Wednesday, February 29

Today is Leap Year 2012

Once in every four years, people born on the 29th of February will have a chance to celebrate their birthday on its exact date. Not February 28, nor March 1, but February 29.

In other countries, this would be the opportunity for women to propose marriage to their respective boyfriend to find true love. Odd isn't it? It may happen to you here but definitely, just for today. XD

Taken from Google

Why do we need leap years?

In short, the purpose of adding an extra day to February every four years is to sync up the 365-day Gregorian calendar with the solar calendar, which is 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds long -- the (near) exact amount of time it takes the earth to revolve around the sun.

Sure, ushering in the new year 5 hours before the earth has fully revolved around the sun doesn't seem like a huge deal, but over time it starts to add up. So much, in fact, that every four years our calendar is about one day behind where it should be to reflect the earth's actual position in its journey around the sun.

So that's why we need an extra day in February. Otherwise, after enough years had gone by, we'd be celebrating Christmas in July.

Why is the extra day added in February?

Leap Year was "invented" back in the first century BC, when Julius Caesar and his team of astronomers noticed that their 355-day Roman calendar had somehow slipped out of sync with the seasons. Caesar and his astronomer Sosigenes did some calculations and came up with a 365-day calendar that would sometimes add an extra day to the last month of the year, which was February. That became known as the Julian calendar.

Where did our current calendar come from?

The Julian calendar worked for a while, but something still wasn't adding up, and by the 16th century the calendar and the seasons were off by about 11 days. So in March of 1582, Pope Gregory XII moved up the calendar by 11 days and teamed up with astronomers to formulate a new calendar. Surely, it must have been strange for them to go to bed on March 11 and wake up on March 22.

The Pope's astronomers discovered that in fact, the Julian calendar was about 11 minutes too long. So they instituted a slight change that would prevent the calendar from getting ahead of itself over time. According to the new rule, a century year could only be a leap year if it was divisible by 400. Thus, while 1900 was not a leap year, the year 2000 was. This small change formed the basis for the Gregorian calendar used today.

Okay, so is the Gregorian calendar good to go?

Not exactly. Though the Gregorian calendar put the calendar year extremely close to the solar year, it's still a little bit off. But it will take about 3,000 years for this slight difference to add up to an extra day in error.

So astronomers have a few years to figure out how to deal with that one.

Below is the video on what is leap year.

If this video doesn't work, just go to youtube instead.

To know more, you may check it here.

Next leap year would be in 2016, that is if were still here. XD

Tuesday, February 28

Changing Covers (FHM March 2012 Issue)

I was doing my usual browsing at my wife's office when I saw a statement from FHM. They decided to change the cover after several reactions from people who find it disturbing in a way that they say it depicts racism.

Taken from their official website

I'm thinking whether to post it or not but I can't help myself but feel sorry, upset and disgusted towards those who think of it that way and to FHM for easily giving in. I've been an avid supporter since the turn of the millennium and I've seen a lot of changes in it but not without a controversy or two. The last one I've heard was probably with Diana Zubiri's photoshoot that called the attention of a city mayor.

I've posted a comment on their facebook page saying "Sorry but only MALICIOUS MORONS would think the cover depicts racism. =P" I've got some comments about my reaction but I still stick to my comment and to my stand. I am against racism but I think this issue may have been over-reacted to.

Though there's nothing I could do about it but wait for their new cover layout, I hope we could be more open-minded with things and not get too sensitive that we take things too literally. 

Just my f/2 thoughts. 

Again, here is the cover that should have been released this week =P

Now imagine a dark-skinned model flanked by several fair-ladies, do we interpret it as racism too?

Sunday, February 26

The week that was (February 19 - 25)

Sunday: I got up at almost 8:00am as I slept at around 3:00am. I took Migmig out but only for a while as I had breakfast at Mc Donalds. When we got back, my wife tried putting our baby to sleep but she only slept for a couple of minutes. Come 11:00am, my wife was online so I had to take care of her for the time being. At around 2:30pm or so, all three of us slept though the weather was quite warm (my wife tends to feel cold so easily). By 5:00pm, I got up and took a bath so we could attend the 6:15pm mass. When were inside the church, Migmig got a bit talkative so I took her somewhere with me until the offertory part. After mass, we went to my wife's mom to spend some more time there and I bought food form dinner (I bought some from Chowking). I got to read Sunday's paper before going upstairs to sleep early. But it took us a while as Migmig was having her tantrums again. She's at her best at the wrong time of the night XD.

Monday: I remember my wife and I got awake at 2:00am as Migmig was crying loudly again. We tried to pacify her but it wasn't working. Even her lola was having a hard time but eventually, my wife was able to put her to sleep undisturbed. Got up at almost 7:30am as all of us slept a bit late (Migmig was crying really hard again). I took her out but I didn't took her walker because its already hot outside at this early. When we got back, her aunt was already there so she took care of our baby while I took the laptop down so I could upload photos to my blog to make it more meaningful XD. I am doing that while watching WWE's Elimination Chamber. After the matches, I continued uploading pictures to my blog but our internet connection was really slow so I wasn't able to maximize much of my time uploading pictures. By 4:30pm, I went out to buy some medicine for Migmig as well as her 10th month cake. When I got back, I took Migmig with me as her aunt was done for the day. We went to her lola for a couple of minutes before going back home to wait for her mom to come home from work. Once her mom got home, I was able to do other things aside from putting Migmig to sleep for the night. That includes watching TV and doing getting my things ready for work. I think I joined them after watching the late night news.

Tuesday: Got up at 7:00am as I took Migmig out for a walk. I brought my camera with me so I could take photos of her while were outside. I got some good shots before going back (not after buying her can of milk). Then I went online for a few hours before getting ready for work. I took the 3-bus route so I don't have to walk long distance like when I take the LRT2-MRT route. I was 5 minutes late but it didn't matter. Work was quite steady as I got to do some emails to work on and update some of my blogs by adding pictures to add some punch into it. I bought Lechon Sisig again from Chicboy for Dinner and had it in the office. Work was quite slow on the second half of my shift so I got to enjoy other things. As the clock struck 11:00pm, I left the office and stopped-by Mc Donald's to grab a Quarter Pounder Meal for me to chow down on my way home. I think I got home at 12:30am before joining my wife and baby to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at almost 7:30am as my baby was still sleeping soundly. I was able to take some snap-shots of her while sleeping so soundly when all of a sudden, she wakes up and smiled at me =). We went to her lola so I could do some of my morning rituals. When we got back, her aunt was already here so she took it from there. I used our laptop to sort some of the files that I took using our old digicam. The pictured weren't bad, its just it could have been better if I used DSLR for those XD.I didn't ate that much since its Ash Wednesday that day. By 12:00pm, I went to St Anthony Shrine to hear mass and have my forehead marked with The Sign of the Cross. Though I didn't finish the mass, I left at almost 1:00pm and took the LRT2-MRT route with a quick stop at Chatime. I arrived at the MRT Ayala Station at 2:00pm but instead of hurrying up, I just took my sweet time that I even passed by Power Books to check for new photography books that I may buy in the future. I got to the office at around 2:30pm and set-up my PC for work. I don't know but I wasn't in a mood to work so I just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of my stay in the office. By 7:30pm, I had dinner at BFast again as there was a reunion of sorts there mostly by older women so I wasn't able to have dinner quietly. When I got back, I just waited for the clock to stuck 11:00pm before taking a bus going home. My wife was still up and awake so I just took a quick shower before going to bed.

Thursday: I recall that I got up as early as 5:15am as I felt that there was no electricity that time and I got to sweat a lot because of the morning heat. Eventually, electricity was restored and I was able to get some more sleep. Then I got up at around 7:30am and I took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. When we got back, her aunt was already there getting ready to take good care of her niece. I also taught her how to use the aircon just in case the weather gets too warm. I left home a bit early so I could have lunch outside as there wasn't any cooked lunch back home. I took the three-bus ride knowing I could be late.When I got to Makati, I went to this building that my wife told me to go to so I could claim her free health card from Caritas Health Shield. It took me around 30 minutes or so before I could get her card. Though I got in the office at almost 2:30pm, I didn't care as I just set-up my workstation and started checking emails. I got a call and several emails to take care of within my shift. Then all of a sudden, I feel my back hurts that made my movements slow and limited. For dinner, I bought Lechon Sisig again from Chicboy as I've been quite hooked into it. I got a call and 5 tickets during my shift as I was able to do other things XD. Before going home, I passed by Mc Donalds from some Coke Float and got home an hour later. I read some magazines before finally going to sleep when Migmig got awake and went into active mode. She was playing with us and probably we were able to put her back to sleep at around 2:00am XD.

Friday: All of us got up a few minutes past 7:00am as Migmig was already awake and smiling. My mom paid us a visit as I need some stuff from her and gave her some as well. Then Migmig and I went down as her aunt was already there. I used the laptop so I could upload some more photos before going to work. While on my way, Im browsing a travel brochure I got during last weeks Travel Tour Expo and I'm kinda day dreaming that I'd be somewhere in Europe with my wife and Migmig. Who knows it might happen XD. I got in the office early and I was able to set-up my workstation. I felt hungry early so I had lunch at Chicboy and stayed there for almost an hour. I had Lechon Sisig and Tokwa't Baboy for lunch as my back was really hurting. When I got back, I got to process some more emails before ending my day. I was suppose to grab something to eat at Mc Donalds but with the long queue I saw, I simply took the bus going home and got home after an hour. I went online for a few more minutes before going to sleep.

Saturday: Got up at around 7:00am as I took Migmig out for a walk even if I still feel sleepy. She got her morning exercise though I need to put her shoes back as it keeps on being removed. I had breakfast at Mc Donalds as well to keep me nourished and spend more time with my daughter. When we got back home, my wife gave me a hand as it was her turn to feed her and give our daughter a bath. I tried to get some nap but I wasn't able to do so. I left home a bit late as my wife took a bath first which leaves me to put Migmig to sleep (Thank God she slept =) ). I was anticipating heavy traffic along Taft Avenue but the FX driver took a different route. When we got to Buendia, I grabbed a Quarter Pounder Combo from Mc Donald's before taking a bus going to work with plenty of time to spare. Work was ok as I got 3 calls and did some requests which made me busy for a while. Also, I joined comment-exchange for a group of bloggers which took most of my Saturday shift XD. By 7:30pm, I went to National Bookstore to buy a ream of A4 paper but it was quite expensive that I thought it won't exceed 200 pesos so I had to skip it. For dinner, I wanted to have Bonchon but the crowd was too much so I looked elsewhere until I got to Pepper Lunch and tried their Beef Teriyaki. That was a delicious meal that made me full. I enjoyed the rest of my shift and left at 11:30pm. I took a cab after grabbing a big cup of Gatorade to quench my thirst and hoping to remedy my lower back pain which hurts me for a couple of days now. When I got home, Migmig was up and awake again so we had t put her back to sleep before going to sleep as well.

Saturday, February 25

For FHM's 12th Anniversary Issue....

Its the lovely Bela Padilla on the cover of FHM's Bikini Issue for 2012.  I was hoping for someone else but Bela would do for me. XD

Photography by: Xander Angeles
Styling by: Alyanna Martinez
Make-up c/o: Cha Cuyong
Hair styling by: Jermelson Celestino
Special Thanks to: GMA Artist Center

I vividly recall how I started collecting FHM since 2000 and up to now, I never miss a single issue. Through the years, they keep on getting better and better. Having events open to everyone, no wonder FHM is really number one. XD

Out in your favorite bookstores and newstands next week, I can't wait to have a copy and to attend the autograph signing again. XD

Happy 12th Anniversary FHM!!!

Friday, February 24

My 2nd Gift Giving Journal (A 4th Review on CBTL's Planner)

The day after Christmas, I was able to claim my 2nd planner from CBTL (4th overall XD). After their promo has begun, I started collecting stamps already ^_^

Its been addicting collecting planners at the end of the year which breaks my resolution of saving more in a year. Hence, I end up spending some at CBTL for some hot coffee and good ambiance.

After getting my first CBTL planner last year, I was decided back then to continue collecting CBTL planners.

Anyway, here's my take on CBTL's Gift Giving Journal (GGJ) 2012. There are my personal opinions and were not influenced by any outside forces.


First, I kinda noticed that the GGJ is a little bit smaller than its predecessor. The cover is hardbound too with a book-like texture which is also different from last year. If you ask me, I prefer my 2011 GGJ than this one.


Upon browsing the first pages, there are discount coupons waiting to be used each month. Also, there are interesting bits and pieces of trivia to read on and think. A tracker is also included as well as a gift giving cheat sheet if you have friends that you wanted to give gifts to.

It also has the usual stuff a planner has like the monthly and weekly pages for you to fill out. It also has a feature of an advocacy or project that CBTL has taken part of. The photos that were included each month were really good and heartwarming as well.

At the end pages of the GGJ, there is also a note section where you can write anything or simply doodle and a list of emergency numbers in case of well, emergency. You can also add your numbers as well for additional contacts.

Well, I have to make use of it so it won't go to waste. XD

Thursday, February 23

Documenting a Global Snack

While browsing some of the websites I usually visit, I saw this advocacy and I think its a good way to help people fight hunger.

Taken from their website

On February 24th at 12pm EST, join thousands of people around the world in a simultaneous global meal. Whether it's breakfast in LA or a midnight snack in Beijing, let's take a moment from our hectic lives and share it with strangers around the world. Snap a photo of yourself and your meal and mail it to us — we'll create an exhibition from these self-portraits, documenting the world's largest communal snack.

Our aim with "The Meal" is to inspire a feeling of community across geographic and cultural boundaries, while addressing the statement that "you are what you eat." However, for nearly a billion people around the world, hunger is a constant daily reality and "what you eat" is never enough. In conceiving of this project, our thoughts immediately turned to the chronic problem of global hunger and the amazing organizations that struggle against this persistent crisis. We would love to direct participants in the project to support Action Against Hunger, one of the world's most effective and efficient nonprofit organizations. Take a look at the many ways to get involved today.

I'll try to get a picture of me taken at 12:00AM (Manila Time) as usually I'm on the road going home at night.

Wednesday, February 22

Ash Wednesday Today

Taken from Google

"Remember, Man is dust, and unto dust you shall return."

Today marks the beginning of the Lenten Season as its starts with Ash Wednesday. It is a time of penance, self-reflection and fasting which prepares us for Christ's Resurrection from the dead on Easter Sunday.

Ash Wednesday usually begin's 40 days prior to Easter Sunday (Sundays are not included in the count). 

The ashes that are put on our foreheads are made from the blessed palms used in the Palm Sunday celebration of the previous year. The ashes are christened with Holy Water and are scented by exposure to incense. While the ashes symbolize penance and contrition, they are also a reminder that God is gracious and merciful to those who call on Him with repentant hearts. His Divine mercy is of utmost importance during the season of Lent, and the Church calls on us to seek that mercy during the entire Lenten season with reflection, prayer and penance.

But not all Christian churches observe Ash Wednesday or Lent. They are mostly observed by the Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian and Anglican denominations, and also by Roman Catholics. Eastern Orthodox churches observe Lent or Great Lent, during the 6 weeks or 40 days preceding Palm Sunday with fasting continuing during the Holy Week of Orthodox Easter. Lent for Eastern Orthodox churches begins on Monday (called Clean Monday) and Ash Wednesday is not observed.

Learn more about Ash Wednesday here, here, here, here and here.

Monday, February 20

The week that was (February 12 - 18)

Sunday: Got up early as I took Migmig out with me for some fresh air for a change.As we get back home, I did some errands and bought Sunday's paper but I wasn't able to read all of them as by 10:00am, everyone was busy getting ready to go to SM Megamall. My wife's siblings planned a day out for their mom (my mom-in-law), enjoy the rest of the day literally without anything to do. We hail an FX and thank God all eight of us fit inside and went to SM Megamall. Around 1:00pm, we got there and rented a stroller for our baby before heading to Rack's to try their Surf n" Turf as they have been wanting to try it in a long time. When we settled down at Rack's I took out my camera and took pictures of my loved ones and the food once it was served. After our late lunch, we strolled around the Mall particularly at Cyberzone and at the Department Store and bought some items for Migmig. We got hungry again so we had some snacks at Crepes and Creme and took some more pictures. By 7:00pm, we all head home and getting an FX wasn't hard as I expected. Once we got home, I rested my legs while my wife and Migmig rested upstairs. I didn't know that they were sleeping already as I checked them after reading Sunday's paper. I went online at past midnight for an hour before going to bed.

Monday: Got up a bit early as I took Migmig out for a walk before getting back. We waited for her aunt as my wife and I decided to take our baby to The Medical City to have her checked as she's possibly having diarrhea since Friday. Taking a cab was quite easy as well as going to the hospital. Waiting for our baby's turn took us almost an hour though. I put her on the scale and she gained some weight (8 kilos). When it was our turn, all of a sudden, Migmig started to cry so loud and she didn't stop crying during her visit. Hence, I wasn't able to listen to the doctor's notes on how to cure her. She was given some medicine for diarrhea and we waved goodbye to her doctor. She even waved goodbye to her doctor while crying as well. Since my wife and I didn't had a decent breakfast this morning, we had lunch at a Japanese Restaurant (Sorry, I forgot the name XD) at Rockwell Business Center. After lunch, we went straight home to get some rest. Once we got home, I went out to buy Migmig's medicine and got to redeem Mercury Drug's 2012 Planner (I might write a blog about this whenever time permits XD). When I got back home, I spend the rest of the afternoon watching TV while waiting for Migmig to get up. After her aunt left, its our turn to take care of our baby as we tried to put her to sleep but she didn't go to sleep until past 8:00pm. Then I got to watch some TV before joining them in bed.

Tuesday: I got up early to take our baby out for a walk. When I got back, I had my stuff ready but when I was about to leave home, I had my lunch first. I took the three-bus ride going to the office knowing that I might be running late for work and for our mini-event. When I got in the office, I rested for a while and had some snacks courtesy of our OJT-Trainees before taking out my camera and took pictures of our Valentines-Event. I got to take a few photos as I am also one of the contestants for the day but that was enough for me and I got to work on my new camera on how to deal with artificial lighting that we have in the office. I won 2 out of 3 events that I joined (not bad XD). Since I'm totally stuffed with all that we ate, they had pizza for all employees since its valentines day. I grab some slice and had them a couple of hours later. Late in the afternoon, I went to SM Makati to buy some diapers for Migmig. Instead of the usual Pampers (399 pesos for 52 pcs) I bought Prokids (470 pesos for 40 pcs) since my wife wanted to make sure that Migmig's poop won't leak-out. I wasn't able to have dinner as I am really full with plenty of food that we had for the day. After shift, I took a cab going home so I could spend Valentine's Day with my wife and kid. I got home a few minutes before midnight and my wife was still up and awake.

Wednesday: Got up earlier as I need to go back home to San Pedro to Visit my dentist. However, my body feels so heavy so my movements were quite slow. I did some of my daddy duties before getting ready to go back home.I left at around 8:30am and got there a few minutes past 10:30am. On my way, I felt sleepy so I got some a few minutes of rest. For some reason my body begins to feel more pain as it wanted to get some more rest. I slept at my bed until 12:30pm and got up to visit my dentist. Unfortunately, I was so disappointed that the dentist doesn't want to proceed since my tooth wasn't ready when it is actually. I got back home and prepared my things for work. I got to sleep again while on my way to work. By 3:30pm, I am in the office and set-up my PC. My body was really heavy and I couldn't even sit-up straight. By dinner, I tried to eat as much as I can at BFast but after a plateful, I felt like I'm gonna vomit as my body gets heavier and heavier by the minute. By the time our shift ended, I could hardly walk. Good thing, when I took a cab going home, the driver didn't bore me as he shred some interesting stories about his work (as a cab driver). When I got home, Migmig was already sleeping while my wife was still awake. I just changed to something comfortable before going to bed.

Thursday: I think my wife and I got awake at past 5:30am or so as Migmig was already hungry for her milk. After feeding her, we were hoping that she'd get some more sleep but apparently, she wanted to go out already. Even if I feel sick and heavy, I took our daughter out for her walk and spend some time outside for a few minutes before going back.I fell asleep at past 8:30am and got back up at 10:00am. I just watch TV and informed my colleagues that I'll be gone for the day (sick). After taking a bath, I bought some medicines to supplement me especially in getting better as quick as I can. By 2:00pm, I got back to sleep on the other room and got up at past 4:00pm. Migmig got up a few minutes later. After her aunt left for the day, we had to wait for a couple of minutes before my wife arrives. Apparently it happens to be that my baby wanted to spend more time with her mom and she slept at around 9:00pm after spending more time with us downstairs.I joined them at past midnight as I got to watch some late night news first.

Friday: Got up at almost 7:00am felling a little much better from yesterday. I got to take Migmig out but only for a short time and I put her on the walker inside our home as her aunt came at almost 8:00am. I tried to get an hour of sleep but I wasn't able to do it successfully so I just fixed my things and left early instead to attend the "19th Travel Tour Expo 2012" (Thinking if I would create a separate blog for this or not). When I got there at SMX at almost 12:00pm, there were a lot of people walking around looking for the best deals and some were already in queue paying for their airfare, accommodations among others. I've been to this kind of event for a couple of times now and unfortunately, I can't do any traveling for the next 2-5 years for personal reasons (raising our baby should be first). As consolation, I got to gather some maps and booklets that I haven't got in the past travel expos that I've been to. Only a few stuff got my bag heavy so I head off to Yoshinoya to grab something to eat. I got in the office 10 minutes late and loosen-up a bit before setting-up my PC.Workstation. I got to answer two calls and do 4 tickets as I am the only one on shift. Since my body was still recovering from yesterday, I decided that I'd have soup for dinner but not just two full bowls, but I got four full bowls. For whatever reason, I just grabbed all soups and tried to finish them all. Unfortunately, I just downed three of four. After shift, I stayed for a while as I sorted my things out before taking a cab going home. When I got home, I saw Migmig awake, trying to stand-up and she was able to do it successfully but while she's holding onto something. I took some pictures before going downstairs to freshen up and head back upstairs and get some sleep.

Saturday: I got up finally at 8:30am as Migmig got awake again after she slept again earlier. We just went out but I didn't take her walker as it was already hot. I had breakfast at Mc Donalds before going back home. My wife had to feed Migmig first before I put her to sleep at almost 11:00pm. I got some sleep again and got up at almost 12:00pm. I quickly prepared for work and left at 12:30pm. I thought I'd be stuck in traffic but the bus I got into was clever enough to go through another route. Thus, I got in the office just in time for my shift. I bought lunch at Banapple and took it in the office so I could have it there quietly. Work was quite ok as I got a call and some emails to work on. I was about to have dinner but unfortunately, I forgot my ATM somewhere at home and all I have left is around 50 pesos (my budget for transportation going home). So I went back to the office and hope I won't feel much tired. An hour later, I went down to 7-11 to grab something to eat at a lesser cost. Though I wasn't able to satisfy my craving, it is enough for me to get myself nourished. I left the office at past 11:30pm and took a bus ride home. My wife was still up and awake when I got home so I asked for some money so I could buy something to eat as I am still hungry. After having my late snack, I went online until 3:00am before joining my wife and baby to sleep.

Saturday, February 18

50 Reasons not to Date a Photographer on next year's Valentine

From: Katherine V Concepcion

1. They rather hold their bulky camera, than hold hands with you.
2. On a romantic date, you’ll watch the sun go down and think “Wow this is gorgeous” and they’ll go “mirror lock, tripod, and stop down f/8 at 1/125.”
3. You’ll never be able to enjoy tv, movies, or magazines because they’ll point out all the visual flaws.
4. They like to sit in obscure coffee shop and voyeuristically watch people for great lengths of time.
5. If you’re taking a walk outside and you come across some “interesting light” they will make you sit/stand/pose in public so that they can take a photo.
6. You’ll never get to enjoy freshly cooked meals because they’ll spend 15 minutes taking 20 variations of the same dish with their iPhone.
7. They get angry when your friends go up to them and say “I am interested in photography, can you recommend a good camera for me? Nothing professional I just want to take pretty pictures.”
8.You’ll wait longer for them to finish analyzing art in a museum than you’ll wait at the dmv
9. Same goes with old used bookstores.
10. When you think they’re giving you their undivided attention, they’re really wondering how they could fix you with a little Clone Tool and Patch Tool.
11. Or they are actually using you to not look so creepy as they people watch everything going on around you.
12. They rather drop $1,000+ on new glass than a purse for you.
13. You can’t take a photo with them without taking at least five more.
14. If you ask them if you look fat, they’ll say “don’t worry I can photoshop you later.”
15. They’ll never photoshop something simple for you if the content is not up to their “standards.”
16. That photo they randomly took of you yesterday? Good luck getting them to send it to you.
17. They spend all their time on the computer (and not for porn.)
18. They can’t have a normal conversation with throwing acronyms and random numbers.
19. They still use film cameras.
20. They spend a lot of time with people cooler than you i.e. models, actors, musicians, successful rich people.
21. They’ll be fussy over the position of a common household object, like a coffee cup.
22.They won’t return your calls or text messages, but you can bet they’re still posting pics on Instagram.
23. They like watching old films that you’ve never heard or will ever understand.
24. They like looking at weird things in general.
25. Instead of having penis-envy, they have camera-gear-envy.
26. If there’s a natural disaster in a far away land, they’re already on a plane going over there.
27. Everything is watermarked.
28. They think everyone else’s photos suck.
29. They want to color correct a lot of scenes from Twilight and Jersey Shore.
30. They hate rainbows, especially ones spinning in a circle.
31. Whenever you’re in a group talking and the conversation goes deep, they’re taking notes in some form of Moleskine.
32. They use over priced Moleskine notebooks.
33. They like trespassing into old abandoned buildings filled with health hazards.
34. They always want to show a new photo they took, but don’t really care if you like it or not.
35. They hate your n00bie friend’s new artsy profile picture.
36. Bright, sunny days make them sad, but cloudy, overcast days are apparently great!
37. They’ll take you into places that have “culture” as well a high chance of getting mugged.
38. Your birthday present will be a portrait that they’ve taken of you.
39. You can’t go anywhere new without them stopping to take a photo of everything and anything.
40. They will always bug you to be a test subject.
41. Nothing can ever be naturally pretty, everything must be fixed in Photoshop.
42. Bringing their camera means, bringing 50lbs of equipment.
43. If you break any of their things on accident, you’ll owe them thousands of dollars.
44. You can’t get them a birthday/Christmas present without spending at least $500
45. They are natural hoarders, collecting and keeping piles of old newspapers, packaging, magazines, and other things that “inspire” them.
46. They are weird and geeky.
47. They have hard drives of photos, but probably have printed 10 images.
48. They are always secretly judging your creativity.
49. If you’re ever in auto mode, they laugh at you.
50. They orgasm every time they learn a new lighting technique.

Just thank me I'm married already. XD

Wednesday, February 15

So SAD (Singles Awareness Day)

Dateless yesterday on Valentines Day? Envied couples and lovers who hold hands in public while kissing? Worry not! The day after Valentines Day would be dedicated for all single men and women out there.

Taken from Google

Single Awareness Day (SAD) is a humorous holiday, celebrated on February 15 (although some prefer the 13th or the 14th to get away from the commercialism associated with the 14th. single people gather to celebrate or to commiserate in their single status. Some want to remind romantic couples that they don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate life

Common activities during Singles Awareness Day include, single events, traveling, volunteering, treating oneself to popular activities, gathering of family and friends, and gift giving for oneself. On this day many people wear green, as it is considered to be the 'opposite' of red. Another popular option is an absence of color (black), to symbolize an absence of celebration.

If you have a broken heart, there are 7 things to do on Single Awareness Day

1. First thing in the morning, type (or write) at least 5-7 things about your life that you are thankful for. Try to stretch it up to 10. There is a great chance that at the end of this exercise you’ll become thankful for being single.

2. Being single is your present relationship status, not a permanent diagnosis. This is a temporary condition that can always be improved. Be aware that there are many ways to meet great people – your future is in the future.

3. Avoid visiting places where you might see many couples. While many of them might not be even so happy together, it would be better for you to stay away.

4. Avoid spending time in a “men haters” club. Spinning negativity with unhappy and angry females and talking about how bad men are won’t make you feel better. Men are not bad; you just had an unfortunate experience.  The fact that your past relationship (or two or three) did not work, does not prove that you’ll be single forever. It just means that your time is not now.

5. Remember, you are not alone! There are millions of people who are Single, Aware, and Happy.

6. There is a price for everything and sometimes being by yourself is a way to pay for your freedom – the ability to do what you want or not to do what you don’t want.

7. If you think that this day is about love, then go ahead and spoil yourself the way you would like to be spoiled. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and who cares that you did it for you?

I got these ideas and tips here and here.

Enjoy being single while it lasts. XD

Tuesday, February 14

What I'm doing this Valentines Day?

Basically I'm at work right now and I won't be able to log-off until 11:00pm. Gone were the days that my wife and I would free-up Valentines Day and have dinner at a posh restaurant before watching the last full show.

Both of us won't mind not going out today as we need to prioritize other things. First would be our daughter, who would turn a year old in two months time. 

Our baby at 232 days old. XD

We'd let other couples and singles enjoy the day as we will enjoy ours as soon as both of us get home for we will be spending Valentines Day at home with our baby. 

Happy Valentines Day!!!

The week that was (February 5 - 11)

Sunday: Got up at around 7:00am and took Migmig out for a walk. I went to 7-11 to get some refreshments while my daughter enjoys the fun in the sun. When we got back, I gave her back to her mom and bought Sunday's paper. Then my wife went online by 11:00am and I took care of Migmig and put her to sleep. I got to read Sunday's paper before getting ready to spend some family time outside our home. My wife wanted to go to Gateway to check some things there and at the same time, meet the buyer I've been exchanging text messages with regarding my acquisition of a "New DSLR" from Canon XD. We took the LRT2 ride to go to Gateway. Once we've got there, we've meet the buyer and took us almost 30 minutes to seal the deal. When I tried to take a snapshot of my wife and daughter using my new Canon EOD 7D (I'll definitely write a blog about it soon), she was very satisfied with the output. The transaction was smooth and pleasant and I hope that my new DSLR will last for around 3-5 years or so XD. After the deal, We went to Gumbo to have our late lunch there. Since I have a coupon with me, we ordered two big dishes for the price of two small dishes. I tested the camera again and I think I would be shooting more again. Then we had drinks at Chatime where I introduced it to my wife. She enjoyed my selections as we spent some time there enjoying our drinks. Before we went back home, my wife bought a headband for Migmig and we tried looking for her (Migmig) dress for her upcoming 1st birthday. We found one but my wife found it expensive.When we got back home, I tested the camera and I like the way the shutter sounds. We just spent the rest of the night quietly before heading for bed.

Monday: Got up at 6:30am as I still feel so tired and sleepy. I was supposed to take Migmig out for a walk but since I need to meet my mom that morning, we just went out but I didn't bring her walker. I had a drink at 7-11 before going back home. Good thing my wife's cousin arrived early so I had to prepare and leave for Harrison Plaza . I got there after an hour to meet my mom and do some groceries before going back home. Then, I set-up our laptop and started to go online for an hour. After that, I edited around 20+ albums that I took last year, most of them were shot in RAW. I felt tired as I edited my shots for around 6-7 hours. Since Migmig's aunt, left a little early, I got to put Migmig to sleep at around 5:45pm after giving her baby milk. I felt asleep as I got really tired and I didn't notice that my wife arrived already. I got up at 8:00pm and Migmig got up at 10:00pm. I had dinner outside before going to bed with my family.

Tuesday: Got up at around 6:45am as I took out Migmig for a walk. For the past 3-4 days, she's been getting up earlier and earlier that made me lose an hour or two of sleep XD. Not that I'm complaining but I wished my wife would take her turn in taking our baby out early in the morning. I had breakfast at Mc Donald's and I also had my baby try some pancakes which I think she likes it =). When we got back, her aunt was already there so she took my baby from there and I went online for a few before getting ready for work but not after having lunch at home. I just got in the office in the nick of time but I didn't have any workstation until 3:00pm. From there, work was really slow that I wish I wanna go home instead XD. I bought my dinner from Chicboy and had it in the office. I got to fix a single issue which made my day quite boring XD. I got home at past midnight and tucked myself to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at 6:45am as my baby got hungry and my wife was to lazy to prepare her milk so I went down and prepared Migmig's food. Then we went out for a walk again as she really enjoyed the sun plus the exercise.When we got back, Migmig's aunt was already there ready to take over my duties. For some reason, after going online for an hour, I decided to transfer all pictures and videos that I took using our old digicam. But that process took me 3 hours which I started at past 10:00am. I left home at past 1:00pm knowing that I'm gonna be late XD.Instead of rushing towards the office, I took my sweet time going there, including stopping at Power Books in Greenbelt to check some photography books there (I saw a title that I may buy next month). I got in the office at almost 3:00pm and worked on two tickets. By 8:00pm, I went out to have dinner at BFast hoping that their menu would be different. Unfortunately, their entire buffet was almost the same except for some. I got really stuffed when I reported back to office at 9:30PM. My colleague told me that they were swamped with calls since the phones were switched to day-mode at 9:00PM instead of 8:00PM (That's good timing for dinner XD). Work was pretty much light as I got to do other things before going home.

Thursday: Got up at around 6:30am and took Migmig out for some fun in the sun. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to use her walker as my wife washed it last night. So we just went out and carried her with me while outside. I also got to have her crawl across our bedroom floor since she's really insistent on exploring new territories. When we got back, I slept at around 9:00am and got up at 10:45am which somehow helped me recharge more. I got to watch WWE's RAW before leaving for work at almost 12:30pm.I got to the office in the nick of time and enjoyed my shift. By 4:00pm, I went out to have my late lunch at Chicboy. Aside from my usual Lechon Sisig Meal, I ordered a Tuna Sashimi to add variety to my lunch. It was a tummy-filled lunch as I got back in the office an hour later. Work was quite steady as I got two tickets before calling it a day.

Friday: Initially, I got up at 6:00am as Migmig was already awake. We got to feed her since she's hungry already. Thank God, she fell asleep before 7:00am which means, I could catch some sleep though I think I wasn't able to fall asleep deeply. By 8:30am, We all got up as my wife was running late again for work. After my wife have left for work, I fixed some of my clothes before leaving for work early. I left home at past 12:00pm and got to the office at almost 2:00pm and stared working since I'm the only one on shift. I had to work my way until past 7:00pm before having my lunch at Chicboy. When I got back, I got two calls and a few tickets before my day ended. My legs are killing me for the past couple of days now and I think I really need a massage sometime soon.

Saturday: By 5:30am, my wife and I were already awake as our baby was already crying as her diaper was filled with poop. She told me that our baby had a slight fever since yesterday and we hoped she gets better. We got to feed her and put her to sleep in 30 minutes. We slept again until Migmig wanted to go out at 8:00am which I obliged. I didn't take her walker so that she won't get so much tired and for her to rest well. By 9:30am, we got back home and went upstairs to wake my wife up XD. My baby was quite uneasy as she's still having slight fever. Though worried, I know my baby can fight through it and get back to her old self. I left home at past 12:00pm knowing that I'd be running late but fortunately. I got in the office just in the nick of time. Since I'm the only one on-shift, I had the entire office to myself XD. I went out at 3:30pm to buy something to eat at Banapple and Bonchon. And since I'm the only one in the office, I don't have much of a choice but to eat at my desk on a weekend. Anyway, it was still fun as I got to participate in a comment exchange on one of facebook's group page that I'm in. And for the past two weeks, I've been having fun doing it. But having 2 calls for the night ain't much fun but good thing our US IT Manager was online and I was able to clarify some things and asked for his advice. Though unresolved, I got to understand the next steps to be taken when dealing with it. And since I wasn't able to play my Mafia Wars that well, I stayed for an hour more and left at midnight. I took a cab straight home as my wife was still up and awake.

Saturday, February 11

10 things help desk techs can do to improve service

My boss sent me a message on Yahoo about improving our service as a Helpdesk Technician. Not that I'm performing poorly per se but simply shared it to the entire team since we support clients globally.

10 things help desk techs can do to improve service

Takeaway: A few best practices can make a world of difference in the eternal struggle between the help desk and its callers.

10 things all help desk workers should do to make sure that their customers are as well served and satisfied as possible (These are Justin's take. I may added some of my insights here as well XD).

1: Answer the phone properly. It is amazing how the first few words out of your mouth when you pick up the phone can set the pace for the entire call. Unfortunately, too many help desk organizations assume that their employees know how to answer a phone, while too many employees don’t. Here is a good general “script” for answering the phone: “Hello, thank you for calling BRAND A TECHNICAL SUPPORT, my name is JUSTIN, how may I help you today?” This lets callers know that they have reached the right company and the right phone number, tells them who they are speaking with, and shows them you are there to help. All too often, calls are answered with a curt, “Do you have a ticket number?” or simply “Hello,” which really makes callers feel like the tech is trying to get them off the phone as quickly as possible. "Be sure you have the right frame of mind before answering the call."

2: Explain why you are taking a particular direction. When I call the help desk, it is really frustrating to have a technician insist that we follow a particular troubleshooting route when I am certain that it will not lead to anything useful — and I am usually right. It is even worse when it is a direction I have already explored and told the technician about. At the same time, I recognize that many help desks insist that a problem be worked through according to a standard script or flowchart. Other times, the technician really knows something I don’t. "For me, just explain the rationale why we need to do these steps is to ensure no stone is left unturned. But before doing that, make sure to ask the caller what troubleshooting steps did he/she performed to save time and effort."

Either way, I have found that it is best for the tech to explain exactly why we are taking the steps we are taking. For example: “Sir, I understand that you may have already tried this, but our policy requires me to try it anyway” or perhaps, “Ma’am, I have a knowledge base article here that is internal-only, which says that this setting may indeed be the problem after all.” When you state things like this, callers understand that you aren’t just trying to give them the runaround or that you are ignoring them. They see that you really do need to take those steps.

3: Read the ticket notes. If you want to make callers mad, ask them to do something a previous technician already did or ask them for information they gave on the last call. The real steamer? Asking them to tell you what the problem is. This kind of aggravation can usually be avoided by reading the ticket notes. If the notes are unclear or incomplete, you need to have a talk with the person who wrote them, and if that does not do the trick, you need to speak with his or her supervisor. "Probably the best thing you can do here is ask if he/she called before. If yes, ask the reference number the last tech gave and review from there. It saves time for you and for your caller the hassles of doing things all over."

4: Write useful ticket notes. And speaking of ticket notes, be sure to leave notes of your own in the ticket! Things that you will want to record include:

Who you spoke with
Why they called this time
What procedures were performed, the results, error codes, etc.
Any parts that were used, the serial numbers, and so on
What actions the caller is to take before calling back and why
What actions the help desk is supposed to take, and why and when
When the help desk is supposed to contact the caller, and by what means, or whether the caller is supposed to call back. "These are really helpful plus it adds professionalism to your logs whenever your supervisor or manager checks the ticket. I even recall having my own set of notes to make it unique."

5: Investigate previous cases for the unit/customer. Many times, when a caller has an issue, the clues can be found in previous cases for that customer or perhaps that unit. For example, I once worked for a help desk organization that would take old units on RMA, refurbish them, and send them out again, but the refurbishing process sometimes did not resolve the actual problem. By looking at the past tickets for the unit, we could determine whether it was a perpetual lemon and let the RMA department know that it should be discarded. Other times, I saw certain customers with an issue in their environment that just didn’t work with what we had. So by looking at previous tickets, it was possible to know when to start looking at their environment. "Same with #3, but just make sure to check history logs to determine if there are parts that needs to be replaced."

6: Know when to escalate a case. All too often, pride and ego keep us from sending a case up the escalation chain when we should; we’re just too proud to admit that we are stumped and pass it along to someone who knows better than us. This doesn’t help anyone. The customer isn’t getting the problem fixed, you look resistant to trying to get a fix, and the organization as a whole comes off as incompetent. While there might not be strict guidelines for when to escalate a case in your organization, it’s as they say: “Know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.”. "Unless, the caller insists that he/she wants to talk to your supervisor, inform your supervisor of the situation. Before that, exhaust all means to de-escalate the call and assure them that you'll get the job done."

7: Understand current policies. It is hard to stay on top of policies in any organization. But it can really frustrate a caller to get inconsistent service from the help desk. For example, if Jim is willing to RMA a unit after one failure, but Susan insists on three failures, a caller can get pretty upset when Susan doesn’t give the same quick fix that Jim will. The problem is that people are usually taught policies once during their training and rarely brought up to speed after that. This isn’t the technicians’ fault. But if they see that different policies are being applied to the same situation, they should ask a supervisor for clarification and alert them that there seem to be different understandings of the policy within the department. "Making sure that all techs are aligned with the current policies and procedures should be the key here."

8: Know the market. Callers will sometimes be looking to get technical information to help them decide whether the item they are thinking about buying is right for them. It is helpful to be familiar not only with your own product line, but that of competitors as well. Then, if someone calls in to get this kind of pre-sales information, you can be fully informed to help them — so long as your policy isn’t to redirect those questions to a different department. "Here we don't usually disclose any information regarding competitor products though we could provide options XD."

9: Have direct lines of communications. I keep stumbling across help desks that can’t directly work with the next level of support. At best, they can leave a note in a ticket begging the next level to call the customer. To me, this is patently absurd. When a situation is blowing up for a customer, do they really want to hear, “I’ve left a note in the ticket requesting a callback” when the previous three notes haven’t produced the needed call? Of course not. "It's best to call or send a chat message to the second-level support and inform them of the situation for advice. Once they acknowledged that they will take care of the issue, inform the caller that you directly spoke with a second-level support and they will be giving them a call once they were able to establish a solution."

While there are often policies against directly connecting a customer to the next level of support, you should find out how to directly communicate with them, even if you need to use your supervisor as an intermediary. That way, if a situation deserves an immediate response, you can provide one. "Its the higher techs who should call the users and NEVER the opposite."

10: Take ownership of cases. There are two major reasons why you have angry customers: Either your product has made them absolutely miserable or your organization has bungled the response to their problems. In the case of the latter, the best strategy I have found is to reaffirm that while other technicians may have made mistakes or that the product in question is giving them problems, you are personally going to try your best to find a resolution. If you can’t, you will take ownership of the case and ensure that a resolution will be found. Then you need to actually deliver on that promise. "Re-assure your caller that you will do your best to handle the situation. Period."

Call the customer back when you say you will, provide frequent and regular status updates (even if it is to report that nothing has changed), and keep them in the loop on internal occurrences (such as a Level 3 technician being involved or a supervisor being alerted to a holdup). Most of the time, all it takes to make a customer go from “enraged” to “rather upset” (hey, it’s improvement, right?) is to show them that you are taking it seriously. And that means more than words; it means actions. "Since we don't pay the phone bill, don't be shy to call your customer to exhaust all means to get the job done."

After reading and digesting these 10 tips, I hope all of us here in the office (as well as those who'll read this) would be able to apply these principles in actuality.

Thursday, February 9

Missing Channel [V] Red Revolution Music Festival 2012

Well, work really gets in the way with enjoying life XD. Anyway, I hope there would be more of these in the coming months now that my photography gear just got upgraded. 

Channel V Philippines together with Red Whistle and other sponsors organized a concert which aims to improve public awareness on the raising number of HIV and AIDS cases in the country. This event will he held tonight (February 9, 2012) at Metrowalk Parking Lot, Metrowalk Complex.

Taken from Google

According to Romel V. Singson (Head of Channel V), more than 50 bands will perform and entertain the audience with at an all-night musical event. He mentioned that this concert will be held for a worthy cause.

"Channel V has long been supporting and promoting local talents. For this show, we are showcasing the ingenuity of more than fifty bands," Singson said.

"And for this event, we are not just promoting our local bands but we are also doing public service. Aside from helping raise public awareness on the growing AIDS/HIV menace, the Red Whistle will also be the beneficiary of ticket sales," he added. 

Performers will include the Pepe Smith, Sandwich, Pupil, Callalily, Imago, Franco, Hilera, Moonstar 88, Typecast, Chicosci, Brownman Revival, River Maya, Grin Department, General Luna, Ebe Dancel, Kiss Jane, Mayonnaise, Stonefree, Slapshock, Tanya Markova, Razorback, Someday Dream, Siakol, 6cycle mind, Radioactive Sago Project, Pedicab, Markus Highway, Ney, Silent Sanctuary, Paraluman, Top Junk, Blue Boy Bites Back, Peryodiko, Hijo, Salamin, Humanfolk, Eevee, Kalayo, Gracenote, Ernville, Never the Strangers, Letterday Story, Kaligta, Frio, Duster, Banda ni Kleggy, Ajka, and many more.

There will be three stages in the concert area and each stage will have a band set-up. Big screens will be placed on the three stages and there will be more than six satellite screens within the concert area.

In between performances, Red White Ambassadors will present audio visual presentations that will provide helpful information about the fight against AIDS/HIV.

After a countdown, all attendees will blow the whistle to symbolize putting a halt to the ballooning number of cases.

For his part, Niccolo Cosme founder of the Red Whistle said there is a need to bolster the AIDS/HIV awareness campaign in order to prevent more people from dying of the disease.

"More and more Filipinos are getting AIDS or HIV. The government alone cannot stop the deadly disease from spreading, that's why we also have to do our part. The musical event will be a big help in raising public awareness," Cosme said.

"What better way to spread love this February? The audience will not only enjoy music and party all night long but they will also learn more about AIDS/HIV and its prevention," he added.

The Red Whistle campaign was organized by a group of young individuals in response to the growing number of new HIV cases and AIDS related deaths in the country.

In November last year, the Department of Health's National Epidemiology Center has reported that there were 212 new HIV-positive individuals. This was 89 percent higher compared to the same period in 2010.

Most of the cases, or 94 percent, were males and their ages ranged from 17-73. The NEC surveillance reports showed that fifty-eight percent (58%) of the reported cases were from the National Capital Region.

The data also showed that of the 212 HIV positive cases, three were reported as AIDS cases, one female and two males.

Concert tickets are sold at P50. Buy them at these ticket outlets: Astroplus/Astrovision, Odyssey and Metrowalk Pasig.

Why I won't work overtime these days?

I don't mind working overtime as long as I get paid (premium) for extending. Even working on the 6th or even 7th day and even on holidays, I am amendable as long as get paid. But recently, my health is slowly deteriorating the more I extend my hours at the office. 

Then I saw this from Yahoo and my instincts were right all along. Anyway, here it is. This study is based from London and I presume that it would be applicable here.

Working overtime could boost risk for major depressive episode

Regularly working long hours in the office might increase your risk of a serious depressive episode, according to a new study.

According to findings published in the journal PloS ONE on Wednesday, people who regularly work 11 hours or more each day are more than twice as likely to experience a major episode of depression than colleagues who stick with an eight-hour work day.

Researchers from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health and Queen Mary University of London examined records of more than 2,000 London-based white-collar workers in a five-year study. None of the recruits had a recent history of depression when they were enrolled in the study.

Those who worked 11 hours or more each day were between 2.3 and 2.5 times more likely to develop a major depressive episode than those who worked seven-to-eight-hour days. Researchers controlled for other factors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and general health.

"Long working hours don't just affect us because of the pressure and intensity of work itself, they affect us because we don't have enough time for all the other things we need for good mental health, such as good quality sleep, relationships, and opportunities for rest and exercise," Paul Farmer, chief executive of leading British mental health charity Mind, told WebMD. "Every time we squeeze more work in, many of us will be squeezing something else out.

While other studies have been done on work hours and depression, "results have not been conclusive because there is no standardized benchmark for what constitutes a 'normal' working day," reports WebMD.

A previous study by the same researchers, which also relied on the same database of London-based workers, found that overtime was linked with a 60 percent increase in coronary heart disease.

Wednesday, February 8

Missing the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta for the Nth time.

Tomorrow is the start of the 17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Again, for the nth time, I'll be missing this no thanks to work plus other things that I have to take care of. 

Taken from their website

Anyway, here are the Schedule of Activities beginning tomorrow (February 9) until Sunday (February 12). Anyway, there will always be next year. XD

Feb 9 Thursday    First Fiesta Day
5.00-5.45 am         Philippine Flag jump
5:50-6:00am          PAF High Speed Opener and SF260 Fly By
5.45-7.00 am        Hot Air Balloon flight
5.45-7.30 am        RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding Exhibition
7.30-8.30 am        ACFC Ultralight / Microlight Aircraft Formation Flights and Flour Bombing
8.30-9.00 am        Meynard Halili  Aerobatic Show
9.00-9.30 am        AFP/PNP/Brunei/Malaysia Sky Diving Exhibition
9.30-9:45 am        Radio-controlled model aircraft demonstration
10.00-11.30 am    AOPA-P Light aircraft balloon bursting competition
11.30-12.00 nn     KAP / KTP Kite Flying Exhibition
12.00-12.30 pm    Airlink / WCC / Omni /Aviators/ Alpha flyby
12.30-1.00 pm      Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Demo
1.00-1.30 pm        Skydiving and Tandem jumping Exhibition
1.30-2.00 pm        Ultralight Flour bombing demonstration
2.00-3.00 pm        AOPA-P Light aircraft balloon bursting competition
3.00-3.30 pm        FEATI/PHILSCA Rocketry Demonstration
4:00-4:30 pm         Philippine Air Force Silent Drill and SPOW Bomb Sniffing Dog Exhibition
3.30-4.00 pm        ACFC Ultralight/Microlight aircraft formation flights
4.30-5.00 pm        Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
5.00-5.30 pm        RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding exhibition
5.30-6.00 pm        Hot Air Balloon Fly-In
Feb 10 Friday     Second Fiesta Day
5.00-5.45 am       Philippine Flag jump
5.45-7.00 am       Hot Air Balloon Flights
7.00-7.30 am       RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding Exhibition
7.30-8.00 am       ACFC Ultralight/Microlight Aircraft Formation Flights and Flour Bombing
8:30-9.00 am       Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
9.00-9.30 am       Sky diving exhibition
9.30-10.00 am     Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Demonstration
10.00-11.00 am   AOPA- P Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting Competition
11.00-11.30 am   KAP / KTP Kite flying exhibition
11.30-12.00 nn    WCC / Aviatours / Omni / Aviators/ Alpha/Leading Edge / flyby
12.00-1.00pm      German aerobatic glider flight
1.00-1:30 pm       Skydiving exhibition
1.30-2:00 pm       Jet Turbine Radio-controlled modeller demos
2.00-3.00 am       AOPA- P Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting Competition
3.00-3.30 pm       Car Drifting Display
3.30-4.00pm        FEATI/Philsca Rocketry demonstration
4.00-4.30 pm       ACFC Ultralight/Microlight Aircraft Formation Flights
4.30-5.00pm        Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
5.00-5.30 pm       RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding Exhibition
5.30-6.00 pm       Hot Air Balloon Fly-In

Feb 11 Saturday     Third Fiesta Day
5.00-5.45 am            Philippine Flag jump
5.45-7.00 am            Hot Air Balloon Flights
7.00-7.30 am            RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australia Paragliding Exhibition
7.30-8.00 am            ACFC Ultralight/Microlight aircraft formation flights and flour bombing
8.00-8.30 am            Tandem Skydiving exhibition
8.30-9.00 am            Turbine RC flying display
9.00-9.45 am            Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
9.45-10.30 am          Helicopter flight display
10.30-11.00 am        Philippine Coast Guard Rescue Demonstration
11.00-12.00 am        PT13 Stearman /  AOPA-P Flyby
12.00-12.30 pm        WCC / Aviatour / Omni / PPA / CIA / Orient / flyby
12.30-1.00 pm          Radio-Controlled model aircraft demonstration
1.00-1.30 pm            Winch-launched German aerobatic glider flight
1.30-2.00 pm            KAP / KTP Kite Flying Demonstration
2.00-2.45 pm            AOPA-P Light aircraft balloon bursting competition
2.45-3.15 pm            Skydiving Exhibition
3.15-3.45 pm            CIAC Fire-fighting demonstration
3.45-4.30 pm            Meynard Halili Aerobatic Show
4.00-4.30 pm            ACFC Ultralight / Microlight aircraft formation flights
4.30-5.00 pm            FEATI/Philsca Rocketry Demonstration
5.00-5.30 pm            RP/Malaysian/Spain/ Australia Paragliding Exhibition
5.30-6.00 pm            Hot Air Balloon Night Glow

Feb 12 Sunday     Fourth Fiesta Day
5.20-5.30 am         Philippine Flag jump
5.30-7.00 am         Hot Air Balloon Flight
7.00-7.30 am         RP / Malaysian / Spain/ Australia Paragliding Exhibition
7.30-8.00 am         ACFC Ultralight / Microlight aircraft formation flights and flour bombing
8.00-8.30 am         Tandem Skydiving Exhibition
8.30-9.15 am         Meynard Halili / Aerobatic Show
9.15-10.00 am       Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue Demo
10.00-11.00 am     Wings Over Asia / AOPA – P Light Aircraft Balloon Bursting Competition
11.00-12.00 nn      CIAC Fire-Fighting Demonstration
12.00-12.30 nn      Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft Demonstration
12.30-1.00 pm      Car Drifting demonstration
1.00-1.30 pm         PT13/ WCC / Aviatour / Omni / Leading Edge/ Airlink flyby
1.30-2.30 pm         KAP / KTP Flying Exhibition
3:00-3:30pm          AFP / Civilian Skydiving Exhibition
3.30-4.00 pm        ACFC Ultralight / Microlight aircraft formation flights
4.00-4.15 pm        PT13 Stearman fly by
4.15-5.00 pm        Meynard Halili aerobatic Show 
5.00-5.30 pm        RP / Malaysian / Spain/Australian Paragliding Exhibition
5:30- 7:30 pm       Hot Air Balloon Night Glow And Fireworks

Love, Cars and Babes

That's really appropriate for someone like me who loves cars and babes (my wife and daughter in particular XD). But this coming Saturday, is inviting you guys to their second installment of Love, Cars and Babes.

Taken from their facebook fanpage.

They also have a Valentine's presentation wherein single guys can have a chance to win a date with either Angel, Barbie, Gwen, Jem and Jahziel. Just check their facebook fanpage for more details. Remember, Bad Boys ain't allowed there so behave and be good boys! XD

Tuesday, February 7

This journal will actually change my life in 2012 (A Review of my 3rd of 5 planners)

This would be my third (of five) planner that I acquired after getting the Starbucks Planner and the Awesome Planner 2012. I didn't expect to buy this one as I have already more planners than I can handle and write into. But what made me get this planner? What made me so curious about it that I spent almost 800 pesos to buy this planner?

"This Journal will Actually Change Someone's Life 2012" Planner was published by Free Speech Publications since 2008 and they have been producing this planner for 5 years now. All proceeds of this journal goes to Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc. which handles different projects in building schools and orphanages, organizing medical missions, raising awareness for animal welfare and of course, changing lives all over the world.

So much for the introduction. I'll now dissect this planner (I'll be calling this journal moving forward on this post to avoid confusion) per section. 

This journal is less than an inch thick and its also hardbound that fits most shelf and bags that we usually carry. Actually, its my ideal journal though I wanted it bigger for more writing space.

Upon opening it, I was amazed on the amount of interesting information mostly events. It's also loaded with bits and pieces that will surely spark-up your mind.

It has pages that you could doodle your mood for the day as well as put in your weekly expenses so you could track them easily. There is also a page that lets you check your health as well as finding how are your goals for the year.



Though it has no coupons for discounts and freebies, the knowledge that you'll gain on this journal is more than enough for a personal planner like this.

I'm looking forward to grab a copy next year.

The week that was (January 29 - February 4)

Sunday: Got up early as I took Migmig out for a walk. A few minutes after, I got hungry so I had breakfast at Mc Donald's. I took her with me and have her try to sit on a high chair. She was able to sit steadily but I have to constantly make sure that she sits properly so that she won't fell from the high chair and so that we won't be having much problems when we look for a place to eat in the future. When we got back, I brought her back to her mom so they could get some more sleep while I do other things. By lunchtime, my wife went online while I took care of our baby until she fell asleep for an hour or so. By 4:00pm, we went to church to hear mass before going to SM Manila to buy some groceries. This would be the first time me, my wife and my baby will do some groceries. I put Migmig on the cart sitting infront of me and she liked it =). After doing the grocery, we had dinner at Rai-Rai Ken since they have a 50% discount on Ramen. By 7:45pm, were back home and spent the rest of the night there. I went to bed early as my wife went online until early morning.

Monday: Got up early again as I had to take out my baby for a walk.My wife got a text message from her cousin (Migmig's Aunt) that she won't be able to visit us to take care of her. Left with no choice, my wife didn't report for work and took care of our baby for the day. I helped her in any way I could though. By late afternoon, my wife go hungry so I went out and looked for a good place to grab a bite. I took Chowking's new offerings (Chef's Bowl) and they tasted just right. By night time, Migmig was having a hard time sleeping early so she got to play with us and her uncles and aunties. I went online outside for an hour before going back home to join them in bed.

Tuesday: Got up earlier than my usual 7:30am wake-up time. Around 7:15am, me and my daughter were already out for her morning walk. I still feel so tired and sleepy but still I enjoyed looking at my daughter do her best. By 8:45am, we went back home to put her back to sleep. I took an hour nap and got up an hour later after Migmig woke me up. When I opened my eyes, I saw her smile indicating that she's ready to go again. I had my brunch while my wife took care of our baby (she wasn't able to report for work for the second straight day). I got in the office early for two months now (Since November 30, 2011) and I am proud of that since I haven't been doing that in a long time XD. Since our room was packed, I wasn't able to go online until 3:30pm. I had lunch early as my stomach begins to growl again. By night time, work was quite steady as we got to do other things aside from work. I left the office at almost midnight as I had to complete my Mafia Wars first XD. Then, I got home an hour later and joined my wife and baby to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at past 7:00am as my daughter was already up and awake after sleeping for twelve hours. We went out for a walk and got back after an hour. Thank God her auntie was much better now which means my wife can resume her office work. I went online for an hour before I went back home to spend the rest of the morning. I left home at almost 1:00pm knowing that I'm gonna be late for work.     Before 7:00pm, I went to Glorietta 5 to buy the photography book that I am eying for. For the second straight month, I got to buy another to add into my photography library for future reference (and for me to pass it on to my daughter when she grows up soon). I was also looking for a place to eat but since my stomach was still full, I went to Landmark to buy some magazines. I wasn't able to buy all as Playboy Philippines was not available where I usually buy my magazines. Then I went back to office to spend the later half of my shift. My colleagues just got in time for their work as our boss just left the office. I left early and took a cab going home since my backpack was so full of good stuff XD. I got home a few minutes before midnight and I got to watch some late night news before hitting the sack.

Thursday: Got up early as I had to take Migmig out for some fun in the sun but we didn't stay out for long since I'm having this headache. My wife told me that Migmig's aunt will come in late so I told her I'd take care of our baby while waiting for her. We slept for more an hour before she gets up to play again. When we went downstairs, her aunt just came in time. But since my headache didn't subside, I decided to inform the office that I'll be skipping work. By noon, I read Thursday's paper and edited some old pictures that I took from last year. I think I edited 50 food shots plus a few others. By 6:00pm, Migmig's aunt call it a day and I took care of my baby from there while waiting for my wife to come home. Then we put her to sleep and she slept at around 8:00pm. I had my dinner after and my wife followed. I got to watch the late night news before going upstairs to join them. I went online for a while before finally going to bed.

Friday: Got up at past 6:00am as my daughter was already awake from a 10-hour sleep. Though its good for her to sleep that long, I had only a 5-hour sleep that made me feel a little bit sleepy XD.We got to go out early for her morning walk. Then we got back at around 8:30am since I feel a little bit sleepy already but I wasn't able to get a nap XD. Instead, I just watched TV in the morning until its time for me to go back to work.When I got back to work, I was the only Helpdesk in the office (aside from the 2 OJT girls and our boss). I went to Chicboy to grab something to eat while working by my lonesome. Then, I craved for something sweet so I went to Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe to grab some desserts there. I left the office at past 11:00pm and did some late bank transaction before going home. I was supposed to get a cab but I took the bus instead to save money. When I got home, my wife was still online so I went to bed first and joined our baby.

Saturday: Got up at around 7:00am as Migmig was already playing on our bed, crawling near and far. I took her out for a walk again. Then we went back at around 8:45am so she could get her morning nap (same with me XD). I think I had a good nap as I got up at 11:00am and had myself ready for work. I left at past 12:00pm and made a quick stop at Chatime for my Taro Pudding Milk Tea before heading to the office with plenty of time to spare. While passing through Glorietta, I remembered that Coca-Cola is giving away free Coke drinks to everybody for free with no purchase required. Even before I reached the office, I passed by 7-11 to grab another free Coke XD. When I logged-in, I went out to buy lunch at Jollibee and ate it at the office. Work was quite slow so I got to read some work emails and do some office work before doing something else. I did also blog-hop by joining a comment-exchange on one of the blogger's community that I joined on facebook. There was a point in time that there were some exchange of comments that could be a bit heated but eventually, I've learned a lot from it. By 9:00pm, I went out to have dinner supposedly at Banapple but since the place was packed with people, I had to look somewhere else. All of a sudden, I got curious with BFast's dinner buffet so I gave it a try. For 288 pesos, I got really stuffed with the food on the buffet. They taste really good and it was not your usual Filipino food. I hope I could go back there sometime soon to blog about it. I got back in the office at past 10:00pm and just spent the rest of my shift to enjoy my final minutes before logging-off at past 11:30pm. While on my way home, traffic was still horrible at the time of the night but I got home in less than an hour. My wife was on the laptop doing some drafts for our baby's first birthday party. I got so tired I slept earlier than my wife XD.


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