Sunday, March 7

The Week That Was

What I did in the past week (March 1-6)

Monday: Go online the whole day. Started visiting Pinoy Exchange Forums more often.

Tuesday: Go online the whole day. Backread some classified ads.

Wednesday: Go online the whole day

Thursday: Had my first haircut in 2010. Sorted some papers at home (mostly my personal and work stuff). Got my application for Sevice Desk Analyst rejected/declined by their manager (I was hoping for another interview back then).

Friday: Applied to 2 unknown companies through Went to Quiapo to hear mass then to Robinson's Place Manila to wait for the release of FHM's 10th Anniversary Issue. Chilled at Chowking's Halo-halo before buying my FHM's 10th Anniversary Issue plus UNO's Jan-Feb 2010 issue (released way late). I enjoyed reading both magazines but *** is way more interesting and packed than ***.

Saturday: Went online at one internet cafe here since my wife is using the laptop. My eyes felt heavy resulting to headache (but I'm better now).

I didn't include Sunday since its rest day and I can do whatever I want.But then since Sunday is the first day of the week, I'll include Sunday starting next week. XD

Life is boring isn't it? XD

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