Sunday, March 28

Back in the Groove

Current Mood: Excited

Starting Monday, I will be back in the workforce as an IT Consultant. I have to thank Grow Inc for giving me the opportunity to start anew and get back in the groove. My task will be as a Helpdesk Support Engineer for Greif Inc. I know this would be new to me since I don't have the experience yet as a Helpdesk person. However, I will use my experience as a Tech Support as well as my Quality Assurance skills to help me level-up in this field. 

I checked both websites (Grow and Greif) and they are promising to me when I was looking for work (or should I say a channel to put my energy to use).  Even if its a 6-month contract, I still took it since I need the experience on how to work not just as a Helpdesk person, but in the field of IT as well. I have almost all the pre-employment requirements with me and by Monday at 8:30am, I should be at the office. ^_^

Now so much for bumming around I guess. XD

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