Monday, March 15

The week that was (March 7-13)

What I did in the past week which I would describe it as fast-paced week.

Sunday: Went online for three hours to check on websites I'm active at and at the same time, chat with some of my friends. I cooked pancit canton for my wife while she's online.

Monday: Went online to check some company profile for the job I'm applying for. I am happy I won 2 tickets to FHM's 10th Anniversary Party at NBC Tent. And with my excitement I made sure I have the email message printed. Someone called me in the morning for a business proposition. A project-based job that requires me to work for 6 hours a week. I will be meeting this person on Wednesday for further details. I tried to edit this other jobsite that I have and after a few hours of editing and revisions, its updated. A few minutes after, someone called me. Its from the company that considers me as a candidate. I am scheduled for an interview on Friday at 1:00pm. I am chatting with my wife at this moment for advice. Then that night, I felt a terrible headache that made me take a long nap during the night.

Tuesday: Got up a bit late before going online via battery. Then went straight to Robinson's Pioneer in Mandaluyong to meet Robin and Vince. Vince and I went to Summit's office to claim our free invites to FHM's 10th Anniversary Party. We stayed there for a while as we read some magazines that Summit Media publishes. For a while I missed reading the Philippine version of Men's Health since I've stopped collecting the magazine since December 2008. Then I went back home to change and cool a little bit before I met my Mom at her office. Though I was a bit confused why the HR from the company I am applying to called me again regarding my interview schedule while I informed her about the schedule last Monday.

Wednesday: Went online again and made sure that I would make the most out of it. Went to Ortigas for this meeting only to realize I have wasted 2 hours on the same Networking-Type of marketing.

Thursday: Went online for a while before preparing my things for FHM's X party. Washed my undies today since I have only one left. I was supposed to get some sleep in the afternoon for that much needed energy, my wife called me with her files and poof, my momentum was gone. But anyway, I left at around 5:00pm via LRT2-MRT route to meet my friends at the MRT Ayala Station. The event was really a success (I will create a separate blog for this one). I got home at around 1am.

Friday: Got up a bit late since we slept at around 2am. Prepared my things for my interview in Makati. It rained for a while but my attire got wet and I have to decide if I have to push through or not. Luckily, I decided to puch through and have my interview in almost 2 months. 

Saturday: Stayed home the entire morning since my wife was the one using the laptop. Watched WWE on tv at home before we pack our things and went home to San Pedro.

So there... XD

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