Saturday, September 4

Two Pamamanhikans in less than a year

This afternoon, my wife and I attended the pamamanhikan of my sister for her upcoming wedding on September 25. To be honest, I wanted to skip this since I'll be coming home from the office. My mom was very persistent in wanting us to come. I had to talk to my wife about it and told her that we will be there between 12:30-1:00pm.

After my shift, I went home right away to get some sleep to attend my sister's pamamanhikan. I got up at 12:00pm with a headache but that didn't stop me from going there. I had to accompany my wife first to send money to the province before going there. It took a while before we got a cab and another 15-20 minutes to get there. Once were there, I felt hungry all of a sudden and ate after my mom introduced us to our future brother-in-law together with his family.

I still remember my own pamamanhikan with my wife last year (technically, 11 months ago). That was also fun but the food we had this afternoon was not as plenty as we had last year. Well probably its their (my brother-in-law's family) call what food they want to eat.

Our stay there was short since they were there since 12:00pm (we got there at 1:30pm). We went back home and got there 30 minutes later before taking an hour nap for another event. XD

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