Sunday, March 21

The week that was (March 14-20)

Well another fast-paced and more productive week I may say...

Sunday: Stayed home in San Pedro the whole morning while fixing some of my things. Then watched the fight between Manny Paquiao and Joshua Clottey. Indeed, Clottey's defense was unquestionable but Paquiao's speed did it. Went back home to Manila after watching the bout.

Monday: Did a lot of catching-up online after being unable to go online the previous nigh. Then, I went back to Makati for my second interview but it did not push through since the interviewer was heavily swamped with meetings. With that, I went straight to Glorietta food court to help myself at Savory Chicken before going home with no accomplishment for the day. 

Tuesday: I left home early for my re-scheduled interview in Makati. I passed by Intramuros to take my brunch there before going to Ayala. Since I got there early, I went to Starbucks to perk myself up. My 2nd and 3rd interview that day was good and I'll have to wait for the result next week.

Wednesday: After lunch, I did my laundry (mostly face towel). Later this afternoon, I got a call from another company and I will be scheduled for an interview this Friday

Thursday: Got up early for an exam and interview at office in Manila. I passed by Intramuros to took my breakfast there before gearing up for the day ahead. The results were ok though I have to wait for further announcement. Went to Harrison Plaza to meet with my mom. On my way home, someone approached me and ask if "Im Game?" I had a terrible headache then and went straight home.

Friday: Got up early again for my interview at a search firm in Makati. My stay there was short yet fruitful. Went to Glorietta for lunch before going home. I saw my old college friend and his mom and we chatted until they left from LRT2 station. I did my laundry (socks and undies) before I got a call saying I will be interviewed on Monday at 8:45am.

Saturday: Got up a little bit late and instead of going online, I decided to edit some of the pictures I took since January. Its been a while since I did that and I have to edit the rest within the next few weeks. Went to Intramuros to have my breakfast there before going back to print some documents as well as went online in the afternoon.

I'm looking forward for another fast-paced week with some activities lined-up. XD

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