Sunday, April 10

Swabeng Thoughts: My own learning issues

After graduating college and passing the ECE Board Exam a decade and a half ago, it never crossed my mind to continue my education seriously. I thought that when I passed the board exam, I can have command of my career. When I was starting my career as an assistant instructor in a Computer College down south, I never paid attention in what are the other thing I need to learn. Instead, I just enjoyed material things that my salary has been providing me. 

I was wrong. 

A few years after that, I decided to take an IT course in the form of Cisco (CCNA) to further enhance my career. By the time I passed it seven years ago, I tried to pursue further my career in IT without considering that experience is also needed aside from certification. 

This is where I need to make an overhaul in my career. 

As of present, I'm still gainfully employed in my current company giving me more than enough to provide for my family and I was also able to save more than I could imagine. I got to invest also for the long run making sure that my family would be taken care off in the event that something happens. 

This is where another opportunity comes in. The opportunity to learn. This time, I need to learn a lot of things beyond my field of work (which is in the IT). 

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Since 2013, I started to do some self-study on Financial Education. This was in a sense that my money should go further beyond the banks and putting it to work the same as I do. I started buying some books one at a time and read them more than once just to make sure I get the hang of it. As of writing, I've bought more than 20 books on Personal Finance Management and Stock Trading not to mention a couple of Photography books that I've been collecting since I've started my career in IT in 2010. 

Bottomline is one should never end his quest to learn new things and be lustful to learn more things that are taught beyond the four corners of the classroom. 

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Till then. Never Stop Learning. 



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