Friday, May 16

Swabeng Random Thoughts Part 10

1. Its been so long since I've last made my entry here. More then two months since I've posted my last Swabeng Random Thoughts

2. My interest in Blogging and Photography is slowly dwindling for some un-explainable reason. I don't have a clue how it faded slowly. Work may not be the sole reason for the slowly demise of this hobby. Somehow, I must get it back before its too late. 

3. With #2 being said, I'm trying to read some blogs again particularly anything that has to do with Photography. I missed those times taking pictures and sharing them through here. So far, I'm reading two good blogs that may bring me back to the habit I do love (taking pictures and blogging about them). 

4. While I was able to lose a few pounds through exercise (walking) and lessen my food intake. Keeping it away (for a long long time) may take a lot of determination than I expected. As long as I lose a few more pounds before the year ends, I'm good with that. 

5. I'm already reaching 81.25% of my total emergency savings (that will last for a year). Only a few more months to go and I'm on target. Next would be saving up for investing. Hopefully I could start investing by the 4th quarter of the year. 

6. Since I've participated in the 52-week money challenge, I have an Idea how much I've already saved. To be honest, its not easy to do this on a 50 pesos per week increment (trust me) but hopefully, I could hit the target by the end of the year. With that amount, I could probably last for a few more months or use it to earn more. 

7. I also need to learn to tinker with my iPhone instead of using it just for browsing. Since I had that phone with me, I'm almost hooked into it whenever I have it with me. Thank God I don't bring it yet to work for safety reasons. 

8. Since they have forbidden Facebook in all workstations here, I was able to adapt somehow but I wasn't able to keep up with my games and let it go idle for a while. Now I'm trying to play them again even if its only once in a day. 

I hope I could get back really soon. Only time knows when...


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