Wednesday, November 30

The week that was (November 20 - 26)

Sunday: Got up a bit late pat past 9:30am as my wife and baby got up ahead of me. It took me a few more minutes to get up and do some little errands before going to work. I took a different route going to work and I got there just in time. My work PC is still under repair so I have to use the other one. At this point, I have some important files saved on the other PC but I made sure its saved under my network folder for easier access. Then I went out to buy myself some dinner that took me an hour as I ended up buying pork sisig from Sisig Hooray. Work was pretty much slow as I got to read Sunday's paper and play some pool online before going home at past 11:00pm. When I got home, I was suppose to go online for an hour but I felt so sleepy and I feel like I'm drained doing almost nothing. XD

Monday: Got up at 7:30am as I took Migmig out again but we didn't spend much time outside as she got sleepy after a few minutes. When we got back, I got to watch WWE's Survivor Series while doing other things. Thank God my baby slept for around an hour and a half giving me enough time to enjoy the rest of the morning. When she got up, I got to hold her more before getting myself ready for work. I left at almost 1:00pm knowing that I'll be late for work. I'm only a few minutes late but I forgot to log-in when I got there XD. Work was pretty much ok as emails and calls just came a few at a time. After my shift, I went home right away to be with my family.

Tuesday: Got up at around 9:30am as the coolness of the morning kept us in bed. Migmig was awake as early as 6:00am but thank God my wife fed her which put her to sleep again. After watching TV, my wife did some household chores again and I got to take care of our baby while I am online for an hour. I left home at almost 1:00pm and I got only late by 1 minute. I got to use the PC by 3:00pm as my colleague was still using it. Then my colleague from the other department told me that my PC has already been fixed. I installed it and perhaps check on my files later. I bought dinner from Buffalo Wings N' Things which I haven't got in months. I kinda missed eating buffalo wings too XD.Since our team were complete for the day, work was pretty much lighter Before my shift ended, I fill-out a survey form from Starbucks which gives me a complementary tall drink of my choice. After logging-off, I went to Starbucks along Edsa-Shaw to claim my free drink. For an additional 30 pesos, I upsized my drink to Venti and spent some time there reading some newspaper. After enjoying my drink, I went straight home as my wife was still awake before I went online until 3:00am. 

Wednesday: Got up at almost 8:00am after my wife woke me up to take Migmig out. Sleeping at past 3:00am makes me still feel a little bit tired but nonetheless, I took my baby out to her grandmom for some fresh air. Then we went back as I got to do other things like doing some grocery before reporting for work. I took a different route going to work as I stopped by SM Makati to do some additional groceries for my wife and baby. And I got to the office a few minutes ahead of time and I got to do some work. After my shift, I went home right away and went online for a until 3:00am before finally going to sleep.

Thursday: Got up at almost 9:00am as my alarm didn't sound-off (empty battery). My wife insisted that I should take Migmig out which I did. We just walked around the neighborhood for a change. When we got back home, I took her back to her mom so she could have her morning nap and I could do other things. I left home at past 12:30pm as I had my lunch outside. I took the LRT2-MRT route as my stomach feels a little bit queasy XD.   Work was pretty much abundant as my boss told me to work on some tickets. Though I haven't been working at 100% concentration, I got to finish some tickets before 5:00pm. Then I went out to buys some buffalo wings to pair it up with my bowlful of rice. I ordered one of the hottest wings that made me sweat XD. I was suppose to call one of the user's from Spain but it appears to be that the scheduled time was delayed by an hour as we didn't notice it beforehand. Anyway, we had to reschedule it and let my other colleagues handle it. After shift, I went home right away, thinking I would be able to get some sleep only to go online until 3:00am again XD. 

Friday: Got up at 7:00am though I got to sleep at past 3:00am as me and Migmig went to her lola at the store. After almost an hour, we went back and I had myself ready for two events. Though my wife was quite persistent in not letting me go somewhere though I told her of my plans a few days before. By 10:00am, I was off to SM Mall of Asia to attend Manila Auto Salon 2011 and BUM Fashion Show (I'll create a separate blogs for the two). While I'm at MAS, I felt hungry by 1:30pm so I had my filling lunch at s Mongolian all-you-can resto and spend some time there before I went back to shooting. Thank God I didn't ran out of batteries and I have some room to spare for my memory card. It took me a while before getting home and I thought Migmig was fast asleep. She got up once she saw me walking the room and crawled towards me. I felt like she's telling me that mommy spanked her for not sleeping on time XD. Well, she slept on time and I followed a few hours later.

Saturday: I got up at around 8:00am as I was able to get a good sleep last night. I took care of Migmig in the morning as I was waiting for 4:00pm to attend the FHM Autograph Signing. While I was putting Migmig to sleep in the afternoon, I fell asleep as well for an hour probably. When I got up, there was something wrong. I felt like I twisted my left foot and I could barely walk. Thinking its only sprain, I tried walking it off and ate at Chowking for a late lunch. I decided to skip the signing as I felt uncomfortable walking. That night the pain was getting worse and worse that really gave me a hard time walking as well as sleeping.

Bonifacio Day Photowalk c/o BMSD Pilipinas

Just this morning, I attended another PW (Photowalk) facilitated by BMSD Pilipinas (Bawal Magshoot Dito). I arrived at around 7:15am and saw some photographers already waiting and chatting with fellow photographers. I got to meet some new photographers who happens to be my co-moderators in BMSD.

Registration started at around 7:45am as photographers started to pour in one by one and in groups. I saw some familiar faces too as I also documented the registration. When 9:00am came, there were more than 300 people within the National Press Club compound waiting to start the photowalk. Then GMA7 as well as UNTV provided media coverage as they interviewed the founder of BMSD Mr Mel Cortez. After the interview, we started walking. 

We walked through half portion of Intramuros, particularly within its walls. Then we had our photo-ops before continuing our walk to Fort Santiago to have our group shot taken. Then we went back to the National Press Club since there was also a symposium hosted by the moderators. I got to take some more pictures before calling it a day and head-off to work.

I'll post some pictures once I got to sort and edit some of them.

Monday, November 28

BUM Fashion Show: Reveal your Dark Side (Photos)

Well after attending Manila Auto Salon at SMX, I head off to SM Mall of Asia to attend BUM's Fashion Show as I was invited. I didn't waste much time so I had to do some test shots as the lighting was pretty different from the PFW that I've attended a few weeks back.

Anyways, here are the shots I took during the event. I guess I need more practice in here as taking pictures of fashion shows seem to interest me more and more.

Before the show started.

And then, the show has started. Models started to walk along the ramp one by one until the trio of Bea Binene, Lauren Young and Dino Imperial graced the runway at each end of the segment.

I hope I could attend the next BUM Fashion Show. ^_^

Thursday, November 24

BUM Grand Fashion Show tomorrow

Sent to my email

I received an invite from them as early as BUM will be having a Grand Fashion Show tomorrow at the SM Mall of Asia tomorrow at 7:00pm. Just in time that I would be able to cover the Manila Auto Salon at daytime to be held at SMX Convention Center. This would be interesting as it would be my first time attending BUM's event.

PR Update:

Local clothing brand BUM brings the Cosplay trend to the fore with a one-of-a-kind fashion show at the SM Mall of Asia.

If you have a story to tell, don’t keep it to yourself. Flaunt and let the world know through fashion.
This has been the youth’s battle-cry these days. Not only are they daring, wearing their colors on their sleeves proudly, they are pushing the envelope when it comes to dressing up, as well.

Even the term “costume play” or “cosplay”, which is the act of dressing up as a fictional character inspired from an anime TV series, or a character they idolized, has found its way into the youth’s wardrobe. Cosplay is no longer a style but it has become a “trend” that is normally seen and worn on the streets.

To underscore this “daring” and “experimental” style philosophy, BUM is putting together a fashion show on November 25 at the Music Hall of the Mall of Asia in Pasay City.

Called Reveal Your Darkside, this fashion celebration is the culminating event of an ongoing nationwide contest. Since August 8, BUM has been receiving through its website ( countless entries from young stylistas who want to share the world their passion for the brand and the cosplay trend.

Interestingly, the fashion show will also showcase BUM’s new collection for the Holidays. So cosplay and BUM fanatics can expect a one-of-a-kind fashion event that would inspire them to express their angst, passion, and identity more freely through BUM Collections. Mall goers will enjoy BUM’s treats as early as 1pm with live games on screen. Shoppers can play live video games at the Music Hall venue and win fabulous prizes courtesy of our sponsors Netopia Internet Café and Ideal Vision. Register as early as 1pm and get a chance to win prizes in our event raffle such as NOKIA C1 cellphones, five (5) pieces of P500 GLOBE prepaid loads and BUM gift packs. Raffle draw will be held at exactly 6:30pm. BUM products are available at BUM Boutiques and leading Department Stores nationwide. For Show details, visit and like us at .

I'll be there after Manila Auto Salon. XD

Wednesday, November 23

International Day to End Impunity (Maguindanao Massacre Two Years Later)

Taken from their Facebook Page

The International Freedom of Expression Exchange has designated November 23 as International Day to End Impunity as its main focus is in the Philippines. 

Today (Wednesday) is the second anniversary of the grisly massacre in Ampatuan, Maguindanao.

Justice for the victims

Of the 57 killed, 32 were media workers, making the massacre the worst single attack on the press. (Only 57 bodies were found. The remains of journalist Reynaldo Momay have yet to be found.)

Two years later, this issue has yet to be concluded as its main perpetrators are still at large which precisely why media advocates around the world have unanimously agreed to designate November 23 as the International Day to End Impunity,” said Gayathry Venkiteswaran, executive director of the Bangkok-based Southeast Asian Press Alliance.

Exactly what is Impunity? 

The International Day to End Impunity is a call to action to demand justice for those who have been killed for exercising their right to freedom of expression and shed light on the issue of impunity.

Every day around the world journalists, musicians, artists, politicians, and free expression advocates are being silenced, often with no investigation or consequences to their persecutors.

To know more, you may check about it here, and here.

Monday, November 21

Celebrating World Television Day

 Taken from Google

Today marks the 15th World Television Day as being declared by the United Nations (UN) since 1996. To be honest, I find it ridiculous as to why we have to celebrate this every year as we always get glued to the television for most of the time that we are home. But after reading the news from Manila Bulletin, I came to realize that television is not just a tool for entertainment but to inform and educate as well (Yeah I know =P). 

In today's society, television plays a major role in presenting various issues that affect people. In our day to day lives, we are very much dependent on television to get the latest news around the country and around the globe. As these advancements from technology arrives upon us, we have to make sure to utilize them responsibly and inform our today's youth the importance of responsible TV viewing. 

To know more about the World Television Day, you may check their facebook account.

Happy Viewing! XD

Sunday, November 20

The week that was (November 13 - 19)

Sunday: Got up at around 8:00am with a splitting headache as I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. I got to read Some of the Sunday's paper before reporting for work on the first day. I took a different route to have a different scenery. Thank God I got in the office ahead of time and got to do other things. By night time, I used one of my Starbucks Coupon and ordered a brewed coffee (and had another for free) for me and my colleague. Work was quite slow as we got to do other things online though I get side-tracked most of the time which prevents me from doing the things I should have been done. I left the office at 11:30pm and took a cab so I could get home quick. I went online for a few more minutes before going to sleep at 1:30am.

Monday: Got up at around 7:30am as Migmig was already up as well. I got to do some errands before reporting to the office. Good thing I got there just in time for work. For work, it was quite steady as I got to answer some of the emails from the EMEA Region. After work, I stopped by Chowking to have my late dinner before going home. I went online for a few more minutes before going to bed.

Tuesday: Got up earlier at around 7:00am for me to edit some pictures that I got from the 11.11.11 photowalk. I was able to edit a lot of them and some from the FPPF Photowalk last month. After watching some TV, I felt a bit sleepy so I dozed-off for a few minutes until I didn't notice that I had slept until past 12:00pm. Migmig just got up again as well so I got to spend more time with her. I had lunch at Jollibee near our place before taking the LRT 2-1 route going to the office. I arrived in the office at around 2:40pm and was about to set-up but my PC was having some problems booting to windows which gave me no choice but to use another PC. I hope it gets fixed without reformatting the hard drive or else, I would lose some of the important files from there. For dinner, I went to Tapa King to have my Royal Tapa King there. It was good though I find it a bit expensive. Then I just waited for the clock to hit 11:00pm before I logged-off. I stopped by at Starbucks to have coffee again before going straight home. 

Wednesday: Got up at around 7:30am as Migmig was already crawling towards me wanting to go out. We went out to visit her lola and stayed there for around 30 minutes before going back home. My wife was already up and doing some household chores which I find it quite odd XD. I went online for at least an hour as I watch our baby having her morning nap. After having lunch and getting myself ready for work, I took the LRT and got to the office at 10 minutes before 2:00pm. My colleague from the other department told me that he'll check the PC that I am having problems using. After a few minutes he told me that the C: Drive has been corrupted and cannot be repaired. With no other choice, he had to reformat it. I was thinking that all of my personal files were in my D: Drive. But I forgot that my Gant Chart (An excel file) that I update once in a while was in the desktop screen (Drive C). That would be more than a year's worth of updated data that will be lost forever. Oh Geez! XD. I went out late in the afternoon to do some banking and got myself some brewed coffee from Starbucks. Work was quite steady before my shift ended at 11:00pm as I went straight home to my wife and baby girl. 

Thursday: Got up at around 7:00am and prepared my things as I went back home to San Pedro to put some stuff there that I accumulated in our Manila home. I got there at around 9:00am and rested for a couple of minutes before putting some stuff in my cabinet. I had longkalog for brunch before leaving at 11:00am. Traffic was quite terrible while going to Quiapo so I stopped by and had some gelato at SM Manila to cool-off and wait for a couple of minutes. I got back home at past 2:00pm as my wife was waiting for me. I got to take of Migmig for a few hours and went online as well before getting ready again by 5:15pm as I head off to Mercato Centrale to attend UTT (Ultimate Taste Test) 7.0 (I'll write a blog about it). After the event, I hang out at Starbucks along 32nd ave and claimed my Starbucks Planner for 2012 (I'll write a blog about it). I took a cab going to Edsa-Crossing but traffic was quite horrible along Edsa-Guadalupe due to some vehicular accident somewhere. I was suppose to buy milk for Migmig but I wasn't able to find any. When I got home, Migmig was fast asleep as my wife was online.

Friday: Got up at around 7:00am as my mom paid us a visit and for her to see our baby. She was so delighted every time she sees her grandchild. Then we went to her other lola so she could bask under the sun while I'm having a quick snack at 7-11. By 9:00am, we're getting ready as we head off again to The Medical City for my wife and baby's check-up again. We left at 11:30am but good thing, we were able to hail a cab going there. Traffic was really horrible on a Friday as we were in the cab for an hour before we reached the hospital. When we got in, we were the last for my baby's schedule. For whatever reason, my baby seems to be not in the mood as she keeps on crying even before she had her shot. After her check-up, it was my wife's turn on her OB as she was given 2 shots. Then we went to SM Megalamm to have our late lunch there plus stroll around. We ate at Avenito as my wife was craving for pesto pasta. I tried their baked ziti and it tasted a bit sour (too much tomato sauce perhaps). We went to the infant section as my wife was looking for some toys that Migmig could use as well as some other things. After shopping, we went straight home as all of us were dead-beat and tired for the day. I got some snacks at 7-11 before calling it a day.

Saturday: Got up at past 9:00am as Migmig was already crawling across our bed. Since my wife will be going to Divisoria to look for some stuff. I got to spend time with my daughter as she was bursting with energy. It seems that she doesn't know how to get tired except when she's taking her nap. She got her two naps but they only lasted 30 minutes. I was about to meet my friend to assist him in his photowalk. However, my wife came back very late in the afternoon plus it rained for a while prompting me not to go. I waited for her to get herself relaxed before going to SM Centerpoint to buys some baby food and cake for her. I got back home just in time as my wife has to do something for a couple of hours. I got my hands full again as I got to take good care of my daughter and attend to all her needs. I showed the cake to my wife and have a picture taken with Migmig. I got to have my picture taken with Migmig as welm XD. I had my dinner at Jollibee before having dessert and finally calling it a day.

Wednesday, November 16

A Night of Live Art, Music and World Acclaimed Tiger Beer

As taken from their facebook fanpage

Nothing to do on a Friday night and wanted to try something new, why not head to Kyss located at 535 Gen Luna Street, Makati Ave., Makati City this coming Friday (November 18, 2011) as Tiger Beer is having this monumental event. There would be a graffiti showdown between street artists Ekis and Nuno working on a Gold Theme. Turbo Goth will be providing the music to make sure we would enjoy the show. with their different kind of music I'm sure everyone would enjoy listening to. And to enjoy this one of a kind experience, Tiger Beer will provide free-flowing beer to those who will attend on Friday.

So what are you waiting for, save the date and head of to Kyss by Friday and enjoy the night with Tiger Beer.

Unemployment: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to You

Taken from Google

I just saw this from and it's a bit timely for me as I felt something in me that needs change. I love my work right now and I'm learning a lot from it but somehow, I felt there is something more that I want to do but I can't do it while I'm still here.

Though I've been unemployed thrice for certain periods of time, this time, I would be prepared and I know I have a lot of things to do aside from fooling around and be lazy. Moving on, here is the article that I found.

Unemployment: The Best Thing to Ever Happen to You
by Jon Minners

You sit there with your face in your hands, wondering how it could have happened to you. You just got laid off from your job and you feel empty, lost, and uncertain about your future. Despite the unemployment numbers suggesting otherwise, it seems like everyone has a job except you. This is the worst thing to ever happen to you. Or is it? In the past, I have written how unemployment was the best thing to happen to me. Maybe it’s time to think how you can turn unemployment into something positive.

Make a career change. Admit it. You hated your job. There were times you would wake up and look in the mirror and wonder why you had to do this day in and day out. You got to work and put a smile on your face and did your best to enjoy the job. You even convinced yourself. But now that you are unemployed, you have the opportunity to make a real change. What did you do for a living? What skills did you pick up from your previous job that can be transferred to a new career? Myself…I was a journalist. My skills were writing and promoting the Bronx. I turned it into a career in public relations where my writing could take a different tone and where I can still promote something I believed in. What would you like to do? How can you get there? Unemployment has given you an opportunity at a fresh start. Now you have options.

Free to freelance. Do you need to be at work from 9 to 5 each day? Can you work from home? Are your skills transferable into some type of freelance career? Can you work as a consultant, working with different companies for set periods of time, providing you with new atmospheres and people to work in and with each day? Companies force you to work from 9 to 5, paying you for the time they think you should be sitting at your desk, staring at a computer screen, performing multiple tasks that bore you to tears. But you know that you can finish those tasks much quicker and still have time for a personal life. Make the same amount or more money, working at your own speed and pace and then do what you want with your extra time, including taking on another freelance project.

Start your own business. There is someone that works in fashion, but she has a secret dream. She wants to own her own café with cupcakes, coffee and wine. Turn your passion into a business. Take out a loan and start a new business venture. There are plenty of resources out there that can help. Unemployment provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your life – what you have done and what you would like to do. Now that you are not tied down to a job, you can take control and make your dreams a reality. Yes, it is hard. Yes, you might fail. But when have you ever had this opportunity before. And when your time has passed, do you want to think about what could have been or would you rather marvel at your accomplishments.

Live life a little. If you have some money in the bank, maybe it is time to take a bit of a break and put yourself first for a little bit. Go hiking. Go on a vacation. Make time for your friends and family. Learn a new hobby. Write that book you kept putting off. The possibilities are endless. How long have you been putting yourself on the backburner? Unemployment allows you to shift your priorities a little.

Network. Make lunch plans with a former colleague. Schedule a tee time with a former supervisor and just let the conversation guide you to possible business opportunities. When you are working, you have time to network with co-workers and those that involve current business opportunities. But now you have the opportunity to really make time for those you have neglected that can still help your career. These opportunities will keep you motivated when you realize you have to really push your job search. They will supply you with leads you can examine further. Unemployment gives you the time to network in a way that’s less business and more pleasure…which actually works for better business.

As you’re experiencing it, unemployment sucks. People are lying if they say different. But these are ways you can make unemployment work for you. And when you finally start working again, you will look back and realize that unemployment might just have been the best thing to ever happen.

Monday, November 14

How Manny Paquiao Won the Game?

With the results of the boxing batch yesterday, I was a bit curious why most people hated how Manny Paquiao won over Juan Manuel Marquez. They say that Marquez convincly won over Paquiao. We know for a fact that we are used to see Paquiao winning without breaking a sweat, but with Marquez, it was a different boxig match.

I just got this from the web and I couldn't agree more especially how he won without even noticing it. Anyway, here is the document from facebook.

 Courtesy of Las Vegas Review-Journal

Manny Pacquiao has undeniably done better in past fights.

He has forced a boxing champ to throw in the towel in seven rounds. He has finished off an opponent within two rounds. He has turned the faces of much bigger men into pulp.

In his last fight against Juan Manuel Marquez however, there were no knockouts, no quitting from the opponent, no knees on the canvas.

Pacquiao was supposed to knock out Marquez -- wasn't this his best camp ever? Hadn't he improved in the three years that have gone by since he last met Marquez? Wasn't Pacquiao a 10-1 favorite? Didn't trainer Freddie Roach predict a beating in early rounds?

Instead, Pacquiao edged out Marquez via majority decision in a performance that was close and contested.

Filipinos, and Pacquiao fans the world over, are used to seeing the People's Champ win easily and decisively. In his most recent fight on November 12 however, this wasn't the case.

But it didn't mean he lost.

Breaking it down

In the end, quite simply, wins are not always crystal clear absent of knockouts, and not all debatable losses are robberies. A technical breakdown of the majority decision shows that it did not warrant the boos or bottles thrown by a crowd that was carried away with how the fight appeared, rather than what actually transpired.

It is essential to understand how fights are scored, to understand that it is not the crowd's cheers or perception at the end of a match that dictates the winner. Style matters, the type of punches thrown matter, technique matters.

 Courtesy of Las Vegas Review-Journal

1) What's in a score?

At the beginning of the round, both fighters are even at 10-10. If one begins to dominate and ends up winning the round, the winner is given 10 points, while the other gets nine, unless there is a knockdown (in which the round is scored 10-8, and an extra point is added for any subsequent knockdowns so a second knockdown in the same round is scored 10-7, and so on). In rounds that are judged incredibly even, they are scored 10-10. But the most important thing to note is this: whether the round was won decisively (as with Marquez dominating Pacquiao in middle rounds) or whether it was a close round (as with the beginning and later rounds of the fight), the score is 10-9, absent of a knockdown.

Pacquiao may have lost a number of rounds but he also won others -- something the crowd seemed to forget because the rounds Marquez won were more definitive, more convincing. The final score however, is tallied by adding up the number of rounds won.

ESPN quotes a post-fight tweet by Bob Papa, HBO's "Boxing After Dark" announcer, who explained it most accurately: "Even though feels like JMM won, I had draw. You MUST score each Rd and write it down Then add up at end. 'Feel' & actual score differ often."

2) Stats support the judges

CompuBox statistics show Papa is right. CompuBox, a computerized scoring system used in boxing fights to count and categorize punches, supported the judge's decision win over Pacquiao: he threw more punches, connected a higher number of punches, and landed more power punches than Marquez.

CompuBox works via two operators; in a fight, two operators are in charge of the system, one operator per fighter. Each operator has four keys that they hit every time their fighter connects a jab, misses a jab, connects a power punch, and misses a power punch. Of course, power punches -- punches that are a hook, an uppercut or a cross, basically anything aside from a jab -- are scored more.

Pacquiao threw and landed more power punches than Marquez.

But it was close. Their stat report for the fight reads, "Pacquiao had just a 117-100 edge in power shots landed, while Marquez landed the cleaner shots. Pac was busier, averaging 49 punches thrown per round to 36 per round for Marquez ("

That said, it is interesting to note that when Pacquiao defeated Marquez in 2008 via split decision, the CompuBox numbers showed that Marquez actually landed more jabs and power punches (172/511) than Pacquiao (157/619), even if Pacquiao threw more punches in total. Thus, depending on which stats one looks at, one can argue that based on numbers alone, Marquez may have won the fight.

3) Underdogs have more to prove

The differences were slim, far from the lopsided performance fans usually see of Pacquiao, but when fights are that tight, judges are said to prefer the bout's aggressor.

“The rounds were all close, and when that happens you should give it to the more aggressive fighter,” Roach said after the fight. “Manny was clearly more aggressive, Marquez only tried to counterpunch him."

This is is especially crucial for a fighter defending a title. Marquez aimed to take Pacquiao's WBO welterweight title from him. Because of this, as the challenger he was expected to be the aggressor. This wasn't the case: while Marquez connected a higher per cent of total punches thrown, he boxed only after Pacquiao attacked him, throwing counter punches instead of being the one to initiate the exchange. For a challenger, Marquez just didn't do enough to win. And for a defender, Pacquiao didn't do anything wrong to lose.

Hence for close rounds, Pacquiao got the nod, Pacquiao got the 10, and in the end, Pacquiao got the win.

 Courtesy of Las Vegas Review-Journal

Marquez, Pacquiao's kyrptonite

With these two fighters, it seems that they are destined to be clouded with controversy. There have been no wins by technical knockout between them, or by unanimous decision.

No resolution has ever come easy, if at all.

When the longtime rivals first met in 2004, Pacquiao won via split draw. Despite knocking down Marquez three times in the first round, Marquez was able to pull off a draw after winning later rounds. One judge scored it 115-110 for Pacquiao, another had it 115-110 for Marquez, and the third had it 113-113. Controversy persists however as Pacquiao should have technically won the fight by majority decision, since the last judge scored the first round 10-7, when it should have been 10-6. Meanwhile, Marquez still believes his resilience and comeback should have given him the win.

In their 2008 rematch, Pacquiao was triumphant again in the judges' eyes. He defeated Marquez -- barely -- by split decision. Pacquiao knocked Marquez down in the third round with a blistering left hook, but again, Marquez fought his way back, up until the final second of the raucous brawl. One judge gave that fight to Pacquiao 115-112, another for Marquez 115-112, while the final judge gave the fight to Pacquiao 114-113. Pacquiao won in the scorecards by just one point, but as mentioned earlier, CompuBox indicated that Marquez landed more punches. Because of this, fans and analysts still disagree on the deserving winner up to this day.

What is it about Marquez that Pacquiao just can't get a glove on? Perhaps it is personal for both fighters. Even before fighting Marquez, Pacquiao had put down Mexican fighters Emmanuel Lucero and Antonio Barrera, and later, Erik Morales, which drove Marquez to dedicate his fights with Pacquiao to the Mexican people. For Pacquiao, it is only against Marquez that he cannot seem to win convincingly -- not in 2004, not in 2008, not now -- a sobering but frustrating fact. In recent years, Marquez has had to watch Pacquiao's career soar since their first match, which may have served as ammo to fight with a heart that knew no limits. And maybe Pacquiao secretly knows that this Mexican warrior is his kryptonite, a scary, unnerving thought.

Whatever the reason, this third fight was meant to settle the score between the two. Instead, it only raised more questions.

Pacquiao may have won in the scorecards, in statistics, but he was subpar in Pac-standards. He was simply not as impressive in this brawl compared to past bouts. Filipino fans weren't on their feet, they weren't cheering at the end of the 12th round. Instead, after the final bell rang, murmurs of how Floyd Mayweather Jr. would annihilate Pacquiao spread through a discontent crowd. Confused Pacquiao fans sat in silence, awaiting the decision. Talks discussing the possibility of a fourth match surfaced, and dare someone say it -- maybe, maybe, now that Pacquiao showed his invincibility, the Mayweather fight will happen sooner rather than later.

Yes, Pacquiao was the winner in terms of technicalities. He was a fighter that won his match.

And therein lies the problem: he was merely a winner. He wasn't Pacquiao.-- Move.PH

In short, he won the game fair and square! XD

Sunday, November 13

The week that was (November 6 - 12)

Sunday: Got up at around 9:00am as I still feel tired from the previous night. I was able to buy Sunday's paper but only to read one. I left home at around 12:30pm and got to the office an hour later. Work was very slow from there and I was able to go out and look for some current issues of my magazine collection. Unfortunately, I found none and instead, I had coffee before going back to the office XD. Also, I tried Eat My GF (Garlic Fries) and they taste really good and at the same time, tried a new milk tea from I forgot the vendor's name XD.Work was really slow as I just played pool online as well as read some of the Sunday's paper before calling it a night.

Monday: Got up at almost 9:00am as Migmig was already playing. Her mom was already up before me. I took Migmig out for a few minutes before going back home to accidentally watch Ms World 2011. Good thing Ms Philippines bagged the First Runner-Up (Only next to Ms Venezuela). After watching, I left for office but as I ride the LRT2, I took the route to Cubao instead of my usual Recto destination. I passed by Fully Booked in Gateway and bought the latest issue of Esquire Philippines (With Iza Calsado as the covergirl). I didn't rush my way to the office as I just take my sweet time. I was again looking for the other magazines for my collection but still they're not yet available. I stopped by Starbucks in Greenbelt 3 to grab a Christmas Drink. Luckily, I won a free tall drink of my choice provided that I answered their survey found at their website. I got in the office late but it didn't matter to me anyway. Though were still on a holiday, other regions are not which means emails and calls start to pour in. I got to respond to some requests while online with other things. By 7:00pm, I went to CBTL in Ayala Triangle Garden to have a drink and at the same time, check their 2012 Journal. Just like starbucks' , their journal downsized in terms of dimensions (for me, I'd still prefer big ones). After my shift, I went straight home but not without stopping by Chowking in Shaw Blvd to have my late dinner there before reaching home at almost 1:00am

Tuesday: Got up at 8:00am and started editing some pictures from the PFW 2011. While editing some pictures, I got my hands on Migmig which I have to take care of her so that her mom could do other things. I uploaded them before leaving home at almost 1:00pm. There was no traffic so I got in the office a few minutes late (I had to pass by Starbucks to buy my drink XD). Work was quite steady as I got some emails and a single call. By dinner time, I got to enjoy the rest of my shift. At past 9:30pm, I went to CBTL in ATG to grab a drink and have my card stamped. After shift, I got tempted to have another drink at Starbucks (I had 3 expensive drinks for the day XD). before reaching home. I went online until 2:00am before going to sleep.

Wednesday: Got up at past 8:00am as I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. Then we went back as I went online for atleast 3 hours uploading photos while taking care of Migmig before reporting for work. Despite leaving home at almost 1:00pm, I got in the office ahead of time. I got to do some emails and 1 call during my shift. By 10:00pm, I stopped by sta Starbucks again to grab my 2nd drink and hoping to stay long there but there were too many people so I just read some papers before going back to the office. I left at past midnight as I assisted my junior colleague in resolving an issue from Latin America. When I got home, I went online until 2:00am but I didn't slept right away as my wife and I had a quiet chat for a couple of minutes.

Thursday: Got up at 7:45am with a headache as my wife woke me up to take Migmig out. I got to take her out after my morning ritual and got back at around 8:30am. I was supposed to edit some photos but no thanks to headache, I have to re-schedule this by next week probably. I had to do some grocery for my wife as well as buy some viands as there was no cooked one at home. After having lunch, I left right away only to get late by 9 minutes (since I passed by Starbucks for my drinks XD). Work was pretty much ok as I got to answer some emails and called one of the users in Singapore. Work was quite steady as I got to work on some emails as well. After my shift, I passed by Starbucks in crossing and spent some quiet time there thinking and planning for the year ahead before finally reaching home. My wife was still awake when I got home though Migmig was asleep early for the past couple of nights.

Friday: Got up at around 7:00am as my mom paid us a visit. She was so happy to see our baby crawling and kicking actively. She got to carry her as well but she said that our baby got a little bit heavy. Then me and Migmig went to wifey's mom for her morning sun before we went back home. I was about to leave early to attend the BMSD Photowalk/Silent Rally (I'll write a blog about this) when my baby got awake again and I had to take care of her until my wife got up and able to prepare food for her. After the photowalk, I went to SM Manila to have my lunch there and I also got some magazines to add to my collection. But I wasn't able to buy diapers for Migmig there so I went home at 1:30pm. When I got home, I took some time and rested for a few minutes as my baby wanted to play with her old man. Then I went to SM Centerpoint to buy some diapers before heading to Starbucks to buy some food and coffee for my wife. As I got back home, I went online again for atleast two hours before going back home as my wife needs an assist in taking care of our daughter. I was supposed to get some sleep early that night until my wife wanted to spend some time talking and probably, I slept at past 12:00am.

Saturday: Got up at 5:00am even if I set the alarm at 4:30am. I felt the need of more sleep hence, I added 30 minutes more XD. Once I'm up, I got myself ready to attend the Canon Photomarathon 2011 (I'll write a blog about this). It was really a tiring day that I had to eat 3 small meals that night before going to bed without going online.

The Canon Photomarathon 2011

Yesterday was really tiring as I was up for almost 20 hours as Canon held its annual photomarathon at PTTC. This would be the second time I'll join this prestigious event as joining itself is considered a marathon of sorts XD.

I got up at around 5:00am though I have set my alarm at around 4:30am as I know more than a thousand photographers would flock to PTTC to join this monumental event. When I got there at almost 6:00am, I was stunned that there were people already wearing their red Canon T-Shirts this early in the morning. 

I went to the registration area to register but they don't have an XXL-sized shirt yet so I had to wait and took some pictures of that is going on there. I saw some of my photographer friends there who were taking snapshots of the event as well. Some of my friends came one by one as I was having breakfast not just to start my day but to energize me as I know it would be a tiring day for me.

Though I saw a different registration booth for the bloggers and media alike, I registered at the event as a photographer and nothing else =P. By 7:30am, I got my Canon Kit which comprises of a cap, meal ticket, some brochures and my XXL shirt for the contest.

When the event was about to start, there were several welcoming remarks lead by President and CEO of Canon Marketing Philippines Alan Chang. Then before they gave out the first theme for us to think and shoot, we joined one of the biggest group hug which I estimated that we were probably more or less two thousand enthusiastic photographers.

Then they gave out the first of the two themes for the day. The first theme was "In the concrete jungle of our nation, Find the beauty of your imagination, Use your creative passion, To showcase this beautiful creation". Good thing one of my friends brought his ride so we could go as far as we can go without the others following us.

We went to Intramuros for take pictures for our first theme. I was thinking of taking pictures of cities filled with people. After taking a few pictures, we went to "Bulungan" which was somewhere within Parañaque and Cavite. It was a fish port where there were a lot of interesting subjects though I find it disheartening that the place was filled with dumped garbage everywhere. Before 12:00pm, we got back to PTTC to upload our pictures and had lunch.

Compared to last year (which was catered), it was Mang Inasal who took care of our lunch. I got to see some of my other photographer friends as well as meeting new ones. There were programs where Canon Celebrety Ambassadors Piolo Pascual and Kim Atienza shared their time with us.

By 2:00pm, they gave out the second theme which was "In this city of wonderful people, Different lifestyles we venture, A mirror of our colorful culture truly preserved for our future". I already have a clue where to shoot but my friends have other ideas.

We got back to "Bulungan" and there was a weekly outreach program where in students from St Andrew gave some time to teach the kids from the area. Seeing a lot of smile from the kid's faces, I know I have a lot of subjects to capture from there. I got to take pictures of those working there as well as to diversify my photography skills.

After a few minutes of shooting, we went to SMX to take pictures at Philconstruct 2011. We didn't include it in our list as we just went there to have some fun and enjoy for a couple of minutes.

We got back almost dead-tired as I submitted my second and final entry for the day. I think we were almost the last ones to arrive as the event area. We tried to take pictures of ourselves posing as ambassadors of Canon while waiting for dinner. When dinner was served, I felt that our dinner was kinda downsized from last year.

But we can't complain as the event was free of charge and the number of participants increased dramatically. We didn't received a gift from Canon this year as they have just raffled-off 300 T-Shirts saying "I have Survived the Canon Photomarathon 2011" as well as other prizes which unfortunately, I didn't win any XD.

When the winners were announced, I won't get surprised as the winner's images really tells a story, .

Congratulations to the winners and I look forward to attend again next year. XD

I hope to get a Canon 7D someday. XD


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