Saturday, June 29

Marien 365: Week 38 (Day 260 - 266)

Some more baby pictures from an old camera. XD

Day 260: Playtime!

Day 260

 Day 261: Flying Kick!

Day 261

Day 262: She's texting at an early age. XD

Day 262

Day 263: Very happy she was able to send a message, to the wrong person. XD

Day 263

Day 264: Enjoys watching TV

Day 264

Day 265: Now she's standing up again along the stairs.

Day 265

Day 266: My baby gave her lola a well-deserved buss.

Day 266

Were almost there to Day 300-365. XD    

Friday, June 28

Swabeng Thoughts: Philippine's Queen of Cosplay is now on FHM

Well rumors have been true after watching her video teaser on who would be the next FHM Covergirl for the month of July. 

Its confirmed. International Cosplay Queen Alodia Gosiengfiao is FHM's covergirl for July. I wonder what costume she'll be wearing or does she?

I'm not sure if its already out in bookstores but I'd bet the queue for her autograph signing would be the longest, not to mention her security would definitely double, no triple perhaps. 

Taken from FHM's Facebook Account

Would Alodia be wearing her usual cosplay outfit? Only time will tell. 

Wait. Why they didn't get her sister Ashley as well? It could have been so much better though =P

Thursday, June 27

FHM 100 Sexiest 2013: Marian Rivera spoils another grandslam

After all the votes have been cast and counted for, the time has come to crown this year's sexiest for FHM 2013. And unfortunately, its not Sam Pinto who got the top spot =(. 

After she graced on the cover of the Phenomenal FHM #150, Marian Rivera once again claimed the top spot for this year's FHM 100 Sexiest. This would make her the fourth FHM Covergirl after Katrina Halili, Angel Locsin and Sam Pinto to grab the top spot twice. She would also be the first to spoil two possible grand slam attempts by Katrina (2006-2007) and Sam (2011-2012). 

An a neck-to neck battle with former #1 Sam Pinto, Marian edged the former by more than a 100,000 votes through text, online and print. 

From FHM's Website

I'm sure all haters would cry their hearts out (I'm a semi =P) and her fans would scream for joy as she's FHM #1. 

Again, congratulations to Ms Marian and all those who supported her through thick and thin.

But wait, here's a rundown of the top ten FHM babes for the year. Wanna see some pictures, go here =P

1. Marian Rivera
2. Sam Pinto
3. Angel Locsin
4. Jennylyn Mercado
5. Cristine Reyes
6. Solenn Heussaff
7. Ellen Adarna
8. Anne Curtis
9. Jackie Rice 
10. Empress Shuck

See you at the party (I hope!)

Monday, June 24

Marien 365: Week 37 (Day 253 - 259)

Day 253: She starts to cry again as she's already hungry.

Day 253

Day 253: Another Family Portrait. XD

Day 253

Day 254: Having late lunch at Di Mark's in Vito Cruz. 

Day 254

Day 254: She hasn't slept yet.

Day 254

Day 254: Its almost 11:00pm, pitch-black, but I caught her trying to stand-up in the dark. Thank God, I got flash. 

Day 254

Day 255: Please do not disturb. Baby drinking milk. XD

Day 255

Day 256: Her first time to visit my home in Laguna. She's browsing at her tita's wedding album

Day 256

Day 256: Flipping through the pages.

Day 256

Day 257: With her lola in Laguna. You won't notice but both of them didn't have much sleep the night before.

Day 257

Day 257: Home sweet home at 2:26PM

Day 257

Day 258: Good Morning Manila!

Day 258

Day 259: Another moment me and my daughter would have. But please don't stare at my tummy. XD

Day 259

Week 38, up next. 

Wednesday, June 19

Marien 365: Week 36 (Day 246 - 252)

Day 246: My baby is looking for something there. Milk perhaps? XD

Day 246

Day 247: Spending my late morning with my baby.

Day 247

Day 247: She went closer and wanted to get the camera from me. Oh no! XD

Day 247

Day 248: Spending the afternoon this time despite my temper.

Day 248

Day 248: She touched her cake to feel its texture. XD

Day 248

Day 249: My baby enjoying her gift from her "ninang".

Day 249

Day 250: The morning after Christmas. She wanted to feel the Christmas Spirit with her apparel. XD

Day 250

Day 251: Opps! XD

Day 251

Day 252: Trying to reach the cap as mommy looks on.

Day 252

Day 252: Minutes before mommy gets dressed.

Day 252

Day 252: Its rare that I have my picture taking with my daughter but why not.

Day 252

Almost done with 2011... XD


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