Friday, March 12

FHM X (A review)

It was like forever (a week actually) before this Magazine was available to the public. I begin searching for this special issue as early as Tuesday but it wasn't released until late Friday afternoon. After I bought my own copy, I went straight home to see what's inside. With much excitement, I opened it while traveling on jeep and by bus. As soon as I reach home, I went straight up to the room and browse through the pages of this magazine one by one.

I like the way they feature their feats and accomplishments dating from 2000 up to 2009 (FHM Decade in Review). Though I would suggest that they should at least allot more pages for each year since I believe FHM has done a lot year after year after year.

As for the 25 Sexiest FHM Babe of the Decade, I couldn't agree more. They could have pulled off a 100 sexiest women of the decade but I think it would be next to impossible to rank them in a short span of time. I forgot my own list of 25 Sexiest FHM Babe of the decade (I joined an online contest courtesy of so I don't know if all of my bets were included.

For the girls who were featured the first time (or second time) the pages given to them was like they are the cover girl themselves. In a way they probably feel that they are the cover girl but I think soon, they will. XD

With Iwa Moto and Bangs Garcia as cover girls, it was really worth it. Though a lot of people were expecting Angel Locsin as the cover girl (should have been her 4th FHM appearance), I think FHM really did well on having both Kapamilya and Kapuso hot ladies on cover. Iwa's shoot was done on a flyover at night time probably to avoid a lot of people watching particularly stalkers XD. And Bangs did it in an Airport Hangar that made people stop what they're doing. XD

All in all, the magazine was really a STEAL considering it costs 195Php  compared with other men's magazine for this month that usually costs 180 and up.

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