Thursday, April 23

Swabeng Food Trip: Birthday Treat for my Girls at Vikings SM Megamall

Last Sunday, we made a plan of having dinner at Vikings as I haven't been to this buffet resto (I'm more of a Sambo-Yaki type). I just made sure to read those reviews from foodies to convince myself and my wife (who is quite hard to please when it comes to food). to give this place a try.

And by 5:30pm, we were at Viking's already to wait for our number to be called and have our filling of what they have to offer. We were able to have ourselves comfortable before my in-laws dig-in to their delight. To my surprise, they were really hungry that they had rice on their plate (for me that's a no-no when eating at buffets). Then I got some food for my daughter before starting to explore the place.

Surprisingly, the place wasn't that as big as what most foodies say. In fact, you can scout the whole area within two minutes or less (that was dinner time). Their food choices were quite enough to satisfy my eyes (for the meantime). I didn't took much photos as there were people everywhere plus some of the food presentation were already on its way to being demolished.

As I start to gain more and more interest on cheese, I tried their sample together with their cold cuts and 2 canapes. It was a good start to enjoy what Vikings has to offer. A few minutes after, I head off to their carving station.

Round 1 (Cheese and Cold Cuts and Canapes)

A few minutes back, it was heavily queued as if the were really hungry for something meaty. Good thing I was able to time my visit and tried their offer. From their beef to their turkey, to their lamb and to their famous Vikings boneless lechon, I got more than enough protein to help me gain some especially with their lechon. It was best paired with a mug of cold beer (draft) which was by the way, included in the cost.

Round 2 (All the meat at the Carving Station)

Third round was I got some fresh meat and salmon and shellfish to have em' grilled and at the same time, I had a plateful of baked oysters that got my wife's attention. It was really a long third round that I took some time to enjoy the oysters before going for another round of Japanese delicacies.

Round 3 (All the Baked Oysters my plate can hold)

Oysters is Love (Not for the weak at Heart)

Instead of helping myself with different types of sushi and maki, I opted to grab a few tuna, salmon and octopus sashimi while I'm taking time to digest the entire meal I had earlier. Probably I was on my 4th (or 5th) mug of beer that made me a bit full (this was the culprit on why I wasn't able to eat as much).

Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of my Japanese plate. XD

Then, I tried some of their non-alcoholic drinks. Their tamarind iced tea was the best for me as well as their fresh minty lemon lime that is quite refreshing which cleaned my taste buds. The rest were okay as I took a few sips from each container before grabbing my nth mug of beer.

I lost count on how many mugs of beer I've consumed. XD

Next was dessert. Though I'm not much of a fan of sweets, I still tried a few anyway. They're sweet yet seem ordinary to me (sorry!). Marien seemed to liked her marshmallows dipped in chocolate as well as her ice cream.

Round 6 or 7 (Just to complete my meal)

My Birthday Celebrants

Am I done? Not yet! I had another plateful of Vikings boneless lechon as the performers gathered around my wife and daughter to sing happy birthday to her then my wife noticed my plateful of lechon with a mug of beer beside me and reminded me of my heart.

Vikings Lechon plus Beer = Total Satisfaction

But there were some thoughts on my mind regarding their buffet spread.

1. Their maki and sushi were the same with other buffet resto (I was looking for something only Vikings can offer).

2. Their Chinese selection were also the same with others. I could have tried one if they have "Xiao Long Bao" and Peking Duck. Anyway, my folks were able to enjoy them.

3. Since beer was the culprit, I wasn't able to hit my 10-plate target. Anyway, there's always a next time. 

4. I don't know if I missed their Mediterranean selection or there was any in the first place.

Vikings SM Megamall ain't that bad when it comes to their food selection, It's just I'm still looking for something that only Vikings can offer. The place wasn't that jam-packed so I wonder what and why.

Anyway, I'd still go to Vikings to hopefully try their other dishes. Cost wise, its comparable with others.



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