Wednesday, March 10

Time Wasted

Just arrived from Ortigas area after listening to a 2-hour boring talk on how to make money and retire early. Attending to this kind of seminars are not new to me but when someone called me for a meeting about a part-time job on a per-project basis, I gave it some thought. My wife reminded me to be very careful as it may be another pyramid scheme or MLM that I may be attending.

Based on my conversation with the person I spoke with, I will be training (or educating) people with the help of their latest technology called Bio-Photonic Laser Technology. I checked on how it works and it gave me  little Idea on what its all about. He even reminded me twice about our meeting this afternoon and I responded to show professionalism.

I went to Robinson's Galeria in Ortigas to hang-out first and kill some time. When he gave me directions on how to go to their office, I should have hangout at SM Megamall since their office is just at the back of SMC office beside Linden Suites. As i reached the place, a lot of people are coming out of the building. I had a thought that it might be a call center that I'm going to. Then when I reached the 15th floor, I was totally DISAPPOINTED. First, I saw this Nu Skin brand which reminds me of the previous one I attended. Second, Though they would teach me how to transfer the technology, I don't like the product at all. And finally, if we want to join their team, we have to pay them 12,600 Php for their product though we are not forced to join.

Though I still listened to the same old story, I am convinced that this is not for me. I mean, I want to get rich but I believe that it takes hard work and perseverance for one to succeed. And besides, who would believe that someone can earn as much as 2,000,000 in a month?

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