Friday, September 17

Our long stay at The Medical City

As soon as I got home from my Friday shift, I took my wife to the hospital to have her checked. I never saw my wife in a very uncomfortable position before as she is really in pain. While on our way there via cab, I witnessed my wife how she changed her sitting position several times just to ease the pain. When we got to the hospital, we were sent to the emergency room for initial check-up.

During that moment, I was totally clueless on what to do next. I even forgot my wallet at home so I called my sister-in-law to get the wallet for me but I wasn't able to call them since all of their lines are out of reach. Then, I decided to call one of my wife's officemate to go to our home in Sampaloc. Good thing he was able to respond even if my wife told me not to disturb them.

Then, we were taken to the Delivery Suite on the 5th floor of the hospital. She went inside the pre-delivery room while I waited outside. I waited for an hour probably before one of the staff asked me to come in and told me the bad news. She mentioned that my wife is in critical condition. The ovarian cyst inside her must be removed or something may happen to her. Though the doctor told me the operation will be successful, she also mentioned the baby in her (my wife) womb has only less than 5% chance of survival after the procedure. We were given less than 5 minutes to decide. Both of us were crying as I look into my wife's eye. She didn't wanted it but she would be compromised if we didn't proceed with the operation. I hold her hand, kissed her and told her "Whatever happens, we can try again. We may lose our baby, but at least we will have an angel to guide us throughout our lifetime". We told the doctor to proceed with the operation in order for my wife to survive.

I went outside the pre-labor room to wait. I couldn't control myself and I snapped-out. Probably due to stress at work was also a factor why it happened. I went to the comfort room to cry there since its kinda awkward to do that in front of a lot of people there. There, tears flow down through my eyes as I wanted to ask God why this was happening to us. Why my wife? At that time, I was angry at God for putting my wife in that kind of uncomfortable situation. It took me a while though to compose myself and re-collect my thoughts. I don't want to think of negative thoughts while my wife was still in the delivery room fighting her battle.

I was able to calm myself and think positively despite what happened. My sister-in-law just came and brought my wallet for me. Just in time, I was able to get enough money to deposit and pay to the cashier so that I would be able to secure a room for my wife after her operation. After an hour and a half or so, someone from the operating room approached me and asked me to go inside to the meeting room. She said that the operation was successful as they were able to remove the cyst off my wife. At the same time, I got another good news from her as she mentioned that our baby was saved from a possible loss that my wife would hear once she recovers. When she showed me how big my wife's cyst was, I got really shoked because its really big. Bigger than my head that is. I told her not to show this to anyone else especially to my wife. One thing I fear though is the possible effect of the anesthesia on our baby after the operation but the doctor reassured that she's going to be alright.

I told my sister's-in-law who were with me that their sister is ok now and she was recovering. We had our lunch at Pancake house located on the ground floor. After securing the room, we all rested for a while. My mom came in after a few minutes and told me something. Its about what I said to the doctor when she informed me about the result. I don't recall much what happened since I've been awake since the previous day but I recalled it a few minutes after. I was quite surprised why they think of it that way but she told me to talk to her and apologize. As far as I know, I shouldn't but I did the following day. And boy, I got a mouthful. I did listen to her reason and apologized to her. What I didn't like is how she shouted at me as if I'm not concerned with my wife's well being. She could have cursed me but she didn't.

I really felt insulted and humiliated. At that point, I wanted to explode. As a human being, I didn't deserve to be shouted and insulted at. But I was able to calm down and assess the entire situation. She did save my wife and my baby which for me matters the most.

We did spend a few more days for my wife to recover her strength and get her back to the groove. Our hospital bill costs almost 150 thousand pesos but the fact that both of them are safe and ok is whats important to me as of the moment. Now we have 7 more months to save for her delivery.

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