Wednesday, March 17

My Stand on Credit Cards

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For the longest time, I was contemplating before whether or not to get a credit card. I used to have one (an extension) way back in the late 90's. Its quite fun to have one especially if someone pays for your expenses. But that was a long time ago.

Late in 2008, I've tried applying to several credit card companies to get my own credit card. My reason was to get my ex-gf (who is now my wife) an engagement ring and to make her happy. Unfortunately, my application was denied with all credit card companies I've applied to. Though they have the right not to disclose why my application was denied, I think I still deserve to know so that I could do something and have a successful credit card application.

Right now, I'm happy with the outcome that I still don't have a credit card. At least I'm debt-free and I still prefer to pay in cash.. But if opportunity arises, I might re-consider once more. XD

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