Thursday, November 28

Swabeng Thoughts: DPP Model Shoot this Weekend

Imagine shooting Fashion, Glamour, Cosplay, Beauty, Wedding Portrait, Grunge, Lingerie, Swimsuit, and Sports with gorgeous and talented models in one weekend. DPP (Digital Photographer Philippines), brings to you their Model Shoot. Not only that, save your 13th month pay for photography-related items at marked-down prizes, special promos and discounts as well. 

This coming weekend, I'll be joining DPP's Model Shoot. This would be the opportunity for me to learn to shoot portraits the right way with the guidance of some of Photography's best. I'm thinking of window-shopping for some upgrades to my current gear while waiting for the shoot.

This event was suppose to happen last November 9-10, but no thanks to Yolanda, the date has been moved (for everybody's safety). Anyway, the nre schedule still fits me and the following pictures would show why it got me so convinced to attend (Pictures are from DPP's Facebook Page). 

1. Canon Ambassador Jay Tablante will do a cosplay lighting demo. Who would want to miss an opportunity to learn from one of the best cosplay photographers in the land? This would add a dimension to my skills. ^_^


2. Meet and Greet with Marian Rivera as she does a pin-up for the lucky VIPs. She will also sign prints for 100 lucky attendees (hope I'm in). I'll have my soon-to-be latest DPP Magazine signed by her as well and I hope there won't be much people at her station (wishful thinking).


3. X-Sessions. I mean experience Fujifilm's X-E2 mirrorless camera as Fujifilm ambassadors would be there on both days. Join them as they shoot along with the attendees. Who knows, you may have the chance to try their new camera as well =P. 


4. Top glamour photographer Dix Perez sets up his lights and see how he directs his models while you press on the shutter button. I may stay on this session for a longer time as I need to learn how to direct my soon-to-be models on my future shoots. 


5. Get a chance to shoot a Playboy Playmate that comes from the sky. PMOY 2011 Sky Aisuru will be there on the 30th of November and magazine professional photographer Jerico Montemayor would set-up a shoot with the playmate. I won't miss this for the world as I've been following the works of Jerico for sometime now.


6. I'm looking forward to learn classic portraits and who would be better to teach you would be the master herself (Ms Pilar Tuason). She will be at the Sony booth as she'll be directing a classical portraiture session with a modern twist. You'd be luckier as she'll be there for both days.


7. Master Ricky Ladia will also be in action as he setting up the lights on a few sets and gives pointers while all you need to do is listen and press the shutter. I do also need to learn some lighting techniques as I need to add it to my portfolio.


8. Its getting better and better as Aubrey Miles will be there on December 1. Now is the time to add this to your portfolio. Spend at least 5000 pesos on any Phottix product and you'll have a chance to join a photoshoot with her for two hours. VIP shooters (like me) will have an hour of shooting opportunity.


9. Anyone wants to shoot a model doused with water? Again, Ms Pilar Tuason would wet her while you take pictures as she sets up the lighting for a shoot like this. You know where to find them. ^_^


10. Who wants an opportunity to photograph Ellen Adarna upclose and personal? I do as now is the time to have my DPP Copy signed by her (hopefully). Top photographer Xander Angeles will be the one directing the shoot on November 30. A private shooting session (2 hours) will be given to those who will purchase 5000 pesos worth of Phottix products. I think I need to buy a battery grip for my 7D don't you think? XD


11. And most importantly, the word Sale would be music to anyone's ears especially if prices are marked-down with huge discount. I'm sure you have saved some plus your 13th month pay for this event. Now is the time to reward yourself with some. ^_^


So there you have it. I'm sure the reasons are more than enough for you to attend DPPs Model Shoot and Trade Fair this coming weekend. See you there. XD

Friday, November 15

Sweet November Covers

With only a few weeks to go before Christmas, I believe you're also in a rush to do your list for the yuletide season (Just don't forget to help our fellow brothers and sisters that were ravaged by typhoon Yolanda in anyway you can). Like me, I make sure to give a gift to myself first as you also deserve it. What gift to give for yourself, here are some suggestions.

1. FHM Philippines (Danita Paner): This would be Danita's first sexy shoot as this rocker chick has finally graced the pages of FHM. While there's no denying that showbiz is in her blood, she prefers to perform onstage with her band.

FHM Philippines November 2013

2. Esquire Philippines (Cherrie Gil): A classy cover for the ages. I never imagined Ms Cherrie Gil would be in any Men's Magazine but hopefully, no copycats to follow. XD

Esquire Philippines November 2013

3. Rogue (Angel Aquino): Dubbed as the Cinema Issue, I'm sure most of the contents inside would have something to do with the big screen of the past and the present. Hopefully, NO MMFF inside =P

Rogue November 2013

4. UNO (Ellen Adarna): This would be Ellen's third cover since she graced the covers way back in 2008/2009. She would be the second three-time covergirl just next to Amanda Griffin. Rumors say that she'll be going back to Cebu for good so grab a copy of UNO X 90.

UNO November 2013

As of writing, I have yet to see Playboy's covergirl for November.  

Well, I hope you'd grab a copy before supplies ran out. XD

Sunday, November 10

Swabeng Thoughts: Philippines' elusive quest for the Miss Universe Crown and the current streak

Since 2010 when Ms Venus Raj was able to break the curse and went home 4th Runner Up during Miss Universe 2010, our ladies seem to be on a roll with each passing year ranking higher and almost winning the crown last year (2012). I'm sure each one of them prepared so hard for it making sure that they would be able to make our country proud.

With the recently concluded Pageant ended a few hours ago in Moscow, I felt our very own Ms Ariella Arida (Ara by her family, fans and friends) gave an answer that was incomplete if you ask me (sorry, its just me =P ). Ara could have felt the time pressure thus she came up with an answer that lacks something that would have made the judges vote for her as the winner.

I had no qualms on how she carried herself during the swimwear competition. However, me and my wife was just puzzled on why she don a yellow-colored gown instead of something else. A light-colored gown (say white, beige) would have brought out her morena complexion more. I noticed how fair Ara's complexion was during the pre-pageant while she got a bit dark during the coronation night. Speaking of which, my wife commented on how Ara's make-up artist would have done better on her. I mean, she's not that dark but I'm sure she would look much elegant if her make-up was more on the lighter side. Our TV may have this problem though as all of the computer monitors I've looked at were pretty much okay =P

Taken from Google

When it comes to the question and answer portion, she's the only one who didn't have an interpreter while the other four had their own which enable them to answer the question in their own language. While I have nothing against having an interpreter, I'd say we could try get one for the next beauty queens to answer the questions easily. Or the organizers should implement an English-Only answer for the Q and A (I doubt they would grant this =P )

Swabeng thoughts: Education is one of the keys to secure a potential job and a good future. However, she may have forgot to add that education starts at home when parents teach their little kids the values in life and how we make full use of it (Oh well, thats just me =P ).

But at the end of this post, I (together with millions of Filipinos here and abroad) am are still proud of your achievements at the recently concluded Ms Universe 2013. ^_^

Taken from Google

Sunday, November 3

Swabeng Thoughts: Planner Season

Well some of the coffee shops in the metro has already launched their own version of their 2014 Journal (Planner) which would make coffee aficionados collect for one. I myself look forward to what they can offer as I need to limit my planner to as few as possible =P. Choosing one seems a bit complicated especially to those who has limited budget like myself.

But still, there are still critics who couldn't seem to understand why people spend money just to get the planner of their choosing. Rather than feeling upset towards them, I feel sorry as they really don't understand the mechanics and how collecting coffeeshop planners makes fanatics feel satisfied when they get what they want. Aside from that, some of the proceeds go to the coffeeshop's charity partner.

I've been collecting planners of this coffeeshop since 2007 and up to now, I'd still look forward to get my own. Maybe I'll get only one for 2014 and from there we'll see if there is a need to get more than one planner for 2014. Anyway, see you soon. 


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