Tuesday, April 30

Marien 365: Week 26 (Day 176 - 182)

Day 176: While watching TV, she looked at me a bit puzzled.

Day 176

Day 177: It was a bright morning as my girl had her sleep last night undisturbed.

Day 177

Day 178: It was a bright morning as my girl had her sleep last night undisturbed.

Day 178

Day 179: She knows I have my camera with me whenever I look at her. Always prepared to look her best.

Day 179

Day 180: Sometimes, I let my wife took Marien's photos and she comes up with shots that are completely different.

Day 180

Day 181: Aside from thumb-sucking her hand, she can do it with her feet XD. 

Day 181

Day 181: Wacky pose.

Day 181

Day 182: Surprised?!? XD

Day 182

Week 27 for the next few days. 

FHM May Issue (Ryza Ceon): Its about time

Its still April and FHM's May issue is already out in the market so I got myself a copy and see for myself if this issue is above my expectations.

Honestly, its about time that Ryza have graced FHM as her co-Survivor LJ Reyes has already done it twice. Looking at the cover, the month of May would be getting hotter. XD

Taken from FHM's Facebook

You won't only get to Ryza here but others as well including Sarah Gaugler. 

As FHM Declared: Its Alert Level 3 so grab a copy! XD

Thursday, April 25

Marien 365: Week 25 (Day 169 - 175)

Day 169: Our bed is her playground and its open 24/7.

Day 169

Day 170: A Mother's Love for her Child in a humid morning

Day 170

Day 171: She looks at me.

Day 171

Day 172: Still awake in the middle of the night.

Day 172

Day 173: Her nose being cleaned again.

Day 173

Day 173: Felling her mommy's hand

Day 173

Day 174: Sleeping on her stomach while thumb sucking. XD

Day 174

Day 175: Looking back at me. XD

Day 175

Week 26, to follow. XD

Tuesday, April 23

Hot Import Nights 2: The day after the VIP Party

I had to make a choice between attending Saturday night's VIP Party of HIN2 or spending time with my daughter, I chose the latter. Why? Because its her Birthday last Saturday =P

Moving on, I got there at WTC last Sunday at around 1:00pm as I try to maximize my time. 

However, I had to get in the groove for almost two hours before I started taking pictures of the lovely models.

I saw some of my good friends taking pictures while they have a good conversation with the models. 

I also bought a book called "Vixenation" which I may give it a review sometime soon. 

And before I left at 5:00pm, I made sure I covered all bases leaving no stone unturned. Hopefully by next year, I could attend the VIP Party just like last year.

BTW, pictures to follow soon. XD

Saturday, April 20

Marien 365: Week 24 (Day 162 - 168)

Day 162: Feeding time.

Day 162

Day 163: Before I left for work, she's still playing with her mom instead of sleeping. XD

Day 163

Day 164: When I got home fro work at past midnight, she's up and awake waiting for her daddy to come home. After a few hours, I had to get-up early to attend the SKWWPW.

Day 164

Day 165: While waiting for her mom to get dressed for church on a Sunday morning.

Day 165

Day 166: Another day.

Day 166

Day 167: Her mom was still sleeping when my baby is already playing.

Day 167

Day 168: Another day of playing around.

Day 168

Week 25 is next after a few days. XD

Monday, April 15

Marien 365: Week 23 (Day 155 - 161)

Day 155: Sleeping from her crib. We bought that crib even before she was born but we only used it probably less than 5 times as were used to have her sleep between us.

Day 155

Day 156: I got home from the office and I saw her playing from her crib.

Day 156

Day 157: Before I left to go to work, I took a quick snapahot.

Day 157

Day 158: Taken while having a lunch-out somewhere in Timog. Its quite challenging for us to eat-out and take care of her at the same time but its worth every minute.

Day 158

Day 159: Before my wife and I go to attend a wedding. She was taken care of by her mom and sister.

Day 159

Day 160: It was a stormy day that I wasn't able to go to work.

Day 160

Day 161: Still sleeping after the storm has calm down.

Day 161

  Week 24, by Saturday. XD

Friday, April 12

FHM 100 Sexiest 2013: The race is on

The race for the top spot of FHM's 100 Sexiest has already started last April 1st and I'm sure all nominated hotties from famous celebrities to girls-next-door are already starting to shout-out to all their friends and fans.

This has been my habit for the past couple of years to cast my vote to my favorite FHM babe. In recent years, I go for the ones who are already established in the field but probably for this year which, I'd go for the upstarts which I think they really deserve a spot at the top 100. 

Who would be included on my Top 10 list? Its for you to find out =P

Guess Who?!?

So cast your vote as many times as you can (for texts and online). 

Wednesday, April 10

Sizzling Covers for April

April 1st marks the beginning of Summer (My standard is that after Easter Sunday, that's my official start of summer =P). But it'll be much hotter once you see who would be the covergirl/coverboys of some magazines that I collect. XD

1. FHM Philippines (Sunshine Cruz): Materyales Fuertes is back and there's no one stopping her from gracing the covers once more. After thirteen years, several job changes and all, she's still materyales fuertes that I know way back.

FHM Philippines

2. Esquire Philippines (Louie Ysmael/Eric Cua): The Kings of the Manila Club Scene is our coverboys for this month. I'm kinda curious on how this issue would be but it would still be a good buy anyway.

Esquire Philippines

3. Rogue (G Toengi-Walters): Since she left the country in 2000, most of her fan wonder when she will come back. And when she graced the covers of Rogue on a Dietreitch-inspired shoot, I'm sure all of her fans (old and new) would be delighted to see her once more.


4. Playboy Philippines (2012 Playmates): They have this habit of having more than one covergirl in almost every issue especially if its their 5th Anniversary Issue. Better get ready for the Untamed Seduction. I'm looking forward to grab a copy once its available.

Playboy Philippines

Playboy Philippines

So what are you waiting for? grab em' while its hot! XD

Marien 365: Week 22 (Day 148 - 154)

Day 148: Dazed and confused. To play or not to play at 1:00am. XD

Day 148

Day 149: Very beautiful. =)

Day 149

Day 150: Playing her Rubiks Cube

Day 150

Day 151: As she gets up from her sleep.

Day 151

Day 152: She's starting to grab things like her mom's cake.

Day 152

Day 152: Had to celebrate it a day ahead as I have to work the next day. 

Day 152

Day 153: Its really a challenge if you room is too red. XD

Day 153

Day 154: Taking her usual meal of bottled milk. XD

Day 154

Week 23, next!

Friday, April 5

Marien 365: Week 21 (Day 141 - 147)

Day 141: She looked straight into me and snap!

Day 141

Day 142: Still sleeping at almost noon (Again!) XD

Day 142

 Day 143: I love the way she sleeps.

Day 143

Day 144: She's already sleeping like an adult XD

Day 144

Day 144: I like how I see my reflection in her eyes. 

Day 144

Day 145: While having lunch outside somewhere.

Day 145

Day 146: My baby is already hungry. 

Day 146

Day 147: I just got home and saw her playing while waiting for me. 

Day 147

Week 22, up next. =P


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