Thursday, March 4

One Sad Day

Current Mood: Sad

I got a message (thru chat) from a friend (college friend) of mine regarding my application at their company and he's sad to inform me that I'm not hired as one of their Service Desk Analyst. I know my skills and know-how are totally way off, in a way that I've never been an IT-Helpdesk nor worked with any position in IT. I felt sad not for myself but for my wife who was hoping I could make it.I felt I let her down.

My friend referred me to their company back in November 2009. Though I was a bit hesitant to submit my resume since I am in the middle of our wedding preparations last December 2009, I still submit my resume after doing a research about the company hoping get another career. I was supposed to be interviewed last November but I got sick that time. The interview was re-scheduled last January after I re-submit my resume again to my friend. Though the interview last January 11, 2010 was difficult, I was able to answer some of their question and my friend told me that I have a chance. A chance that is still uncertain yet I'm full of hope.

I went there at least thrice (on a weekly basis) and the last time (January 27, 2010) I was invited to sit-in at their office to let me feel how they work. The atmosphere was cozy, the people were nice also but the question that time was am I hired or not. It wasn't answered until now. After 5 weeks of waiting, now I know my status there. Thanks to my friend for the effort of helping me join their company.

And moving forward, I have to work harder to get my goal and to help my wife build our future. I have to exert more effort on how to work as an IT-Helpdesk despite the limitations that I have with my previous work. I have to be stronger. I have to be better. I have to... And I will be.

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