Friday, August 31

UNOversity: Re-Launching of UNO

Last Wednesday, we had a back to school theme at 1Esplanade as UNO has been relaunched through UNOversity. Since 2003, they have featured more than a hundred cars, bikes, gadgets and most importantly, gorgeous and sexy ladies and what a better way to celebrate their 9th anniversary is to take us there.

My friends and I got at the event just in time as there are a few people already inside. We registered and settled our payment for the collector's issue before we received some extras and went inside. They were also selling back issues signed by the covergirls themselves but I already have most of them during those days when I'm active attending events. 

I feel a bit envious of other bloggers as they were invited without paying for the collector's copy. But they won't be having one as they got in free =P.

One good thing about this event is that its not that jam-packed unlike FHM events (though I'm still bias towards FHM =P). Free food and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) were served. There were also some photographers and bloggers who were looking for a good position to shoot. Fortunately, we got our own slots and had our gears ready. 

By the time the show started, UNO EIC RJ Ledesma thanked each and everyone for their continued support for UNO for the past nine years. Then, it was party from there...

First, they revealed that the four covergirls for UNO's Limited Collector's Edition were Phoemela Barranda, Bubbles Paraiso, Nancy Castiglione and Kat Alano. I can't wait to get my hands on my copy. XD

Despite the heavy rain, the show was still sizzling hot as a back-to-school theme was prepared to the delight of the fans young and old. Remember those UNO Girls from Amanda Griffin to Anne Curtis that got you convinced to grab a copy years ago? I just hope they attended the party too to make the event a bigger success (just my f/2). 

Nevertheless, the presence of Aubrey Miles, Ornusa Cadness, Sarah Gaugler, Annicka Dolonius, Paloma Esmeria, Kat Alano, Tracy Abad and Mary-Ann Illustre still made the night memorable. 

With the exception of some bloggers who blocked our shooting path, we were still able to capture some decent shots while they walk down the ramp and strut their stuff.

After the event, my friends took the opportunity to have their photos taken with the lovely UNO ladies while I took some decent solo photos of them (without any distraction from others). Though I felt that the event was short, being there with some good friends matter.

Pictures to follow soon. XD

Monday, August 27

Going back through time via Elias


Its one of those Sundays that we simply wanted to go out and enjoy as we always do. Thank God to vouchers for making late lunches more affordable and exciting. We decided to head-off to BGC to have our late lunch at Elias

After reading several reviews, I was able to convince my wife to try their food and taste the difference. Despite its high price (as I've read in other blogs), I hope its worth every peso.

We had 3 voucher worth around 2100 pesos (I spent only 1050) and I want to make the most out of it. When we got inside, we instantly traveled through time as its interiors reminded me of Rizal's Noli Me Tangere. I didn't took much pictures of their interior as all three of us are hungry XD

Can you find the two? XD

As I browsed through their menu, all of them had this 1800's appeal. Most of the characters in Rizal's works were brought to life through their dishes.  

Her Mommy instructing her what to order. 

But its Marien who decides what to order XD

While we were waiting, I took some pictures to keep me busy XD. 

For starters, we had the Sinuglao Tarsilo (295 pesos). Its a combination of grilled liempo and kinilaw na tuna. I didn't knew this would be a little bit spicy but this dish is good. The combination of something cooked an something raw would make one's palate curious on how and why this works. Its best for "pulutan" if you ask me. 

Its pretty difficult to choose their soup since almost all of them look so appetizing. Since we need soup for my daughter to enjoy her meal, we ordered Paborito ng Katipunero (300 pesos). It's molo soup with generous toppings and a fresh egg. This alone can make you full since its good for 2-3 people. 

Then we had the Crispy Beef Y Albino (250 pesos) as our salad. This can also be a meal in itself with crispy beef tapa and kesong puti. Perfect for those watching their weight and at the same time without sacrificing taste. XD


While waiting for our main course, we had Pandan Iced Tea (99 pesos), and Kalamansi Malunggay Juice (150 pesos) and had them bottomless. We also tried their Lemon Iced Tea and Tamarind Iced Tea as an alternative to Pandan.All of their drinks are refreshing and new to our taste buds especially the Kalamansi Malunggay Juice. My wife and I had a glass each and Marien had a few sips too. 

Kalamansi-Malunggay Juice

Tamarind Iced Tea


To accompany our main dish, we had the Adobo Rice (250 pesos). Initially, I wanted the Taba ng Talangka (365 pesos) but my wife told me to watch my cholesterol intake. My second choice was their Binagoongan Rice (325 pesos), same thing (wifey says no). Third was their Tinapa and Salted Egg (250 pesos), again she said no, hence we ordered Adobo Rice. 


Marien trying the Adobo Rice

And for our main dish, we had almost the entire Biñan (300 grams for 525 pesos). There are a lot of main dishes to choose from but why we ended up getting Biñan? Since our soup, appetizer and salad had meat in it, we simply pick seafood for our main dish, a grilled tuna belly. How did it taste? It tasted good plus its healthy right? XD. However, with so many main dishes to choose from, people might get confused which one to choose. Probably they could trim it down to the best of the best. 

Since we had some enough budget for dessert (and some space in our tummies), we had Soledad (150 pesos) and Iday (180 pesos). Soledad is a classic combination of mango, suman and cup of hot chocolate (I wish this was bottomless as well) while Iday is suman with chocolate fondue. While some say their dessert section should be skipped, I'm very much contented with both especially with Soledad (the dessert XD). Though the downside it its high cost which they could have adjusted it a little bit lower. 



After 3 hours, we're really full and enjoyed a long lunch while reminiscing history and the week that happened before. Definitely, we will be going back to Elias to try their other dishes and make sure I'm the one in-charge of ordering our food XD

I hope they would branch-out near Manila so we don't have to go all the way to BGC always. XD

The week that was (August 19 - 25)

Sunday: My daughter and I had breakfast at Mc Donald's and got a free newspapaer for being loyal customers to them. XD Our morning was pretty much fine and steady as I let my daughter enjoy her playtime to her hearts content. By 2:00pm, we decided to go to SM Megamall instead of going to BHS as my wife gets worried that we may arrive there late in the afternoon.When we got to the mall, we head off to the Atrium to enjoy some lunch as there was a food sale that time. With no hesitation, I choose Yabu as our pitstop for lunch and spent the next two hours over lunch (I'll write a blog about this). After our late lunch, we strolled around cyberzone as my wife wanted to check-out some of the latest gadgets she wanted to buy. She saw some but the price was pretty expensive as of the moment. We then had coffee over Seattle's Best as we waited for the sun to set as well as rested our aching bodies as Migmig kept on running around the mall. We got home at almost 7:00pm and I was able to get some much needed rest. I went online as well to catch-up and play my Mafia Wars game.

Monday: We were unable to get out as we got up late. Mornings were just good and after my daughter slept, I went online for probably an hour before she got up. Late in the afternoon, as I change Migmig's diaper for the second time, her uncontrollable habit came again and I had no choice but to hit both her hands. I hit both once but as lightly as I could yet she didn't seem to understand yet. The second time, I hold both hands tightly before hitting them and scolding her altogether. In an instant, she cried out loud and I continued crying until I got her diapers changed. I checked both her hands to see if its swelling and thank God it didn't. It dawned on me that my temper needs to be checked and I have to be more hands-on with my daughter. With my contract ending after September, this would test again my temper and patience. Since she didn't sleep in the afternoon, we went to Nanay at almost 6:00pm to let her enjoy the cool breeze of the wind and let her run to her heart's delight. I feel so guilty being hard on my daughter as she doesn't even know what she's doing. I just hope that would be the only time I do that and I'll do everything to be Migmig's gentle dad.I was able to get online for an hour before joining my wife and baby in bed.

Tuesday: By 8:00am, my baby and I went down to have some fun outside though we didn't stay that long as weather was quite unpredictable. Her mom got up a little bit late so I let our daughter wake her up to keep her going. Up to now, I feel guilty spanking my baby for her uncontrollable behavior the other day. I left early for work as my wife took care of our baby for the day. I took the 3-bus route and got to Makati early. I had lunch at Jollibee since I got so hungry already. Most of my colleagues were there already and we agreed to have a pizza party being still a holiday in the Philippines. My colleague called Yello Cab and ordered an 18" pizza. I got to dig-in even if I still feel full as I upload some photos on my blog to make it much better.Work was pretty much slow as I didn't had dinner that night. My tummy was still full as I wanted to do some dumping XD. Well, I had to consume a litter of melon milk just to make my digestive system going before going home.

Wednesday: With my body still wanting to get some more sleep, I had to get up by 8:15am to take my daughter down as she got up ahead of her mom and I. We went out for a couple of minutes to buy some bread for her to nibble while waiting for her mom to get up. Unfortunately, she got up late at 10:00am and everything followed but her sister got up early to take care of our baby which gives me time to prepare early. Again, I took the 3-bus ride and got to Makati with time to spare. Lunch was at Jollibee for the second straight day and I had the same food I ordered the other day just to make me full. Work was pretty much okay as I got some tickets to work on while waiting for time. By 5:00pm, I went to Powerbooks in GB4 to attend The Jinri Experience (I'll write a blog about it). I was away for two hours before returning back to the office to some additional requests. By 8:45pm, I went out again to have dinner because my officemate let me smell her grilled liempo that she's having for dinner. I went straight to Chicboy to order their Cebu lechon liempo and ate pretty much before going back to complete my shift.

Thursday: Got up a bit late but still we went out to have breakfast at Mc Donalds. She ate quite a bunch but she keeps on playing with her food so I had to guide her. Then we went back and make sure to wake her mom up to get going. Then its my turn to put her to sleep and she was able to doze-off at 11:00am. I went online for an hour before getting ready not for work but to attend some events. I took the LRT to Cubao before taking another ride to Eastwood as I got to try Stacker's Baked Fried Chicken (I'll write a blog about this). After the event, I freshen up and took a cab going to Annapolis in Greenhills to attend the Non-Print Day Lecture Sessions with Mr Raymund Isaac as the speaker (I'll write a blog about this). By 5:30pm, I got there and signed up as Sir Jo played Lorax on video. I left his studio at almost 11:00pm and took a cab straight home. But not without going online for another hour just to catch-up online. When I'm finally home, my wife was still online and I waited for my turn to do some updates before finally going to bed.

Friday: Migmig got up early as she felt hungry already. I feed her first before I went down to do some morning rituals. Then my mom paid us a visit and went upstairs to see her grandchild. Then we went out to visit Nanay and spent the next hour there as my daughter walks and runs to her heart's delight. After my daughter had her bath, I was surprised she fell asleep as early as 10:30am. I went online until noon as she gets up occasionally and checks if I'm still there. She fell asleep again which gave me the cue to get ready for work. I stopped by Sisig Hooray at The Landmark to get a quick lunch then to BTIC for some ice cream before reaching the office. I was surprised that I'll be the only one in my shift but I don't mind anyways. Work was pretty much steady as I got a few tickets to work on. I'm also trying to do some revisions in my blog to make it more presentable and allow me to earn some money through writing. By 7:00pm, I had dinner at BFast again but not without braving some rain at this time of the night. My dinner was pretty quick as I have to get back in the office to wait for my colleagues in the night shift. And good thing they arrived as I'm not keen on going straight-shifts again XD. By 11:00pm, I took the next bus going home despite heavy rains. 

Saturday: Both me and Migmig got up late as my body still feels the need for sleep. After my morning rituals, we went out to visit Nanay and for my baby to have her exercise by walking near and far. Then we went back to wake her mom to get going. After Migmig's bath, I let my wife to put her to sleep so I could get some rest and get ready for work. I took the 3-bus ride again despite not feeling well as I think I have my blood pressure spike-up again. Lunch was at Jollibee as I got to Makati early before settling down here in the office. I set-up my laptop and warm it up for an hour before doing some photo-editing, I started at past 3:00pm though my pace wasn't as good as the previous Saturday's I've edited since I feel sick as of the moment. Thank God to my playlist on my laptop, my solo days in the office wasn't that boring.  For dinner, its still from Jollibee as I got to edit a lot of photos before my laptop heats up and I have to turn it off before leaving the office. Good thing my colleagues arrived just in time to keep me company before I leave. I took a cab on my way home as I feel so tired and sleepy that I wanted to go to bed once I get home.

Saturday, August 25

My Jinri Experience in Makati

Last Wednesday (August 22, 2012), I was able to sneak-out to Glorietta 4 to attend The Jinri Experience (Gravure Signing) at Powerbooks. This would be the third and last leg of her autograph signing so I made sure not to miss this. =P

When I got there, registration has just begun and only a handful of people attended (close to a hundred). Ms Jinri was already at the venue though the signing itself hasn't started yet. Anyway, I took out my camera and started snapping away. You can read my previous post here to know more what Gravure is =P.

For those who don't know about Ms. Jinri Park, she's one of the DJs at RX 93.1 and also a columnist-slash-model for FHM Philippines. She's a Korean who was born and raised in Cebu but decided to move to Manila for better opportunity (perhaps!) 

Moving on to the book signing, the program has begun, with her co-DJs with the usual spiels and promoting the book c/o RAWR Publishing and photos were taken by Mr. Jay Tablante. As the program goes, Jinri also gave away some souvenirs to mostly her Twitter followers and fans on facebook. Again, I took more photos as I got closer to Jinri. 

When it was my turn to have my book signed, the fanboy in me has come out and I made sure that I have a photo with her before reporting back to work. Some of my friends were there as well and got their's signed. Everybody was happy after the event as I took a few more photos before reporting back to work =P 

Pictures to follow soon. XD

The Jinri Experience: What is Exactly a Gravure?

I'm not very much familiar with Jinri Park except that she's a DJ and does cosplay on the side. I was able to meet her personally during the DPP Event.

Fast forward, she just recently released a book on gravure which Mr Jay Tablante is the main man responsible for making it happened.

Taken from Google

But what exactly is Gravure?

It’s a collection of pictures of girls, which, had you stumbled upon them on the internet (or had Googled precisely for), would surely be kept in a secret folder in your computer, lest you want an earful from your missus or girlfriend. The girls here are cute, innocent-looking, sexy, playful,and inviting. Their "girl-next-door" appeal is so irresistable that you won't really mind finding out that they are models bound for immediate stardom and that this "book" is their ingenious way of baring a more personal side for their fans to ogle. 

Sadly though, these girls are usually Japanese, thus destroying the fantasy of the so-pretty-yet-so-normal girl who could be living right next door. For us, they have remained mere downloads, but they have never been familiar faces. 

Well, not until now. 

The Jinri Experience is the country's first ever gravure book, featuring arguably our best example of an emerging "idol" : radio DJ, model, FHM Philippines columnist, and cosplayer Jinri Park. 

Taken from Google

Well, I'm looking forward to get my own Jinri Experience (copy) and meet her in person (again!). XD

Friday, August 24

Non-Print Day Lecture Series: Raymund Isaac

I wanted to make sure I would be able to attend this lecture series after missing out last month (Ms. Pilar Tuason was their speaker then) since I was on the waiting list and only a few backed-out then.

Last night, I got to attend Sir Jo's Non-Print Day Lecture Series. This time, Mr Raymund Isaac was his guest speaker. I was also lucky enough to get to know some secrets that he's been doing for the past 30 year in Advertising and Fashion Photography. I was still wearing baby clothes when he started photography. XD

The Raymund Isaac by Jo Avila

He shared to us his ups and downs on how he started in Photography from taking photos of Martin Nievera on his concerts to some of the bigwigs in the industry today like ************** (oops, confidential XD).

He emphasized to us the importance of going back to basics as well as establishing rapport with your subject. He also gave some lighting tips and how to make your subject pose for you. Some of the other tips he gave us includes: 

1. Portraits are best done after lunch. 
2. Get inspiration from the masters. 
3. Never lose the child in you. 
4. Do not rely on Photoshop
5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. 
6. Try to discover new things each day. 
7. Think out of the box.
8. Models with smaller eye should be the one in the front more. 
9. A good HMUA would ask what lighting set-up would be used. 
10. Magnum Ice Cream has been in existence since the 80's. XD

The night was also fun as he showed to us some of the books that he brought with him containing his works. 

I'm very fortunate to sit-in that night together with fellow photographers. I hope I could attend the next one soon. ^_^

Reloading Swabeh: My Blogger's Third Year in Cyberspace

Okay, I got pretty much busy with work I completely forgot that last Wednesday (August 22) was by blog's third year in existence. I'd still recall how I started using this platform (and WordPress) to see what works for me. At that time, I just quit my work to do other things and prepare for my wedding that time. 

Though Ive been blogging since 2005 via friendster, I've grown somehow from just posting rants at work as well as my heartbreaks of my past relationships to posting anything that interests me and makes me wanna read it over and over again towards Multiply in 2007.

In 2009, with all the boredom that got into me again, I decided to level-up a bit and try those free-blogging sites like Blogger and WordPress. Why I chose Blogger, honestly, I have no idea yet I'm enjoying posting good things. But I still feel like I need more like my own domain ( but I just have to take it one step at a time.

Plus I'm not that savvy with programming codes so it would definitely take time to get the look and the feel I want for my blog. But with the help of the internet and Mr Google, I know I'd be able to speed-up and try update it more often.

Here's one change for now. I'll be changing my header as this would be the last time you see One Word: Swabeh! 

This would be the start of some changes in the years to come.

But first, Three Cheers to my Three Years here in the Blogger Platform. All the best and more to come. XD

Oh by thew way, if you wanted to help it improve, just let me know. ^_^

Dare to Compare: Baked Chicken at Stackers

Would you dare to compare?

I got an invite yesterday from Mr Richard Mamuyac of Astig Machismis about a food event held at Eastwood. Luckily I got in though my initial thoughts was its for pure food bloggers only. I do blog about food among other things so good thing I got in as well. And only for the second time this year I got invited to attend such event as well. 

My first visit but definitely not the last

The first shot I took. XD

With 80% less oil, this is a healthier option

When I arrived at Stackers at 2:00pm, I got to meet a few bloggers who do love good food and have a curiosity trying out a new dish. Well its not actually new but the way they prepared it, you would never want to have chicken at another restaurant again. XD

Doing some updates via facebook/twitter

I'll be back for their burgers soon XD

Some smiles seen from the bloggers. :D

What I like about Stackers is that its not your usual burger joint. They have a variety of dishes to choose from but their burgers are their bestseller and probably on my next visit, I'll give them a try. I ordered a chocolate malt milkshake while waiting for our food. The milkshake was so tasty I reminded myself that I need some room for food later XD.

Choco Malt Milkshake. Yummy!!! XD

Only one looked at the camera XD

While waiting for the star of the show (Baked Chicken), I tried their Fish and Chips. I ordered only half and I'm quite surprised that their serving was pretty much okay. A full order of their Fish and Chips yield four big pieces and its definitely good for two or more people. 

Fish and Chips (Half-Order)

Fish and Chips (Full-Order)

As what Ms Mary Michelle Lapuz (I-Food's Marketing Officer) described, their Baked Fried Chicken is not your usual fast food fried chicken. Here's why: 

I-Food's Marketing Officer Ms Lapuz

1. It uses 80% less oil (than the regular fried chicken) making it lighter and healthier than any other fried chicken here in the Metro.

2. They have a unique method of cooking that reduces oil absorption while preserving the juice and flavor of the chicken. This could be their trade secret =P. 

3. They have a special recipe that brings out the crispiness of the chicken skin and tenderness of the meat.

Taking a snap of the chicken. :D

Their new prized possession: The Baked Fried Chicken

A closer look on their Baked Fried Chicken

On a personal note, I like how the chicken was cooked. The skin was as crispy as "chicaron" yet the tenderness of the meat was still retained. The chicken was moist on the inside, crunchy on the outside, just how I like it but without those unwanted oil and fats as well. However, their gravy needs improvement as it tastes a bit bland to me. 

If I were you, I'd this out-of-the-ordinary chicken delight available in all Stackers Burger Café outlets located at Eastwood City, Resorts World and McKinley Hill Venice Piazza in Bonifacio Global City, Alabang Town Center and also at its newly opened branch at the Promenade Mall in Greenhills, San Juan City.


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