Tuesday, August 30

A long weekend

For the last week of August, were having a long weekend started last Saturday and will end today. Yesterday was National Heroes Day and Today marks the end of Ramadan, known as Eid Ul Fitr. Though its quite a long 4-day, I didn't felt much of it as I got my hands-on in taking care of Migmig when we went to Tagaytay and Enchanted Kingdom Yesterday.

By tomorrow, it would be back to regular programming for most people who is enjoying their 4-day off (except for me whose schedule is way different XD). Anyway, back to work XD.

My August To-Do List (Final Update)

So far, here's what I have accomplished as I add some more events here.

1. Complete all Men's Magazine for August and try to buy some back issue (Done).
2. Attend the seminar for Marien's Baptismal at The Manila Cathedral on August 6.(Done)
3. Settle our balance with Max's Intramuros and do final detailing with them (Done, final payment would be on the day itself)
4. Go home to Batangas to visit my Dad there and to Laguna to check on my things and my mom (Done. A lot of things has changed since I left).
5. Attend my colleague's daughter's birthday on August 7 (Done).
6. Attend the Blogfest 2.0 at Trinoma on August 5 (Done).
7. Settle internet and electric bills (Done).
8. Accompany Marien on her check-up on August 19. (Done)
9. Try to attend Teriyaki Boy Matsuri event at Eastwood Central Plaza on August 14 (Unable to attend as I thought my colleague won't be reporting for work).
10. Attend Dutdutan 2011 for 2 days from August 26-27 2011. (Done. Attended both days 1 and 2 XD).
11. Try to visit Japan: Kingdom of Characters Exhibit on or before August 20 (I'd cancel this since photography is NOT allowed. BOOO).
12. Focus on my baby's baptism on August 21 (Done).
13. Attend the World Food Expo at SMX between August 4-5 (Done).
14. Attend FHM's Autograph Signing for NiƱa Jose on August 6 at Robinson's Galeria Movieworld. (I missed 4 FHM Autograph Signing Sessions this year XD).
15. Try to renew my Passport that has been expired for more than a year now XD (Still Unable to renew XD).  
16. Decide whether to renew my contract at work for another year or not. (Renewed for Personal and Professional reasons XD)
17. Buy a ticket for the upcoming Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 on September 3 at Rockwell Tent (Done). 
18. Attend the 2nd Blogger Fiesta Manila 2011 at SM North Edsa Cyberzone on the 20th. (Unable to attend since it Migmig's Day)
19. Try to go to Alphaland Southgate Mall to check on some exhibits until August 30 (Unable to attend as I couldn't find time).
20. Check out the 11th Philippine Travel Exchange at SMX Convention Center on August 30 (Has been rescheduled to September 2-4)

Now I'll be drafting for September.

A Weekend at Dutdutan 2011

Their own version of the awards

My weekends for August runs every Fridays and Saturday and that was a good time for me to go to events on a Fri-Sat basis. Good thing Dutdutan was held this month of August. I bought my 2-day ticket plus an XXL shirt for myself after being unable to buy last years shirt.

Do you think this one has flash? =P

On the first day, I got there early and I got so overwhelmed that the event venue doubled. No, it tripled or probably quadrupled in size that more than 50 tattoo exhibitors take part. I got to take some more decent shots that I did last year and I was able to take more pictures as well. I saw some of my photography friends taking pictures as well. I didn't stay that long as I need to do some errands for my wife XD.

Come second day, I got there much earlier but when I got there, more than a thousand enthusiasts were already inside. I missed one of the tattoo competitions for being late. Plus the front stage was already jam-packed with photographers that I decided to shoot from a distance. Then some of my friends came to join me in taking pictures of people with tattoos. As the night progresses, we still had to wait for the bikini contest only to leave the venue at almost midnight (they said that Bikini Open didn't start at 1:00am).

Anyway, I got a lot of pictures as I got to attend a 2-day event for the first time. Though I was hoping the Bikini Show should have started earlier. Anyway, here are some more pictures for you to enjoy. Till next year. XD.

See you in Dutdutan 2012. XD

Sunday, August 28

The week that was (August 21 - 27)

Sunday: I got up at around 7:00am though I slept very late (probably at 3:00am). I was able to buy Sunday's paper and my wife's coconut juice before having breakfast. By 9:00am, all of us back home were busy preparing for Migmig's baptismal event (I might create a separate blog for this). We arrived at Manila Cathedral at 11:30am just in time for their mass. After the mass, it was time for my daughter to get baptized and be welcomed to the Christian world. At past 12:00pm, we head off to Max's for our late lunch together with our guests. Though I wasn't able to take Migmig's picture during the ceremony, I made it up during lunchtime. I wasn't able to eat since I had to take care of all our guests until everyone got satisfied. Then all of us went home at 3:00pm. I got to eat at last after taking good care of all of our visitors but I only got to eat Max's Fried Chicken and I haven't tried the other dishes. I went out again to go online and check my blogs. By night time, we were able to relax as we watch TV and bonded with our baby girl. Tomorrow would be another challenging week for me ahead.

Monday: I got up at around 8:00amand started my day right away by doing some errands for my wife and for myself. Before getting ready for work, I woke my baby up for her bath time as it was almost 12:00pm. She cried out loud again as I trie my best to calm her down. It appears to be that she wanted that her mom to carry her plus she's hungry already. After getting ready for work, I stop by at a carinderia near our home since my wife was already hungry. Then I had lunch there which helped me save money. I went back home because I forgot to bring my tripod with me as my boss spoke to me last Saturday that we will be having our group picture taking. He didn't mention any deadline as long as I could do the job done, its all that matters. It took me exactly an hour to get to the office and start my day at work. I got to answer 2 calls on top of taking care of several email requests from all regions while I was on shift. I went home right away to be with my wife and my baby. 

Tuesday: I got up at 8:00am again as I slept throughout the night (I forgot to turn the aircon off at 4:45am). I got to do my usual errands early as I have to leave home by 10:30am to go to the Power Plant Mall to but my ticket for the upcoming Ultimate Taste Test 6.0 at the Rockwell tent on September 3. The last time I've been to Rockwell was about two years ago when I attended a cosplay event together with my friends. Time really flies so fast as I got to tour the entire mall to see for it myself. It took me a while to look for a place to eat as its really hard to decide where to eat. I ended up eating up Elbert's Cheesesteak which my lunch costs 400 pesos. But the cheesesteak sandwich that I had was really good, I wanted to go back soon together with my family. I took a cab going back to the office but I had to stop by at Landmark to buy 4 more magazines to add into my collection back home. I just got back in time for work but we had our group picture before 3:00pm For dinner, I just bought food from Jollibee (my tipid meal at 134 pesos). Work was quite plentiful as I am the only one manning the shift before my colleagues came at 10:00pm. We had another pictorial session with the night-shift guys before calling it a day.

Wednesday: I got up at around 7:30am as I took out Migmig for a quick dose of Vitamin D. Then I took her back to her mom so she could breastfeed her before putting her back to bed. I got to do my morning duties pretty quick after having breakfast at Chowking. Then, I got myself ready but not for work but to SM MOA to check the exhibit of Lego Pilipinas, Tara Na Exhibit (I'll be creating a separate blog about it). I got in the office at almost 2:00pm and started to work. Good thing my boss was there to give me an assist whenever I am in a call. For dinner, I was torn between Chowking and Chic-Boy but I ended up looking elsewhere until I ended up at Chili Peppers and ordered Tuna Sisig Rice and Prok Sisig Rice for me to have in the office. By night time, I got busy taking care of emails from the US as it keeps on coming and coming. At 10:00pm, my colleagues took care from here as I just sit back and relax. I just waited until 11:00pm before calling it a day.

Thursday: I got up at almost 8:30am as I still feel tired and sleepy. I got to do my usual errands again before reporting for work. This time I got ahead of my shift and checked my things online. At 4:00pm, I went to Grow's office to sign a contract extension for one more year. Personally and professionally, I signed for security purposes until I find a right time to move on and move forward. I think only myself know that I signed for another extension. Work was much better as I was not loaded with emails as well as calls. I logged-off a few minutes after 11:00pm and went straight home to be with my family. When I got home, my baby girl was still up, looking forward to my arrival. I got to spend time with Migmig before all of us went to bed. 

Friday: I got up a bit late as it was my rest day that day. I just watched TV as well as got my things ready for Dutdutan 2011 (I'll create a separate blog about it). I got to spend my entire morning with my family and it was really fun. At 3:00pm, I left home for WTC but I wasn't able to stay there for long as my wife wanted a pesto pasta for dinner. I got to SM MOA since that was the only place I know where I could have pesto pasta. Before going home, I had dinner at Sakae Sushi to satisfy my craving. I took a cab going home since my feet were killing me already. I got home at past 10:00pm and a little bit upset because our pay check was delayed again for the nth time. Which means, I have to get money from our savings for our needs. My wife enjoyed her pasta and I enjoyed spending time with Migmig as she was at her cheerful self. Though I felt my batteries could still hold until the next day, I charged my AA Batteries to make sure that I would last the entire event the next day. I assisted my wife online but only for an hour as she told me to get some sleep so Migmig would sleep early.

Saturday: I got up a bit late at past 8:00am still feeling tired after assisting my wife last night. I was still charging my batteries for my external flash as to anticipate that I'll be doing flash photography for Dutdutan's second day. I helped my wife online for almost 3 hours as we almost hit the 45-hour weekly target for her. Then I was off to have brunch at Chowking with my favorite Chinese-Style Fried Chicken Lauriat and do some errands for my wife before getting myself ready. I left home early so I could cover more but it turns out that I got quite late. Then my wife sent me an SMS to buy milk for Migmig as she was running out of milk. I had to leave WTC a few minutes before midnight and look for Migmig's milk. I was able to buy both her and her mom's milk at Mercury Drug in Crossing before finally going home. When I got home, my baby was still awake despite of the dim light in our room.

Thursday, August 25

One more year

Current Mood: Secured

I just signed a contract extension with the company I am working with for one more year. Though I still have one more month to decide, they wanted to make sure that our helpdesk team would be intact as almost all of us have our contracts renewed this year. 

For me, its both for personal and professional reasons why I signed. Professionally, I need to learn more as our support extends to the EMEA region and I am not yet 100% confident in resolving most of their problems (compared to APAC and AMER regions). I need one more year to learn more on troubleshooting old and new software and hardware systems as well as I might renew my CCNA between this year and next year.

Personally, I enjoyed working at the company I am with as I don't encounter much stress and pressure compared with the previous companies I used to be connected to.Also, we have good camaraderie in the office as we never got ourselves involved in any serious arguments. Plus I could also attend events and photoshoots without compromising my schedule at work XD.

All I have to do now is enjoy the day and await for what's in it for me tomorrow XD.

Wednesday, August 24

Being a kid again at the Lego Exhibit

Early this morning, I left home early to check out this exhibit at SM Mall of Asia after checking out Mr. Anton Diaz's Entry on the exhibit itself. I had to ask him first if its ok to take pictures there a few days back and he replied that its ok. I just wanted to make sure so that I don't have to argue with the security if they see me taking pictures of an exhibit.

When I got to the site, I was amused that they were able to create a replica of the Philippine map using only Lego bricks.

I took out my camera and took some snapshots of some of the Philippine's most visited tourists spots. Though I haven't been traveling much since the year started, taking pictures makes me feel like I've toured the entire country. Here are some of the shots that I took before reporting for office XD



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