Thursday, May 30

Marien 365: Week 32 (Day 218 - 224)

Day 218: Looks up to mommy.

Day 218

Day 218: A happy baby is a happy mommy and daddy.

Day 219: Just finished her milk.

Day 219

Day 220: Enjoying the afternoon on our bed.

Day 220

Day 221: She doesn't want to do her afternoon nap. XD

Day 221

Day 222: Just got up from her afternoon nap and wanted to play right away.

Day 222

Day 222: She started to pose for the camera XD

Day 222

Day 223: Marien: "Daddy, look oh, I'm wearing mommy's headband" XD

Day 223

Day 224: After finishing her milk, she plays right away.

Day 224

Okay, I need a few days break before the next batch. XD        

Saturday, May 25

Marien 365: Week 31 (Day 211 - 217)

Day 211: Look at her hair.

Day 211

Day 212: Looks like she fixing herself getting ready to go somewhere.

Day 212

Day 212: Time to go to the doctor for her monthly check-up.

Day 212

Day 213: Steady.... "Click"

Day 213

Day 213: Her 7th month cake. How time flies so fast.

Day 213

Day 214: She doesn't want to have her picture taken for the day.

Day 214

Day 215: Both were not looking at the camera. =P

Day 215

Day 216: The senyorita look.

Day 216

Day 216: The senyorita look again!

Day 216

Day 217: She want's to go out already. XD

Day 217

Stay tuned for week 32. XD          

Tuesday, May 21

Swabeng Thoughts: Flickr's new design and free 1 TB of storage

If you were given a free 1 Terabyte (1TB) of free storage online, would you say no? 

As Yahoo announced its acquisition of Tumblr for $1.1 Billion, they have also shown Flickr users its redesigned lay-out and a big upgrade on each users storage. Yes, each Flickr user will have up to 1 Terabyte of storage. That means more than half a million pictures (on a 6.5 megapixel) can be stored on your account. 

Previous users (free) are allowed of up to 300MB worth of photos in a month, but today that will not be the case anymore. Photo-addicts will rejoice to this good news from Flickr as they can upload without limits (except that you can only have 1 TB of free space). Though the thing is its not ad-free. 

If you upgrade for $50 a year, your account would be ad-free. If you want to double your storage space (to 2 TB), you have to shell-out $500 a year. But heck, can you fill out 1TB quickly?  I'm pretty sure a lot of photobloggers would be delighted with the news. XD

You could read more on Petapixel, PopPhoto and DPreview.

Well I need to sort some old photos on my external hard drive to upload them all. XD

I guess I need to start uploading ASAP. XD

Monday, May 20

Marien 365: Week 30 (Day 204 - 210)

Day 204: Its feeding time.

Day 204

Day 205: Her lola (my mom) paid her a visit so she crawled towards us.

Day 205

Day 206: A few hours before I took off to attend the Canon Photomarathon 2011, I took a quick shot before joining her in bed.

Day 206

Day 207: Very messy...

Day 207

Day 208: She wanted to play with me.

Day 208

Day 208: On the floor that is. Too bad I didn't let her.

Day 208

Day 209: Before I went to work, she's looking at me and didn't want me to leave.

Day 209

Day 209: Okay, I'd stay for a few more minutes and she smiles.

Day 209

Day 210: I tried playing with some patterns here.

Day 210

Day 210: Its time for her bath.

Day 210

By now, I know you know when would week 31 be posted right?          

Wednesday, May 15

Swabeng Thoughts: Things I should have done before settling down

I've been thinking lately about writing this one yet a lot of things have been clouding through my head on what to do first and what to do before first.

Well, I'm very fine if you ask me and so far, work keeps my finances and my learning busy. Though for the past thirteen years, there are things that I should have done before getting married eventually.

1. Travel:  For some reason, I was so contented going from one mall to another during weekends and holidays since I started working. I've been a constant fixture on arcades and movie houses that it never dawned to me the essence of traveling around the country. It is only during our honeymoon in 2009 that I got to ride a plane and a ship going southbound. And from there, I join some groups on a one-day photo-expedition every once in a while. If only I started traveling the country in my 20's, I could have cover more ground and maybe started photography way early.

2. Continuous Learning: After passing the board exam in 2001, I was hoping to continue my education by taking-up a master's degree. However, it got derailed with a relationship gone sour back then that it took me a few years to pick-up Cisco. Though I got my certification (CCNA) in 2008, looking for a Cisco-related job was very challenging during those times as most companies prefer experience over youth. Now both my certification and my license are expired years back. I hope I could save more than enough to retake my CCNA and renew my ECE License in the next few years.

3. Agressive Job Hunting: When I started teaching at a school in Las Pinas, I got so complacent that I feel that I have a secured tenure> I stayed in the academe for close to 3 years without mapping my career path. I have wasted my opportunity for almost a year before landing to a new job. Then, I landed  a call-center job that took me three and a half years before realizing that I wanted to venture the IT industry. I have been in this industry for close to 3 years now. What if I ventured into IT early in my career?

4. Saving-up: After getting my first paycheck, it started a habit which I made sure not to get hungry even if I dine at expensive restaurants all by myself. If only I did BYOB (bring your own baon), I may have saved a million pesos starting from the first day of work up to now. Thank God, here in the office, I don't have to spend a single centavo just to get myself something to eat. This would be a good start for me to save again and save more. 

When you're young, you're bound to commit one mistake after another. I did that a couple of times before realizing how beautiful life is. Well, time for dinner. XD

Marien 365: Week 29 (Day 197 - 203)

Day 197: Feeding time. Migmig usually plays with her bottle as a steering wheel XD.

Day 197

Day 198: I have this image printed during the Canon Photomarathon 2011 a few weeks back.

Day 198

Day 198: And then day she found light.

Day 198

Day 198: I really like emphasizing the shape of her head XD.

Day 198

Day 199: She's wondering what her mom says.

Day 199

Day 200: Enjoying the outdoors again. I couldn't also believe that I have been shooting her (our baby) for 200 days. Actually, I'm almost at Day 270 (as of presstime) of taking her pictures, making me closer to complete my Project 365.

Day 200

Day 201: Still sleeping soundly even at almost 11:00am.

Day 201

Day 202: Her mom took this photo while I am at work.

Day 202

Day 203: Looking on.

Day 203

Were past halfway through Marien 365. Again, thanks to all who visited and viewed. But it doesn't end here. Wait till Week 30. XD        

Friday, May 10

Marien 365: Week 28 (Day 190 - 196)

Day 190: We were at The Medical City not for her check-up but to have her ears pierced.

Day 190

 Day 191: Migmig liking her new earrings. :D

Day 191

Day 192: Being carried by her mom, at time, I think she wants to walk already.

Day 192

Day 193: She got up again after her morning nap.

Day 193

Day 194: Enjoying the outdoors with her mom.

Day 194

Day 194: One of her outdoor portraits I'm trying to perfect.

Day 194

Day 195: Getting ready to go down again.

Day 195

Day 196: Enjoying little space that she has on our living room.

Day 196

Enjoy week 29 in the next couple of days. XD

Tuesday, May 7

Summer's Hotter with these May Covers

Who says its getting cooler after April?

1. FHM Philippines (Ryza Cenon): Its about time this girl has to escape her teeny-booper covers and go forward to a more daring and more mature one. Get ready for a Level 3 Hot Issue.

FHM Philippines May 2013

2. Esquire Philippines (Heart Evangelista): Its election time and what a way for her to celebrate it is to show support for her beau, I mean her. Its not often that you see her that way. XD

Esquire Philippines May 2013

3. Rogue (Katrina Razon): I Don't have any idea who she is but she looks fil-foreigner to me. This issue could be another food issue as they have an insider feature on eating in Manila plus how Pinoy Cuisine is conquering the Big Apple. I'll watch out for it.

Rogue May 2013

As of this writing, I have yet to see what Playboy Philippines and UNO has for the boys. Next update in the coming weeks.


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