Thursday, September 30


Current mood: Upset

My colleague at work told me what happened. Yesterday, I was in a call troubleshooting a certain issue. I asked for help since I'm not that familiar with the problem. When I was about to tell the caller to proceed with the next step, he told me that he has to go since he was still in the office since 5:30am (EDT) and prefers to continue the next day. Since I'm not very familiar with the process, I asked for advise on how to escalate this and I was able to escalate it and inform the person knowledgeable about the problem. Then my colleague sent an email to our helpdesk manager and bcc me in the email. I was surprised with my callers email on what transpired. It was totally different from what actually happened. I was pissed-off and at the same time, sad. It's really hard to please everybody.

Anyways, back to your regular troubleshooting. XD

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