Sunday, March 31

Marien 365: Week 20 (Day 134 - 140)

Day 134: Hayyyy. Still sleeping again.

Day 134

Day 135: Our little girl reaching for her milk.

Day 135

Day 135: Taking a look closely at her bottle.

Day 135

Day 136: Feeding time again XD

Day 136

Day 137: Before having dinner, we make she has her first.

Day 137

Day 138: As my wife gets ready for her bath, its my turn to watch her as she plays around.

Day 138

Day 138: All smiles as soon as she saw her mom back from taking a bath. XD

Day 138

Day 139: Happy with her thumb. XD

Day 139

Day 140: Doing her morning exercise at almost 11:00am. XD

Day 140

Week 21, after a few days. XD

Friday, March 29

FHM April 2013: Thirteen Years After

I got my first local covergirl for FHM Philippines around June 2000. After browsing its pages, life was never the same again for me. But it got way better. This was FHM Philippines April 2000

Thirteen years ago

Thirteen years after 2000, FHM's first Pinay Coverbabe is back and she's better and way hotter than before. This is the way to start the REAL Summer and bring the classic sexy back. 

Thirteen years after 2000

She didn't do any other cover but only here at FHM. That's loyalty she brings and I'm sure Mr Montano would get a cardiac arrest when he sees this. See any difference between then and now? XD

Dare to compare? XD

I don't have it yet but I'm gonna get one as soon as its out in the market. XD. 

Tuesday, March 26

Marien 365: Week 19 (Day 127 - 133)

Day 127: She just got up. XD

Day 127

Day 128: Taken a few minutes past midnight as she wants to play.

Day 128

Day 128: Still sleeping but she sleeps like an adult already. XD

Day 128

Day 129: Thumb-Sucking again. XD

Day 129

Day 130: Look, still sleepy.

Day 130

Day 130: Still sleepy as she yawns. XD

Day 130

Day 131: She's covered making sure she doesn't get cold.

Day 131

Day 131: She felt asleep after seeing our sketch. XD

Day 131

Day 132: As usual, still sleeping. XD

Day 132

Day 133: On her own. She can lay down on her stomach with so much ease.

Day 133

Week 20, in the next few days. XD

Friday, March 22

The Week That Was (March 10 - 16)

Sunday: Got up early as my daughter threw-up again after drinking her morning milk. It hurts me whenever I see my daughter in pain and cries out loud. I wish I could take that pain away from her and suffer it instead. The morning was pretty okay as I was able to do other things before putting Migmig to sleep in the afternoon. Then we hear mass at St Anthony before we went to Gateway in Cubao to have dinner there. We ate at Burgoo so I could use my voucher card for March. Then we shopped for Migmig's bottles as I got to buy a book at Fully Booked before going home. We got a lot of stuff bought so my arms felt very little strain. I went to bed a bit late feeling tired. 

Monday: My wife and I got up early as Migmig threw-up after feeding her with her milk and my wife got most of what our daughter spew. Well, my wife got up early while I followed after. The morning was steady until both of us went to work. I had to back-read some old tickets for me to learn and understand. By the end of the shift, I got home at close to midnight as I got to spend time catching up with my colleagues. 

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am felling a little bit better as I slept for around 7 hours before Migmig wanted to go down and play. We went out for some fun in the sun before going back home to have breakfast. By noon, I'm off to work feeling energized and rejuvenated. I did the same things again but I had to be more attentive making sure that I would be able to help my team mates in anyway I can. By the end of the shift, I had to go home early so I could go online and be home by midnight. 

Wednesday: Got up at close to 8:00am as my daughter keeps on waking me up asking to go down. We went down as I prepare her bottled milk. Then my mom paid us a visit. I was able to do other things as my mom kept my daughter company. The morning was pretty quick as I bought some medicines for myself (maintenance) that costs me almost 5000 pesos. Come to think of it, if only I didn't have these conditions right now, that money could have been used for something else. I got stuck in traffic at work but I was able to reach the office just in time. Work was steady again as I read some old tickets. Though my routine is a bit boring, I made sure I would learn little by little so I could be more marketable in the near future. By the time I got home, I was pretty much tired but happy as payday comes near. 

Thursday: Got up early at almost 8:00am as I went online even without doing my morning rituals. That is for me to update some of the things online. Migmig and I went down at 9:00am to have some fun outside and inside the apartment. We even went outside as soon as my wife kissed our baby goodbye (she went to work). My daughter simply enjoyed running around until she tripped. I had to pick her up and comfort her so she'd stop crying. I hurriedly got ready for work and I was able to get there early. After shift, I went to bed as soon as I got home. This would also be the first month since I started working again. 

Friday: Got up at around 6:30am as I have to attend our company's orientation at 10:00am. I got in the office at past 9:00am though leaving home early. The orientation was a first in after a month I started working. By noontime, my first paycheck went in. I was so surprised with the amount, I could buy an I-Phone 5 with it. But of course, I have to pay my debts, buy some supplements and give some to Nanay as well as buy Migmig's needs. After the orientation, I had to read some emails before going to Greenbelt. I went to Fully Booked first to look for some books for my baby but I wasn't satisfied with their selection so I went to Powerbooks to look for those books. I've spent almost an hour but I was able to purchase close to 3000 pesos worth of Migmig's books. Then I had dinner at Toast Box in Greenbelt 5 while reading some magazines I bought earlier. It took me almost an hour to hail a cab and got home after close to 30 minutes. When I show the books to my daughter, she got so elated while my wife was shocked to find out I spent that amount of money for those books. For me, its the happiness of my daughter that matters. 

Saturday: Got up a bit late as I feel tired for the entire week. By the time I went downstairs, I went to the drugstore to buy some supplements for me as I need to be as healthy as I can. When Migmig got up, I took care of her in the morning before leaving for SM Megamall at past 1:00pm, When I got to the mall, I had lunch at Masuki first before finding a decent pair of running shoes that I could also use for work. I was hoping to buy Adidas' latest but eventually, I settled for a Climacool and went home right away. Had to take a nap as my head really hurts like its drilling a hole. Got up an hour later and took Migmig outside for a walk and the pain in my head slowly went away. I went to bed late after having late dinner at Jollibee. 

I've been doing this weekly since 2010 and this would be the last. Why? With my work schedule and other priorities that needs my attention, I have to give way. Plus I wanted to keep some private details to myself and myself alone. 

Next post coming soon. I hope. XD

Thursday, March 21

Marien 365: Week 18 (Day 120 - 126)

Day 120: Now she can reach for her feet.

Day 120

Day 121: Waiting for her turn again at the hospital.

Day 121

Day 121: After her check-up, she played again by crawling across our bed.

Day 121

Day 122: My girl's 4th month.

Day 122

Day 122: She looks towards her mom wanting to be carried in her arms.

Day 122

Day 123: After celebrating her 4th month, she's still sleepy as a log.

Day 123

Day 124: Before reporting for work.

Day 124

Day 125: I just got home from work and she's wide awake.

Day 125

Day 126: Still Sleeping. XD

Day 126

Week 19, up next. XD  

Saturday, March 16

Marien 365: Week 17 (Day 113 - 119)

Day 113: Still trying to fall asleep at past 1:00am.

Day 113

Day 114: I was supposed to take a picture of her head but I got this instead.

Day 114

Day 115: Feeding time.

Day 115

Day 116: Sleeping soundly before going to the office.

Day 116

Day 117: Still sleepy. XD

Day 117

Day 118: Her arms.

Day 118

Day 119: Looking up waiting.

Day 119

Week 18, coming in the next few days. XD


Monday, March 11

The Week That Was (March 3 - 9)

Sunday: Got up at bit early so I could do some update on my blogs as well as check my fb. Well I thought my wife would do some errands for the day as I took care of Migmig and put her to sleep in the afternoon. It turns out to be that she slept downstairs. I went down and let her took care of our baby for the rest of the afternoon as I went out to buy some diapers for my daughter at SM Manila. Just like the other day, the mall was packed with people and I had to queue for sometime before I was able to purchase the things I need. Snacks were at Sbarro while reading my just-bought FHM magazine. I was able to go home after being away for two hours. Then I sorted some things back home before spending the rest of the day and went to bed. 

Monday: Got up early so I could go online and do some of my things. The morning was pretty okay.  When I got to work, I felt the goodvibes coming in. I also joined a crash-course overview of football which I learned a lot of things. Work was pretty swift and easy as I had to join the team for some bonding time before going home at close to midnight. 

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am as I went online until Migmig gets up. We went downstairs at around 10:00am as we started our morning late. Then its rush--time getting to work but still I arrive at the office early and had my lunch. Work was pretty much okay as I got to send some updates for the team. I had to leave early after work so I could go online before midnight. My wife was working on her laptop when I got upstairs and get some sleep. 

Wednesday: Got up early at 7:30am as I went online at a nearby computer shop. I went online for only an hour before going back as Migmig was already up and awake. I was able to babysit my daughter for a few hours before reporting for work. Since its maintenance on a Wednesday, I wasn't able to join the crash-course training on football as I have to help the team in anyway I can. Anyway I was able to have some chit-chat with some colleagues before finally going home. 

Thursday: Got up at past 8:00am as I'm still having a hard time getting up. I tried looking for that passbook but still I wasn't able to find them. I even left home at past noon and good thing, I got in the office early to have lunch. It was pretty busy as I browsed through the web for some interesting IT-related topics for me to learn and add to my resume. I was able to save some food for myself as I know the food in the pantry gets wiped-out especially if the food tastes really good. After shift, I went home right away as I took a cab so I could go online for an hour. When I got home, Migmig was still awake so I relaxed and took my time until midnight. I went online again as my wife was already sleeping and tried uploading some pictures but to no avail. I think I slept at past 2:00am as my eyes hurt already =P

Friday: Got awake in the middle of the night (past 3:00am) as Migmig was crying. Probably having a bad dream and I just slept for an hour. I woke-up my wife for her 8:00am meeting and went back to sleep. By 10:00am, she woke me up and told me to get ready. While Migmig was still sleeping, I tried to look for the passbook under our bed but to no avail. I looked at the other closet where my things are placed but still no avail. Well, I guess it will appear soon as long as I don't find it. I left home a bit late bit still arrived early. Had lunch in the office as I didn't had breakfast back home. Work was a bit slow again as I just read some previous tickets and observed how one of the issues has been resolved. I had my late dinner which I bought some soup to fill my stomach. Come after shift, I joined my colleagues for a late night dinner before going home. Good thing Migmig was fast asleep when I got home and I joined her to bed and get that much needed rest.

Saturday: For the second time this week, I got up late at almost 10:00am as my body still feels some aches from yesterday. For whatever reason, I'm yearning for some more sleep, hoping I could get that to make my body function better. For lunch, I had rice since I haven't been getting any since I started working again. I went online in the afternoon to do some updates. When I got back, I watched some volleyball on TV before going online again at night. When I got back, Migmig was having problems with her cough as she throws-up a lot most of the time. I hope my daughter gets better tomorrow. 

Marien 365: Week 16 (Day 106 - 112)

Day 106: I think she didn't like to be bothered while sleeping. XD

Day 106

Day 107: She feels uncomforable for a moment.

Day 107

Day 108: When she's happy, she smiles and giggles a lot.

Day 108

Day 109: Hungry?

Day 109

Day 110: Still sleeping even if the sun shines on her. XD

Day 110

Day 111: She's not sleeping.

Day 111

Day 112: Getting ready to sleep. She prefers not to use a blanket.

Day 112

Week 17, coming up.

Saturday, March 9

Summer Starts with them (March Covergirls)

It is inevitable. The weather begins to get hotter and hotter. And after Holy Week, its already summer. 

And these magazines do have their covergirls sizzle us up for the summer. I'm sure you will too. 

1. FHM Philippines (Empress Schuck): For their 13th anniversary issue, it is fitting that someone new would grace FHM's cover. I've browsed through its pages and I like what I'm reading.

FHM Philippines March 2013

2. Esquire Philippines (Richard Gomez): Uhm, The Philippines first so-called "Adonis" of his era talks about manhood. This issue is packed with a lot of good stuff but the reason I bought this is because of Jessy Mendiola. I won't tell you what's inside =P

Esquire Philippines March 2013

3. Rogue (Rhian Ramos): I think I need to check my stuff back home if Rhian has already graced the covers of Rogue or not. And I need to get one of these before it runs out.

Rogue March 2013

4. Playboy Philippines (Arianne): This would be Playboy Philippines' 50th cover since inception in 2008. I'm not yet sure if its already released but I'm curious on how their interview with Mike Enriquez went. And it also has an alternate cover just in case you want more variety. This always makes me think which cover is better.

Playboy Philippines March 2013

Playboy Philippines March 2013

As of this writing, I have yet to wait for UNO's latest but these would be enough for now.

If I were you, I'd get a copy now XD.


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