Saturday, March 31

Three Months Down

An hour to go before the second quarter of 2012 begins. A lot of thing have happened and changed. I got 6 more months of my work contract. I got 20 more days before my baby turns one and I have a lot of reasons to be excited about. I wasn't supposed to be here in the office but I just uploaded some fresh shots from MIAS 2012 and I'm looking forward to another 3 more months of fun. XD

Earth Hour 2012: I will ___ if you ___

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I will make sure to contribute to mother earth if you stop making yourself look useful when you're not. 

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This would be my slogan for The Earth Hour this year. Anyway, much as I wanted to fully support this campaign, I felt like its a scripted one because after Earth Hour, things do go back to normal for most people who pretend to help our planet. 

People with real concern for the environment should do more beyond the earth hour. Keeping things off or unplugged when not in use would really help. ^_^

Read more here, here and here for you to be more informed. 

Friday, March 30

Eight Things to Expect in MIAS 2012

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As MIAS is just around the corner, what do we need to expect next? I just got it here so please do read and enjoy. Let me know your experience ayt? ^_^

1. Car launches
Like in the world's biggest car shows, major car manufacturers choose the MIAS as the launch pad for their new vehicles. Just to name a few cars that are expected to be launched on the show's opening day are the all-new Ford Ranger pickup truck and the 2.0-liter 4x2 variant of the Explorer sport-utility vehicle, the Hyundai Veloster compact hatchback and Eon city car, the all-new Subaru Impreza-based XV crossover, the Chrysler 300C luxury sedan with the eight-speed slushbox, the Mini Cooper Roadster and Coupe, the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe, the Foton Thunder pickup truck and the Chana King Long van. You can also just ogle at the cars on display as BMW will showcase its lineup of M high-performance models led by the all-new M5.

2. Affordable financing deals from BPI Family Auto Loans
Thanks to the success of last year's show, BPI Family Auto Loans is again officially presenting MIAS. Known for its Auto Madness campaigns, special financial packages await car buyers with the bank's various financing schemes.

3. The Petron-MIAS Custom Classic Car Competition
Petron, one of the biggest oil firms in the Philippines, is the main presenter of the Petron-MIAS Custom Classic Car Competition (MCCC). Some 100 custom, vintage and classic cars will compete for top honors like the highly-coveted Petron-MCCC Best of Show award.

4. Racing-oriented displays and activities
Since the theme of MIAS 2012 is Life in the Fast Lane, it's only appropriate that the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP)--the country's oldest automotive association that is affiliated with the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile--will honor the country's top drivers in its 17th annual Motorsport Awards. Actor and former race car driver Jomari Yllana will also launch his Yllana Racing Team at the show with his highly-customized Hyundai Genesis drift race car. Tuason Racing School, meanwhile, will conduct seminars on racing techniques and road safety.

5. A display led by the Philippines' top aftermarket tuners and shops

Motul, through its local distributor AutoPlus, will showcase what it calls as "the Philippines' fastest: a highly-customized Ford GT supercar and a Nissan GTR, as both cars broke the 200mph (over 322kph) barrier at a recent speed festival event. Mercedes-Benz luxury tuner brand Carlsson, through Wheel Gallery, will also showcase two highly-customized Mercedes-Benzes, complete with engine modifications and bodyworks.

6. Crazy car stunts by Russ Swift
Before there was Ken Block, there was Russ Swift and he's be back for the sixth straight year to regale his audience with stunts that require the keenest of skills and utmost precision. Not bad, really, for a senior citizen who can probably outdrive us any day of the week.

7. Aftermarket parts and accessories
MIAS isn't just about new cars and car shows. Shops that sell aftermarket parts and accessories will also be around. So if you're looking for a set of alloy wheels or car tint for your car, or even just a t-shirt to go with the stickers you bought, you'll find it here.

8. Kid-friendly activities
Just because there are loads of cars and a bevy of beautiful babes at the show, it doesn't mean MIAS 2012 isn't kid-friendly. If you'll be bringing your children along while you're shopping for a new car, drop them off at the Red Rock Travel booth for a free face-painting session. There's also a Formula 1 library where they can read about their favorite drivers or circuits. Is your little one creative? Let him or her join the on-the-spot drawing contest of his or her favorite F1 scene for a chance to win a prize.
Again, let me know how it goes. ^_^

Thursday, March 29

Where to go before April starts

Nowhere to go this coming weekends again? Let me give you some swabeng events to attend to as I saw them a couple of days or even weeks earlier.

1. Manila International Auto Show (MIAS 2012): This would top my list as I've been a visitor for five consecutive years. It is the Philippines’ largest and most attended car show, with over 85,000 attendees and an exhibit area of over 30,000 sqm. The event features the best concept cars, hybrid cars, and other automotives that will change the way we look at motoring.I hope I could have the time to watch the drift show this time. XD

Taken from their Website

2. Beyond Earth Hour 2012 Event: Would the Philippines make it four years in a row with the most number of participants joining this once a year event. This time, Makati would host the biggest Earth Hour in Philippine History as we switch off our lights for three hours instead of one. Since the event would be in front of our office, I could take a peak perhaps and see what it brings me. 

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3. Tagcom 6 2012: Another event for gamers, cosplayers, toy collectors and onlookers as Tagcom will be on its 6th year. I could pass by here probably this Sunday ^_^. 

Taken from

4, Alodia's Birthday Bash: Thousands of Alodia (as well as cosplayer) fans would definitely storm here to be with her. But there is one problem, SECURITY. With tight security, having a photo-op with her could be next to impossible but I was able to do it twice. XD

Taken from her Facebook Page

I gave you the options so choose wisely XD. Now go out and have fun but don't forget to share your experience okay? XD

Swabeng Tips for 2012 Graduates

First, I would like to congratulate all students graduating this 2012 (NAKS!) as this is one feat most parents would be proud of their children. After blood, sweat and tears, it all boils down to celebrating at the end of the school year.

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But what happens next after graduation? With a lot of options to choose, I could trim it down to a few. Whether you just finished grade school, highschool or graduated from college, let me share to you some swabeng tips to enjoy life after graduation.

1. Savor the moment. Rejoice and share it with your family and loved ones as you were able to achieve a feat perhaps others may only dream of. Do take pictures of you in your toga with your classmates so you would be able to have a souvenir of your victorious moment.

2. Take a breather. Unless you're the next bread-winner of your family, just relax and take time to think, reflect and prepare for the future ahead. No need to be in a hurry.

3. Go somewhere to have a change in perspective: For me, after every school year back in grade school, my mom would let me stay with our relatives in Pampanga to enjoy some time away from school. Going somewhere away from home helps us recharge and get energized and inspired.

4. With great power comes great responsibility: As we grow older, we need to step-up as well so we could make our parent's proud. For college graduates, if you wanted to look for a job right away, please look for one and be more productive.

That's what I could think of for now. Do you have a swabeng tip to the graduates? Please let me know. ^_^

Again, Congratulations Batch 2012! ^_^

Wednesday, March 28

Two years in IT

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I never imagined how time flies so fast that I thought all things happened only yesterday. I even recall some of my first boo-boos when I was starting as an IT Service Desk. There is really a difference between working as a Tech Support Rep and an IT Service Desk with the latter being more fun and challenging. ^_^

When I was working as a TSR, my knowledge was only limited to the product I am supporting. Though it helped me broaden my knowledge in dealing with computer problems, it was only limited with hardware and operating systems problems. With working as an IT Service Desk, I was able to broaden my knowledge with injecting some software troubleshooting plus administering basic accounts that I could say made me basically complete.

With only six months left in my contract, I believe I am ready to test the waters and prove my worth to a bigger IT industry. And for my remaining six months, I have to absorb every learning experience like a sponge and carry it over towards the next.

Tuesday, March 27

The week that was (March 18 - 24)

Sunday: Got up early to take Migmig down but we didn't go out as my daughter had rashes after my wife gave her a bath (they say she shouldn't have gave Migmig a bath the previous day). When my baby had her tantrums, we went upstairs so she could crawl and stand there freely. My wife got up and took Migmig down so she could have breakfast. Then I got my 2 hour nap but I wasn't able to maximize it as I heard my baby cry loud downstairs at times. When I got up, I am having this terrible headache. When I went down, they went up to put our baby to bed. I was able to go online for an hour and I was able to do some Mafia Wars and update my blog entries as well. When I got back, our baby was still sleeping and got up at almost 2:00pm. It was my turn again to babysit Migmig. Late in the afternoon, my wife went to Divisoria to do some shopping as she missed going there. I got my hands-full in taking care of our baby while her mommy is away. She got back eventually at around 7:30pm and took care of our baby from there. I was able to ready Sunday's paper and watch TV before going to bed at almost midnight.

Monday: Got up early so I could take Migmig out but not that far as she's recovering from rashes. When her aunt came, I was able to take the laptop down and go online. I also tried to re-install CS4 but still I wasn't able to install it =(. While doing some of my stuff online, My wife called me saying that I gave her the wrong folder and it was her time of the month. So I went to her office in 45 minutes and got there and handed her the correct folder. I was kinda pissed-off that when she tried to invite me out for lunch, I told her I'm not hungry. I stayed in her office for around 15 minutes before going down to have lunch at Manang's as I felt hungry. Then I went to this building within a few meters away from my wife's office to check Fully Booked and too bad, their Photography section wasn't that much. I took the MRT back home but I drop-off at SM Centerpoint to buy Migmig's milk as well as her snacks as she starts to get bored on cerelac and gerber (Good Baby XD). When I got back, I went online instead and checked my online stuff. By 5:00pm, I went out again to buy my baby a cake for her 11th month of existence. I chose a different flavor as my wife is not really fond of chocolates or anything too sweet for her taste. By the time her aunt has left for the day, It was my turn to have my hands-on on Migmig. Then my wife's sister arrived first and helped me take care of Migmig and a few minutes after, my wife has finally come home. I took pictures of my wife and baby with her 11th cake this month before she took Migmig upstairs for her beauty rest. I got to enjoy the rest of the night before joining them at around 11:30pm.

Tuesday: Got up early as I got take Migmig down for some fresh air. Somehow, her rashes begins to disappear which gave me (and my wife) a sigh of relief. I was able to go online as her aunt came in to take over. I tried installing CS5 but I'm not successful. I left home early so I could be in the office early. Work was quite okay as I got to answer some emails that needs attention. For dinner, I accompanied my colleague as she wanted to try something new. First we went to Enterprise but we found none. Then, we ended up at Ineng's and I got satisfied with my cravings for dinuguan. I just killed some time until it was time to go home and get some much needed rest. 

Wednesday: I got up at almost 7:00am as my wife was still sleeping soundly. I fed Migmig first and changed her diapers before we went out for a walk. I brought her walker with me since she hasn't been using it outside for quite sometime now. After putting her there, all I see are smiles from her as she walked here and there oozing with energy catching up with her seems hard XD. Then as we got back home, her aunt was already there and ready to take over. I tried to stop-by at the dentist that my wife recommended to be but she wasn't there her assistant told me to try tomorrow afternoon. I took the LRT2-MRT ride going to work and got there early. All of a sudden, I felt a bit dazed and quite puzzled as with the things happened. It's like I wanted to be away from it all to find peace with me. For dinner, I wanted to have soup to protect my exposed tooth from the pain but I ended up having dinner at Tapa King (Burp!). Then I had Magnum's Chocolate Truffle and somehow, I'm beginning to like it the same way liking its Almond variant. Then work came to me as I need to  have them resolved and I was able to resolve most of them. After my shift, I logged-off right away but it took me almost 30 minutes to get a ride home so I got home a few minutes past midnight. 

Thursday: Got up at 6:30am feeling so tired and still sleepy while Migmig is so full of energy wanting to get out and exercise. Once were out, my daughter can't hide her happiness as she runs here and there. Her lola and uncle were also happy seeing her enjoy the morning as well as her early months. As her lola carried her since she's tired from running around, I had a quick breakfast at Mc Donalds before we went back home. When we got back home, her aunt was already there. Then I went upstairs to wake my wife up and take a nap. I didn't notice the time as I got up at almost 12:00pm. I informed my colleagues that I'll be working half-day as I need to go to the dentist for a visit. At 1:00pm, I went to the dentist that my wife recommended me to visit to because of its proximity to home. Unfortunately when I got there, the dentist's assistant told me that she's currently handling a patient and suggested me to go back at 5:00pm which for me, its unacceptable. I just told them I'll try again at 10:00am the next day. I left home at 1:30pm and got at Glorietta at 3:30pm. I went to dad's to have my fill of their unlimited merienda buffet. I just killed some time as I had to report in the office on a haf-day basis. I was waiting for my business contact which I'll be buying another battery for my 7D but my contact hasn't responded yet so I went to the office, logged-on and started working. My shift was really productive as I wasn't able to update some of my entries. Probably, I'll try the next day XD.By 5:45pm, my contact informed me that he's already there so I went back to Glorietta to seal the deal and hope it worked on Saturday. Then I passed by Landmark to bus some stuff that I need as well as what my boss needs (his 3 bottles of C2, 1.5 Liters). When I got back in the office, I started finishing some tickets as well as did other things. After shift, I took the first bus on the way back home.

Friday: Got up early again as I need to take my baby out for her morning walk. By the time we got home, her aunt was already there and she took over. By 10:00am, I went to the dentist again and this time, I was able to have my tooth checked. At first, I find her clinic too small and cramped that I'm not sure if I wanted to have my tooth checked. Eventually, as she was taking a closer look, I was able to have peace of mind as she was able to actually determine its problem and what may happen in the near future. She told me to have my tooth crowned as its almost too damaged to further repair. I was satisfied with her insights as she applied permanent "pasta" on my tooth. Once back home, I watched TV until it was time for me to get ready for work. I took the LRT2-MRT route and got in the office quite early. Work was quite plentiful as I'm the only tech on shift from 2-11pm. By 4:30pm, I had my late lunch/early dinner at Chicboy since the soups at The Soup Kitchen was only on 20% discount instead of the usual 50%. Good thing by, 8:35pm, I'm mostly done and got to do other things XD. Unfortunately, our US counterpart had a 30 minute meeting at 9:00pm for 30 minutes which means we need to be on out toes XD. By 9:00pm, were answering the calls for them for an hour instead of 30 minutes XD. By the time I went home, I stopped by Mc Donald's for my Quarter Pounder Meal and my Magnum bar before reaching home in an hour.When I got home, I need to prepare Migmig's milk before going to bed.

Saturday: Got up early and took Migmig out for a walk for a couple of minutes before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. Apparently, my daughter wanted my big breakfast meal as I am having. When we got back home, her mom took over as my baby still wanted to play. I was able to get some few hours of sleep before getting up at 11:00am. My wife took a bath first before I did and I didn't know that she has plans to go to Divisoria to do some shopping. By 12:30pm, I took the bus going to WTC to attend HIN (I'll be creating a separate blog for this event). I stopped by at Chicboy to have lunch there before going in. After a couple of hours, we ended up at Chicboy to have dinner before my friends and I parted ways. I took a cab and grabbed a Magnun Bar before reaching home. Before going to bed, I soaked some of my clothes for me to wash the following day. 

First Hot Import Nights in Manila: Carshow + VIP Concert

I make sure not to miss this event for ages even if I may not be able to have a photo-op with Nikita Esco, Jerri Lee and Arianny Celeste. Some of my friends were able to have a photo-op with them but I guess my time was up and simply enjoyed taking their photos from a distance. XD

I got to the WTC (World Trade Center) at almost 1:00pm and had lunch first at Chicboy before entering the premises. The event seems pretty normal to me as it was almost the same carshow I attend over the years.

What would make it different is the Hot Import Night's Jeri Lee, Nikita Esco and MMA's Arianny Celeste. Whenever they're around, photographers and warm-blooded guys are within a distance to have a chance for a photo-op with them.

By 6:30pm, everyone was advise to go out as they're busy preparing for the VIP Party. This is actually the reason why I have to file my leave XD. We had to fall in line again just to get in. Unfortunately, tickets were sold out (?) which made some upset, rant and go home instead. 

When we got back in, I didn't notice the change except for the stage as well as the front row which I have to make my way to the front the hard way. Anyway, I was still able to get some decent shots during the VIP show. 

The VIP Show coincides with Wave 89.1's 11th anniversary which makes it much fun as some of their DJ's hosted the show. Mocha girls were there and the search for Ms. HIN  is in progress. 

Then, Nikita Esco graced the stage with her dancing moves that all I heard more was clicks of the cameras left and right. Then Jeri Lee was next to perform not outdoing each other but more of complementing each other.

Then the finalists for Ms HIN was announced as KC Montero and Arianny Celeste were on stage to make the event more exciting. As Ms HIN was announced, the crowd chants as they seem they want more. 

The event went well till the end, just in time for my battery to go empty. For 400 pesos, I think its pretty much worth it. I hope year would be a much better Hot Import Nights in Manila. 

Pictures to follow soon. XD

Wednesday, March 21

Events to Attend this Weekend

Bored after a week's work and confused where to go and spend to this coming weekend? Fear not as I'll share some events that you may want to go to XD. 

1. Best Food Forward: I've been set to attend this foodie event since late of last year as I enjoyed my first BFF experience there. But with another event which is more important coming up (#2 XD), I'll try to go there by Sunday with my family probably. 

Taken from their Facebook Page

2. Hot Import Nights: This would the the fist here in Manila. Hence, I SHOULD be there and make history XD. It's been a hit in the US and I know most enthusiasts would agree once they find out. 

Taken from their Facebook Page

3. FHM Bikini Heaven: If only I have tickets to attend this, I might. But a once in a lifetime event (#2) made me change my mind =P.

Taken from Google

Well, I gave you the options. Its up to you how to have fun. ^_^

Let me know how it went ok? XD

Tuesday, March 20

The week that was (March 11 - 17)

Sunday: Got up early even if I slept at probably around 2:00am. I was able to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun before taking her back to her mom. I told my wife that I'll be out for a few hour so I could go to QC Circle to try claim my BMSD ID. I got to QC Circle in less than an hour but I was having a hard time walking straight as my right foot is still a bit painful. I was initially lost as QC Circle was relatively huge until I saw a group of photographers and I joined them. But I was disappointed as they said that those who have already paid will have their IDs released. I just greeted a friend of mine who happens to be shooting there that I have to go as I don't have any reason to stay longer. I went home as quickly as I could and got back home as I had to assist my wife in taking care of our baby. By around 2:00pm or so, I went upstairs after taking a bath to put Migmig to sleep. She fell asleep almost 45 minutes later before I joined her in dreamland. I think both of us slept for 2-3 hours which was good for me. When I got up, my wife insisted for us to go somewhere but I declined and instead, I took Migmig out for some fresh air and let my wife rest for a while. We got back more than an hour later and our daughter was really excited to be with her mom. I got to spend the night after my wife took Migmig upstairs to sleep. I joined them around midnight to get some sleep as well.

Monday: I got up at 6:45am and took Migmig our for a walk. I took her walker with me so she could do some exercise of her own. Then we went back home as her aunt was already waiting for her. After taking her walker back as well, she took over as I had breakfast. Then I took the laptop downstairs to do a photo-editing marathon after going online. But I think I went online for too long as I began editing by 1:00pm instead of 11:00am.By 1:00pm, it was all business for me as I edited several pictures I took since 2010 and some last year. I finished editing at 5:00pm so I could take care of Migmig. By 5:30pm, we went out to have some fresh air and visit her other lola. We had some snacks at Mc Donalds and tried their Chicken and Spaghetti combo. This time, it tasted better compared to our last visit there. But still, Jollibee's version is the best.My wife arrived a few minutes later and spent time with us before the three of us went home. From there, she took care of Migmig and I enjoyed the night watching TV. I went upstairs early so I could catch some ZZZzzz's as my workday starts the next day.

Tuesday: I got up at 6:30am but Migmig got up earlier. We were suppose to go out but rain made us stay home instead. I put Migmig down on her walker so she could walk within our home but she felt the space wasn't enough and she kept on removing her shoes even if the floor was cold. Thank God her aunt arrived early which gave me the time to rest before going out to go online. While I'm online, I was shocked that POT/Kapatid Lead Vocalist Karl Roy passed away from complications. It was a sad day in the music industry that most people in facebook have set their profile picks to Karl Roy in his memory. I got back home after an hour so I could do other things before going to work. I left home a few minutes past 11:30am as I really wanted to be in the office early so I could secure myself a workstation. When I got to Glorietta, I had lunch first at Kim n' Chi which I haven't been to for sometime now. When I got in the office, I was able to secure a work station as my colleague left early to attend an emergency. Work was light as we were complete during our shift. For dinner, I had World Chicken and Tea Farm at KPMG across the street. It was the first time I saw that building and all the while I've been seeing it every single day. When I got back in the office, I got to chow down my dinner and check other things at the same time. After work, I went straight home to get ready for the next day's event XD

Wednesday: Got up at 6:45am and let my daughter explore our room but I have to guide her on what to touch and what not to touch. Then we went down so she could have a different scenery. Her aunt came early and took over from there. I got to use the laptop and checked my facebook wall as well as checked some of my blog posts. I left home at almost 1:00pm not to report for work (I informed my colleagues earlier). I reached WTC at past 2:00pm to attend Worldbex (Will be creating a separate entry for this). I spent 2-3 hours there before going to Whitespace at Pasong Tamo Ext to attend the Magnum VIP Event (Will be creating a separate entry for this). I had to pass by two stops to get the things that I need. After the 2nd event, joined my friends on their way home having me drop-off at Shaw Blvd before taking a jeep on my way home. When I got home, I felt so tired, but I got to spend some quality time with my baby who was awake at that time ^_^.

Thursday: Got up at almost 7:00am as Migmig is now awake and crawling. Since she's still not feeling well, we didn't go out but instead, stayed in our room and let her explore its boundaries. I agree that the older an infant gets, the more curious she becomes. We have to keep an eye on her more as she keeps on getting more aware. We went downstairs at 7:45am as her aunt and uncle are waiting for her. After letting them hold Migmig, I did my morning rituals and went online early as I have to transfer pictures from my CF card to our laptop. I was able to open my laptop early and went online to check on my facebook wall. When I was about to edit some pictures for submission, my WiFi connection was still open so my Photoshop got boomed and I had no choice but to uninstall it. But when I was trying to reinstall it, it wasn't successful as it keeps on giving me this error that the license has been expired. I tried re-installing it until 12:30pm but I wasn't able to re-install it back. I hurried my way to the office with a quickstop at Chatime. But it took me a while to get my drink so once I got it, I immediately finished it before riding the MRT. Thank God I just arrived in time for my shift at 2:00pm. I got quite busy with work that kept me occupied most of the time. I was able to do com-ex to some of the blogs who participated but I wasn't able to update my own blog. Hence, my backlog piled-up again XD. I grabbed something to eat at KFC (got the Zinger Combo) before going back to the office. I got to work on some tickets which I was able to fix. Come dinner, I tried Adobo Connection's Adobo Flakes and I quite enjoyed it as I need the energy to keep up with the pace of my work. I was hoping I could grab myself a Magnum bar but unfortunately, there were no stocks so I went back to office empty handed. I just killed some time until 11:00pm. I stopped by 7-11 at Edsa-Crossing and thank God, I was able to buy a Magnum Bar to satisfy my craving for chocolate and ice cream. I got home at almost 12:30am as Migmig was still up and uncomfortable with her situation of having her teeth come out. After taking a quick shower, I made sure to lay beside my girl so she could sleep soundly somehow.

Friday: Got up at almost 7:00am after having a sleepless night since Migmig was not feeling well. My wife told me that her tooth has started to erupt out of her gums that's why my baby wasn't her usual cheerful self since the previous day. After she changed her diapers, we went downstairs to wait for my mom as she'll be paying us a visit. When she got here, I let her carry Migmig for me to be able to do my morning rituals. Her aunt arrived already without me noticing it. After my mom went back to work, Migmig's aunt took over as I try to get some sleep at our sofa. Eventually, I went upstairs to wake my wife up and get some sleep. I am so tired and sleepy I got back up again at 11:00am. I took care of some things before I went to work. Commuting from home to the office didn't took me that long as I got to grab a Magnum Bar at SM Makati and had lunch at our building's new canteen located on the second floor. The food was quite good and affordable which makes me want to go back there sometime soon. Since I'm the only one on shift, I need to focus on work more and do other things on the side. My wife texted me at 5:00pm saying that our baby's condition was still the same for the past few days as she's worried as I am. She already asked me if her Doctor has a Saturday schedule and I told her to check Migmig's book. I got 3 calls so far on top of several emails that I need to create a ticket to plus the fact that I'm worried at my daughter's condition makes me wanna go home early and comfort her. For dinner, I went to BFast to have my buffet dinner there. Though they had the same buffet that I had before, I didn't have much of a choice as I don't have the luxury of time to look for other places to eat. When I got back in the office, it was leisure time for me as my colleagues from the nightshift took over from there. By the end of the shift, I call it a day and went home. 

Saturday: For some reason, we got up at almost 8:00am as I thought its only a few minutes before 7:00am. Still we went out to have some fun in the sun for a few minutes before we went back as Migmig needs her diapers to be changed. Then my wife took over as I got some quality time for taking a nap. By 11:00am, I got up again and got ready for work. I left home at past 12:00am as there wasn't any food yet. By the time I got to the office, I checked on some of my online stuff before my boss gave me a handful to work on. For late lunch, I grabbed a Zinger, Bucket of Fries and Pasta from KFC that got me really full. I was also able to update some of my old blogs (around 6-8) and posted them according to their dates. Its unusual for a Saturday shift that I have plenty of work that needs to be done but I had to do this so we would be able to move on with the next. Since I'm still full, I had soup from Mom and Tina's and enjoyed it at my desk. I had 2 Magnum bars as I've been kinda hooked into it for sometime now. I went home at past 11:30am and got home an hour later. I wanted to get some sleep but I guess sleeping at 2:00am isn't that bad as long as I don't do it every night. XD

Sunday, March 18

Magnum's VIP Red Carpet Premiere

Honestly, I don't have any idea how to shoot on a red carpet full of celebrities. I've attended so many events for the past years but never I have attended on a red carpet premiere until last Tuesday. Canon Philippines together with Selecta-RFM invited around 100 photographers to take the opportunity to witness the VIP Red Carpet Premiere of Magnum (I'll be writing a separate post about the product as this post would be about the experience of shooting at the red carpet).

By 5:30pm (our call-time), I saw some familiar faces as we waited for the event to start at between 8:00-9:00pm. While killing time, I took some snapshots of the red carpet and some behind the scenes (which includes ABS-CBN Entertainment Reporter Gretchen Fullido) before our contact from Canon Ms. Kathleen Buendia arrived to give us a briefing of the photocontest that we'll be joining. She handed us a the details for the contest as well as the waiver that we should sign.

The theme of our shoot would be "Royal Treatment". It looks easy as I am anticipating a flock of celebrities but the challenge there was how to take pictures of them from a different perspective. I am thinking of taking decent portraits of them but that would be too common as most of my fellow photographers will do the same. Well I have to take pictures that without them noticing me (but how?). 

Of 100 photographers invited, I think more than 40 (I think) have attended. My friend backed-out for some reason (he missed a part of his life for it XD). Only a few media were there as most came late as the event progresses. Anyway, as the sun goes down, its time to get my Canon 7D's baptism of events shooting XD.  I didn't took my external flash out as the lights from the event were good enough plus I have to test my camera's external flash.

Since we were limited to taking pictures from the outside (within the red carpet as we're not allowed to take pictures inside; BOOO), I got myself a good spot in taking pictures of celebrities. From well known stars from three big networks (Kapuso, Kapamilya, Kapatid), to Magnum's brand ambassadors (Liz Uy, Erwan Heussaff, Rajo Laurel, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Raymond Gutierrez) to Magnum's Princess Solenn Heusaff. Even the big bosses from RFM (headed by the Concepcion Family) were also present to grace the event.

Well with so many celebrities that I spotted during the event, I couldn't remember all of them XD.

As the night progresses, I got curious with my camera's battery meter as I also went to another event to shoot. Probably I need to get another battery and a battery grip so I could shoot longer without worrying if my battery goes dead on me. Also, we were given samples of Selecta's latest brand and I got the one with Almonds (my favorite). I my bag wasn't so heavy, with stuff, I could have grabbed a few bars for my wife and my in-laws to enjoy back home.

Then, when I was about to submit my entry to the contest, the organizers told us that they don't have any card readers for camera's using CF cards (BOOOO) but they extended our deadline until the noon of the next day. Since we got quite tired, we had our late dinner at the tent that Ms Kathleen told us to go to. To my surprise, dinner is c/o Bizu which I wasn't got disappointed as food was abundant as well as the drinks (I got 10-15 glasses of iced tea I think XD).

At the end of the event, it felt good for someone like me who wasn't able to take pictures of events for the past 3-4 months. I could have took more good shots if we were allowed to go inside the VIP area but I guess I had to be contended with its limitations.

Unfortunately, when I was about to resize my pictures to make it smaller, my photoshop went nuts on me and from there, its sad to say I wasn't able to send my entries. Oh well, there is always a next time for an event like this sometime soon and by then, I'd be ready. ^_^

Here are the rest of the pictures. Enjoy! XD

For more pictures, you could visit my Flickr here. Let me know if you could see the other photos.

Saturday, March 17

It's Time to Take the Test

With the number of Pinoys infected with HIV/AIDS and its numbers keep on increasing, don't you think we should be aware and have ourselves checked? 

Taken from Google

To learn more about this project, you may visit the following links here, here and here

Now, Take the test

My First Worldbex Experience

Last Wednesday, I packed my bag and head straight to the World Trade Center in Pasay City to attend the Worldbex. I need to attend this one since the event I was suppose to attend won't be until 7:00pm and I arrived at Worldbex at around 1:00pm.

Taking pictures of models were out of my mind (for now XD) and I wanted to take pictures of something different. I took pictures of things from pipes to tiles to home designs that I got to take pictures of some created by the students from different universities.

It was a pretty fun and a different experience for me as I look forward to next year's Worldbex. ^_^4

Pictures to follow soon. XD

Thursday, March 15

A New Mind Opens (Opening of The Mind Museum in Taguig)

Looking for an interesting place to visit together with your family? Tired of going to the same mall almost every weekend and do the same things over and over? Don't worry folks. Tomorrow will the the public opening of The Mind Museum located in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

Taken from their Facebook Page

When you look at its official poster on broadsheets and from various websites, it seems so inviting as it shows factual numbers to curious minds as what this museum can offer.

I've been seeing this museum for some time now and I am puzzled what's in it and it needed a Billion Peso Funding from various groups and individuals?

It happened to be that this is a project initiated by the Bonifacio Art Foundation Inc. (BAFI). BAFI is a non-stock, non-profit organization, supported by the contributions of property owners in Bonifacio Global City. The foundation was established in 1996 by the Fort Bonifacio Development Corp. (FBDC). Board of trustees include: Joselito D. Campos, Jr., Fernando Zobel de Ayala, Antonino T. Aquino, Emily A. Abrera, Carlos S. Rufino, Mariano John L. Tan, Jr., Edgardo M. Cruz, Jr., Aileen An. R. Zosa, and Anna Ma. Margarita B. Dy.

As I checked the website, I saw its Vision which is: To build a home for science and to make it the FIRST WORLD-CLASS SCIENCE MUSEUM in the Philippines. With over 250 inter-active “minds-on” and hands-on exhibits, the museum will be a venue that will present science as entertaining, fun, and engaging. I don't think one day won't be enough for a curious mind like me but who knows?

Anyway I'll give this museum a chance in a few months time. And maybe when my daughter grows a little bit older, I'll take her with me. ^_^

Seven Steps to Happiness

What does it take you to achieve happiness? Is it going home after a hard day's work? Or getting your paycheck at the end of the month? Whatever that is, there are still non-material things that can make people happy. While still too busy creating tickets, I got to saw this on facebook shared by one of my contacts. 

Taken from facebook

7 Steps to Happiness
By Doe Zantamata

An Explanation of The Colors:

The colors represent the colors of the chakras, the energy centers of the human body. They correspond to our glands, to CHI life energy, and to our lymphatic system.

-White is the Crown Chakra, which is our connection to God and The Universe. This is especially helpful when everything around us seems wrong. We can still know inside that things will get better. This is why I made it, "Think Less, Feel More." As long as we can go within, pray, meditate, we can still feel joy and connection, even when nothing else around us in the physical world seems to support it.

-Purple is the Third Eye Chakra, which is similar to the crown except it's connection to others. It's the place of intuition. I have it as "Frown Less, Smile More," because if we are smiling, the world smiles back. If we think positively, we'll be open to more positivity around us. One of the Laws of Karma says that if we believe something is true, the Universe will have no choice but to keep showing us that truth. That's why it's so important to keep smiling!

-Blue is the Throat Chakra, which is communication. Communication isn't just talking. If you train yourself to listen, really listen, you will be able to communicate much better, which is why I made that one "Talk Less, Listen More."

-Green is the heart, which is unconditional love to self and others, which is why it's "Judge Less, Accept More" cannot love if you are judging, and you can accept when you love.

-Yellow is the Solar Plexus chakra, which is the one of action. Whenever you get nervous and you get that tightening in the chest below the ribs, that's the solar plexus. In society today, we often movies, watch tv, watch sports. We get in the habit of watching but not doing as much. Then this habit can also lead to a less "action" motivated response in us, so when we really want something or really don't want something, we risk becoming more prone to just dealing with it and not taking the action(s) to change it. So this is "Watch Less, Do More."

-Orange is the Sacral Chakra, which is the one of relationships. Just imagine how much better our relationships would be if we all thought daily to "Complain Less, Appreciate More?" :)

-Red is the Root Chakra, which is the survival center. When we build our life on fears, we will have more and more fears. When we build our life on love, we will have more and more love...and ultimately, happiness. This is why it is "Fear Less, Love More."

Don't be shy. It only takes seven steps to be happy. ^_^

2012 WPPP Photo Congress

Taken from their facebook page

Shucks! It really sucks as I won't be able to attend the WPPP Photo Congress from March 16-18 2012 at SM Megamall.

If only I have the budget to attend this event, I would definitely attend these seminars that would be hosted by the best professional photographers in the country bar none.

Taken from their facebook page

For those short on budget (like me XD), they also had free seminars given to those who will be visiting WPPP's 2012 Photo Congress. 

Taken from their facebook page

Well, there is always a next year. By then, I would be able to save more than enough money for it XD.

No More Printing after 244 Years

While I'm still trying to transfer last night shoot, I got to check this article via facebook. It reminded me of our old encyclopedia back home when I was a kid. Those thick books by the volume were instrumental for me in getting good grades in school and some source of inspiration for my research that time. Digital was not known to me yet until the year before I graduated from college XD.

At the time digital age goes to full blast, looking for information that we need was only within our fingertips instead of searching for volumes and volumes of books finding answers.

Taken from Google

Below is an article which I've read here about Britanica's decision to stop printing its encyclopedia after 244 years. I'm not sure if Colliers and its other competitors have done it sooner or later but who knows.

After 244 years, the Encyclopaedia Britannica is going out of print.

Those coolly authoritative, gold-lettered reference books that were once sold door-to-door by a fleet of traveling salesmen and displayed as proud fixtures in American homes will be discontinued, company executives said.

Taken from Google

In an acknowledgment of the realities of the digital age — and of competition from the Web site Wikipedia — Encyclopaedia Britannica will focus primarily on its online encyclopedias and educational curriculum for schools. The last print version is the 32-volume 2010 edition, which weighs 129 pounds and includes new entries on global warming and the Human Genome Project.

“It’s a rite of passage in this new era,” Jorge Cauz, the president of Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., a company based in Chicago, said in an interview. “Some people will feel sad about it and nostalgic about it. But we have a better tool now. The Web site is continuously updated, it’s much more expansive and it has multimedia.”

In the 1950s, having the Encyclopaedia Britannica on the bookshelf was akin to a station wagon in the garage or a black-and-white Zenith in the den, a possession coveted for its usefulness and as a goalpost for an aspirational middle class. Buying a set was often a financial stretch, and many families had to pay for it in monthly installments.

Taken from Google

But in recent years, print reference books have been almost completely overtaken by the Internet and its vast spread of resources, including specialized Web sites and the hugely popular — and free — online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Since it was started 11 years ago, Wikipedia has moved a long way toward replacing the authority of experts with the wisdom of the crowds. The site is now written and edited by tens of thousands of contributors around the world, and it has been gradually accepted as a largely accurate and comprehensive source, even by many scholars and academics.

Wikipedia also regularly meets the 21st-century mandate of providing instantly updated material. And it has nearly four million articles in English, including some on pop culture topics that would not be considered worthy of a mention in the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Taken from Google

Mr. Cauz said that he believed Britannica’s competitive advantage with Wikipedia came from its prestigious sources, its carefully edited entries and the trust that was tied to the brand.

“We have very different value propositions,” Mr. Cauz said. “Britannica is going to be smaller. We cannot deal with every single cartoon character, we cannot deal with every love life of every celebrity. But we need to have an alternative where facts really matter. Britannica won’t be able to be as large, but it will always be factually correct.”

But one widely publicized study, published in 2005 by Nature, called into question Britannica’s presumed accuracy advantage over Wikipedia. The study said that out of 42 competing entries, Wikipedia made an average of four errors in each article, and Britannica three. Britannica responded with a lengthy rebuttal saying the study was error-laden and “completely without merit.”

The Britannica, the oldest continuously published encyclopedia in the English language, has become a luxury item with a $1,395 price tag. It is frequently bought by embassies, libraries and research institutions, and by well-educated, upscale consumers who felt an attachment to the set of bound volumes. Only 8,000 sets of the 2010 edition have been sold, and the remaining 4,000 have been stored in a warehouse until they are bought.

The 2010 edition had more than 4,000 contributors, including Arnold Palmer (who wrote the entry on the Masters tournament) and Panthea Reid, professor emeritus at Louisiana State University and author of the biography “Art and Affection: A Life of Virginia Woolf” (who wrote about Virginia Woolf).

Sales of the Britannica peaked in 1990, when 120,000 sets were sold in the United States. But now print encyclopedias account for less than 1 percent of the Britannica’s revenue. About 85 percent of revenue comes from selling curriculum products in subjects like math, science and the English language; 15 percent comes from subscriptions to the Web site, the company said.

About half a million households pay a $70 annual fee for the online subscription, which includes access to the full database of articles, videos, original documents and to the company’s mobile applications. At least one other general-interest encyclopedia in the United States, the World Book, is still printing a 22-volume yearly edition, said Jennifer Parello, a spokeswoman for World Book Inc. She declined to provide sales figures but said the encyclopedia was bought primarily by schools and libraries.

Gary Marchionini, the dean of the School of Information and Library Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, said the fading of print encyclopedias was “an inexorable trend that will continue.”

“There’s more comprehensive material available on the Web,” Mr. Marchionini said. “The thing that you get from an encyclopedia is one of the best scholars in the world writing a description of that phenomenon or that object, but you’re still getting just one point of view. Anything worth discussing in life is worth getting more than one point of view.”

Many librarians say that while they have rapidly shifted money and resources to digital materials, print still has a place. Academic libraries tend to keep many sets of specialized encyclopedias on their shelves, like volumes on Judaica, folklore, music or philosophy, or encyclopedias that are written in foreign languages and unavailable online.

At the Portland Public Library in Maine, there are still many encyclopedias that the library orders on a regular basis, sometimes every year, said Sonya Durney, a reference librarian. General-interest encyclopedias are often used by students whose teachers require them to occasionally cite print sources, just to practice using print.

“They’re used by anyone who’s learning, anyone who’s new to the country, older patrons, people who aren’t comfortable online,” Ms. Durney said. “There’s a whole demographic of people who are more comfortable with print.”

But many people are discovering that the books have outlived their usefulness. Used editions of encyclopedias are widely available on Craigslist and eBay: more than 1,400 listings for Britannica products were posted on eBay this week.

Charles Fuller, a geography professor who lives in the Chicago suburbs, put his 1992 edition on sale on Craigslist last Sunday. For years, he has neglected the print encyclopedias, he said in an interview, and now prefers to use his iPhone to look up facts quickly. He and his wife are downsizing and relocating to California, he said, and the Encyclopaedia Britannica will not be coming with them, a loss he acknowledges with a hint of wistfulness.

“They’re not obsolete,” Mr. Fuller said. “When I’m doing serious research, I still use the print books. And they look really beautiful on the bookshelves.”

You may want to read other articles about it here, here,  

You may also want to watch this video from Youtube.

I'll have our encyclopedia back home stored safely for memories now.


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