Wednesday, September 29

My Sister's Wedding


Last Saturday, I was again witness to another wedding event. But this time, not as a groom but as a groomsman to my sister's wedding. I had to skip work the previous night so I could attend to this event.

Though I'm not the official photographer of this event, this would be a test for me since I haven't tried wedding photography yet. I could have exercised fully on this if it wasn't for my mom delegating me to be one of my sister's groomsman. And there goes my full take XD.

Anyway, I got up at around 6:30am and started practicing my sister's wedding paraphernalia before their main photographer arrives. I was able to take some shots of my sister's wedding accessories as well as her wedding rings and her wedding shoes. I also took shots of the hotel and its interiors. I can't compare it to Orchid Garden Suites because I wasn't able to took pictures of it during our wedding way back.

Then the photographers came in to do their work. I shoot from the sides and made sure not to block their way. I was able to get some good shots with the help of their lighting equipment as it was really hard to take some shots with low light.

At around 12:30pm, we were already at the Malate Church and I was able to take some more shots as lighting was much better XD.

When the ceremony was about to begin, my photographer-self ceased as I had to join the entourage. My wife couldn't hold the camera because she was having a very delicate pregnancy that time.

At the reception, I was able to get hold of my camera and took more pictures. The party was lively despite being unable to eat as much as I could. 

After the reception, we went back to the hotel room and bid each other goodbye as we went back home for me to get ready for work.

To Jun and Maine, Congratulations and Best Wishes! ^_^

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