Wednesday, March 17

Adjusting to the Manileño Lifestyle

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The last time I lived in Manila was almost 10 years ago when I was reviewing for our ECE Board Exam back then. Even though it was a short stay (7-9 weeks), I made sure to make it as memorable as possible. After that short stay, I moved back to Laguna where I would stay for another couple of years. Traveling to and from my home was quite good though I'm craving for something more. Though the place I used to live was very peaceful, I wanted something more. Like living in a fast-paced, challenging environment

Then, I got married to a Manileña since birth which made me leave my comfort zone in San Pedro to take on the challenges in the city as a family man. Honestly, its hard for me to adjust within the first few weeks here in Manila but the experience was all worth it. For me, Its like living a fast-paced dream of being here. The place where I live now (Sampaloc) is very accessible to almost everything like churches, schools, markets, malls, parks. Name it, I think I've been there with just one ride or by just walking along. Now all I have to do is to complete the other pieces of the puzzle to have the life that I want.

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