Tuesday, March 16

100 Days of Married Life

Today marks my 100th day as a married man. A status most bachelors fear to tread since they don't want to settle-down yet. For me, my time is right and I was able to enjoy the goods being given to me as a single man.

Its been 100 days since I totally gave-up my bachelorhood in favor of settling-down. Since then, I embarked on another journey but this time I have someone with me as my guide, my companion and my better-half. I would say that my first 100 days were more of adjusting to the life I wanted to be. But that first 100 days wasn't easy since challenges do come along the way. It really took me a lot of patience and understanding to somehow adjust to this lifestyle and realize that being married is a lifelong adjustment full of surprises.

At first, I'm not perfectly adjusted getting-up in the morning with someone beside me. But now, I have to help my wife get up early since she's not used to getting up early in the morning. More over, I easily get awake when someone moves my bed or someone sleeps beside me. After 100 days, I'm getting used to and one plus factor is that there is someone I can talk to especially during wee hours of the morning.

With my gimmicks, I'm quite limited now to FHM signings, carshows, cosplays and some whenever I am free to go. Especially with my financial status, I am limited for the moment to the point of missing some. Since my camera is still under repair, I missed almost 10 events. Sundays are exclusively for the two of us for the meantime. Though I could still collect my magazines and she reads it with me or she reads it first.

Though we argue a little, we make sure that everything is ok before we go to sleep.

Practically, there are still a lot of adjustments for the both of us. But at the end of the day, its us that matters.

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