Monday, February 28

The week that was (February 20 - 26)

Sunday: I got up at 4:30am and got online until 6:00am. Then I went upstairs not to sleep but to sort some papers that I got from the Travel Tour Expo last Saturday. It was really tedious because I had to read it one by one and sort it according to its importance. My wife got up early and wanted Tapsilog for breakfast. Being a loving husband, I got her one from chowking then I continued sorting the papers. I showed some brochures that would fancy my wife and consider it in the future for reference. Then I did some grocery again since were running out of food supplies especially for my wife. After mass at noon, we went back home and had sopas (my favorite) for lunch before going to bed. I got up 5 hours later and got ready for my first night at work and i was able to get there early. I got a call at 10:30pm that kept me awake again for the second straight Sunday night (there goes my full-rest and recreation XD).

Monday: I got two more calls during my shift but its ok since I was able to resolve both calls. I got to do some stuff online as well as update my blog. Good thing my colleague who was on LOA came back and reported as early as 5:30am. That gave me time to get some breakfast at Jollibee and made sure to energize before going home. After my shift, I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there. She handed me some extra food from her trip to Subic which was quite heavy. I got home at 8:30am and checked on my wife while she's still sleeping. I got to watch WWE's Elimination Chamber as well as NBA's All-Star Game 2011 while flipping the remote from one channel to the other.I was able to get some sleep at 12:45pm only to get up at 6:45pm due to a power outage at our place. Since we didn't have electricity that time, I felt hot not because of the weather but lack of it. Even if there's no electricity, I was able to prepare myself for work and while my wife and I were having dinner, electricity was restored. That made me more comfortable knowing everyone at home will have a nice good sleep tonight. I got in the office an hour later and I know I'll be alone for the rest of the shift.

Tuesday: Work was quite ok since I got one call during the US team's lunch hours. I got to do some stuff online and offline though I feel time flies so fast when you're having fun. I got two more calls after US hours. One was an easy call, the next was a challenging one. So challenging that I had to stay in the office until 8:15am before finally calling it a day. I went home very hungry so I grabbed a bite at Tropical Hut and got their clubhouse sandwich. My wife was already awake when I got home. I put my things in our room before going online for a few more minutes while my wife was getting ready for work. After taking my wife to the LRT for work, I watched tv instead of going online just to have a different perspective on what will I see. I went up to bed at 11:30am and got up at 7:45pm feeling a bit restless but ready for work. I took the Crossing-Ayala route to make sure that I would be able to get there on time and I got there 10-15 mins. before my shift started. 

Wednesday: Phones were busy on my end as the US team was having their lunch. I got two outages but logged only one because the other caller gave me an incomplete information about it. I felt too busy with handling emails that I felt dizzy for a while.I got another call before my shift ended but I was able to fix it so I am ok. I went home right away after my shift but I had to grab a banana and milo-to-go at 7-11 along Shaw Blvd. I got home an hour later and I was able to relax and enjoy my day.I was able to go online but I limited my time until my wife was ready for work. After taking my wife to the LRT, I simply watched TV and discovered the art of Silat from Malaysia. I got up to bed at past 12:00pm and got up at 7:45pm. I took the Crossing-Ayala route but I got late by 7 minutes. Good thing my colleague was there already taking care of the team while I'm setting-up my workstation. 

Thursday: Work was quite ok though at the end of our shift we almost got screwed. We learned from that point and we will make sure that we will be more careful XD. After our shift, we went home on separate ways. I had to stop by to the nearest 7-11 to take-out some snacks with me before going home. I was able to go online for a few minutes before taking my wife to her LRT ride. Then I watch some TV before going upstairs an get my 7-hour sleep. Then I remembered that I have to look for my missing January FHM 2011 magazine that appeared to be placed below piles of magazines that I got. I browsed it again for a while before finally going to sleep. I got up at 7:00pm all of a sudden with my left leg cramping. I almost shouted in pain but I was able to control it. It took me 30-45 minutes before I could recover and finally stand up and got myself ready for work. I got late by 7 minutes again but my colleague was already there so I was able to set-up my workstation for work and for play XD. Our OIC called again and he was alarmed with the re-opening of the two outages we had in Canada but apparently it was already been resolved after a while.

Friday: Work was a bit loaded but we were able to manage on our own plus both of us learned a lot from this day. After their lunch, we were able to do some personal stuffs of our own plus our Helpdesk Group Chat turned the conversation over Wendy's Hamburger XD. Good thing the first hour after their work was quiet so we were able to enjoy our last hour before finally going home. I took a cab going home hoping I could get some sleep for at least 4-5 hours but I was unable to do it because my wife was sleeping soundly and I didn't want to wake her up. I just went online downstairs and waited for her to get ready for work. I told her I'll be at SM North Edsa today to attend Inquirer's 25th Anniversary Exhibit (which coincides with EDSA 1's 25th anniversary as well). After I took my wife to the LRT, I got myself ready in my street clothes to go the exhibit sponsored by Inquirer. I left home at 11:45am not sure whether I could be at my 100% or not. When I got to SM North Edsa, I looked for the venue and I was quite ok. It took me an hour and a half to take pictures of some of their memorabilia. As my stomach got rumbling, I went to Sakae Sushi to satisfy my craving for Japanese food but they didn't have more than enough red plates so I just settled for a few of them. Part of my day there was to look for some things that I need but unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it at their supermarket so I decided to go home. As I passed by The Block, I saw another exhibit about The Inauguration of President Benigno (Noynoy) Aquino III. I wanted to take snaps of the posters but I'd rather not since there were security guards roaming that may cause commotion. One thing I discovered there was their FX Terminal that is bound for Quiapo. I took the fx home and got there after an hour. I was so tired I slept at 4:00pm. My wife woke me up at around 9:30pm just in time to watch TV as well as have dinner. Then I went to bet to get some more sleep at 11:30pm.

Saturday: I got up at 4:00am but my eyes and mind were open as early as 3:00am. I just went online until 7:30am to do some catching up on personal stuff. Then I woke my wife up since we will be going to the hospital again to have her 2nd round of 3D/4D ultrasound session at The Medical City hoping our baby would cooperate this time XD. At first, the baby wasn't cooperating so the doctor there told us to get back after an hour or so. We had our lunch at Mary Grace at Rockwell Center. Too bad I didn't bring my camera with me to take pictures there. The ambiance there was so relaxing and so homey I almost fell asleep right then and there. Then we went back to Medical City after an hour and a half hoping our baby would cooperate. Unfortunately, she didn't face the camera for her session. The doctor advised my wife again to walk for 30 more minutes just to make sure the baby would change position. We almost toured the entire hospital hoping that our baby would cooperate. After the third attempt, we were advised to go back on her next check-up since our baby was really uncooperative. I'm thinking if its me or my wife or us both that our baby got her stubbornness XD. We went to SM Megamall via taxi cab after staying for more than 5 hours there. We looked or some baby stuff for us to compare costs as we will be going to Avenida in Sta Cruz sometime soon. Some of the baby's essentials were on the expensive side as we know that most of the things there were branded. After looking, we went to CBTL to relax and unwind (as well as use my coupon for February). I got the English Breakfast Latte (which I like) while my wife had the Moroccan Mint Latte (which she liked) as we shared a slice of Blueberry Cheese Cake. I bought two more magazines for February (UNO and Rogue) before finally heading home. Our day was really tiring but all well worth it.

My February to-do list (Final Update)

As of February 28, here are the things I've accomplished for the month. 

1. Have my eyes checked for a possible eyeglass upgrade (Will move this to March)
2. Try to settle my Philhealth for the first quarter (Will be moving this to March).
3. Purchase my men's magazine collection for February (Complete XD)
4. Accompany my wife to the hospital for her ultrasound on the 18th (Done but my baby doesn't want to have her picture taken XD).
5. Get plenty of rest (Consistently doing it)
6. Join Jo Avila's prison riot at Casa San Pablo on the 27th (Done).
7. Attend the 18th Philippine Travel Tour Expo on the 19th (Done).
Now I have to think what to accomplish for March XD. 

Friday, February 25

EDSA 1's Silver Year

 Taken from Google

I don't have a clear memory about what happened 25 years ago today since I was a kid and all I do was play all day.I was barely 7 years old back then who thinks of nothing but to enjoy the moment.

But as years go by, I noticed that a lot of people were celebrating EDSA 1 since it was a symbol of our freedom from the former administration's dictatorship. I must say I should be proud of our history that allowed us to be totally free. Free from oppression and all that makes people miserable.

Usually, there are throngs of people who gather around the People Power Monument to celebrate this momentous event. For me, I'd rather watch how it happens on TV as well as take a breather than join them not because I don't want to but rather I prefer to get some rest and relaxation.

One thing I noticed is that it hasn't changed a bit. Like in a sense that corruption is still inevitable. As long as there is greed inside each and everyone of us, freedom will not be claimed. Even the heroes of EDSA then could be the goats now and even vice-versa.

Good thing for the students, you dont have class today. Unfortunately for some of the work force, you need to report to work =P. I won't be reporting to work since it would be my rest day  for the night XD

Tuesday, February 22

Going Bananas

 Taken from Google.

A few days ago, I stumbled on a blog on how she was fascinated with bananas. Back home in San Pedro, my mom always buys banana as a dessert after our meal or a snack. She believed that a banana packs a lot of nutrients that is beneficial to our health. 

I googled on banana and I got several links. One link that really got my attention was this.

I'll share to you some facts about bananas XD. 

Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas consist mainly of sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose) and fiber, which makes them ideal for an immediate and slightly prolonged source of energy
Reducing Depression
Bananas contain tryptophan, an aminoacid that can be converted to serotonin, leading to improved mood
Bananas are relatively high in iron, which helps the body's hemoglobin function
Constipation and Diarrhea
Due to their content in fiber, they help restore a normal bowel function. In addition, diarrhea usually depletes your body of important electrolytes (of which the most important is potassium, contained in high amounts in bananas). They also contain pectin, a soluble fiber (hydrocolloid) that can help normalize movement through the digestive tract.
Eyesight Protection
Research published in the Archives of Ophthalmology has proven that adults consuming at least 3 servings of fruit per day have a reduced risk (by 36%) of developing age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), the primary cause of vision loss in older adults, compared to persons who consume less than 1.5 servings of fruit daily.
Healthy Bones
Bananas are an exceptionally rich source of fructooligosaccharide, a compound that nourishes probiotic (friendly) bacteria in the colon. These beneficial bacteria produce enzymes that increase our digestive ability and protect us from unhealthy bacteria infections. Thanks to fructooligosaccharides, probiotic bacteria can increase both in number and functionality, increasing our body's ability to absorb calcium.  
In addition, green bananas contain indigestible short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that are very nutrient to the cells that make up the mucosa of the stomach. These cells, when healthy, absorb calcium much more efficiently
Healthy Kidney
About 190,000 cases of kidney cancer are diagnosed each year. Research published in the International Journal of Cancer has shown that daily consumption of whole fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, is highly protective to kidney health. The results show that, over a long timeframe (13.4 years), women eating more than 2.5 servings of fruits and vegetable per day cut their risk of kidney cancer by 40%. Among the fruits, bananas were especially protective. Women eating bananas four to six times a week halved their risk of developing the disease compared to those who did not eat this fruit. The conclusion of the study is that frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables, especially bananas, cabbage and root vegetables, may reduce risk of kidney cancer. This is because bananas and many root vegetables contain especially high amounts of antioxidant phenolic compounds, while cabbage is rich in sulfur, necessary for effective detoxification of potential carcinogens.
Blood Pressure
Bananas are extremely high in potassium (about 4673mg), yet very low in sodium (1mg), thus having a perfect ratio for preventing high blood pressure. So much so, the US Food and Drug Administration has just allowed the banana industry to make official claims for the fruit's ability to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke.
Bananas have a natural antacid effect in the body, so if you suffer from heartburn, try eating a banana for soothing relief.
Morning Sickness
Snacking on bananas between meals helps to keep blood-sugar levels up and avoid morning sickness.
Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking. They contain vitamins B6 and B12 they contain, as well as potassium and magnesium: these substances help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.
This is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicle cases. It also helps reduce acidity and reduces irritation. Bananas stimulate the cells on the internal stomach lining to produce a thicker mucus (which protects against acid). Additionally, bananas contain protease inhibitors that help eliminate bacteria in the stomach that have been pinpointed as a primary cause of ulcers.
Bananas are high in B vitamins that have been shows to improve nerve function
Mosquito Bites
Many people report that rubbing the inside of a banana peel on a mosquito bite is very effective in reducing itching and swelling
Stress Relief
Bananas are high in potassium, which helps normalize the hearthbeat and regulate the body's water balance. During periods of high stress, our body's potassium levels tend to be rapidly depleted: eating bananas is a healthy way to rebalance them without using drugs
Stroke Risk
According to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine, eating bananas as part of a regular diet can reduce the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%

Bananas Nutrition Facts

Refuse: 36% (Skin)
Scientific Name:  Musa X paradisiaca
NDB No: 09040 (Nutrient values and weights are for edible portion)

Nutrient Units Value per
100 grams
of Data
Water g 74.91 20 0.286
Energy kcal 89 0
Energy kj 371 0
Protein g 1.09 12 0.022
Total lipid (fat) g 0.33 19 0.067
Ash g 0.82 12 0.03
Carbohydrate, by difference g 22.84 0
Fiber, total dietary g 2.6 13 0.129
Sugars, total g 12.23 8 1.034
Sucrose g 2.39 8 0.546
Glucose (dextrose) g 4.98 8 0.806
Fructose g 4.85 8 0.658
Lactose g 0.00 8 0
Maltose g 0.01 8 0.014
Galactose g 0.00 8 0
Starch g 5.38 8 0.564
Calcium, Ca mg 5 45 0.047
Iron, Fe mg 0.26 42 0.001
Magnesium, Mg mg 27 45 0.475
Phosphorus, P mg 22 45 0.171
Potassium, K mg 358 45 1.911
Sodium, Na mg 1 45 0.395
Zinc, Zn mg 0.15 45 0.001
Copper, Cu mg 0.078 45 0.011
Manganese, Mn mg 0.270 45 0.007
Fluoride, F mcg 2.2 1
Selenium, Se mcg 1.0 31 0.289
Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid mg 8.7 8 0.434
Thiamin mg 0.031 12 0.006
Riboflavin mg 0.073 12 0.008
Niacin mg 0.665 12 0.002
Pantothenic acid mg 0.334 12 0.01
Vitamin B-6 mg 0.367 12 0.01
Folate, total mcg 20 11 0.472
Folic acid mcg 0 0
Folate, food mcg 20 11 0.472
Folate, DFE mcg_DFE 20 0
Choline, total mg 9.8 0
Betaine mg 0.1 1
Vitamin B-12 mcg 0.00 0
Vitamin B-12, added mcg 0.00 0
Vitamin A, IU IU 64 0
Vitamin A, RAE mcg_RAE 3 0
Retinol mcg 0 0
Vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) mg 0.10 15 0.054
Vitamin E, added mg 0.00 0
Tocopherol, beta mg 0.00 15 0
Tocopherol, gamma mg 0.02 15 0.015
Tocopherol, delta mg 0.01 15 0.01
Vitamin K (phylloquinone) mcg 0.5 6 0.075
Fatty acids, total saturated g 0.112 0
4:0 g 0.000 0
6:0 g 0.000 0
8:0 g 0.000 0
10:0 g 0.001 4
12:0 g 0.002 4
14:0 g 0.002 4
16:0 g 0.102 5
18:0 g 0.005 5
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated g 0.032 0
16:1 undifferentiated g 0.010 5
18:1 undifferentiated g 0.022 5
20:1 g 0.000 0
22:1 undifferentiated g 0.000 0
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated g 0.073 0
18:2 undifferentiated g 0.046 5
18:3 undifferentiated g 0.027 5
18:4 g 0.000 0
20:4 undifferentiated g 0.000 0
20:5 n-3 g 0.000 0
22:5 n-3 g 0.000 0
22:6 n-3 g 0.000 0
Cholesterol mg 0 0
Phytosterols mg 16 0
Amino acids
Tryptophan g 0.009 0
Threonine g 0.028 0
Isoleucine g 0.028 0
Leucine g 0.068 0
Lysine g 0.050 0
Methionine g 0.008 0
Cystine g 0.009 0
Phenylalanine g 0.049 0
Tyrosine g 0.009 0
Valine g 0.047 0
Arginine g 0.049 0
Histidine g 0.077 0
Alanine g 0.040 0
Aspartic acid g 0.124 0
Glutamic acid g 0.152 0
Glycine g 0.038 0
Proline g 0.028 0
Serine g 0.040 0
Alcohol, ethyl g 0.0 0
Caffeine mg 0 0
Theobromine mg 0 0
Carotene, beta mcg 26 10 2.167
Carotene, alpha mcg 25 8 4.438
Cryptoxanthin, beta mcg 0 6 0
Lycopene mcg 0 6 0
Lutein + zeaxanthin mcg 22 6 2.52

If you want to know more, just click on the link above. XD

Monday, February 21

The week that was (February 13 - 19)

Sunday: I got up at around 4:30am and I made sure I'd get up early for me to get some headway before sleeping in the afternoon. I went online for a short while before doing my laundry at around 6:30am. It only took me an hour to finish it. I was able to get Sunday's paper early and read it early as well. By 9:15am I did some groceries for the things I need for the week. My wife got up a bit late since its cold outside. I was also able to watch some TV from CI channel as my wife prepares herself for the 12:00pm mass. We got there on time and made sure we completed the mass too. Then we went back home to have lunch and get my 5 hours of rest. I got up at around 7:45pm and prepared for work. I got late by 10 minutes since I got preoccupied along the way. I got two calls within the first two hours of my shift and that made me more awake. 

Monday: After those two calls, I was able to do some things though my mind was somewhere else. I also did some follow-up calls on the other call I got earlier since it requires me to escalate it. I tried to take pictures of my Canon Calendar with and without flash in RAW. That was the first time I shoot in RAW with the aid of my external flash. I don't know if it looks good or not but I have to study it carefully for my Advanced Class in the future. I left the office t 7:05am and got home an hour and twenty minutes later. I was able to go online for a few more hours before I took my wife to the LRT. Then I read the news when I got back home before going to bed. I got up 7 hours later as I prepared for my second day. I took the three-bus ride in going to the office but I got late by 20 minutes. Good thing our US counterparts are not that busy yet. 

Tuesday: Work was a bit smooth though some of my calls were at least 30 minutes long on the average. I was able to do some personal stuff online and some blogging. I was able to look for a website for traveling to China (together with its itineraries) as well a website for my wife's 3D/4D ultrasound this coming Friday. Now I have a clear idea on how much it would possibly cost, unless it would be again more expensive when done at The Medical City XD. I got a long call at 6:15am which I had to endorse to the next shift. That call was long and the issue was a rogue-like virus attacking on the user's system. Though I left the office at around 7:45am, it didn't take me an hour and a half to get home plus I had to takeout a clubhouse sandwich from Tropical Hut. I went online for a few more hours before taking my wife to her ride at the LRT. I went upstairs and relaxed more before going to bed. I got up at 7:45pm and prepared myself for work. I got to the office before my shift started as well as I have company now which means I don't have to work alone anymore XD.

Wednesday: Got a bit busy at work at around 12:00am onwards. I got an email from my Helpdesk Manager in the US that one of the accounts I created messed up and its not easy to fix it. I had to consult him and our Helpdesk Supervisor in the US and for just one letter, they had to redo the windows account all over. I wasn't even able to do some follow-up calls that I'm supposed to do. I lost all my mojo with what I was supposed to do on the latter part of my shift. After my shift, I looked for the nearest ATM to get some cash. I took the Crossing-Quiapo route but as I went down at crossing, I took a different route to have breakfast there since I got hungry. I tried PG-13 (Pinoy Grilled 13) and their breakfast and it was quite ok for me. Then I went straight home after that heavy breakfast.I went online again for a few more minutes before getting to bed to get my 7 hours of sleep. I got up 7 hours later and got myself ready for work. It didn't took me that long to reach the office thanks to the route I take whenever I leave home.

Thursday: We got the phone while they're on lunch but thanks to my new colleague I am not alone anymore. Though I feel that I'm still loaded with work since I'll be doing the bulk of the email for the US team. Our local team lead came to the office early to finish some documents that he need as well as gave me a hand in some tickets that needs to be resolved. After my shift, I went home right away as I took a cab and got home in 30 minutes. I was able to get into bed at 7:45am as my wife was still sleeping. I got unconsciously awake for a few minutes as my wife kissed me goodbye for her work.I was able to get at least 5 hours of sleep and I myself prepared to attend my first blogger's event. After that event, I got in the office an hour early as I felt really sleepy that time. I tried to avoid coffee so as to not to feel sudden heartbeats again.

Friday: They transferred the phones to us at 2:00am for their late lunch. My eyes were very droopy as it cries for sleep. Strong coffee didn't help me that much in keeping myself awake. But still I was able to do call-outs on users that needs assistance with software re-installation. Actually, I'm almost done with all re-installations except for those who requested on a different day. Our local team lead came in again early to finish some more work of his own and probably assist us on hard-to-resolve issues. After my shift, I went home right away as I took a cab again and it only took me 15 minutes to get home. At 7:45am, I was already in bed trying to get some sleep and I think I was able to do so since I got up at 11:00am. It took us a while before getting ourselves ready for my wife's check-up today at The Medical City. We left home at 1:30pm and got there at 3:00pm. Good thing it didn't took us that long to have my wife checked by her doctor before proceeding to the Women's Health Center for her 3D/4D Ultrasound to determine our baby's gender. After that we went to Conti's in Greenhills to have our late Valentine's Dinner there (I'll create a separate blog for this). After our dinner, we went home tired and I got up on our room after watching TV for a few more minutes. 

Saturday: I got up at around 4:30am to catch-up since I haven't been online for almost 24 hours now. I just went online for at least 3 hours before getting myself ready for my Saturday activities. I had my breakfast at Intramuros again before going to SMX to attend the Travel Tour Expo 2011. I was supposed to attend another event at WTC but I got to exhausted so I decided to have my early dinner at Sakae Sushi only to got disappointed because of the few options on the red plate. It took me a while before riding a bus to Lawton since there were traffic enforcers who were on eye with road violators. Once I got home, I did some laundry before going online for an hour before calling it a day. My wife texted me to pick her up at the LRT and went there to pick-her up. After dinner, I went upstairs to sort the papers that I got from the Travel Tour Expo until I felt the urge to close my eyes and go to sleep.

Sunday, February 20

My First Travel Tour Expo 2011 Experience

I went to the 18th Travel Tour Expo 2011 with one thing in mind. To see what other countries could offer and to gather as many information on other countries as much as I can.

Good thing my wife gave me a Saturday-off to enjoy the day and do things I wanted to do (only for that day XD). I had to take a quick stop at Intramuros to help myself before going to SMX. The travel took me more than 75 minutes but once I got at SM Mall of Asia, I wasted no time in going to SMX to see the event. I recall my experience at The Philippine Travel Mart 2010 last year and I was able to apply the experience I learned from there except that I wasn't able to attend on the first day.

I checked on the local booths first hoping to gather as much maps and brochures as I can. I know I won't be able to travel for long days nor via plane or sea for now but maybe in the future, I would be able to use them, who knows.

I noticed the long queues for Philippine Air Lines, Cebu Pacific, and other airline companies that give out the best value for customers who wished to travel at a minimal cost. I don't think my wife would be patient enough to wait on a long queue as she prefers doing transactions online for a hassle-free travel. 

My bag got heavy even before I proceed to other booths which were for foreign (or international) tourist spots all because of brochures I've been receiving for local destinations. I took a breather before going to the other side and got my bag heavier. I know I have a long way to go.

Then I went to the booths for international destination. I grabbed as many leaflets as I can for comparison between travel agencies with their itineraries. They have almost the same destination and itineraries but they vary in costs and the discount they could give to potential clients. Some of the foreign booths that interests me are Japan and China. Their brochures really got my interests and probably I'm looking forward to visit their countries soon. I got the booklet on Europe and its majestic travel destinations. Since most of their tours costs around 2000 US Dollar, I had to be contented with looking at the pictures.

After scouting the area for more than 2 hours, it was time for me to take pictures of the places that interests me the most. I never imagined that it took me that long to visit the entire area which was quite uncharacteristic of me.

Anyway here are a few more pictures I took.

Saturday, February 19

Our Late Valentine's Dinner Date at Conti's


After my wife's 4D Ultrasound session at The Medical City, we went straight back to Greenhills to look for Conti's to celebrate our belated Valentines dinner there.

I've been reading blogs about how they love eating at Conti's. It seems they're in heaven whenever they try either Mango Bravo or their famous Baked Salmon or probably both. The only thing left is for us to taste it ourselves. 

We were really hungry as I placed our order and wait. Lo and behold, our food was served one by one after less than 5 minutes. That was really fast (highly recommended for their fast service).

The first that we tried was their soup of the day which was Seafood Chowder (80 pesos). I'm a big fan of soups especially with seafood on it. It was really thick and creamy. Though I sensed a strong taste of seafood there, adding a little salt did its magic.

Seafood Chowder

Then, drinks were served. I got their Bottomless Iced Tea (75 pesos) while my wife picked Strawberry-Banana Youghurt Shake (120 pesos). The iced tea was ok but my wife's shake tastes better XD.

My wife's Banana Shake

Next that was served was their Smoked Salmon Salad (195 pesos, to share). I liked the crunchiness of the greens and the almonds. My wife loved the smell of vinaigrette in it. The salad was perfect we didn't noticed any salmon in it XD.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Then our main dish. I chose Conti's Baked Salmon (350 pesos) while my chose Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce (295 pesos). Actually she was too hungry to choose so I chose this for her XD.

Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce

Conti's Baked Salmon

Aside from the fact that Conti's was best for its frozen Mango Bravo, Conti's is also best for its Baked Salmon. And it didn't fail my taste buds. The salmon was tasty and it has no hint of any fishy smell. The cheese on top was to die for since it has a garlicky taste that reminds me of Shakey's Garlic and Cheese pizza but this was was more flavorful. It was complemented by their paella rice that I choose which made my dinner memorable.

I got to finish my wife's Roast Beef since she was full already. The beef was tender but the mushroom sauce needs more distinction since it tastes similar to those I've tried before. I think I need to set a baseline for this one though. Or probably the food wasn't warm anymore when my wife passed it to me.

And finally, dessert. I chose Conti's famous Frozen Mango Bravo (120 pesos) and Bananalicious Pie (80 pesos) for my wife. Now I know why this was considered Conti's bread-and-butter. It's a chilled layers of sponge cake with mango chunks cashew, cream and chocolate mousse. The cake was so big its really perfect for sharing since it was as big as my hand. probably bigger.

Frozen Mango Bravo

As for the Bananalicious Pie, we had to take it home since both of us were stuffed already (I'm eating it right now since no one was looking XD). I must say it would give Banoffee a run for their money on how Conti's version taste.

Bananalicious Pie

Well, we enjoyed our date there and I hope we could go back with our baby after she comes out from her mom. ^_^

Thursday, February 17

My First AXN/Resort's World Experience

I had to change my body clock for me to be able to attend this event (as well as tomorrow's check-up of my wife at The Medical City). After getting home as early as 7:45am, I went straight to bed and get some good sleep. My wife my still sleeping and won't be getting up until 9:30am or so. I Crawled into bed and put my eye mask on to simulate a dark environment before I was able to get some good sleep. 5 hours later, I got up at 1:30pm and went online for a few more minutes before getting myself ready and left home at 2:45pm. 

I got to our meeting place at around 4:00pm and looked for a place to eat. Having no other places there to eat, I just relaxed at Starbucks 6750 with their Oreo cheesecake and a cold frap while reading today's paper. Then after a few more minutes, I went outside to wait from there. I saw a group of people (bloggers I think) that were also waiting for someone. Then my good friend Azrael came and started calling people before our bus to Resort's World arrived. 

I took the back seat so as to get my things ready to take some snaps. Some of the bloggers in the front seat mingled and chatted with the others while I took some snaps and see if my camera is in good condition. It was quite odd for me NOT to mingle with the others and introduced myself. Probably because I was still sleepy as I try to alter my body clock or probably I'm too shy to initiate a conversation with a group of people who probably knew each other for quite a long time.

We got to the Resort's World in less than 30 minutes. As I stepped inside together with my fellow bloggers, fronting the entrance was its Casino as it prohibits from taking any pictures from the premise. We went right straight to Newport Ultra Cinema to watch the media/bloggers screening of Blue Blood. But the screening won't start until 6:30pm so I took some pictures of the Newport Mall. 

Before the screening started, there were also media (ABS-CBN) who interviewed The Riches (ARA Season 4 Winners) whom I initially thought as Fil-Am guests for the show but apparently they were there as hosts portraying NYPD cops (Sorry, I haven't been watching ARA for the show for quite sometime now XD). Once we got inside, I was amazed on how the cinema looked like. It has recliner chairs and a personal butler taking care of your needs. Not to mention unlimited popcorn and soda at your disposal while enjoying the show.

TARA's Riches with Mario Dumawal

The cinema is not as crowded as those seen in SM and Robinson's malls. It was so comfortable I almost fell asleep and forgot that I'll be working tonight XD. After the screening, there were trivia games hosted by The Riches before calling it a night. We left the place with some goodies with us. I hope my wife will like the perfume I got from Penshoppe.

From Az's Blog

A drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement, Blue Bloods marks multi-award winning Tom Selleck’s (Magnum P.I., Jesse Stone) return to prime-time TV. The stellar cast of young and seasoned actors include Donnie Wahlberg (Righteous Kill, Band of Brothers), Broadway luminary Len Cairou (Damages, The West Wing) and Bridget Moynahan (Coyote Ugly, Sex and the City). 

BLUE BLOODS is a drama about a multi-generational family of cops dedicated to New York City law enforcement. Frank Reagan is the New York City Police Commissioner and heads both the police force and the Reagan brood. He runs his department as diplomatically as he runs his family, even when dealing with the politics that plagued his unapologetically bold father, Henry, during his stint as Chief. A source of pride and concern for Frank is his eldest son Danny, a seasoned detective, family man, and Iraqi War vet who on occasion uses dubious tactics to solve cases.

Indeed, what sets Blue Bloods apart from the run-of-the-mill cop drama is its focus on blood ties and the clashes that inevitably arise from having a family of cops and a daughter as a prosecutor. As Tom Selleck shared in an interview, “One of the key elements of the show almost every week is a family dinner. Frank is a patriarch of a family… They’re Irish and they’re Catholic and they argue a lot at family dinner but it seems to be one of the favourite parts of the show.” 

Blue Bloods’ balanced combination of nail-biting detective drama and family struggles offers rich material rarely handled so well by both a cast of actors and writers. It invites you to fall in love and admire the men and women who struggle in and out of themselves to maintain order in New York City and their families. Sometimes, law enforcement means more than blood ties.

Blue Bloods debuts with a double-episode premiere on:
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 at 9.05PM (PH)
Subsequent episodes at 10PM
First & Exclusively on AXN

It was a good experience for me who attended a blogger's event for the first time. I hope I could attend more whenever time permits. =)

The Seven Deadly Sins Of The People Using Facebook

Thanks Doc Albert for allowing me to have this re-posted. Again, read this with an open mind with a bottle of beer. XD

From Doc Alber's Blog

Despite the technological nitty gritty it has, Facebook has its adverse effects on its users. Like the evil Darth Vader, Facebook has lured many people into the dark side by committing these seven deadly sins:


Whether they are quoting a romantic line of saying how much they miss/love their partners, many internet users have utilized Facebook as the venue for their schmaltz. Even though most people are not interested, these lovestruck individuals imbue upon us the state of their private love affairs as if they were celebrities. To stir controversy and attention, some even toy with the idea of constantly changing their relationship status whether they are having a petty lovers' quarrel or they are having sex at that time. Others engage in an adolescent demeanor of using Facebook as a stage to say their cheesy monologues to their loved ones ala Romeo And Juliet. With this gross public display of affection, we become unwilling witnesses to these people's sentimentality and kalandian.


"I want this" or "I want that"--- the manner from which many Facebook users assert their desire to own the newly released state of the art gadgets could be likened to an ill bred spoiled brat. Likewise, there are those who turn into braggarts. To incur envy among people, they needlessly boast of their latest expensive purchases in Facebook. Despite living in a poverty stricken country, these people flash their lavish lifestyle as if they were taping an episode of MTV Cribs. Without any tinge of conscience, they parade their pricey material possessions unto our faces.


Otherwise known as flamers, these Facebook users give social networking a bad name. With the purpose of causing harm to the object of their frustration, they lash out slanderous remarks to regular people and famous celebrities they hate. Having no outlet to vent their anger, they use Facebook as their habitat to invade private accounts and fan pages to bring out their inner Bella Flores.


Instead of being more productive in school or work, many people lazed around Facebook. The worst of whom are thise who excessively update their status daily to the point of saturation. Brought by their histrionic behavior, they only have one topic they love talking about--- themselves. Aside from the sheer laziness, they have the desperate need to be on the limelight as evident by the countless attention seeking posts of their frivolous thoughts, activities and cam whoring photos.


Strangely, many Facebook users are compelleed to publicize what they want to eat or what they have just eaten when people are not even interested on such trivial matter. Most of whom require themselves to inform us of their menu especially if it involves something that a minimum wage earner could not even afford. In an intent not to just stir our palate but to brag about how sosyal they are as well, these people regularly plague Facebook with their gluttonous nature.


Other people probably think that Facebook is a ticket for stardom. By creating their own fan pages, these relatively unknown individuals live up to the illusion that everyone looks up to them. Succumbing to their narcissistic nature, they shamelessly promote their public accounts so people could venerate their beauty or worship their self proclaimed expertise. Despite being never heard of by most people, these brazen celebrity wanna bes misuse the fan page feature of Facebook for the sake of self glorification.


Out of greed for money, many Facebook users intrude other people's privacy by tagging the photos of their commodities or asking us to vote for them in an online contest. Pestering us with personal messages or posts we are compelled to remove or untag ourselves from afterward, these people are like parasite whose only purpose in communicating with you is to earn money or win a competition. For their personal gain and selfish interest, these internet peddlers and contestants cross the boundary of ethics by invading our private domain without any permission.

It will only be a matter of time before Facebook would totally demonize the people who are using it. After putting Friendster an Multiply into oblivion, Facebook has turned its attention in slowly transforming many people into self centered egomaniacs. The coming of the first and second Anti-Christs was believed to be in the persons of Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler respectively. Though I'm no Nostradamus, I can foretell that Facebook with the way it's causing humans to commit these moral crimes just could be the third Anti-Christ.

I'd rather not comment on each sin as I find it way too amusing for me to think. XD

Wednesday, February 16

10 Things Photographers Should Not Do

I got this in Pipho while I'm trying to make myself sleepy plus I'm trying to visit the forum that I've been looking forward to visit since a few months ago. Anyway, I'll be haring this to you guys as the thread started shared this to the forum. Enjoy reading ^_^ .

Learning photography takes time — and that goes for the artistic and technical aspects. Sure, you might be artistically and/or technically inclined, but you probably won’t have galleries begging for your photos a month after you pick up your first camera. The process of learning photography and developing a personal style can take years (or even a lifetime). Just keep at it and you should start to notice improvements in your work as the months turn to years.

New gear is exciting, isn’t it? Bigger better cameras, faster lenses, filters, tripods, flashes, bags, etc. Don’t get me wrong — it’s fine to get excited over this stuff. But don’t make it your life’s goal to constantly buy the next best thing on the market. My advice is to buy new gear when you need it rather than when you want it. You’ll know that you need something when you repeatedly find yourself missing opportunities (or even paying jobs) due to a lack of some feature or piece of equipment.

This one goes for anything in life — failure leads to success, improvement, and learning. You might screw up one or two shots from time to time, but you’ll remember those mistakes next time you head out (and hopefully you won’t make them again).

Whether it’s seemingly justified or not, nobody really likes a cocky bastard. So you sold a print, got into a gallery exhibit, got featured on some big website, etc — that’s great, but don’t let it go to your head. Don’t talk down to other photographers or put yourself on a pedestal. If you do, it’s only going to drive people away.

If you share your photos anywhere on the web, you’ve probably had unsolicited critiques. Of course, you’re more than welcome to ignore them, but it usually doesn’t hurt to read them and think about it. You might just learn something or improve a photo. But, keep in mind that not all advice is good advice.

Photography is relatively simple on the technical side. Too many times, I’ve seen new photographers get hung up worrying about modes and settings when they really don’t need to. As you continue to shoot and educate yourself, you’ll pick up the technical stuff quite easily. Besides, if you worry too much about the technical side, you’re more likely to miss shots entirely.

This goes for any form of creative expression. You see what I did at the top of this article? I gave credit where credit is due because I borrowed an idea and turned it into something of my own. Same thing for photos — if you borrow a concept from another photographer, make sure you give them credit. And look at it this way — if you inspired others to create new things, wouldn’t you like it if they gave you recognition for that?

Cameras and other photographic equipment can be delicate at times. With the cost of cameras and lenses today, it’s worthwhile to take care of them. Try not to bang it around on things, drop it, get it wet, etc. And keep your gear clean if you want it to last — lens elements and sensors in particular.

The rule of thirds, symmetry, leading lines, perspective, background, depth of field, framing, crop, and so on. You’ve probably come across some of the basic rules of photography either on the web or in a book. Then you also see advice out there saying “break the rules”. So what’s the answer? Follow them? Break them? Here’s the thing… there’s a major difference between breaking the rules on accident and breaking the rules on purpose. It’s called intent, and that’s what separates the good from the bad. So learn the rules, then learn how to break them.

Probably the worse thing a photographer (or any hobbyist/professional) can do is stop learning. There is a ton of stuff to learn about photography and art in general, and the flow of new information only increases as technology advances. So always be open to learning new things — even if you think you know it all!

Tuesday, February 15

My February to-do list (First Update)

As of February 15, here are the things I've accomplished so far.

1. Have my eyes checked for a possible eyeglass upgrade (Will schedule it before the month ends)
2. Try to settle my Philhealth for the first quarter (and probably for the year and last 2010).
3. Purchase my men's magazine collection for February (Only got FHM so far)
4. Accompany my wife to the hospital for her ultrasound on the 18th.
5. Get plenty of rest (I hope I could continue doing this XD)
6. Join Jo Avila's prison riot at Casa San Pablo on the 27th (I should be filing my leave for this).
7. Attend the 18th Philippine Travel Tour Expo on the 19th. 

Final update would be on the 28th of February XD

Monday, February 14

Neo's First Birthday

My wife and I got our Laptop exactly a year ago today. My wife needed something that would help her work from home. Actually before we got Neo, I checked some laptops at Gilmore prior to our purchase. I've seen several laptops with distinct features. But most their common denominator is the low price they offer compare if we will we buying it at the malls.

We took into consideration the cost and the features that we wanted to have in our laptop. After choosing 5 picks, we decided to get Neo. A 15" laptop with built-in video cam plus 320GB hard drive plus 2GB RAM plus more hardware features but without an Operating System. Setting Neo up didn't take us that long as we were able to install the basic software that he needs. Probably getting used to using a laptop was a challenge especially to me since I'm used to using desktop computers for more than 2 decades now. It was really a challenge to type in to a laptop keyboard since they are smaller compared to desktop keyboard. Problems were encountered but one good thing is that Neo never had any virus attack ever since we got him. Probably we really take good care of him as if its our son XD.

Happy First Birthday NEO! XD

A year after (today), Neo is still in perfect shape after adding several programs from me and my wife. Probably after 2 to 3 more year, we'll get Neo a brother XD.

7 Weird Behaviors From Men on Facebook

I have received an email from The Modern Man and I wanted to share this to you guys ^_^

Taken from Google

7 Weird Behaviors from Men on Facebook

If you're looking to impress women on Facebook - don't make these mistakes!
It has been fairly-well established that human beings are weird. We may be the brainiest species that walks the Earth, but we also never seem to fail at baffling each other with our unusual behaviors. Now, with a platform such as Facebook, every little quirk becomes a public spectacle for all to savor.

Since The Modern Man is all about us men in the modern world, I've put together an article outlining 7 weird behaviors you’re almost sure to see from your male Facebook friends. If you're looking to impress women on Facebook, don't be like these guys:

The ‘I Take Photos of Myself’ Guy

There’s probably no faster way to say to everyone, “Hey, I’m lonely and don’t have any friends in the real world!” than holding your camera out in front of you with an outstretched arm andtaking photos of yourself alone.

Likewise, when a guy is out in public situations and routinely holds out the camera to take a photo of him and his girlfriend, it can say a lot about his social confidence. Other women are thinking things like, "Does he not have the balls or basic social skills to ask someone nearby to take a photo for him and his girl?"

When posting things to your Facebook, remember that it is similar to a real-life social interaction: You are being judged, your social status is being affected by your actions and your true personality is being picked up on by those around you.

The ‘I Like What I Just Did’ Guy

This is the guy who spends hours scouring the web for inspirational quotes or quirky one-liners to put on his Facebook page. He often clicks the ‘Like this’ button whenever he publishes a new Facebook status and does the same for articles and video clips he posts to his Facebook wall. This is narcissism at its best and usually comes from guys who laugh at their own jokes in person, or desperately crave to be praised by others.

Women pick up on this weakness. Remember: You are cool when other people say you are cool, not when you say you are.

The ‘Look at My Girlfriend’ Guy

Posting a picture of you and your girlfriend is absolutely fine. In fact, when done right - it will help increase your social status, make other women want you and make guys show you more respect on Facebook and in person.

However, some guys get it all wrong and publish a photo album comprising entirely of random snapshots of their girlfriend. Candid photos, mug shots and sometimes blurred imagery (that really should have been deleted from the camera!) make up the album.

The best solution for guys who want to show off their hot girlfriend: Post up photos of you and your girlfriend doing interesting things together. Remember: The audience for your photos is your Facebook Friends and they want to look at the interesting things that YOU have seen or experienced in your life, not just snapshots of your girlfriend who they probably have never met or will never meet.

The ‘Pity Me’ Guy

This is the residential “Look at me - My life is so pitiful” friend you have on your Facebook list. He makes status updates like, “I have ulcers on my lips. Now I can’t eat!” or “Why is my boss such a prick to me?”

He joins Facebook groups on a regular basis, hoping that he’ll come across some new people who will lavish some pity on him when he makes a post to the Group Wall. If you ever try to tell him to suck it up, get a grip and be a man – you’ll give him exactly what he wants: Pity and attention.

Women smell this weakness a mile away and it turns them off at a fundamental level. The guy is essential behaving like a girl by seeking for pity for random things (girls do this as emotional reaction to their lives, instead of reacting logically and trying to look for solutions. Men are expected to be logical, in control and seek solutions to their problems instead of be emotional like a girl).

The ‘Insta-Reply’ Guy

This is the guy who instantly replies to his own posts, before anyone has a chance to even look at them. This is perceived as the guy being insecure, lonely and in dire need of some attention, which is obviously not cool.

Greg Lawrence is going to mow his lawn in the sweltering heat. 10 seconds ago.
Greg Lawrence Likes This. 5 seconds ago.
Greg Lawrence: I hope I can survive the heat. 3 seconds ago.

This type of guy routinely updates his Facebook page and yaks about his day. Not only are we subjected to his childish thoughts, but we also have to watch as he engages in a mindless conversation with himself. Last time I checked, talking to oneself is a classic symptom of a psychotic disorder. Simply wait until someone replies to your wall post before you comment on it.

The Guy Who Still ‘Pokes’

‘Poking’ and turning your friends into vampires were crazes when Facebook first started to become popular. Everyone started poking around and it was an accepted behavior. No one was spared. People even ‘threw cows’ at their friends and the friends reciprocated the gesture by ‘choke slamming’. People then made nice by serenading each other with a virtual song while sitting under the moonlight. But guess what? Poking on Facebook is no longer cool.

What is cool now? Being friendly with people, commenting on someone's photo album when no-one else does, posting up cool photos of stuff you've done, cracking some jokes........and most of all - not using Facebook TOO MUCH. If you want to be seen as a man, don't post everyday like a girl. instead, be active (comment on other people's stuff, post up something cool) on Facebook once or twice a week.

The ‘Overzealous Gamer’ Guy <-- This is where I belong XD

No doubt, Facebook games have taken over the world in their own little way. In fact, many people log on to Facebook ONLY to indulge in games such as Mafia Wars, Café World, Farmville, Restaurant City and Bejeweled. Claiming the top spot has become a priority and obsession for some gamers. They clock more hours playing these games than interacting with actual living friends.

Of course, how modern men choose to spend their own leisure time and working hours is entirely their choice, but it is pretty alarming how many guys are avoiding their desire to socialize and hook up with women to work on a virtual farm.

Now, check where you belong XD. 

Valentines Day

Taken from Google

I have to be a little bit cheesy on this post since today is the day of love. Most people celebrate Valentines day every 14th of February as a tribute to intimate companionship and the like. But having no one to celebrate to doesn't mean you have to wallow the whole day like I mused to a few years back. Valentines day is celebrated with friends and family as well. Not to forget that today is my sister's birthday as well XD. You want to know about Valentines day here .

Happy Valentines Day to one and all! ^_^

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The week that was (February 5 - 12)

Sunday: I got up at almost 6:00am. I went online but for a short period of time since I need to do some laundry as well as some errands. For some reason, I felt sleepy even before 12:00pm but when I hit the bed, it was completely gone. At 5:00pm, I went online again just to make myself sleepy again before hitting the bed at 6:00pm. After 2 hours, I haven't got any sleep so I just prepared myself going to work after being away for 5 days. Good thing I wasn't stuck in traffic so I got there just on time. Good thing my colleague will be reporting on Tuesday after being away for two weeks for personal reasons. 

Monday: Work was quite OK as I was able to answer 2 emails (one of which I have to escalate it to the on-call tech in the US). Then I was able to update my planners a little and download some tech documents from HP for learning purposes. Then after my shift, I had to go to Mc Donalds to buy 2 Sausage Mc Muffin with Egg before going to Harisson Plaza to meet my mom there. She handed me the things I need as well as we bought my vitamins for my eyes before finally heading home. My wife was still sleeping when I got home. I opened our laptop and watched the video on how post-processing can be done by Mr Jo Avila. Then I went online for a few more minutes before my wife was ready for work. After taking my wife to the LRT, I went online for a few more minutes before going to bed. I haven't noticed that I slept for 8 hours straight and I felt really energized for my shift. 

Tuesday: Work was quite steady with 3 calls I got during the shift. I was also able to make some outbound calls for follow-up while updating my blog as well as other online stuff XD. Though there were still distractions, I was able to achieve what I need. After shift, I had to go to Watson's to buy something before buying breakfast at the The Enterprise Center. Its been almost 6 months since I had even lunch there and there were a few people when I bought my snack. Going home didn't take that long even if it was traffic.I got home at around 9:00am and my wife was still sleeping. I went online again and watched some PP videos before heading to bed at 12:00pm. I was able to get 7 hours of sleep before going to work. I was a bit surprised since taking the Crossing-Ayala route didn't even took me an hour to cover that distance.

Wednesday: Work was quite steady though I've been getting a lot of email requests for account creation among others. Up to now, my fellow colleague hasn't returned yet. I hope he could recover emotionally from the loss he encountered. My mind was pretty much preoccupied with a lot of things lately I forgot to put it in draft. I got one more call that took me a while before I realized I have to escalate it but good thing the caller could wait until the next day. I stayed in the office for a couple more minutes before leaving the office at almost 8:00am. Good thing traffic isn't that horrible as I was able to reach Crossing in Shaw Ave in less than an hour. I stopped by at Tropical Hut to get some clubhouse sandwich to go for me to eat while on my way home. I got home at 9:15am and opened my laptop while my wife was still sleeping. I went online to do some blog hopping again and tried to check my own blog. By 11:45am I was already in bed and my wife was already in the office. I got up at 3:30pm feeling the heat. Heat due to weather probably as it gets warmer and warmer. By 7:30pm, my wife woke me up from bed since she got home early. I took the Crossing-Ayala route and got to the office early again.

Thursday: I got swamped with work but I was able to take care most of those. I had more calls probably than email or the other way around XD. Anyways, I got 8 calls (7 were my calls actually) plus a few emails before my shift ended earlier. Then my TL asked me to comment about the status of my colleague whom until now, hasn't reported yet. I told him to give him more time since he has to grieve from the loss of  his wife. I left the office at 7:30am and took the bus to Crossing. Once I got there, I had to walk to the other direction to look for the nearest BDO ATM (which I failed) and at the same time, head to Rufo's for my tapsilog cravings. I was able to savor my breakfast before finally going home.Then I got to go online for a few more hours before going to bed (after taking my wife to the LRT for work of course). I was able to get a solid 7-hour sleep that helped me for my shift. For the second straight night, my wife got home early even before I took a bath. I took the Crossing-Ayala route going to the office and I got there early.

Friday: Work was more abundant as I had 5 calls while the US team was on lunch. Then, I went to Robinson' Manila to kill time and look for some things I need. I passed by Serenitea out of curiosity since I've read in a blog that their milk tea tastes good. And Indeed it tastes good, probably I'll write about it very soon XD. Then, while strolling around the mall, I saw a promo from The Secret Recipe that I used to have before but its only available from 12:00pm to 2:00pm. I had to stop by at Power Books to make sure I'd be able to kill more time until 12:00pm. I saw this book but I kinda hesitated to buy it that instant since I know I'd be getting it by impulse. Then I went straight to The Secret Recipe to have my lunch there even if I feel a bit full after drowning myself with the milk tea from Serenitea. Then I went to National Bookstore to buy some Valentines card for my wife before finally going home. Then I was able to go online as well as edit some pictures using the basic techniques I learned from Jo Avila. I felt that Photoshop was again new to me even if I've been using it before. After being awake for 24 hours, I went to bed early to get some sleep.

Saturday: I got up at 3:45am after sleeping for almost 9 hours. That made me feel energized and refreshed as I know my day ahead will be busy XD.I went online only for a few minutes before taking a bath. Afterward, I went to BGC to claim my planner and attend the food market there at Mercato Centrale. I realized that could be habit forming so I had to leave there after getting my planner and having it signed by Mr. Anton Diaz. It took me an hour and a half to go back home only to be surprised that my wife hasn't left yet. She tagged me along and we went to her office. Once we got there, I relaxed though it would be better if I could have stayed home and slept the entire afternoon. I was able to take some snaps from their office window on the 15th floor. It was quite scary to take pictures but I was able to manage. At 6:30pm, feeling so tired and sleepy, we went home, but we had to pass by Cubao to buy a cake for my mother-in-laws' birthday. We got home probably at around 8:00pm. I missed some events for the day today but I know they would understand. Besides, I love to be with my wife right now ^_^


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