Wednesday, September 29

The week that was (Sept 19-25)

Sunday: I wasn't able to get some good sleep in the office for whatever reason so I just entertained myself by web surfing. Then I went home right away to get some much needed sleep again.Probably, I've slept for at least 4 hours before getting myself ready to attend "The Best of Anime" at SMX Convention Center. Then after the event, I went to a Japanese restaurant to have my dinner there since I was craving for their sushi buffet and I was able to have my hands and mouthful of them. Then I had to meet the online seller I've been communicating to for the past few days to get my battery grip. Then, after that, I went home but I probably slept at around 2 or 3 in the morning. 

Monday: Got up a bit early to watch WWE's Night of Champions. Then I went to Quiapo, particularly in Hidalgo to purchase the external flash I've been eyeing for. After buying it, I went to SM Manila to buy the rest of my magazine collection for this month as well as do some groceries. Then I came back home to test the flash that I bought. I probably need to study flash photography more often. 

Tuesday: I forced myself to sleep until 12:00pm since I had to take my wife to the hospital (The Medical City again). We got there at around 3:00pm and my wife was able to have her consultation without waiting for so long. After her consultation, we had our late lunch at North Park. We simply enjoyed our long lunch before we decided to go home. But going home wasn't that easy. Probably it took us 2 hours (usual travel time is 45-60 minutes) before we got home due to horrible traffic. Then I took an hour rest before heading to the office for my shift.

Wednesday: I got at least 2 calls that night since our US counterparts are the ones who handle most of the calls until 5:00am. As I left the office, I went to the nearest drugstore to buy some ointment plus I got interested in trying wheatgrass. As I got home, I slept right away to regain my strength for the next day. I tried the wheatgrass I've bought and I'm not sure if its effective since I got only 2 packs.

Thursday: After my shift, I went straight home to get some much needed rest. By 1 or 2pm, I was up already and I'm having little problems going back to sleep. By night time, I left home at around 6:00pm to go to Greenhills to meet some of my HGT friends and to pay my initial down payment (but one of the organizers told me its ok to pay on the event itself). We meet up at Filtrep before having our dinner at Bistro Miyake. I really enjoyed my time with my friends XD and I didn't notice that it was already 10:00pm. I took a cab from Greenhills to Makati and good thing traffic was quite ok. I got in the office at around 10:30pm.

Friday: Work was quite ok as we were able to have some tickets processed. I had my lunch at the nearest Jollibee since I didn't have any lunch with me. I went home early (via taxi cab) so I could get some much needed sleep for me to attend Dutdutan X. I got up at around 2:00pm, feeling still restless, I moved slowly as I prepare myself for the day. Then I went to WTC at around 4:00pm to see what Dutdutan X is in store for me. After the event, I went to Bayview Park Hotel to visit my mom and my sister who is going to get married by the following day. I was impressed with the hotel and they asked me to stay with them and pick-up my wife from home to be with me. I agreed and called my wife to tell her to get ready since I'll be picking her up from home. Once I got there, we traveled back to the hotel to make ourselves comfortable. It took a while before we were able to fall asleep.

Saturday: I got up early at around 6:00am to prepare for the day ahead. Even if I got really tired for the day, I still enjoyed most of it since I was able to play with my camera's newest addition. After the wedding, we rested for a while at the hotel before we went back home in Sampaloc. As we got there, I took another hour of rest before reporting to work. I got late by more than 30 minutes but its ok since I'll be just snoozing the entire shift. But I was wrong. I got my only call at around 11:20pm and several follow-ups came. XD

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