Saturday, May 29

Saturday Shift (1pm-10pm)

Current Mood: Not feeling well =(

As of this writing, I still have 5.5 hours to go before I go home and take that much needed rest. Early this morning, I got up with a different kind of feeling. It was like I'm gonna get sick even if I don't want to. I wasn't able to do the things I was supposed to do (Like editing some pictures). Though I was able to do some laundry, it feels like my body is demanding for a long hibernation. I wanted to go back to sleep and wake-up the next day but I have work today. Then I almost got late coming to the office (no thanks to traffic). I have to miss some events I should be attending today due to my nature of work. Anyway, I won't be complaining here about missing an event since there would be other events lined-up in the coming days. Now I have to focus my energy on my next 5.5 hours here at the office and my other tasks here before going home =)

Tuesday, May 25

The week that was (May 16-22)

Sunday: Got up at around 7am (first in a long time). I didn't edit any photos since I'm not up to it so instead I went online. Then we went to church at 10:45am to hear mass. After that, I went to Manila to attend the Postal Heritage Tour lead by Mr Lawrence Chan. I got late by 30 minutes since I waited at the wrong place (meeting place was in Liwasang Bonifacio Fountain Area and I am near SM Manila). I was able to take pictures of the Metropolitan Theater and Philippine Post Office and learn a thing or two about old Manila. The tour ended at 6:00pm and I went home right away.

Monday: With a killing headache and heavy leg cramps, I barely managed to go to work but I was able to manage the entire day. Thank God the pain that I experienced early in the morning was gone before lunch time.I was able to update my file on photo information before going to bed.

Tuesday: Probably one of my busiest days since I've worked with my last company. At least I won't get bored every afternoon.As I travel home, I was in an uncomfortable position since I wasn't able to get a good seat inside the bus. I should have waited for a better one. Probably half of my butt was only seated at the bus during the entire trip. Then, I updated my photo information file before uploading 2 albums (Aliwan 2010 & 19th Transport Show).

Wednesday: I heard some noise this morning prompting for me to wake-up early in the morning. But I didn't see any unnecessary movements nor changes which gives me a sigh of relief.Work was quite steady (and quite boring) as usual. Around 1pm I received a phone call from HSBC for an interview for Network Engineer position. The offer was tempting but too bad I have committed already to work here for the time being. When I got home, I felt hot inside since they say that it was the hottest day (37.5 C).

Thursday: I got up 5 minutes late from my usual waking time (5:15am) since my phone's battery was drained empty. I charged it while I prepare myself for work. I got earlier than usual since aside from there's no traffic, the bus that I rode in travels really fast. The afternoon was pretty much boring though which made me just read forums and other stuff.

Friday: Got up and did the usual morning rituals before going to the office. Ate another breakfast at Jollibee to kill some time since I arrived in Makati at around 7:20am. Then I started working at around 8am for a Blackberry activation in Singapore but I have to escalate it since its taking a long time to activate. The afternoon was quite OK and I just waited for 5:00pm so I could go to SM Mall of Asia to join my friends there. Then we went to Manila Bay Club to join UNO's Poker Event. I went home almost late at night but I really had fun. 

Saturday: Got up a bit late but I was still able to edit a single set of photos from the 19th Transport Show I visited weeks ago. Then past 12nn, we went home to San Pedro to visit my folks there. Went online for a couple of minutes before calling it a day.

Saturday, May 22

My UNO Poker Experience

After work, I went to SM Mall of Asia to meet some of my friends (actually, were only 3 hehe). It took me an hour and a half (no thanks to traffic) before I reached SM Mall of Asia. Once I got there, I had to stroll around to kill time. While doing that, I was looking for my friends who will be going there as well. They were at Pancake House so I went there to join them for dinner (my own expense). Then at exactly 8pm, we went to MBC to attend the UNO Poker Tournament.

This would be my first time to join a poker tournament (my second actually but this involves some amount of money). The entrance fee of 500 includes the May issue of UNO plus free food and drinks as well the chips to be used in the tournament itself. I was assigned at table #1. As the game progresses, it was getting more difficult to win a match. Actually, I didn't win a single match at all as I left the table after losing all my chips in less than 30 minutes.

Anyways, after my short stint at the poker table, I went to the other table (with food) to help myself. I took some snaps of the event but it was kinda limited due to security reasons. Out of boredom,we went outside to take a walk. When we came back, we weren't able to see UNO's covergirl for May which one photographer told me that she left just a few minutes after we came back.

Oh well. Better luck next time then. XD

Thursday, May 20

Do I have to change my Blogname?

After I got it from a good friend of mine (thru facebook taken from a tabloid), I'm thinking twice now if I have to stick to my domain name or change it for my own safety. I still love my life as well as my wife and my family.And I have a lot of dreams to accomplish.

See what I mean? XD

Wednesday, May 19

UNO Poker Tournament

I got this from their facebook page.

UNO Magazine together with you--our beloved followers, bring you the UNO Poker Tournament at Manila Bay Club in San Miguel by the Bay.

For one night individuals will try to outsmart each other as they try to win cash prizes and prizes from UNO Magazine and our Sponsors!

Joining fee is PHP 500 inclusive of MAY 2010 issue of UNO magazine.

Play Poker--UNO Style! Text or Call Muriel Evaristo 0915-7400049 to Confirm your slot.

We are not Bluffing!

After Party @ LAX the night club VIP room. send in names for guest list inclusion. Open Bar starts at 10pm!

UNO Poker Tournament Mechanics:

1) Event goers (EG) register at the reception area of MBC and decide if they want to participate in the Step 1 Sit-N-Go (SNG) tournaments
2) EG's pay Php 500 to register for each SNG they choose to enter
3) Each registered EG gets an autographed copy of the May Uno Magazine.
4) When nine (9) EG's have registered for a Step 1 SNG, the tournament will start.
5) Players will recieve 2k in chips and the blinds will start at 10-20 and will increase every 15 minutes.
6) Step 1 SNG second place winners will receive Php 500
7) Step 1 SNG winners will receive Php 1,000 and will be able to sign up for their choice of Step 2 SNG tournament, which would be either against MODEL 1, MODEL 2, or COVER GIRL (known as the table VIP)
8) There will be only 8 places to be filled in each of the Step 2 SNG. Four seats in each of the Step 2 SNG will be available in the first 12 Step 1 SNG and the last 12 seats will only be available in the last 12 Step 1 SNG
9) When there are 8 players for the Step 2 SNG, it will commence with each player having 2k in chips and the blinds starting at 10-20 and increasing every 15 minutes.
10) The Players who will bust out the table VIP will receive a special gift from Uno Magazine
11) Step 2 SNG second place winners will receive Php 1,300
12) Step 2 SNG winners will receive Php 2,200
13) Other Step 2 participants will also receive special prizes from Uno Magazine.

What kind of drinker are you

I know I belong here somewhere. Hehe. I just got it from facebook. XD

Tuesday, May 18

My First Postal Heritage Walking Tour Experience

Last Sunday, I joined the Postal Heritage Walk Tour conducted by the Filipinas Stamp Collector’s Club (lead by Lawrence Chan). I just saw this event at my multiply and I didn't hesitate to join-in because aside from meeting new friends, I'd be able to take pictures of some places that is considered restricted to the public. But it took me more than 30 mins to find this group of people. As I found them, they were already starting their tour at the Metropolitan Museum (MET). As I joined the group, I immediately pull-up my camera and take some pictures of the scene as well as some details. I was fascinated with the details MET has.

We went inside MET and stayed there for at least an hour. That gave me more than enough time to experiment on my shots and see for myself if somehow I would improve. As I take pictures inside-out, I was listening to Lawrence lecture unconsciously and learned about a thing or two with MET's history.


Our next stop was the Post Office. I still remember my mom taking me there when I was young to send snail mails to my dad when he was still working in Saudi Arabia (a long time ago, hehe XD). I was quite intrigued and puzzled on how to take snaps of this edifice. Before Lawrence toured us inside, I was able to take some quick snaps of the outside part.

As we went inside the post office, I was really amazed on how these artifacts (stamps, old notes etc) were preserved. I think it costs a lot more than they were when it was first published.

The Manila Central Post Office Building is one of the beautiful neo-classical inspired building in Manila. Manila Central Post Office is also the head office of the Philippine Postal Corporation—the heart of everything related to the Philippine Postal System. The Postal Library and Museum houses an exhibit of Philippine Postal Stamps as well as old mailboxes and old typewriters. The Postal Museum and Library, located within the Manila Central Post Office compound. It showcases the country’s rich collection of stamps, postal relics, stamp magazines and Philatelic Bulletin.It is opened Monday to Friday  (8am- 5pm). Contact person is Ms Nena De Guzman Tel # 527-00-96.

After out tour of the Postal Office, we continued until we reached another historic spot in Manila, particularly within the Intramuros area though I forgot most of those spots (will try to look for those).

That day was really tiring but I've learned a lot from this experience. Probably, I should do more of these walks be it by groups or by myself.

Why DSLR cameras are forbiden in certain places.

I got it at a thread in Pipho.Thanks to Sir John Chua for this.

There are several reasons why DSLR cameras are forbiden in certain places.

1. In Ayala - Makati Business District - To shoot in the street or any place in Ayala owned property - you need a permit to shoot - For commercial purposes you will be charge according - TV shoot or Print Ad - Approx 20 to 50 K per day depends on the usages. They do however give Permit Free of Charge like request from Makati Govt or any worthwhile community organization that will bring good publicity. - Tourists in general are allowed to shoot ( make sure you look like a tourist )

2. Some buildings like the RCBC building houses several High profile Embassies...Do you know they have a military unit guarding the place aside from the security guards. There is one CCD camera focus on the RCBC building monitored by the City Govt..So dont do any fun stunts around that area. - Most owners do not allow their building to be shot. For security and BIR purposes  Cheesy

3. In the Malls and Supermarkets - they do not allow cameras to be brought in the area - market research people uses photos for their competitive report and product display studies... Furniture as well as fashion ware can be photographed and imitated.

4. Owners of residential houses are also wary about people shooting their houses - casing the place for Kidnapping or robbery or BIR investigation or media expose.

5. If you are really serious about shooting a particular area like a museum or even a park - best advise is to go and ask permission from the Officer in charge - do it in writing - proof and state your objective and be sincere about it. then offer either some photos for their own use. or find out if they need any photo of the area which you can give in return for the favor.

6. Fort Santiago is a favorite place to practice and the guards have been used to seeing hundreds of photographers coming to shoot. FPPF Photography Class is based there.

If you find being harrased by photographers taking your picture while swallowing a mouthful - or someone taking a picture of your house early morning then you will undestand why they feel the same way too.

Look like a Tourist and your trouble will be over...MagicEye

BTW - An Entry level camera with a small zoom lens will do
Do not bring a big Camera Bag
Do not bring a Tripod
Do not bring an Assistant

Wear Something strange... a Tourist Shirt ( I Love the Philippines ) (Boracay) (Corregidor Island) best seller (WOW Philippines - Banaue Rice Terrace) Straw hat and a shade... If you need all your gears - get a backpack and wear slippers and hold a tourist map of Makati...

If you notice the security guard starts looking at you - pretend to shoot - the colorful jeepneys and wave your hands to the passengers (gauranteed they will wave back at you. then shoot the cigarette boys and the sampaguita girls and if he still looks at you and start coming towards you - Dont Panic... give your camera to the security guard and ask him to take a souvenir shot of you with the Ayala Ave as the you 100 peaos he will do it for you. then SMILE and thank him for taking that photo. Believe me it works for me, must work for you too... Try.

Monday, May 17

My Hotter Summer Nights Experience

If I could split myself into two (as well as my cameras), I could have attended both Bimmerfest and HSN. But I have to spend more time here (HSN).

I arrived there at almost 4:00pm and scouted the area. The place was quite huge. I mean the parking space since its outside NBC Tent and the floor plan that they made was fine with me. I was able to meet-up some friends there and we took pictures at around 4:45pm since the sun was setting quite fast. I was able to take pictures of the cars as well as the models as the sun sets down.

Then as the night progresses, the Bikini Fashion Show was quite disappointing unlike the previous HSN that I have attended 2 years ago. I hope next year would be much better than this one.

My First Bimmerfest Experience

Despite the scorching heat from the sun, I still managed to attend this event. Though I didn't stay there that long (I had to go to the other car show at The Fort), I was able to take pictures of the cars but there were no models around since I started taking pictures at 2:30pm.

It was a short and quick stay as I got to head-off to BGC for another carshow. I got some UNO magazines as well XD

The week that was (May 9-15)

Sunday: Got up at 5am and I wasn't able to go back to sleep so I edited some more pictures (Aliwan Festival 2010). We left San Pedro at 12pm and we reached Manila at almost 2pm. Took a breather for a while before heading to SM Mall of Asia to shoot the Flores de Mayo sa MOA 2010 (my first). I learned a lot from this experience and I made sure that I am exhausted before calling it a day. I also did some shopping (my baon for the week) then head home.

Monday: Got up early since I have work despite election day. To my surprise, Makati was almost empty. That gave an idea on when to shoot some nice scenes in Makati. The entire day was practically boring since we didn't have ant tickets to work on plus I think the whole world knows its Election Day here today. After work, I was about to go straight home but there were no bus bound for Nagtahan that's why I took the Galeria-Legarda route. I passed by Robinsons Galeria to check on things. At the spur of the moment,I went to NBS to check some photography books. I found the Digital Photography books by Scoot Kelby and try to browse the pages. I really wanted to buy it but I just have to wait for payday. XD. Then I went home hoping I could go to bed early but since someone is ironing clothes inside our bedroom, I have to wait until 10pm for me to be able to go to sleep. 

Tuesday: Still feeling very sleepy, I woke up early to prepare for work.The day was pretty much the same though.

Wednesday: Got home early to encode some information from my DSLR but since my brother in law was using the PC, I went our and uploaded the MIAS 2010 Model Set instead. I was surprised that some of the pictures were quite off (possible monitor problem from the internet cafe I was in).

Thursday: This would be the slowest morning I've experienced. My wife wasn't able to meet me for lunch so I ate out at ArmyNavy Burger and Burrito at Solaris One Bldg (where I'll be picking-up my wife after work). The afternoon was really slow. All we do was go online and surf some websites. XD.After work, I went back to Solaris One Bldg. to meet mt wife and have our early dinner at ArmyNavy. We enjoyed our burritos and pick-up two more for our folks there. We were supposed to go to my wife's office in Katipunan for other things but her boss decided not to. Hence we head home.

Friday: Had a bad dream that got me up very early and I wasn't able to get more sleep needed. I feel so tired and yet I have to finish work until 5:00pm.As I got home, I updated my file regarding the specs of the pictures that I captured. I wasn't able to eat dinner since I was too tired.

Saturday: Got up early again and I was able to edit 1 set and went online. Did some laundry before heading to A. Venue to attend the Bimmerfest 2010. I left home at around 11:30am and I got to Makati Ave at almost 12 noon. I passed by at Petron and I was able to find a Special Edition FHM May 2010 Issue (the one with a set of playing cards c/o Premiere). I think I've spent almost 2 hours at A. Venue before heading to The Fort for the other carshow (HSN3). I was really tired when I got home but still, I enjoyed every minute of it. ^_^

Friday, May 14

Comelec Results as of May 13, 2010, 1:45 p.m.

Got it here.

Comelec Results as of May 13, 2010, 1:45 p.m.


B. Aquino 13,847,407
J. Estrada  8,755,335
M. Villar    4,995,945
G. Teodoro 3,673,354
E. Villanueva 1,017,447
R. Gordon   466,002
J. Perlas 48,844
J. Madrigal 42,103
J. De los Reyes 40,028

Vice President

J. Binay 13,486,420
M. Roxas 12,686,739
L. Legarda 3,791,319
B. Fernando 935,817
E. Manzano 705,410
P. Yasay 324,488
J. Sonza 57,605
D. Chipeco 47,349

R.B. Revilla  17,829,003
J. Estrada  17,421,260
M. Santiago  15,932,097
F. Drilon  14,600,389
J. Enrile  14,409,308
P. Cayetano  12,613,515
F. Marcos  12,149,130
R. Recto  11,396,535
V. Sotto  10,963,612
S. OsmeƱa  10,699,312
M. Lapid  10,077,295
T. Guingona  9,480,232
R. Hontiveros  8,427,721
R. Biazon  7,964,742
J. De Venecia  7,701,942
G. Remulla  6,893,167
D. Lim  6,754,979
S. Roco  6,234,289

Awake since 2:00am

Current Mood: Extremely Sleepy (Yawns!)

Taken from Google

I thought it was already 5:00am after having this terrible bad dream. I didn't open my eyes for a few seconds after I realized it was a horrible nightmare. As I look upon my cellphone, it was only 1:50am. That would be 3 hours and 50 minutes of sleep I had. My heart kinda beat faster at a demonic pace. I tried to sleep again but it took me a while before I do so. Or probably I wasn't able to get more sleep for the rest of the wee hours. I got up at 5:15am getting ready for work.

A few hours later, my body takes its toll as I really feel exhausted and very sleepy. My mind wasn't 100% focused on work as well as my body feels like it will collapse any minute. Probably, I'll go to sleep early tonight since the next day would be a very busy day for me. XD

Tuesday, May 11

You want that bag?

I saw this on and I want to share this with you guys.

If you want to see a larger view on the mechanics, click here. I'm thinking if my wife would lend me some money so I could get one. hehe. XD

Comelec Results as of May 11, 2010 4:31 a.m.

I got it here .

Comelec Partial Count as of May 11, 2010 4:31 a.m.

Aquino 11,049,826
Estrada 6,986,257
Villar 3,845,422
Teodoro 2,911,474
Villanueva 832,764
Gordon 403,662
Perlas 37,413
Madrigal 33,350
De los Reyes 30,934

Binay 10,939,713
Roxas 10,088,864
Legarda 2,882,512
Fernando 779,412
Manzano 511,055
Yasay 268,538
Sonza 45,603
Chipeco 35,036

Senators – Top 12 as of May 11, 2010, 4:31 a.m.
1.    Revilla = 14,284,176
2.    Estrada = 14,146,239
3.    Defensor-Santiago = 13,029,499
4.    Drilon = 11,944,908
5.    Enrile = 11,797,380
6.    Cayetano = 10,357,764
7.    Marcos = 10,096,432
8.    Recto = 9,282,020
9.    Sotto = 9,016,759
10.  Osmena  = 8,692,009
11.   Lapid = 8,032,673
12.   Guingona = 7,759,180

Monday, May 10

My First Flores de Mayo sa MOA Experience

Yesterday, when we got home from San Pedro, I took a breather and rested a bit before heading to SM MOA for my first experience to shoot in a Flores de Mayo event.

Looking back, I remember the time when I was an escort way back then. The cameras used were film-based and its like a trial and error thing where you don't know how you look like until the pictures are processed.

Moving forward, we were able to take pictures of the ladies in their "Sagala" attire while waiting for the procession proper. This was also the time I put my newly acquired lens (Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II) to the test. And it didn't fail me at all. Though some shots were quite off, I would say that I'll be using it for a long time. One disadvantage though with primes is that you can't go wide (unlike my kitlens).

I saw some similar faces during the event (mostly, people from events) as well as some professional photographers who really took out their expensive gears (talking about their Canon Mark', Nikon D3's plus their L-Lenses). I kinda felt envious a little since having those kinds of gears would improve on the chances on getting better shots plus they can create a dramatic effect when used properly.

During the procession proper, I was still able to take pictures while in motion. It was not as crowded as The Aliwan Festival I attended a few weeks earlier. I joined the parade but not as an escort but as a photographer taking pictures. I was able to take pictures of all the arcs together with the respective "Reyna's and Escorte's" but two.

Security was way too tight on the last two arcs as I saw Ms Sarah Lahbati and Ms Kris Bernal (together with their partners) wearing their respective "Sagala" attire. It was all hell breaks loose as their fans stormed to their area screaming and shouting. I took a few more shots before calling it a day because I didn't like the way one of the security guards handle the photographers.

All in all, it was really fun to take pictures on a Santacruzan event (minus the security).

The week that was (May 2 - 8)

My week started in the office past 12 midnight.

Sunday: I am in the middle of my night shift thinking on how to stay awake till early morning. I had one call at around 11:30pm Saturday night and did some monitoring in between. Went home after my shift but on a different route. I woke my wife to help me cook breakfast (pancakes). It was her first time to cook that so I assisted her. by 10:30am, I went to sleep. But the weather is so freaking hot I got up with a terrible headache. I tried to sleep again at around 4:30pm and I was able to get some sleep. I was able to commute to the office via LRT-MRT route. I got a call at around 11:30pm but I wasn't able to fix it =(.

Monday: I thought that one call last Sunday was it. I dozed off at around 3:00am and was awaken by the phone. Another issue I wasn't able to fix. Followed by another call. Geez, I had 3 calls on my 7th day (or should I say night) that mede me lose my sleep. I waited for my team mate to take-over as I asked for advise on how to close and re-open a case that is not resolved. Then, I went to La Mesa Ecopark to join a funshoot. I got there at around 9:00am but I waited for an hour and a half. I heard some photographers mentioning my name but I kept myself quiet and observed silently.I left the place at around 10:30am and head straight home. We went to Church to attend mass before having our lunch. Then I uploaded some pictures I took previously so I won't get piled-up again. Slept early at around 6pm since my bode craves for it.

Tuesday: Got up early to edit some photos. But I got pre-occupied by going online early. I had a hard time sorting out some photos that made me decide to edit later in the afternoon. I went to SM Manila to buy some stuff for the week but I wasn't able to get what I want there so I had to travel to SM Centerpoint. I took a quick stop at Burger King since they have a promo of free Whopper Jr for every Whopper Jr meal (or Whopper meal: I'll create a separate blog about this soon). As I got home, I was able to edit at least 6 sets of photos with the help of photoshop. It really improved my pictures by a mile (Another blog for this XD ).

Wednesday: I got up at around 5:15am to prepare for work. I got up earlier than usual because my schedule adjusts from 9am-6pm to 8am-5pm. To my surprise, I arrived more than an hour early at the office (6:56am) despite that I left the house at past 6am. The day was quite busy with creating helpdesk tickets here and there before a lazy afternoon. Going home wasn't that smooth since we had to transfer to another bus.

Thursday: Got up early again but went online for a short time before going to work. As expected. I arrived at the office way early again (7:17am). To my surprise, Mozilla Fire Fox was already in my PC ^_^. I made sure to use it sparingly though ^_^.

Friday: Again, I got in the office early. The day was pretty much boring except for one call I got but still, the day was quite ok. I browsed some forums that would help me improve my photography and photoshop skills. After office, I went home but as I stepped outside, it was really humid.

Saturday: I was up as early as 5am since I'm used to getting up early. I took advantage of editing the remaining pictures I got during the MIAS 2010. Then, I did some laundry before preparing to go home to San Pedro after 5 weeks (I'll try to create a separate blog for this). Once we've reached Laguna, my wife rested for a while and I took the time to edit some more pictures. Late in the afternoon, I went online for another hour before cooking sisig for my folks.

I really need to get some more sleep. XD

The reasons why I did not vote

Its election time once again. Time to exercise our right to choose our next leader. Time for the candidates to wait who will serve the nation for the next 3 or 6 years.

The last time I exercised my right to vote was during the 1998 Presidential Election where my Presidential bet placed only 5th in the election. I can't recall if I voted during 2001. But as far as I know, I did not vote during the 2004 and 2007 elections.

Moving on, I decided NOT to vote for the following reasons:

1. I moved from San Pedro, Laguna to Sampaloc, Manila. It's not feasible to go back to Laguna just to go to our precinct and stay there for a couple of minutes.

2. Some said that you have to register again since Comelec will be making the 2010 Election automated. I hardly remember if I am still registered or not. If not, I WILL NOT go to Comelec's office in Manila just to register (I've read some horrible stories regarding waiting for almost the whole day just to be registered). In the long run, I have to register for the next elections in 2013.

3. I've lost confidence in both comelec and the current government. For whatever reason, I have this feeling that there would be a lot of glitches happening today. I don't want to count myself as one of those who complains why the process takes too long.

I still believe there is hope after this elections. For now, I will join the silent minority and observe what will happen within the next few years.

Thursday, May 6

Where to go this May 15

Current mood: Clueless

For next Saturday, I have to choose between two great car shows.I see both of them are good events but I have to choose only one.

I wish I could split myself into two. XD

Wednesday, May 5

12 Reasons Why I Won't Vote NOYNOY For President ...

I just got this from this site. I have nothing against Sen Aquino III since I will NOT VOTE in this coming election anyway. XD

Here it goes...


1st reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks that if there is no corruption there will be no poverty.

Reality check:

Corruption certainly contributes to poverty, but corruption is everywhere, even in the greatest democracy and the richest country in the world, the USA. President Obama has surrounded himself with many senior appointees who have been proven to be tax evaders. Large US MNCs give out bribes as a regular way of doing business. Corruption is a way of life in the USA, but it is a very rich nation. While reducing corruption certainly is important, economic progress comes when those at the helm of government know what they are doing and have political will, like Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore.

Noynoy has no experience and will be quickly overwhelmed by the complexity of governance.

2nd reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks that since he is not corrupt, then there will be no corruption.

Reality check:

Corruption is unfortunately deeply ingrained in the Philippine political system. That is not to say that we should not do something about it. But it is to recognize that it is not only the President but those around him/her who matter. Cory was quite saintly, but Kamaganak Inc. rampaged through her Presidency. Frank Drilon, the President of the Liberal Party, is himself known as corrupt.

Noynoy has no governance experience, whether in business or politics, and those close to him can easily run circles around him.(Please check on the Comparative Chart below)

3rd reason why Noynoy is clueless: he believes that poverty would be eliminated if only there is clean governance.

Reality check:

There is widespread poverty in the Philippines not because of corruption, but because of social injustice. That is, the rich grow richer, and so the poor grow poorer. There are enough resources in the nation for everyone to have a decent life. But the rich elite, a very small part of the population, has taken a very large and disproportionate share of the nation’s wealth.

How do we eliminate poverty? By sharing. This is what the first Christians did. The rich shared their wealth with the poor, and the result was that there was no one in need (Acts 4:34). This is not just about giving handouts. Part of sharing is sharing the opportunities to make money, giving just compensation to employees, giving land to the landless.

The social injustice is perpetrated by the entrenched elite economic and political families, such as the Cojuangcos, Roxases, Aranetas, Madrigals, etc. A prime example is the case of Hacienda Luisita, where the farmers have been deprived of what is rightfully theirs. In fact, they have been killed for asking for what is due them.

Noynoy is part of this social and economic elite, and cannot be expected to stand against them in favor of the poor. He has already shown this in the case of Hacienda Luisita.

4th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not understand the poor.

Reality check:

The poor make up the overwhelming majority of our people. They make up the greater part of a President’s national constituency. Thus care for the poor should be a primary concern of any President.

Perhaps we cannot judge Noynoy harshly, because he has not experienced deep material poverty. If you have not been poor, you cannot truly empathize with the poor. That is why social workers at times live with the poor, to somehow become one of them, to experience what they experience.. He does not understand how the poor care for their relatives, even to the point of going into debt, or perhaps, even stealing. He does not understand the nobility of the poor. As with many who are rich and elite, perhaps he looks on the poor with disdain, considering them lazy, dirty, of no good to society. This might be unfair to Noynoy, but did he not in fact show no concern for the farmers of Hacienda Luisita? He even accused them of being communists when they rallied for their rights.

The most urgent need for our nation is the eradication of poverty. Noynoy cannot accomplish this because his heart is not with the poor. In fact, in desiring to eliminate corruption, would that not benefit the rich businessmen most? Then they will only grow richer, and the poor poorer.

5th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not understand that reproductive health means abortion.

Reality check:

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, said it again quite clearly: “You cannot have maternal health without reproductive health. And reproductive health includes contraception and family planning and access to legal, safe abortion.” It is the goal of the US government, together with powerful forces such as the European Union, elements of the United Nations, billionaire philanthropists, liberal media, homosexualist forces, to force abortion on the whole world as a human right.

If Noynoy claims to be against abortion but for the RH bill, then he is either being naive or deceptive. Reproductive health promotes condoms, condoms fail and result in unwanted pregnancies, then women procure abortions. That is how it has happened in the US and elsewhere. It is a clever step-by-step process that the anti-life forces promote. If we accept the RH bill, abortion will not be far behind.

6th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he believes that EDSA is his birthright.

Reality check:

EDSA was a miracle of God. It belongs to all of us. It was a work of the Spirit that resulted in the dismantling of the Marcos dictatorship. God used Ninoy and Cory, but the glory belongs to God and the honor to the whole Filipino nation.

But Noynoy has appropriated the EDSA spirit for himself and his campaign. He is using the Laban sign, the color yellow (this is not the color of the Liberal Party), the songs, the slogans, even what his parents had done. What a blatant theft of what belongs to us! Now many Filipinos are distancing themselves from EDSA symbols simply because they are automatically looked on as pro-Noynoy. What a shame! What a disservice to the nation. Noynoy is destroying that most loved Filipino treasure that is EDSA.

Further, Noynoy is clueless in thinking that because his parents are revered, he now deserves to be President.

7th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he thinks his good intentions are enough to govern the country.

Reality check:

To be an effective President, one needs experience, political will, intelligence. One cannot just have good intentions. One cannot just be uncorrupt. One must be prepared, with a working platform of governance. One must hit the ground running on Day One, and not have to learn the ropes while in office. One must not just rely on subordinates and hangers on, but must have a clear vision and know what to do.

Noynoy has no executive experience. His legislative experience includes not passing any bill at all. He has no performance to speak of. As Congressman and Senator, he has not made any positive impact on behalf of his constituencies or the nation. Simply put, he is a non-performer.

8th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not understand that to be effective as President, he has to work with other powers-that- be, and so he should show respect.

Reality check:

The Presidency does not exist by itself in the political system. In fact, the legislature and the judiciary are equal partners in governance. Then there are other economic and social forces.

Noynoy belittled the Church when Cardinal Vidal took him to task for being pro-RH bill. He threatened the Supreme Court justices with impeachment if they accepted the appointment of a Chief Justice. He attacks President Arroyo even if she is not a candidate for President (and blatantly claims that he is the only real opposition). He maligns his main political opponent, making wild and unfounded claims, with half-truths and outright lies. He ridiculed a political pollster when the findings showed Villar closing in on him. He accuses the Comelec of imagined irregularities. He stokes conflict between the chiefs of the Philippine Army and the Philippine National Police. He makes it his priority to prosecute GMA.

Noynoy is a divisive person. He attacks and maligns, often without good basis. He creates enemies instead of trying to win them over. He is disrespectful, of good people and important institutions. In a political system as we have in the Philippines, that is a sure way to division and disunity.

9th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he still has the EDSA hangover and has no qualms about not following the rule of law.

Reality check:

The rule of law, flawed as it might be at times, is crucial to a democracy. EDSA is an extraordinary experience, perhaps never to be repeated again.

Noynoy has no qualms about not following the rule of law. In his disagreement with the appointment by GMA of a Chief Justice, he has resorted to threats and demonstrations, instigating his followers in the latter. He has threatened the justices with impeachment. In contrast, the Nationalista Party, also disagreeing with GMA’s potential action, took the issue to the Supreme Court as an appeal to its decision.

Noynoy does not see that an extraordinary extra-judicial move is not a first option, but the last. When we discard the rule of law, we are well on our way to chaos.

10th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not know what is good for the economy or the nation.

Reality check:

Taxes are the lifeblood of the nation. Without adequate taxes, there would be no resources with which to run government and serve the people.

Noynoy immediately announced that he would not raise taxes (he later backtracked) . He was either playing up to the businessmen and the people, or he was totally naive. After GMA, the coffers would be empty. He would first enforce collection, and cut down on tax evasion and corruption. But if these were not enough, he would have to raise taxes. Now that is being open, sincere and wise.

Noynoy either does not know how to run the government, or is impulsive and does not think issues through well enough, or practices the old politics of making promises that cannot be kept. In any way, he is not fit to be President.

11th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not know what the Presidency entails, how awesome a task it is.

Reality check:

Being President is an awesome responsibility. While many are legally qualified to run for President, only a few can really do well as President. Part of being qualified is the actual experience of governance, preferably from the bottom up.

Let us look at Hacienda Luisita. It is a large piece of land, it has economic activity, it has poor people working (or out of work), it has a social system, it has the entrenched elite (the owners), it has management-labor problems. It could be a microcosm of the Philippines. Now what good has Noynoy done, as one of the owners and as the scion of the Cojuangco clan? He claims he owns only 1%, but that is evading the moral responsibility that would be expected of someone who aspires to be President of the Philippines. And in fact, was he not head of their security agency when there was the killing of farmers? Did he not malign and fault the farmers as being communists? Did he not oppose the granting of land to the farmers as was the original agreement of the Cojuangcos with the government?

Now he says that if elected President, he would look to distributing the land. What? Elect you first before you act? Why not do it now? This is just another empty promise, playing up to the gallery, just like the vow not to raise taxes.

Noynoy looks to his own and his family/clan’s well-being, not to that of the poor farmers. He looks to the interest of the small minority rather than the greater majority. He cannot be trusted to be able to run the nation, or to do justice to its poor.

12th reason why Noynoy is clueless: he does not realize that in resorting to half-truths and lies in his effort to malign his major political opponent, he is acting in a very unchristian way.

Reality check:

The Philippines is a Christian nation. Noynoy professes to be a Christian Catholic. As Christians we are all children of God, and should look at everyone as a child of God. It is wrong to say that anything goes when it comes to politics. That is what makes politics dirty, which it should not be.

Noynoy’s other political opponents has kept the high ground in this campaign. They stick to issues, not malicious attacks. They just patiently and calmly explain their platform of government. It can be done! Even in debates, there should always be respect.

We need a true Christian as President of the Philippines, one who has integrity and is a peacemaker. Noynoy unfortunately does not fit the bill.

Monday, May 3

Tips for Shopping in Hidalgo

I got this from PiPho Thread courtesy of Mr John Chua.

Sure, Photography is a nice hobby... also expensive at that... thats why most of us go to R Hidalgo to buy our equipment with our hard earned money.

There are a few tips I would like to share with you to make it pleasant way of parting your money

1. Most of the owners in R Hidalgo are friendly and customer oriented. But as you know Quiapo is such a notorius place where pick pocketers, snatchers and questionable characters roam freely in the area. The owners have been dealing with these elements for a long time and have learned a few hard lessons to deal with this situations. During the time I was drumming up their support for the R Hidalgo project, they have shared with me, their problems of Extortions, syndicates victimizing them, and Salisi gangs. They too have to deal with these problems.

2. For the newbies, hobbyists do your research on the equipment that you want before you go to R Hidalgo and canvass the best price.

3. If you are not sure of what you want or wants to do window shopping, choose a day or time when there are less people in the shop, so the owners or sales people can entertain you better. Friday is a bad day to go R Hidalgo - its Quiapo Church Day... many people attending the mass and passing thru Hidalgo.

4. As usual in any Asian country... Never be the first customer to go in When they open up their shop in the morning. Unless you have intention to buy something. It is a belief held by many business man, Buenas... Buena Mano... The first customer of the day will be the sign if the shop will have a good sale on that day... The owner will do anything (giving the best discount or best item... just to have the first sale of the day... Now, if you keep on asking for prices on this and that and finally leave the place... They don't feel good about it... Busit...) so if you are just window shopping... do it mid morning or late afternoon...

5. When you are just new in this hobby, be friendly to the owner... sure you may canvass the price of the item that you are interested to buy. They understand that. But the important factor here is deciding where to buy the item. Are you more comfortable in doing business with Wilson (Avenue) maybe because he takes time to explain how the item works or Going to Mayer's Ramon because he gives the best price... there are many reasons why you buy the item with this shop. BUT remember dont haggle too much... everyone get the item from their supplier at different prices too. You must leave a margin of profit for them, because kung babaratin mo ng husto. they might give in to you But they dont gain much profit from dealing with you. Remember the competition in Hidalgo is strong, thats leaves little profit na... volume na lang kikita sila.

6. By having a good relationship with the shop owner, they will help you keep that relationship throughout the years. They will tell you if certain products are defective, they will inform you when they expect the prices to drop, they will help you look for the things you need but they dont have them.

7. Sometimes, they might not be able to give you big discount on certain items. the reason behind it would probably their acquisition price is higher. Nevertheless if the price difference is small... still get it from them. it will even out in the long run...

Remember, once you bought something from his shop, he will remember you or else you are just one of hundreds of people entering his shop everyday...


1. Trust - he will help and advise you when you are in doubt about certain items.

2. He will protect you and your investment... if you have any problem with any of the items you bought from him.. he will find a way to help you by... replacing it, getting the right party to fix it. at NO Cost..

3. You will been given a credit line... installment plan with zero interest... maybe trial for new equipment... if there are promo items... he will inform you right away

4. He will help you grow as a successful photographer in turn more business for him.

On Working Night Shifts

Current Mood: Awake but feeling Sleepy. XD

I'm currently at the office all alone as I jot down this entry. Though my eyes feel drowsy, I just cant close it and go to dreamland since my shift is from 10pm-7am. I have to be alert since there might be someone calling us from overseas asking for help with their system.

The last time I worked with this shift was probably 2-3 years ago when I was with the Call Center Industry back then. Work load there was definitely not light even during weekends. And I even remember reporting to work back then with only 2 hours of sleep. That made me very sleepy during my shift. When I was with the QA team, though we can sleep once we were finished with our tasks, its still not enough. I mean, having at least 6-7 hours of sleep at night is much better than having it during the day.

Right now, I'm hoping this would be my last night shift for the moment since I still need to adjust my body after being being away from work for the last 8 months.

Sunday, May 2

The Week that was (April 25 - May 1)

It was a tiring week...

Sunday: Got up early again but I wasn't able to edit photos that day because I went online (bad). Though I still feel sleepy, I went to SM Megamall again to attend the 19th Transport Show again but this time, it would be the models' turn to face my camera XD.

Monday: I really feel sluggish the minute I woke up together with a terrible headache. Work was a bit slow until almost 12pm where the action comes in (more work). Then, the day went slow again as I wait for 6:00pm to go home and recharge my body. Went online for a while before going home. I wasn't able to go to bed early since I watched WWE's Extreme Rules.

Tuesday: Got up early again but this time I felt really drained from yesterday. Work was quite OK since I was able to take-in two calls. I was sleepy the whole day and I'm looking forward to go to bed early. But I slept at around 11:30am (not bad)

Wednesday: Got up early again (same routine). I'm lazy to type. XD

Thursday: Celebrated my 1st month at Greif together with my first pay (after 8 months XD). Work was quite OK though I find the day slow. I made a price-matrix for some camera parts that I'm planning to buy in the future and compare it with other branches. Went home despite the rain. Had my Burger-craving at Wendy's before going online for another hour.

Friday: Got up early since I have to meet my mom at Harrison Plaza to give some soiled clothes. Ate breakfast at Jollibee before work. That was the second time I didn't went out for lunch. The day was a bit slow again except for a moment that I have to fix another issue since my team mate is working on hers. Its not yet TGIF since I have to work for two more days but its alright. Had another Burger craving but this time I ate at Mc Donald's before going home. 

Saturday: I got up a bit late (7am) to edit some photos. I was able to practice on how to sharpen my pictures as well as how to reduce noise. Then I went to Hidalgo to buy my second lens (Separate Blog to be posted soon). Traffic was horrible since There was a rally at Mendiola (Labor Day). My transaction was pretty quick and I went back home after. I tried to sleep even for a few hours but I wasn't able to go to sleep since its very hot. I just left home early to go to SM MOA to attend the Cardiology Carshow but I was disappointed with what I saw. I just purchased 4 magazines to keep me company during my shift.

I've been sleeping for less than 7 hours for the past 15 days or so. I need some sleep once I get home. XD


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