Friday, June 29

Social Media Day on June 30 (Another event)

Since I'll be dropping by to Makati tomorrow, why not go to the Third Social Media Day to be held at the Tower One & Exchange Fountain Area, Ayala Triangle Garden. And since the other Social Media Day I'll be attending will be later that evening, I guess going to two won't hurt right? ^_^

Taken from their website

Tomorrow, the Philippines joins the world in celebrating Social Media Day this weekend with a gathering of Twitterati, bloggers and other internet users in Makati City and elsewhere in the country. 

The sheer increase in numbers made us the world's social media mecca since 2010 as more than 27 million Filipinos (me included) regularly log-on to Facebook while a couple of million have made Twitter a popular site for news, trends and information. I just recently signed-up at Twitter out of curiosity and I never looked back ever since. By 2008, we have led the way in terms of uploading photos and videos and share them to friends here and abroad.

The event is being organized by the community of netizens behind TweetUp Manila and the first Twestival Manila, and whose work and passions have brought them together both online and offline.

Filipino Twitterati, bloggers, advocates, practitioners from media, business, government are expected to grace that day's celebration of creativity, community and conversation that has pushed individuals, companies and organizations, and the nation many steps forward and ahead of the rest of the world.

There is much reason to celebrate social media in the Philippines: its creation of new careers and new opportunities, the awesome efforts to use new tools for helping during and after disasters such as Ondoy and Sendong, the new space for media, politics and expression, citizen journalism and cutting-edge, content-rich multimedia practice, and industry going digital to reach and affect more people whether thru marketing, PR or advertising.

Supporting the Makati event are Ayala Land, Inc., Make It Makati, TV5, Beyond the Box, Crumpler, NetBooster Asia, eLearning Edge, Unilab, EchoStore, Michelis, Axe, Garnier, Boracay, Adobo Magazine and KLM, among others.

If you want to join tomorrow's event, you may sign-up here.

See you tomorrow. ^_^

And the 2012 FHM Sexiest is...

The last time there was a back-to-back winner for FHM's 100 Sexiest was around 2006-2007. That was the time when Katrina Halili was on her prime (well she's still looks like she's on her prime until she got pregnant =P). And she would be the third FHM Babe to be the sexiest aside from Halili and Angel Locsin. She's no other than...

Sam Pinto!!!

She only bested Angel Locsin by just a little over hundred thousand votes that were casted via SMS, Online, and Print Ballot (out of 17 million votes cast). When she won the top spot last year, some eyebrows were raised as they say she's not sexy enough to be on the top spot. Well, she proved them wrong by redefining the meaning of the word sexy.

To complete the top 10 list, here you go (and some side comment XD). All of them have already graced the cover except for one =P

1. Sam Pinto

2. Angel Locsin
3. Solenn Heussaff
4. Cristine Reyes
5. Marian Rivera <-- I don't think she deserves this spot as she has still disappoint thousands of fans for not gracing the covers of FHM (well that's just me and I think others would feel the same).
6. Ellen Adarna
7. Jackie Rice
8. Bela Padilla
9. Jennylyn Mercado
10. Lovi Poe

I'm hoping someone would do a grandslam next year XD. 

Again! Congratulations to Sam!!! ^_^

Thursday, June 28

Social Media Day on June 30

This would be the third annual Social Media Day event since 2010. This would be my first time to attend so see you there! ^_^

Taken from Google

Celebrate Social Media Day 2012 at Tomas Morato, QC this June 30!

Press Release

The Social Media Day is a worldwide event spearheaded by, which celebrates the connected generation around the world on June 30, 2012. In the Philippines, several key cities would take part in the celebration, which is very appropriate because the country is hailed as the social media capital of the world.

One of these events will be a networking event for social media citizens, bloggers, and digital personalities at Tea 101 Taiwan's No. 1 Drink located at Scout Bayoran corner Tomas Morato Extension, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City. The venue is in front Hotel Rembrandt and IL Terrazzo Mall. The event starts at 7 PM on Saturday. Manila Social Media Day 2012 in particular aims to provide an appropriate venue for the community to mingle and meet-up offline, which can support better camaraderie afterwards through various social media and digital platforms.

The first 100 pre-registered participants at the venue will receive unlimited tea drinks and loot bags. In order to pre-register, just simply e-mail your contact information, social media accounts, and your answer to “What makes you interesting?”

Taken from Google

Acclaimed director, producer, writer, & blogger Jose Javier Reyes (@DirekJoey) will share his insights about the new aspects of socialization on the Internet. Manila Social Media Day 2012 is brought to you by Flawless Face & Body Clinic, Smart Communications, the genuine Thermos brand, Wild Ones Tattoo, and Dentiste Toothpaste.

Like our Official Facebook Fanpage:
Follow our Official Twitter Account:
RSVP via

International Hashtag: #SMDay
Localized Hashtag: #ManilaSMDay


King del Rosario
Volunteer Organizer
Manila Social Media Day 2012

Tuesday, June 26

What happened to the 3rd Photo-Video Expo

Saturday of last week, visiting the 3rd Photo-Video Expo was at the back of my head. I'm thinking if I should stay there longer or go to the next one. 

Well I stayed close to an hour as I got to listen to one of the speakers who gave a talk about Photography. It was pretty interesting though I have to move on to another event. 

I have a few snapshots I did when I spent a few minutes in the venue. XD

I hope I could attend next year. XD

The week that was (June 17 - 23)

Sunday: Got up early so my daughter and I would be able to do some walking before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. We spend as much time outside as possible but when we got back at 9:00am, my wife was still sleeping. She got up a few minutes before 10:00am and I told her to hurry-up. When Migmig was put to sleep, I went online for a an hour or so until Migmig woke-up. We got ready since my wife wanted to go somewhere for Father's Day. I told her we should go to Greenbelt 5 and she agreed. He took a cab going there and by 3:00pm, were already at Greenbelt 1, I toured my wife and baby the places where I usually go. We went to gymboree hoping we could let our daughter play and enjoy but unfortunately, there was a party going on and we were asked to comeback between 5:00pm-6:00pm. What we did instead is we strolled the entire Greenbelt 5 upto the top floor. We visited almost every baby shop to look for something interesting for Migmig. Then my wife told me she's already hungry and wanted something to eat. We went to Greenbelt 3 and landed at Capricciosa (I'll write a blog about this). After spending the rest of the afternoon there, we called it a day as Migmig was already sleepy and I feel a little bit tired as well. We hailed a cab going straight home passing by some restaurants at Greenbelt 2 that I haven't seen before. I guess we'll go back there some other time. When we got back home, I went online outside for almost 2 hours to keep myself updated. I joined them in bed by 11:00pm as my eyes were shutting down on me already.

Monday: Got up early at around 7:00am as I anticipate my mom's arrival at our apartment. She arrived more than an hour later. She helped me taking care of Migmig so I could do some morning rituals. Then by the time she left, my wife and I gave some breakfast to our daughter before she gave her a bath. I got to watch Game 3 of the NBA Finals before I went upstairs to put Migmig to sleep. I fell asleep as well and we went down at around 12:00pm so my baby would be able to have lunch. Good thing my wife's sister was there to help me out as I need to get ready to leave to go to The Manila Yacht Club to attend the Blogger's Event for Dr Jose Rizal (I'll write a blog about this). I left at 4:00pm and took me almost two hours to get there stopping by at Mini-Stop in Vito Cruz to have my phone charged. When I got there, there were other people as well dressed in Barong Tagalog for the event. The event lasted until past 10:00pm before we part ways with my new-found blogger friends. Instead of taking a cab hone, I was able to hail an FX to Manila City Hall and a bus to Bustillos. When I got home, my wife was still awake and Migmig was already asleep. I was a little bit tired but I felt good knowing I was able to attend the event earlier. ^_^

Tuesday: Got up at almost 8:00am as my body still feels a little bit heavy from the previous night. She really enjoyed her time outside as I let her walk along the aisle of St Anthony Shrine. She kept on talking and talking while walking. Then we proceed to Mc Donald's so she could have breakfast. By the time we got back, her mom was already awake and fixing her bath. After giving our baby a bath, we went upstairs so she could get some sleep. I was able to use the laptop after my baby fell asleep and got ready for work by 12:00pm. I had lunch at Paotsin at SM Makati before grabbing some bananas to munch before reporting for work. I was a little bit surprised that we were all there as all of us were present. Quite a nice thing if you ask me. Then our boss told me that we need to process some printer surveys as it gets piled up already in our inbox. I did take care of that while my other colleagues took care of the emails and calls. I got to do some emails as well and I'm kinda used to process those printer surveys already with much ease ^_^. For dinner, I just grabbed some Clam Chowder at The Soup Kitchen to ease my senses and keep me sane though the shift. I took a cab home as I feel so tired and weary for the day. When I got home, I did some extra daddy duties before going to bed.

Wednesday: Got up at around 7:00am and took Migmig out for a walk. She really enjoyed her time outside as I let her walk along the aisle of St Anthony Shrine. She kept on talking and talking while walking. Then we proceed to Mc Donald's so she could have breakfast. By the time we got back, her mom was already awake and fixing her bath. After giving our baby a bath, I was able to watch some of the NBA Finals before I went upstairs to put my baby to sleep. I was able to use the laptop after my baby fell asleep and got ready for work by 12:00pm. I had lunch at Paotsin at SM Makati before grabbing some bananas to munch before reporting for work. I got to finish some printer surveys though I messed-up with one (it appears that I've done it a few weeks back). For dinner, I was able to get some chili soup from the Soup Kitchen and enjoyed it at my desk. I let my other colleagues do the work as I got to finish mine ahead. By the time I logged-off, I still feel hungry but my stomach was still satisfied though and I went to KFC to grab some Zinger combo and try my luck to complete their 10 stamps until the end of July before I took the next bus going home.

Thursday: Got up at 7:15am an took Migmig out for a walk. I let her walk as much as she can while killing some time. We also went around the neighborhood so she could see some new sights and for her to somehow familiarize the location. By 8:00am, we were back after buying some pandesal for breakfast and I let her play indoors instead. Her mom was already awake by the time we went home and she wanted to go to her mom right away. Our mornings are usually for our daughter that's why we need to be alert and always in our toes. ^_^. After giving her a bath, her mom took her upstairs to put her to sleep and a few minutes after, I went up as well. I left home a bit late but instead of reporting for work, I went to SM Centerpoint to buy some diapers for Migmig. For lunch at went to the newly opened Hainanese Delights and ate to my hearts content. When I got back home, Migmig was already up and awake as the new sofabed has already arrived. I went online at a nearby cafe for an hour before taking a bus to Greenhills. When I got there, I had to go to the bathroom first before heading to Fully Booked XD. When I got inside Fully Booked, I went to their Photography section and I was shocked to see almost a hundred of books or could be more than a hundred books to my delight. However, I don't see the books there that I'm looking for. But I saw some books on Photoshop CS5 that I may find useful. Probably I'll save-up for some in the future on my new job probably. Then I chill-out at CBTL and killed some time. I saw Tin Patrimonio there though nothing special about her. She looks like your average girl. By 6:00pm, I head off to Sir Jo's studio so I could attend my first Non-Print Day where his guest speaker is Wig Tysmans (I'll write a blog about this). It was an inspirational talk given by him while having snacks in-between. I didn't stay that long as I need to go home before midnight and I made sure I'm not that tipsy. When I got home, I rested for a bit before going to sleep. ^_^

Friday: I got up not with a hangover (I only had a bottle of beer) but with a toothache (no thanks to my dead tooth). Anyway, I got to fight the pain and it eventually subsided. I got to take my daughter out for a walk before we head off to Mc Donald's so she could have breakfast. Then, I got to watch Game 5 of the NBA Finals which the Miami Heat has won the series by the time I got up. I immediately got ready for work. When I was about to leave for work. I heard Migmig crying upstairs. I went up top check her and I was surprised that she's running towards her aunt's room. I carried her and comforted her as we go downstairs. Probably she had a bad dream that's why she ran. Usually, when she gets up after a nap, she cries especially when she doesn't see me or my wife (or her other relatives) there. Eventually, her lola took it from there and I was able to leave for work. We got in the office just in time for my shift. My boss was not there since he's in the office for around 24 hours or so leaving me and my colleague the place to ourselves XD. I got to do some tickets while listening to gold old music. I got to sort some receipts and other things so I would be able to retrieve them easily when I need them. My wallet got thinner after sorting unwanted papers and throw them to the garbage can. XD. I went down to have my BP checked (140/100) and try to grab some food. Unfortunately, The Soup Kitchen hasn't set their discount to 50% so I need to think again where to have dinner. So my next option was to go to BFast as they have this Wagyu Buffet every Friday-Sunday. I gave it a try and I kinda liked it that I even stayed for two hours making sure I got to savor each slice of wagyu beef making sure I get my money's worth XD. When I got back, work was still light as my colleague took care most of it. After work, I took the next bus going home as I wanted to relax and unwind on my way home.

Saturday: Got up as early as 7:00am as Migmig was already up and awake playing in our room. We went downstairs so I could put her walking shoes on before we go out to have some fun. I let her walk to her hearts content before having breakfast at Mc Donald's. I ordered a different set and my daughter was able to eat as much as she can while we stayed there for almost an hour I think. When we got back, her mom was still sleeping so her lola woke her up before they went out again. After giving Migmig her bath, we went upstairs to play some more before I told her to go to sleep. She slept right away and I took some time to get mine as well getting up at almost 12:00pm. I got ready for work right away and took the next LRT ride. I bought some baby wipes when I saw this strange-looking eyewear.  It happened to be a vision therapy eyewear using pinhole technology. I tried it and to my surprise, I was able to see things clearly as if I'm using my glasses. I might get a pair sometime soon as it only costs 1600 pesos. Instead of taking the MRT, I took the bus bound for Ayala so I could just sit back, relax and enjoy. I got in the office at past 1:30pm and set-up the other PC. By 3:00pm, our boss have left the building but he left us a task to finish. I got to finish my part while doing something else. By 6:30pm, I head-off to BFast again and enjoy their wagyu buffet for the 2nd straight night. I'm thinking of going there on a weekly basis perhaps as my stay there was a bit longer than the other night. When I got back, work was really quiet and slow I just rested for the day. I took a cab going home as I feel a bit off. Thirty minutes later, I got home and do some extra daddy duties before finally going to sleep.

Saturday, June 23

What I've learned from Wig Tysmans (My first Non-Print Day from Sir Jo Avila)

I had to skip work last Thursday just to be sure I'd be able to attend sir Jo's non-print day lecture series. In a nutshell, this is Sir Jo's way of helping his photography students to learn beyond the basics. I've missed some of the Non-Print Day session so I made sure to start right. XD

I got to Sir Jo's studio a little bit early so I would be able to get a god seat. Come dinner time, The Wig Tysmans has already arrived. After dinner, the lecture has started as Sir Jo introduced Mr Tysmans. Sir Jo used to be the second shooter for Wig and he assisted him in some of his project during his (Sir Jo) early years. Probably I don't know the work photography yet when it happened. XD

The Wig Tysmans by Sir Jo Avila

The first few images Wig has shown to us was his early works in environmental portraiture. Most of them were taken in the 1980's in Baguio which he uses ambient light. Most of his subjects were artists in Baguio and were taken using film.

Then showed to us some portraits in nude which most of them are in black and white (classic!). Then they were followed by his major works, commercial shoots up to corporate portraiture where clients prefer him as the photographer.

Some of the tips he shared to us includes:

1. Establish intimacy (connection) within 5 minutes. At least 80% of the work gets done if intimacy is well established.
2. Capitalize on the personality of the subject.
3. The photographer should be in control of the subject.

It was really enlightening on my end as I got to sit in together with fellow photographers.

I'm looking forward to attend the next non-print day lecture series. ^_^

Il pranzo in ritardo con la famiglia a Capricciosa il giorno di un padre

When translated in English it means late lunch with family at Capricciosa on a father's day XD.

It was pretty much rainy that day when we went to Greenbelt to spend some quality time. Where to eat on a Father's Day? I let them share this place I went to a few months back and this time, my wife and baby would be with me.

Good thing the place wasn't packed with people as we were able to get a good spot and picked our food. While waiting, I did my usual picture taking of anything that fancies me. from its interiors to my wife and daughters expression. It makes me smile after taking their pictures. ^_^

Marien browsing through the menu.

For starters, we had their Pumpkin Soup (165 pesos, Piccolo). Having soup is a must for us whenever we eat out and for this one, we tried their version. The soup was rich and thick for my one year old daughter to enjoy.

Then for salad, I recommend their Smoked Salmon Salad (220 pesos, Piccolo). Compared to my last visit, its not that over powering with sourness and it has more crunch than before. I could have my stomach get easily filled by it. XD

My wife ordered the Pesto Penne with Grilled Chicken (195 pesos, Piccolo). This one tasted just right I was only able to get a bite.

Since were still hungry, I ordered their Seafood Risotto (575 pesos) This is one mean meal good for 2-3 hungry people. The servings of seafood is so generous that I always got one on each bite. The problem is that serving is so generous my wife and I had a hard time emptying the big plate.

What's for dessert? We had the Apple Ala Mode (230 pesos). This apple pie is so huge it can satisfy 2 people with sweet tooth. The scoop of vanilla ice cream (1 scoop is bigger than my fist) complements the warm apple pie. This is the second time I enjoyed it all by myself as my wife was already full XD.

Before settling our bill, I was able to take some more pictures to capture some happy moments after eating.

At the end of our late lunch, I would take my family back to Capricciosa for some Pizza and Pasta plus my favorite   XD

Toycon 2012: More Toys

About last week, I wasn't even suppose to be there but in the nick of time, I arrived at SM Megamall at past 5:00pm. When I got inside the Megatrade Hall, I took out my camera and started looking for interesting toys. My headache disappeared in an instant as I'm having a hard time concentrating at WTC and SMX earlier.

Aside from toys, I was able to take pictures of cosplayers as well. Taking pictures gives me a therapeutic cure as I felt better as I got to take more pictures. I made sure to make the most out of it as the mall was about to close. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to next year's Toycon. ^_^

Pictures to follow soon. XD

Friday, June 22

Where to go to this weekend

Lucky are those who have Staurdays and Sundays as their restdays. For me, I still work on a Saturday (LOSER!) and at times, I either file a leave or simply make excuses not to report for work because just to make sure I would be able to attend these events.

1. Quiapo Goes Anime, Cosplay Shootout: This would be probably the first time a Cosplay Shootout will be held at Manila's haven for photopgraphers. The event was sponsored by Phottix as Jay Tablante and Ricky Ladia will be there to give some of their trade secrets. I'm sure if you got lucky you may win some prizes. 

Taken from Google

Taken from Google

2. First Manila Folding Bike Festival: For the first time in Metro Manila, a bike festival that will showcase a variety of folding bikes and the life of a folding bike user. There will be folding bike clinics, folding bike contests, folding bike blessing, folding bike exhibits, folding bike raffle, and more!!! Uhm. I guess advocacy here is for the environment and minimizing CO2 emission. 

Taken from Google

3.Fete De La Musique: The most-awaited musical event of the year, FĂȘte de la Musique will be held for the first time on Makati Avenue for an outstanding Street Party Concert on Saturday, June 23, from 4pm to 12 midnight. This year, we are all in for a special treat as FĂȘte de la Musique 2012 features one of the most exciting contemporary artists today: French DJ Collective Chinese Man.

Taken from Google

If only I have tomorrow free, I'd be going to any one or probably all of them. I guess, you should be able to go in any events I shared here. ^_^

If you know any other events this weekend, feel free to share it in my comment section. ^_^


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