Wednesday, March 24

The Manila Bulletin Jobfair Experience Revisited

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Just got home from today's job fair at Glorietta. This would be their 2nd and last day of recruiting job applicants to fill-out that much needed gaps in their work force.

I got up early despite slepping late last night. I had to go online early in the morning thinking my wife would take the laptop to her office.

As I reached Glorietta, I had a quick brunch at Jollibee and got my free newspaper (Star). That gave me that much needed energy boost for me to last the day. Then I went straight to the job fair to attend some seminars there and listen to the speakers on how they will inspire us to do better.

The first speaker was from Stream Global Services (Ms Segovia). She talked about how their call center works and their achievements that they got over the past 15 years. I won't talk much about this because I felt half-hearted about this company.Initially, I am hoping to join this company before it bought E-Telecare back then. But now after the merge, It was completely different and I won't be telling it here. =P

The second speaker, Mr. Ricky Garcia was really able to get us glued to our seats with his interesting topic on "The World of School and The World of Work". He was able to stress out how being at work is almost the same as being at school. His topic was really inspiring that it made me even push harder to achieve my life-long goals in my career.

The third speaker, Mr Benedict Hernandez talks about The Global Talent Marketplace and the impact of BPO in our country and how we could be globally competitive. He also mentioned how this industry has helped the economy and how it helped the jobmarket. Though his speech was enlightening, I can't help it but feel half-hearted again because of some issues which some people I know from the industry may feel also.

With the fourth speaker, Mr Ruben Anlacan on his topic on Winning Interview Tactics, I was expecting that the topic would make me awake and interested. Instead, I almost fell asleep from where I am seating at. Moreover, he was either wasn't that prepared or he is not the actual speaker for the topic. Finally, I stand up and left to submit my resume to the companies I'm looking forward to work with.

After attending this jobfair for 2 straight days, I really felt tired and exhausted that I have to eat again before going home. The question is when will I get a phone call from the companies I've applied to. That I have to find out soon.

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