Friday, March 26

My thoughts on the Earth Hour 2010

Taken from Google

Will you join us in switching off all non-essential lights at precisely 8:30PM on March 27, 2010?

On this day and time, the whole world will again turn off lights for one hour – Earth Hour – sending a powerful global message that it’s time to take action against global warming.

For the past three years Earth Hour has inspired over a billion people in 1000 cities and towns worldwide. Just last year, over 15 million Filipinos in 647 towns and cities joined the global switch-off to prove that the country can unite for a common cause.

Globally, the Philippines ranked number one in terms of participation. Earth Hour 2010 will be even more significant for it aims to empower individuals to rise up to the challenge of finding sustainable solutions to mounting climate challenges.

This March 27, we invite you to be the difference. It isn't about the world leaders - it's about what each person can do. This year's Earth Hour will be a celebration - a street party - not a rally. Take a stand, for a living planet.

My Thoughts on this: This shouldn't be only done on a yearly basis. Why? others would think its just for-show or should I say "pakitang tao lang."  Though it really raises awareness, on a personal level this should be done more often like on a monthly basis for starters. Then we could do it weekly until we could have a law that we should turn our lights off from 8:30pm-9:30pm everyday Don't you think?.

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