Thursday, September 30

My September to-do list (Last Update)

As of September 30, here is the update of my to do list

1. Renew my passport. unable to do because of lack of time and budget =( 
2. Accompany my wife in her next check-up with her OB.(Went there last Saturday to remove her cyst)
3. Attend FHM Autograph Signing of Bianca Manalo. (Done)
4. Attend my Sister's wedding on the 25th.(Done)
5. Attend either Dutdutan X or Rock the Rabbit. (Go for Dutdutan X).
6. Purchase additional medicine for my wife. (Done)
7. Complete my Sept 2010 magazines. (Thinking twice)
8. Try to purchase Battery Grip (Phottix) and External Flash (Nissin Di622). (Done for Both)
9. Attend UNO's Event (Will skip this). 

Looking forward to October's to-do list. XD

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