Thursday, September 23

The week that was (Sept 12-18)

This week was really tiring for me physically and emotionally (not to mention financially at some point XD). 

Sunday: Got up several times during the night to check on my wife if she needs something though I know I feel very very sleepy. Her immediate family went to the hospital to visit her. Then her doctor checked on her as well as talked to me on what happened after the operation (a separate blog will be created for this). I felt really sad and humiliated with its outcome but I decided not to tell my wife so that she won't get worried. The doctor also told me not to allow visitors for my wife as she needs all the rest she can get. Come night time, her boss came to visit her. I was surprised that they bought 2 cakes for her even though she's not yet allowed to eat. Good thing I was able to sleep early that night (earlier than my wife since she was still watching TV XD).

Monday: We were still in the hospital without knowing until when we will have to stay. I was able to have my breakfast as well as get some money to settle our hospital bills. Once my sister-in-law arrived at the hospital, I went home right away to get some much needed rest as well as to get some important document. As I got home, I went online for a while since I wasn't able to do so the previous day. I was able to get only 3 hours of sleep but I had to settle for that for the time being. Then I went back to the hospital together with all the documents that I need. Then I was given an update of our hospital bills so I had to get some money from our joint account in anticipation of our total hospital bill. Though I wasn't able to accompany her to the ultrasound but the baby is still safe and sound. I did some husband duties to my wife while she's still recovering from her operation. 

Tuesday: My wife was feeling much better now. Though she's having a hard time standing up, she was able to have a soft diet already. I am thinking of going home again to get some rest but the doctor told us that she can go home now. So I had to get some more money for us to be able to settle all of our bills at the hospital plus I need to have my wife's documents processed. At around 6:30pm, we were able to board on a cab on our way home. My wife really missed home as well as our two dogs. Good thing we were able to sleep early as well as both of us needed that good sleep that we've been missing for the past few days.

Wednesday: I got up a bit late since I really need all the sleep I could get. I went to Intramuros first to have my breakfast before heading to Binondo to get some money from HSBC courtesy of my wife's other account before heading to the nearest BDO branch to deposit the money. Then I went to SM Manila to do some simple shopping for my wife and for myself. Then by lunch time, I went back home to San Pedro to get some clothes that I'll be needing for the next few weeks. Going back there was always nostalgic to me as I spent most of my years there. I got there in 2 hours and I was able to talk to my mom and dad before going back to Manila. Before I board the bus, I bought an 800ml of ice cream just to ease my cravings. As I got home, I feel so tired from what happened these past few days. 

Thursday: Got up a bit late since I need to recharge for my shift that night. I bought some medicine for my wife as she needs to recover and make sure both of them are safe. I tried to get some sleep in the afternoon and I was able to get some sleep. I had to report to work that night to avoid further loss of income and for me to continue learning. I traveled via LRT2-MRT link. Then I stop by at Subway in Glorietta to get something to eat while at work. I got in the office a little bit late but I was able to hold my own here. 

Friday: Had 3 calls before going home. Then I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there to hand-over my Barong as well as get my wife's documents from her. From there, I took a cab home since I'm very very sleepy. I was able to sleep for 4 hours before my wife craved for fruits. I had to buy her some before I go back to sleep for another 3-4 hours. Right now,  I'm all by myself here in the office for today's shit. Good thing our US counterparts are more than welcome to support me here.

Saturday: After my shift, I had to wait until 8:00am before my team mate arrived for the morning shift. Though I was able to sleep, still its not 6-7 hours straight and sometimes, I get irritated by the weather these past few days. I left home at around 9:00pm and got in the office at around 10:03pm (not yet considered late since we do have a 5-minute grace period). I was just by my lonesome at work. Though there were calls, none of them were not that important. XD

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