Monday, October 31

My October To-Do List (Final Update)

As of today, here are the things I've done for this month.

1. Settle all bills for the month (Meralco, Broadband). (Done).
2. Complete all Men's Magazine for October and get some back issues (Done)
3. Try to go home to San Pedro at least twice this month to hand-off some stuff (Done)
4. Try to attend Sir Jo's Prison Riot in Subic on the 22nd (Tentative date: November 5). 
5. Accompany my baby on her check-up (Done).
6. Attend Scott Kelby's World Wide Photowalk (Done).
7.Attend Cosmania in SMX Convention Center on the 2nd (Done).
8. Keep on photo editing pictures in the morning (from 8:00am to 10:00am). Still doing good so far
9. Try to attend the Go German Exhibit at BHS on either the 8th or 9th (Unable to attend).
10. Attend Collecticon on either October 8 or 9 (Done).  
11. Attend FHM Autograph Signing: Daiana Menezes (Done).
12. Try to attend Grupo Potograpika's shoot at Manila South Cemetery on October 22(Unable to attend).
13. Attend FPPF's 18th Anniversary Photowalk on the 15th (Done just today XD)

Tomorrow will be another set for me. XD

The week that was (October 23 - 29)

Sunday: I got up at 9:00am and I was able to edit some pictures before reporting for work. While on my way to the office, I feel uncomfortable. I felt dizzy and at the same time, my vision get a little bit blurry. Could it be that I'm having hypertension again? I hope not. My other colleague wasn't able to report for work as she's suffering from dysmenorrhea. Thank God there wasn't much calls as well as my colleague stayed in the office until 6:30pm. There were times that the pain goes away but it kept lingering in my head. I was eventually made it through my shift as I logged-off right away an head for home.Thank God Migmig gave me enough strength to spend more time with my family before I went to sleep at around 1:30am.

Monday: I got up early as I got to watch WWE's Vengance on Jack TV though I wasn't satisfied with the results. I sent an SMS to the office that I won't be able to report for work but my other officemate was still ill as well. Still not feeling good, I have to report for work even if my body was not that willing. I was supposed to skip work but since my officemate was still suffering from dysmenorrhea, I had no choice but to report for work. I just had to be careful of what to eat for that day. Well, work made me busy but I was able to pace myself so I won't be overworked. I even got to do other things while I'm all alone in my shift. I had dinner by 10:00pm at Chowking before going back to the office to wrap-up. I got home an hour later feeling a bit better knowing I was able to get the job done despite my condition.

Tuesday: Got up at past 8:30am as I set-up the laptop for me to edit pictures. I was able to edit until almost 12:00pm and decided to give myself some rest as my body needs to recover. I sent an SMS that I'll be resting for a couple of days. Though I wasn't able to get some sleep at home, I took my late lunch at Chowking as food wasn't available back home. I helped my wife take care of our baby and other things that would make her hands-free for other tasks. Before the day ended, we were able to achieve our specific target ^_^

Wednesday: I got up at 7:30am and prepared my stuff to take home back to San Pedro. Though I still feel tired and knocked-off, I continued until I got back home to San Pedro at around 9:30am. I immediately collated some papers to keep home and what to take back to Sampaloc. I had bread for brunch before leaving again at 2:30pm. By 5:00pm, I got back to Manila as my wife was already online. I had my late lunch at Chowking for the second straight day though I have to minimize my trips there to avoid additional cholesterol my body gains. Then I got to help my wife again with some stuff as she takes care of Migmig full-time.I was able to get some good rest before going to bed.

Thursday: Got up at around 8:00am as we had to get ourselves ready as Migmig's ears would be pierced today. By 10:30am, we were all set to go to The Medical City to have the procedure done. We got there an hour later and just waited for a few minutes. As the procedure was being done, Migmig was just quiet though she cried later not because of the pain but rather the pressure of the nurse holding her. After she got her ear pierced, we left TMC and went to Little Baguio in San Juan to have our lunch at Sandy's Pizza (I'll be creating a separate blog for this). After our lunch, we went home right away to enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I was able to buy vitamins for Migmig as she already ran out of stock at home. By 3:30pm, I was off to SMX Convention Center to attend The Philippine Fashion Week 2011 which I got an invite from Triumph (I'll create a separate blog for this). After the fashion show, I joined my friends while having their dinner at Mang Inasal before we parted ways. I got home before 10:00pm and enjoyed the rest of the night before going to bed.

Friday: Got up at 7:45am as my mom came home to visit Migmig. Thank God she's cheerful and perky that time my mom liked it. After she visited her grandchild, we went out to go to her other grandmom as she's manning the stall as of the moment. Then we went back as I watched TV for a while (my wife and baby went back upstairs to sleep). I had my hair trimmed again and shaved so I could look neat and young again. I left the office at almost 12:30pm after being at home for 3 days.Work was quite ok as my fellow colleagues were also with me. I got to answer some emails before going out to get my monthly pay (YEHEY! XD). I bought 2 sets of soup and salads at 50% off before going back to the office to enjoy it. By night time, I went to Landmark to check-out some new magazines. I bought the latest issue of Playboy Philippines and Esquire Philippines' Maiden Issue (I might create a separate blog for this). I was supposed to take a cab going home but there were others who were waiting for a cab as well so I had to take a bus instead but not without grabbing a Zinger Double Down from KFC. When I got home, my family was still awake waiting for me. I went online before finally going to bed at around 2:00am.

Saturday: Got up at around 8:30am as it was already hot and humid at that time. Migmig was also awake so I had to take her downstairs to cool up and went out for a few minutes. After taking her back to her mom, I got myself ready for work as I left home early. After an hour, I got to the office as work was quite light. By 4:00pm, I went to SMX to attend Philippine Fashion Week 2011 featuring Ipamena (I'll create a separate blog for this). After the show, I stopped by at PBCo to grab something to eat. By7 8:15pm, I was already in the office. Work was very slow as I got to do other things online XD. I left at almost 11:30pm and took a cab going home. I got home early so I stopped by Mc Donald's first as I had a Quarter Pounder Meal for myself before finally going home. My wife and baby were still awake as we spent some quality time before going upstairs. I went online until 2:00am as I tried to edit some of my entries in my blog before finally going to sleep.

Philippine Fashion Week 2011: Ipamena

Before I start, I would like to thank Mr Raoul Ramirez for sending me an invite online =).

Since I have work on last Saturday, I have to ask for something magical for it to happen XD. I left the office at 4:00pm and went to SMX in Pasay City. I anticipated the traffic jam that I would encounter but it didn't took me that long to get there. Once I'm there, I saw a long queue for the Ipamena as well as a blogger's event that is simultaneously happening while waiting for the show to start.

Since the show was held at the same venue where the Triumph's 125th Anniversary was held, I assumed that ramp would be the same. I was wrong, It has a different ramp as the show has started. There were a lot more photographers than the previous event (Triumph's 125th) I attended a few days back.

As the show starts, so as my struggle in getting a good position to shoot. I got being bumped once in a while as I take pictures of the models walking down the ramp. All the time while I was taking pictures, I was standing on one foot but I was able to keep myself in-balance.

Also, I'm still working on how to shoot fashion shows like these as I'm trying to find-out what would be the perfect camera setting for this event. Its pretty hard as the light-set-up changes every show. I tried shooting fast (at 4.0) but I need to raise my ISO a little bit so apologies for some grains on my shots. XD

I got more pictures than my visit last Thursday as I almost ran out of memory in my SD card. Anyway, I was able to enjoy my 2nd attendance at the Philippine Fashion Week for this year. As I went back to the office, I really enjoyed my stop there and look forward to another PFW 2011 shoot.

Anyway, here are the rest of the pictures that I took.

Want more? Here's some more...XD

Some more good shots. Saving the best for last XD


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