Wednesday, March 3

Shouting against the storm

I got this from a forum. Good Luck to the 2010 Graduates.

If you are an applicant who brings 5-10 resumes to be given away to recruiters that dismisses you because you do not master the master race language.

If you are an applicant that has begun to realize that the money you bring is running low because you have started collecting and using discount coupons from fast food stores.

If you are an applicant who rides the bus, the jeep, the tricycle, the legwork and sweats under the unforgiving sun and powdery air.

If you are an applicant that’s been scolded by people who promised to love you and now makes you feel worthless and to their eyes – nothing because until now you are still an applicant.

If your are an applicant who have experienced the nerve racking thrill rides offered by ordinary buses that you know with one misstep chances are you may not come home the same.

If you are an applicant who’s losing hope because the determining spirit that you had when you started your search has reached its lowest point.

If you are an applicant that sees nothing worthwhile in the challenges thrown at you by companies because the four years of college never prepared you for the work being offered to you.

If you are an applicant, alone, lonely, lost, misplaced, misguided, abandoned, dismissed, uncared, unloved, struggling, crying, in pain.

Remember. Someone shares your feelings. Live your life.

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