before reporting for work. Before riding my first train, I felt dizzy, something I haven't felt in a very long time. I got in the office almost 30 minutes late, still feeling dizzy.

Friday: I got my calls at around 1:30am and I was able to do my best but I had to escalate them since it was out of my scope. Good thing our US counterpart was able to provide me some tips on troubleshooting.Good thing my shift was smooth and steady. After my shift, I went to Subway in Glorietta to have a quick breakfast there. They have this promo that for a 6-inch chicken sub, instead of paying 140 pesos, I paid only 69 pesos. Then I went home via the MRT-LRT connection. It took me 45 minutes to get home. Then I woke up my wife so that she would get used to getting up early. I made her milk before I go to sleep. For the 3rd time this week, I was able to sleep though the day with minimal disturbances. I got up at around 5:30pm and had my haircut before reporting to work. I left home earlier but I got there late since it took me a while to board on LRT to Buendia plus the bus I got in conked-out 3 blocks away from the office.

Saturday: We were a bit disappointed since our Global Helpdesk Manager didn't show up during our shift. Little did we know, they were having some fun together with our OIC which makes our OIC dead-drunk. XD. We just spend the rest of our shift working but not that much though. By 4:00am, I felt I'm craving for Zinger. I went out to find one but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a Zinger after going to 2 KFC branches that I know in Makati that are 10-15 minutes away from each other and from the office. I had to settle for 2 Sausage Mc Muffin with Egg and a Large French Fries. Then after our shift, I took a cab home so I could get some sleep early. Little did I know that I wasn't able to get out in the afternoon since it was raining so hard I just went to bed again and sleep some more. Though I feel a little bit sad that I wasn't able to go out that day, it didn't matter much since I had to work that night. I left home early again and dressed smart since our Global Helpdesk Manager was there.

Monday, October 18

One Stormy Morning

I just got up almost an hour ago still feeling the chills from the Typhoon Juan. I know its my day-off and I don't much care about it but I hope everybody is safe and sound.

Sunday, October 17

My October to-do List (First Update)

As of October 17, here are the things I have done so far

1. Get all mens magazine collection for October: (Got FHM only. Probably, I'll get the rest within November)
2. Accompany my wife on her follow-up check-up this October 6. (Done. Next check-up would be on the 3rd of November)
3. Attend Pipho's 5th Anniversary Event (Done)
4. Attend Conmania X on October 3. (Done)
5. Transfer e-books on Photography/Photoshop from my office PC to my USB. (Done)
6. Edit some sets of pictures (5-10 sets).
7. Attend Eurofest 2010. (Unable to attend due to heavy rains).
8. Attend FHM Pool Party / Carshow on the 23rd at Manila Ocean Park

I'll update this again before the month ends. XD

Saturday, October 16

Battle of the Full-Frame Cameras

Please, do watch how these camera's fare instead of focusing on the snooker player. XD

Enjoy! XD

Sunday, October 10

October 10, 2010

Or what we call 10-10-10 since today is the 10th of October 2010. A lot of people believe in luck if the number of month, date and year would be the same. For the past 9 years, there is one day that all of them are the same like


And there are two more years that this event could happen (11-11-11 and 12-12-12). A lot of people are auspicious about these dates as they bring good luck to those who believe in it. But for me, its just an ordinary day. XD

The week that was (Oct 3 - 9)

Sunday: I was anticipating to take some calls during my shift but there were none. Instead, I updated my file which contains the exif data of my shots for future reference. After my shift, I went straight home to get some much needed sleep. After getting up at 1:00pm, I had my late lunch before getting myself ready to attend Cosplay Mania X. After the event, I really feel hungry and sleepy so I had my dinner at Sakae Sushi and help myself at their sushi buffet. I was able to go online before going to bed while doing some laundry. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting myself to sleep.

Monday: I got up at around 9:00am to watch WWE's Hell in a Cell and it was quite disappointing. I spent the rest of the day at home either sleeping or going online outside. Same as the previous night, I'm having a hard time sleeping at night =(

Tuesday: I think I was able to doze off at around 5:00am and got up at around 9:00am. I went out to go online for an hour before I tried to get some more sleep at around 10:30am to 2:30pm. Its really bothersome that I can't sleep for a decent 7 hours straight. I went to work so that I would be able to help my wife with our finances.

Wednesday: I got 5 calls during the night that keeps me awake for the entire shift. I really missed my naps every 3:30-5:00am but I have to help the team with those emails and calls. After my shift, I went home right away so that I would be able to sleep early at around 8:00am. Then I got up at around 1:30pm to accompany my wife to the hospital for her follow-up check-up. Going to the hospital was really horrible since we had to spend 200 pesos for a taxi cab. Also it took us more than an hour to get there, hence the fare was high (at 200). But good thing when we got there my wife was able to have her check-up without waiting. I was able to see our baby and its heartbeat. After her check-up, we had our early dinner at Pancake House before heading back home.

Thursday: Work was quite steady again and I was able to take 4 more calls. Then I took a bus going home and passed by Intramuros again for my fried chicken breakfast. I got home at around 8:45am and tried to sleep at around 9:00am. Since the weather was quite hot. Honestly, I though I was able to adjust my body clock 100%. Got up at around 2:00pm before I went online for an hour. I tried to get back to sleep at around 4:00pm but its really hard for me to fall asleep again. Most of the time, my body feels numb and I can't help it but to keep my mind awake. I left home and arrived at the office at around 10:10pm.

Friday: Work was still steady during the early morning as I was able to check some webpages I usually visit.Then at around 5:45am, I got a call that I was able to resolve but the follow-up issue took me a while but I was still unable to fix it =(. I left the office at around 7:30am. It took me 20 minutes to look for a cab. While going home, the taxi driver took a different route. It was my first time to see some of the streets in Sta Ana, and Pandacan as well. I got home at around 8:30am and went to bed right away. I got up at 1:00pm and hurriedly prepare to go to the Galleon Exhibit at the back of The Manila Hotel. Too bad I wasn't able to get in because of the horrible traffic going there and the long queue plus some people in front were saying its already closed. I went home right after and had some quality time with my wife. Then I went back to sleep at around 4:00pm and got up at 7:45pm. I need to prepare quickly so I had to skip dinner at home and ate somewhere else.

Saturday: Work was quite stressful than the previous night but I was able to hold my own here. Though I had few calls, its mostly because I'm the one who answers the calls for the team. By 7:00am, I'm done with work and went home right away. I took a cab but the driver seem to be lost in Makati until I gave him the directions on going home. Then, I took a quick breakfast at Chowking in Legarda before finally going home. I was able to sleep until 1:00pm. Then I prepared myself to go to SM North Edsa to attend the 5th Anniversary Event of Pipho. Going there took me a while since traffic was not that good plus it was raining as well. But before I went to the event itself, I looked for a place to eat. Though the food at Big Better Burgers was quite disappointing, I had to charge it to experience. At around 5:30pm, me and my friend Paolo took a cab to Robinsons Galeria to attend the FHM Autograph Signing of Jef and Wendy. Then all of a sudden, I had the urge to go home first since its still early. I got back home at around 7:30pm to check-out my wife as well as prepare my laundry for the next day. I left for office at around 8:30pm. I got a little bit upset since one of my colleagues forgot to create a ticket for her problem , so I had to create one for the issue.


Thursday, October 7

Something to laugh about. XD

Good thing a good friend of mine sent me this to easen my boredom here in the office.

Thanks Jun. IDOL talaga kita. XD

Oh My. Its Solenn!!!

For October 2010, Its Survivor hottie Solenn Heusaff as UNO's covergirl.

I have to grab my copy as soon as possible. XD

Want to shed pounds? Sleep longer say experts

I wish I could sleep more during the day. XD
Want to shed pounds? Sleep longer say experts

WASHINGTON (AFP) - – Dieters looking to shed more fat and feel less hungry while they do it may benefit from a few more hours in bed, according to a new study.

Dieters lost the same amount of weight whether they slept for a full night or fewer hours, but those who got more sleep lost more fat and they also felt less hungry while awake, according to the study, which appears in the October 5 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine.

"If your goal is to lose fat, skipping sleep is like poking sticks in your bicycle wheels," said Plamen Penev, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Chicago and the director of the study.

"Cutting back on sleep, a behavior that is ubiquitous in modern society, appears to compromise efforts to lose fat through dieting. In our study it reduced fat loss by 55 percent," Penev added.

The study, undertaken by the University of Chicago's General Clinical Resource Center, tracked 10 overweight but healthy volunteers aged 35 to 49.

The participants had body mass indexes ranging from 25, which is considered overweight, to 32, which is considered obese.

Each ate a diet designed to give them 90 percent of the calories they needed to maintain their weight without exercise and then spent 14 days getting up to 8.5 hours of sleep and another 14 days getting up to 5.5 hours of sleep.

The difference between the two periods was pronounced.

When the dieters got up to 8.5 hours of sleep a day, more than half of the weight they lost was fat. When they were sleeping just 5.5 hours a day, only one-fourth of the weight loss was fat with the rest being mostly muscle tissue.

And getting less sleep also made it harder to diet, as the levels of ghrelin, a hormone that triggers hunger, increased when the volunteers were sleeping fewer hours.

The strictly controlled diets available to the participants meant they had no access to additional food even when their lack of sleep made them hungrier.

But that would not be the case for real-world dieters, who could further dent their chances of shedding fat by failing to sleep enough, feeling more hungry and eating additional calories.

Penev said the message of the study was clear.

"For the first time, we have evidence that the amount of sleep makes a big difference on the results of dietary intervention," he said.

"One should not ignore the way they sleep when going on a diet. Obtaining adequate sleep may enhance the beneficial effects of a diet."

Wednesday, October 6

The 10 Worst Credit Card Mistakes

Good thing I don't own any credit cards. Here's why.

There are plenty debates over whether or not you should use a credit card, especially if you are in debt. If you have a credit card, you want to be sure you are using it to your advantage and avoid costly mistakes. To help you avoid these mistakes, here is a list of the ten biggest credit card mistakes that people make.

1. Using your credit card like a debit card
Your credit card is not your bank debit card. Never put your credit card into an ATM. No, it's not going to do any damage to your credit card, but it will cost you. Often you can expect a flat fee for getting a cash advance and also an astronomical interest rate on top of that for the convenience.

2. Signing up for a credit card with an annual fee and not setting a reminder in your calendar
It is sometimes a good idea to sign up for a new credit card to get a big sign up bonus or take advantage of a balance transfer offer. However, if you ended up with a card that has an annual fee, be sure to set a reminder in your calendar if you are not planning to keep the card and want to avoid the fee. Far too many people pay annual fees on credit cards just because they forget to cancel the card.

3. Not properly researching foreign transactions fees
Before traveling overseas, you need to realize that every credit card has different foreign currency exchange rates and international transaction fees. A typical fee is anywhere from 0 percent to 3 percent. If you have several cards in your wallet, you should use the one that has the best foreign currency exchange rate.

4. Lending your card or card number to people
This is a recipe for disaster. If you give someone your card number, they can make an exorbitant number of purchases. Protect your account by refusing to give anyone your card or card number.

5. Spending more on your card than you have in the bank
Credit card debt is one of the most costly types of debt. In fact, it is the reason why so many people face huge financial problems. If you have a card, you need to be sure that you have a system in place to limit or monitor your spending. You need to know how to budget with your card, and if you don't do it well, you need to immediately address your credit card debt problems.

6. Giving anyone other than your spouse signing rights
If you get a secondary card for someone, you are liable for all the charges. If you're married, you're already liable because you own everything jointly. Otherwise, you are taking a serious risk by adding other card members. The only possible exception might be your children, and if they do have an account you should properly monitor their spending and their credit limit.
[Visit the U.S. News My Money blog for the best money advice from around the web.]

7. Not calling to ask to reduce your APR
If you currently are trying to get out of credit card debt then you should call your card issuer and ask them for a reduced rate. Just gather a few offers for lower rates you have in your mailbox and threaten to leave if they don't lower your rate. If they don't budge, move your balance elsewhere.

8. Signing up for a credit card to get a free T-shirt or a 10 percent discount on a $20 shirt
There can be some very lucrative sign up bonuses. Your best bet is to only sign up for cards with really good offers. A free T-shirt and a 10 percent off are not good incentives.

9. Not properly managing your statement and payments
Some people get into credit card trouble simply because they don't review their statements and they don't have a system in place for paying their bills. You need a system. If you are not in a habit of reviewing your statement, it is quite likely that you are making some reoccurring payments you know nothing about.

10. Not taking advantage of credit card rewards
I figure if you have a credit card you might as well be getting rewards. There is no such thing as the right card because the right card depends on your spending habits. Just be sure your spending is offering you something of value. Here's a list of the best credit cards to help you make that decision.

For me, its better to spend in cash. XD

Tuesday, October 5

Another Cosplay Event just around the corner.

Another cosplay event around the corner. XD

From the bright minds of Otakuzine comes the event that will awaken the otaku inside of you.

Otaku Expo Reload will be held at SM Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 and will run from October 8 up to October 10. The following are the events scheduled for the convention:
Battle of the Bands (Oct 8-10)
Karaoke Contest (Oct 8-10)
On the Spot art Contest Individual / Group (Oct 9-10)
Kpop Dance Competition (Oct 9-10)
Group Cosplay (Oct 9)
Individual Cosplay (Oct 10)

Bring your friends and don't forget to charge those cameras because you'll never know what will happen there.

My options for Oct 9 keeps on getting more and more difficult. XD

Most Common Interview Process in Call Centers, Revealed!

For those who want to get into the call center industry, here are some tips from

Most jobseekers aim to work in call centers due the great job opportunity it offers. Who would’nt like to work in an industry that offers high salary, loads of benefits and out of town team buildings? Call center really offers a lot of tempting perks!

However, applying in a call center is not as easy as 1-2-3. Out of 10 people who apply in call center only 3-4 gets the job, so preparation is really a virtue!

To help you out with your preparations, here’s the most common interview process in call centers:

  1. Screening process- A Human Resource (HR) personnel would screen you to ask you basic questions. Some HR conducts reading comprehension, you will read a story and would re-tell the story based on your understanding. Some would just ask basic questions like your background, likes or any random questions just to test your communication skills.

  1. Listening and Reading Activity- An HR officer would test your hearing and reading ability since call center agents take calls. You will ask to listen to different kinds of voices, accents and phone feedbacks. You will also read series of sentences or stories and re-tell the story aloud.

  1. English and Typing Examination- If you pass this level, then you're few more steps closer to the job offer! English grammar, basic math and basic computer knowledge are often the scope of the examination. Aside from the exam, a typing test would also be done. Here, you will be ask to type a paragraph or series of words in as fast and accurate as you can.

  1. Phone Simulation- The phone simulation is said to be the toughest level since it will put you in the real scenario. You will be given a handbook where the services are noted. An HR officer who would act like a customer that would call you and ask for the services or would complain about his/her problem. All the possible answers are written on the handbook so its going to be how you would handle the conversation.

  1. Final Interview- If you reached this level, you are one step closer to your goal-the job offer. The head HR would interview you and ask series of questions. Never show pressure and never rattle because he/she would decide if you are deserving for the job offer.

The Job Offer- After you succeeded the intense application process, you will receive a job offer. However, the process is not yet over. After you get the offer you will ask to be trained, and will still be graded based on your performance before they will ask you to be part of the company.

There you go. Hope this helps. XD

Monday, October 4

My Experience at Cosmania X

Yesterday, I went to SMX for the nth time to attend the Cosplay Mania X, popularly known as Cosmania X. I had been anticipating this event since May since there would be a lot of cosplayers (old and new) who will be there as well.

After my 10pm-7am shift the previous night, I went home right away to get some sleep for me to be energized. I got up at around 1:00pm to prepare for the event. It took me a while before reaching SMX since there were a lot of people who wanted to spend quality time with one another. As I got in, there were a lot of people inside (cosplayers, photographers and fanboys XD) roaming around and taking pictures of their favorite cosplayers and some toys.

I was able to take some pictures of toys and cosplayers while meeting some people I know in photography doing their thing again XD.  I got tired after 3-4 hours of roaming around which made me decide to call it a day.

Here are some other pictures for you to look at end enjoy. XD


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