Sunday, July 31

My July To-Do List (Final Update)

As of July 31, 2011, here the things that I have done so far.
1. Buy all July issues of my collection as well as backtrack the previous ones (Done)
2. Settle all bills (Meralco, Sun BB) Done.
3. Attend FHM's 100 Sexiest Victory Party on July 14 (Done XD).
4. Attend Playboy Academy on July 28 (Done)
5. Attend Sir Jo's Annual Student/VA Party on July 23 (Done)
6. Finalize Marien's Baptism schedule (On-Going)
7. Continuous editing of Project 365: Try to hit Day 60 (I'm on day 60 already).
8. Continuous editing of old pictures (On-Going though on a slow pace)
9. Get familiarized with EMEA IT Procedures (This is not as easy as I thought).
10. Try to tighten my expenses and focus on our daughter's (Meaning. "MAGTIPID" XD). Doing good here so far.
11. Visit Migmig's Pedia for her vaccine (Rota-Virus) on the 20th (Done)
12. Try to go home to Batangas to visit my Dad there (will go there within the first week of August)

Tomorrow will be my August To-Do List XD.

Friday, July 29

Wicked Lunch at Wicked Kitchen

I had to drag my wife and little girl with me so I could use 2 vouchers that I got from Ensogo for a 500-peso food purchase worth 250 pesos (That's a 1000-peso food purchase) at Wicked Kitchen. My wife joined me as I had our reservations in their Mother Ignacia branch.

The many meanings of Wicked XD.

Again, I have a set of what to order in mind so that we don't have to spend a lot of time what to eat. When we got there, I told my wife that there was no couch there to put Migmig down to play at. Anyway, we improvised and she was able to make herself comfortable.

While waiting, I told my wife what we're having so she won't get surprised. She got surprised to find out that were having plenty of food even if we only have 1000-peso food money. I just hope soon, they would have high-chair so we could take Migmig sometime soon. 

First, we had two types of soups. The Shrimp Bisque (105 pesos) and Broccoli and Cheese Chowder (99 pesos). While the Shrimp Bisque has this rich shrimp flavor, the Broccoli and Cheese Chowder had a rich blend of broccoli and cheese. Having the crunchy bread complements the creamy soup that we had. Since our daughter can't taste food yet, me and my wife had to enjoy it first.

Shrimp Bisque and Broccoli and Corn Chowder.

Then we tried their Asian Chicken Salad (168 pesos). It has a mix of fresh lettuce, crunchy egg noodles, mandaring oranges and grilled chicken; drizzled with honey-sesame vinaigrette. I like the presentation of the salad plus were having a different salad from the usual caesar salad. For a change, we'll try other variants on our next food trips for the years to come. 

Asian Chicken Salad

Then I told my wife I'll be having The Ex's Lasagna (196 pesos). At first look, it really looks expensive with its creaminess plus the meat sauce that made it hit my taste buds. Compared to previous relationships, this one is the best lasagna I've ever tasted hands-down. My wife even love it after taking a bite.

The Ex's Lasagna

For the ricebowl, my wife had Crunchy Bagoong Rice (152 pesos). It has deep-fried crunchy liempo bits, sauteed in spicy bagoong, topped with green mango strips. The liempo bits were crunchy but not over-burned which affects the taste. When I tasted it, I hardly notice any bagoong to at as I got more mangoes, but thats after only one taste.

Crunchy Bagoong Rice

For me, I had Mushroom Chicken Pie (178 pesos). Initially, I wanted Beef and Beer Pie as they say its one of their best seller but unfortunately, they ran out of stock so I had to settle on the other one. The chicken and mushroom were blended perfectly inside a puff pastry that gives an element of surprise on what to expect. Knowing myself, I like to expect the unexpected at times XD.

Mushroom Chicken Pie

And finally, their famous dessert which was the Gluttony (145 pesos for a single-serve). Freshly-baked chocolate chip cookie good for 2-3 people topped with Mantecado ice cream. Its crusty on the outside but chewy and moist on the inside. Definitely my pick for now. Unfortunately, my wife was already full when she tried it leaving the entire dessert to me (too bad XD).

One of the Seven Sins of Dessert: Gluttony

An entire Gluttony all to myself XD

The price was so affordable, for a thousand-peso food purchase, we ate more than we ask for. Its really value for your money.  I wasn't able to take more pictures of the food and its interiors (maybe next time on their Katipunan Branch) as both my wife and I were really hungry at that time.

All in all, it was fulfilling afternoon for the three of us as we almost had the place entirely to ourselves. Definitely, we will come back to try out their other dishes especially their desserts. I just hope that they would have high-chair for babies and toddlers so parents like me won't have to worry about how our baby and us parents would enjoy.

A not so good party at Playboy Academy

Last Thursday, I got to go to Playboy Academy event at Excess Super Club in Timog. Actually, I am so hesitant in attending this event as I still remember the last Playboy event I attended in 2008 (I wasn't satisfied at that time) and I was looking forward for a lot of improvement. Since I've been seeing a lot of good photos from fellow photographer, I might as well give it a try again.

I got to the event at around 8:30pm after taking my wife and baby somewhere in Quezon City and back home. It was raining a bit and there were people falling in line and waiting for the entrance to open. My friend (who happens to have the ticket) came late but I didn't mind and we all got in. The place was a bit packed with people and were trying to get a good position to shoot.

Unfortunately, while the show started, so are the bouncers who keep on pushing us backward as the contestants (from different schools) need more space to move at. Even the hosts (Playmate Echo and Sky) also told us to move backward while we don't have anymore space to move at. I was suppose to have my magazine signed by covergirl Aubrey Miles.

There were times that I really enjoyed the show (mostly the lingerie show) as well as the performance of 3 hot women doing a sing and dance number (sorry I forgot their name). If you ask me, I was really DISAPPOINTED at the event though being with some friends just compensated the lack of excitement of the event. I left at around 1:00am and had coffee to chill-out and relax before going back home.

I am thinking if I would post pictures of the event or not. But probably I have to think about it a hundred times.

The diferrence between a Hotdog and a Sausage (Late lunch at Size Matters).

 Taken from their Facebook Fanpage

Last Tuesday, I arrived at around 2:00pm hungry and almost drenched as it was raining heavily due to tropical storm Juaning. But it never dampen my spirit and my appetite to try their sausage burgers. I got this good deal from Ensogo which I paid only 165 pesos for a 330 peso food purchase (Last day for using the voucher was on the 27th of July). That was limited to a 32oz drink and a big sausage burger which intrigued me if my stomach would get full or not.

Their space is small on the inside

When I got to Size Matters, their place was really small that it could only cater to 6-8 customers at a time inside. They also have the alfresco area that could hold probably at least 10-12 people. I hand-over my voucher to one of the staff there as I am still thinking of what to order though I had a mental note on which food to try first.

Imported Beer: One day, I'll drink you all. XD

To begin with, Size Matters serve sausage burger that tastes different as it is very much different from your usual burger (hamburgers to start with).  Also, their sausage footlongs are not your usual footlongs (hotdogs in particular) as they are proud that theirs don't taste like others.

Size really matters here XD

Then I got my orders one by one. For the sides, I had Curly Fries (45 Pesos) and Jalapeño Cheese Spuds (70 Pesos) since their Onion Rings (65 Pesos) were not available as of the moment. The Curly Fries reminded me of Mc Donald's Twister Fries as it also tastes the same. Nothing special about the fries. But the Jalapeño Cheese Spuds is a different story. I like the burst of jalapeño inside a small hashbrown-like plus the gooeyness of cheese inside makes me savor every bite.

Jalapeño Cheese Spuds

 Curly Fries

Then, the main dish. I chose The half-pound Breakfast in Bed (B.I.B) Gourmet Burger (245 Pesos). It has two Hungarian sausage patties that sandwiched bacon and mozzarella cheese with mayo topped with farm fresh lettuce and tomatoes sandwiched between the oat bun. At the same time, they almost forgot my 36oz blue iced tea (85 Pesos) that I almost choked (joke!). Their breakfast in bed reminded me of Mc Donald's Sausage Mc Muffin but this one is way meaner than McDo's. Every bite meant so much I savored every minute of it. I think their half-pound burgers would be equal to 2 sausage mc muffins (in terms of size) and this made me like sausage in a foodie way.

Breakfast in Bed (B.I.B)

Taking a picture before it heads straight into my mouth for consumption XD

Blue Iced Tea (B.I.T.)

The mug is so big it look liked a pitcher XD

I shall return definitely and try their other half-pounder gourmet sausage burgers as well as their 12-in. footlongs plus taste some of their imported beer.

Sunday, July 24

Getting addicted to Groupons

Since I started purchasing things online around January of this year, I was wondering how a groupon really works. They say this craze has started since last year here in the Philippines. But, I was really hesitant in making a purchase online as I might get victimized by a scam of sorts. And after reading one of Anton Diaz's Article, I think there is nothing wrong in trying to do a purchase online since I got his limited planner from him.

Basically, Groupon (short for Group Coupon) basically allows you to purchase online at an unbelievable discount (from as low as 25% to as high as 95%) for a specific products and services with a specific period of time. The good thing here is that you could pay via depositing in banks aside from paying online.

Anyway, here are some Group Buying sites that I have registered at and bought from them. I hope I remember all of them since they sprout like mushroom these days XD. Just make sure to check each website as thoroughly as you can.


I first tried which was launched by Our Awesome Planet in collaboration with two other most trusted websites. Knowing that one of the pioneer blogger also takes care of the site, buyers would be assured that they would really have an awesome deal. 
Next on the list is MertoDeal. Its another group buying site that claims they're undisputed market leader in the Philippines' group buying industry and always selling the largest amount of deals (over 300,000 deals sold since launch), MetroDeal features the best deals on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy across the Philippines. I know because I bought 6 vouchers from them and their office is a few minutes away from our office.
Another on my list is Pakyaw. This is from The Magsaysay Group that takes this opportunity to give the buying public a chance to experience and enjoy many different products and services at very affordable prices. Pakyaw is a tagalog term for group buying. I bought 4 vouchers from them and used 3 already. 

Deal Grocer

Deal Grocer is one of my favorite group buying sites. Even if they do not give big discounts (they usually give 30-45% I think), they feature top-class restaurants at affordable prices. I actually purchased 2 vouchers from them and used both. Their head office is in HK by the way.


Another group buying side that has a catchy name would be cashcashpinoy. I bought 4 vouchers from them and I also highly trust them with their choice of establishments to partner with. And one of the good thing here is, it doesn't have a minimum number of buyers needed to make the purchase a go. Cool don't you think?


Ensogo Philippines is a groupon site (from a livingsocial company) that is based in Thailand. They also give out deals that are really hard to say NO to especially that I have 8 purchases from them (the most as of this date). Also they are the ones who conceptualized the idea of having bank deposit as the customer's payment term against earlier sites that do not have. Though one catch here is that you have to call the merchant for reservation to use the voucher (which I consider a plus/minus for me) for most of the establishments they're connected with. And they really live to their goal of "Let's Save Together" that I find it really real.


Buyanihan is another groupon website that is a pun on the word bayanihan (meaning unity through cooperative endeavor). Launched on August 2010, they feature everyday deals that gives out the best discount on hotels, restaurants among anything else. One catch here is that there should be a certain number of buyers to hit for the deal to be successful though.

Groupon Beeconomic

Groupon Beeconomic is one of the groupon sites that I am a bit disappointed at. Why? It doesn't have an option for OTC (Over the counter) bank payment, though they were able to hear my concerns on why they don't have an OTC payment option. They offer one of the best deals a buyer could get (but not for me as of the moment). 

Deal Dozen

This is one groupon that I'm looking forward to make a purchase at. this site some time soon. They cater to a more exclusive premium market and at the same time offers the best products. While most sites just promote deals online, Deal Dozen ensures its readers the full circle experience of the review as well as the service itself. With their new goldish layout, they may send a wrong impression that their deals are a bit pricey. I hope I'm wrong on my judgement. 

Well probably I would end my list for now but I know there are several more waiting to be discovered. I may do a part 2 for this one but I have to save enough money to try each and everyone of them. If you want to know more about these group buying websites you may click on their respective links and sign-up (its free). I wanted to but more but Its been almost two months since my last purchase as this gets really addicting (I hope my wife won't kill me if she finds out how much I spent already) XD.

My First Shooting Experience at La Huerta (Sir Jo's Annual Student/VA Party)

Yesterday, I had to excuse myself from work as this opportunity comes once in a while as sir Jo Avila invited his former students (including me) and VA's (Volunteer Assistants) to the Annual VA Party to be held at La Huerta Estates in Antipolo City.

I got to his studio at around 7:45am as we had to wait for others before we go there. Avatar was showing on his LCD screen as I got to meet new set of friends from other batches. I recall that we left his studio at exactly 9:00am. Traffic was moderate going there as I recall the last time I went eastward was during our company's annual team building last 2010.

When we got there at La Huerta, put our bags down and queue-up for the registration. Being a student (former) of Sir Jo Avila, one of the perks is you get to be invited to his gathering as he shares not only his knowledge in Photography but some goodies as well. I got a back issue of Digital Photographer Philippines (Early Issues), a canon lens mug and cap and other goodies I still need to recall.

A few minutes later, we were asked to take pictures while waiting for our lunch. Lunch was potluck so we really had ourselves full. I wasn't able to bring anything as most of Sir Jo's students have already brought the food I wanted to bring with me XD. After lunch, we gathered around for the raffle contest and print exchange contest. Since I didn't have any print with me, I wasn't able to join the major raffle which Sir Jo gave out 2 external HDs (500GB and 1TB), a basic landscape photography seminar from Chasing Light and 3 Benro Tripods that I could only recall. There was also a minor raffle which I won a pair of shades.

After all the prizes have been given away, Its time for thew model shoot. I've only participated in very few of these but I make sure the one's I'll be joining would be worth the shoot. There were three models for us to shoot and we were given 30 minutes to shoot each model. That would be a good test for my 50mm f/1.8 lens as it would be my first time again to shoot an outdoor portrait since 2009. We were able to shoot 2 out of the 3 models as the sun was fast setting down.

Before I left La Huerta, we had our early dinner courtesy of Goldilocks. Though I still feel a bit full, I made sure to eat as much as I could as I need the energy for last night. They were already in a drinking mood when I informed Sir Jo that unfortunately, I have to report for work for the night. That day was pretty much fun as I got to do a lot of first for the annual Student/VA Party.

The week that was (July 17 - 23)

Sunday: Got up at around 9 or10am after getting that much needed rest and I still regret that I wasn't able to take my baby girl out. When I got up, I was able to do some errands for my wife before getting ready for work. I took the much faster LRT2-1 route and I got there in no time. Since I don't have the laptop with me, I won't be able to edit the photos that I took. By 3:00pm, I stepped-out of the office for a while and looked for something to eat as my colleague will do some errands of his own from 7:00pm onwards. Actually, there were no calls but I could have been more productive if I had the laptop with me to edit Migmig's pictures. I logged-off at past 11:00pm and got home an hour later.

Monday: I got up earlier than the previous 2 days. I got to take Migmig out even if the weather was quite warm. Then I took her back to her mom so I could watch WWE's Money in the Bank PPV (Pay per View). Then it was off to the office as I took the LRT 2-1 route and got to the office ahead of time. Work was quite abundant as I got to work them out one by one. For dinner, I got myself 2 39ers from Jollibee and a full soup from the soup kitchen at 50% discount. As I got back, I need to clear some more tickets before going home. My wife was still online when I got home. I went to bed early so I could fully recover.

Tuesday: I got up again early and took out Migmig for her vitamin d before taking her back to her mom. I did some more errands before going to work. I got almost late as I had to take a quick bitr from Wendy's in Buendia. At 2:00pm, we had our team meeting as we will be supporting our partners from the EMEA region. Then, it was back to work for us as we need to resolve those issues quickly. By dinner, I was hoping that I could avail of the 50% discount from The Soup Kitchen but after waiting fore 15 minutes, the kept the discount at 20%. Instead, I went to Insular Life building to have my lechon cebu meal from Chic-Boy and I was really stuffed when I got back in the office. Work was still steady as some of our fellow night-shifters came in one by one. I left the office at past 11:30pm and took the bus instead of hailing a cab so I could save money XD.

Wednesday: I got up early again and took Migmig out before taking her back to her mom. By 9:00am, we were busy getting ready to take Migmig to the hospital for her Rota-Virus vaccine drops. We left home at 11:30am and fortunately, we got a cab without waiting for a long time. When we got to her doctor, we were surprised that she was already next. While waiting, I took photos of Migmig and my wife together while our daughter is smiling almost all the time that she's in the hospital. At 3 months, she's already 5.6kg heavy and she was mistaken as a 6-month old baby. After her check-up, we went to Robinson's Galeria to have lunch there and look for some baptismal clothes as well as white clothes for us parents. We had our 1.5 hour lunch at Terriyaki Boy since that was the only place which was quiet. When we started to look for our clothes, I felt that my bag was getting heavier and heavier. We were able to but our daughter's baptismal dress and my wife's upper garment. We got to check some of the toys that we may buy for Migmig. My wife got surprised to find-out that most of the toys that we wanted costs more than a thousand pesos each. But I know these toys would help Migmig's skill improve much faster and its a matter of what toy to pick for her. We also bought a cake for Migmig since its her third month as well. We took a cab going home and got home in less than an hour. Then, we loosened-up as my wife went online. By night time, I tried Angel's Pizza-Pasta combo and I found it really good plus I used my VIP card. Good thing they enjoyed the additional food that I brought. I got to help my wife online as we take turns in taking care of Migmig. We slept probably at past midnight.

Thursday: I got up early again to take Migmig out then I took her back to her mom after feeding her as well. I got to edit some of the pictures that I took from last week's FHM event. Basically I just spent the entire day home which helped me save money and gave me time to recharge my spirit. It was warm in the afternoon as well so I turn on the aircon and made our room cool for our daughter to get some much needed sleep. Then I went out to get online for an hour in an internet shop nearby before going back home to assist y wife with her online work.

Friday: I got up at almost 8:00am and took Migmig out but she's not in the mood perhaps so we went back inside to feed her. After a few minutes, she spit out her milk because she took almost all of her fingers inside her mouth making her puke. I went back up to her mom so we could pacify her and put her back to sleep. When she fell asleep, I was able to edit more pictures for FHM's 100 Sexiest Party a few days back and somehow, I need to practice my editing skills as well as my color management to get the best results. I also did some errands before reporting to work. When my baby got up, she seems to be irritated again so her mom and lola gave her a bath and she felt better before I left. I got in the office ahead of time but I had to wait for my colleague to get back before I had lunch at Chic-Boy in Insular building. It was a filling lunch for me which helped me keep awake for work. I had a call from EMEA that took ma at least 30 minutes to resolve it. It was a simple password issue but with their accent, it took me a while though. I also need to create probably 10-15 tickets for APAC for new accounts in Singapore for their new employees. I logged-off a bit late since I need to finish some things in the office. When I got home. I prepared my things for the next day's event. 

Saturday: I got up early than usual and prepared early to take Migmig out before leaving home for Sir Jo's studio. But since Migmig was still sleeping, my wife told me to go. It took me at least an hour to Sir Jo's studio and they were watching Avatar on HD when I got there while waiting for the others (I'll make a separate blog for this one).I didn't stay long as I need to report for work even if its for half a day. But heavy traffic kept me from getting to the office on time plus I remembered that Ms Eula Valdes will be having her autograph signing at Robinson's Galeria. So instead of going home early, I took a side-trip at Robinson's. I had my magazine signed but one of the staff there doesn't seem to know how to use a DSLR which results in crappy shots of me and Ms Eula plus the bouncers ruining the fans' mojo. I didn't stay long there and went straight to the office. However, I got there at around 8:00pm plus there were some people who reported for Saturday as well which means, I simply declared myself unavailable. I just went online for 2 hours before leaving early. I took a cab since I felt very sleepy already. When I got home, Migmig was crying so I took her down and spend some time with her (as well as her titos and titas). I helped my wife for a while before calling it a day.

Tuesday, July 19

15 Keyboard Shortcuts That Will Enhance Your PC Productivity

While setting-up my PC (for work), I saw this from yahoo on how to increase your pc productivity with 15 keyboard shortcuts. I might try it later to see if it works and if work won't be that much today. Well anyway here is the link from yahoo

Ever wondered what it is like to be able to complete your tasks in half the time? How come your peers are able to find time to play games while still completing their assignments in timely fashion? Perhaps they had some additional help you are not aware of, but have always been right in front of you.

No doubt you will have noticed the disruption and loss of time in switching your hands between the keyboard and mouse. Luckily wizards at Microsoft have been adding some little-known but time-saving keyboard shortcuts into their operating systems over the years. As a matter of fact, some really handy ones have been built right into Windows 7 and most modern web browsers. If improving your process flow is on your to-do-list, and maybe impress your bosses along the way, read on to find out more.

1. Move the cursor one word at a time

Keyboard Shortcuts
This trick will allow you to navigate the text word by word instead of letter by letter.

2. Select one word at a time

Keyboard Shortcuts
How about selecting entire words instead of letter by letter? This is what does the trick, selecting your text word by word.

3. Delete entire words

Keyboard Shortcuts
Doubt there is a faster way of ‘bulldozing’ through your unwanted text than this.

4. Select all text in the current line relative to the cursor

Keyboard Shortcuts
Instead of reaching for that mouse, try selecting your whole line of text with this.

5. Minimize all windows

Keyboard Shortcuts
Keep this trick handy if you like to Facebook in office.

6. Cycle between windows

Keyboard Shortcuts
Well this is certainly an eye-catching shortcut. Try it to see what I mean.

7. Lock the computer

Keyboard Shortcuts
Heading to the pantry for a quick bite? What better way to spend more time in the pantry than locking down your pc.

8. Launch the Task Manager

Keyboard Shortcuts
System’s hanging? Disable the troubled application with this trick.

9. Take a screenshot of the active window only

Keyboard Shortcuts
Cropping down a screenshot with multiple windows is a major pain, especially if you are a desktop real estate magnate. Capture a shot of your active window with this trick.

10. Rename a file

Keyboard Shortcuts
Forget about the right-clicking method, for this works with multiple files as well.

11. Zoom in and out

Keyboard Shortcuts
A common trick applicable to major applications, including browsers, word processors and Photoshop.

12. Return to default zoom

Keyboard Shortcuts
Done with the part requiring magnification? Use this trick to get your normal view.

13. In Browser: Open a new tab

Keyboard Shortcuts
If you prefer to run searches with a new tab, this is bound to be handy.

14. In Browser: Reopen closed tab

Keyboard Shortcuts
Definitely one of the most important tricks in the book; if you accidentally close your webpage while on something important, this will save your butt.

15. In Browser: Focus cursor on URL/search field

Keyboard Shortcuts
Why run through your massive list of Favourites if the URL has been etched into your memory?

There are plenty more shortcuts built into Windows and modern applications and it is up to you to perfect their use. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. In no time you will be able to speed up your processing speed and have plenty of room to plan your personal appointments after work.

I think I know a trick or two here but I'll check it still later. If you're on PETIX (meaning nothing to do in the office), you should try it XD.


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